You Can Play Starfield On Nvidia GeForce Now Starting Today

Bethesda's space RPG can now be streamed on the cloud.

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  • Starfield is Bethesda’s most ambitious project to date, spanning a gigantic in-game world that features about 1,000 explorable planets, although many of these won’t feature life in them. 
  • With the amount of anticipation Starfield has amassed over the 5 years following its initial announcement teaser, the game was bound to be an instant success upon launch, and this indeed came to pass. The space RPG has sold millions of copies across the board. 
  • Since Starfield is already available on PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass PC, another pertinent platform has made the game available on itself—Nvidia GeForce Now, an immensely popular cloud gaming platform. 
  • In total, Starfield can be accessed on Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam, Xbox Game Pass PC, and GeForce Now. 

Things just keep getting better and better for Starfield—Bethesda’s newest, massive-scale RPG that happens to be set in space. Outside of the established expanse of the platforms that the game is available on already, you’ll now be able to make a trip to the cosmos on Nvidia GeForce Now as well, which happens to be one of the world’s most popular cloud gaming platforms.  

For those not in the know, GeForce Now has multiple subscription tiers to its name, and unlike other competitors, it’s even got a free-to-use plan that otherwise offers limited gameplay but does get you off to something. In case you’d like to go the extra mile, though, consider subscribing to the Ultimate plan. It hooks you up with an RTX 4080 rig on the cloud and enables ray tracing as well along the way.

GeForce Now Various Membership Tiers
GeForce Now Various Membership Tiers

It will set you back about $20 a month, but if you choose the 6-month subscription plan, you can save some money and obtain the service for about $99—whatever tickles your pickle. Going Ultimate does boast an array of benefits, including being able to play at 4K resolution with a 120 FPS frame rate, along with an 8-hour uninterrupted session length, which should be plentiful for most people.

GeForce Now actually sports a vibrant catalog of both AAA titles and indie games. The recently released Remnant 2 hopped onto the cloud gaming platform, thereby making itself available to play, not long after release. Other than these prominent titles, you can head over to the “Games” section of GeForce Now’s official website and view the entire library of the service for yourself. 

Do bear in mind though that games do not come for free with a GeForce Now subscription, apart from those that are already free-to-play, of course. If you have purchased Starfield on Steam, you will need to link the latter to your GeForce Now account and sign in with your credentials to be able to enjoy the space RPG on the cloud. That should sort the matter out. 

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In other news, though, Starfield’s expansive ship customization feature has been rounding up quite the fun for players. On the same side, it’s giving a lot of gamers the freedom to put their creative imagination to good use and utilize the tools that the title provides in the best possible manner. Taking that into account, one megafan has gone ahead to replicate Batman’s Batwing, and the results are overly fascinating. 

Batman 2330 – finally done with this build… I think?
byu/bmikey inStarfield

For those who missed it, Bethesda just outed a new hotfix for Starfield, squashing some of the in-game bugs that popped up in certain quests and bringing stability improvements to the Xbox Series X|S. The best part is that the developer has promised DLSS support for Starfield’s PC players, not to mention a swath of new top-requested features for the RPG to land in one of the future updates.

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