Starfield’s Hilarious Spaceships Beat The Modders To It

It not only has pre-existing creativity, but also encourages modding.

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  • Starfield is among the largest and most anticipated releases, and alongside many intriguing factors, it brings the ability to create any crazy spaceships you desire.
  • Modding has become a necessary part of gaming as it not only improves the base game but also brings a touch of joy with creative modifications.
  • Developers that give you the freedom to craft bizarre combinations and let your imagination run wild are the true heroes, and it is a concept that needs to be adopted.

Playing games as a kid, we all had one or two crazy ideas to make things exciting. What if the characters had abnormally gigantic body parts? How fun would it be if we could make this serious character do something hilarious? Deep down, we knew it was all a pipe dream. But who would have thought all of those unimaginably bizarre ideas would one day become a reality, thanks to the many wonders of modding?

We’re now aware of what mods are capable of, and it’s always a delight to see a game becoming a whole lot of fun thanks to them. Modders have been a savior in many cases too, fixing game-breaking bugs and bringing QOL changes to the base game. This is especially true for Bethesda releases, and since Starfield is right around the corner, Modders are ready once again. However, Starfield takes things up a notch and beats them to it with its hilarious customizations.

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Starfield Is Bringing Peerless Spaceship Customization

When Starfield was first unveiled, I couldn’t believe the magnificent scale of this project. A Bethesda RPG exploring the space genre, with 1000 visitable planets, extensive space traversal and exploration, and the freedom to design your life in space as you see fit, it all seemed too good to be true. One point of worry was Bethesda’s repute of buggy releases and how Starfield might be affected by it.

However, it seems the doubts were ill-founded, as Bethesda is taking this opportunity to turn things around. From what we know so far, Starfield seems to be Bethesda’s cleanest release to date, with little to no bugs being found in the game. It seems we’re in for a genuinely superb Bethesda release. Alongside these factors, what makes the game stand out is its extensive and layered customization options.

For a space RPG that promises a personalized adventure, a character creator is a must. And it seems Starfield is staying true to its word by providing intricate and in-depth character customization options. You have the freedom to design your virtual persona as you see fit. The customization options make sure to cater to everyone’s reference and ensure maximum immersion.

Starfield has a splendid character creation system
Starfield has a splendid character creation system

What’s even more impressive is the game’s spaceship customization. Being an RPG all about experiencing life in space, your trusty vehicle which serves as your shelter and your companion throughout the journey is right at the heart of the matter. The game would lose its charm if it only brought pre-designed spaceships that you could change only the color or design of.

Bethesda is, of course, aware of this and so has presented a spaceship customization system that goes way beyond our imaginations. We were expecting detailed spaceship personalization and design options, but Starfield’s system is so much more than that. The customization is divided into layers, you can replace, design, and customize each component and part of your ship, and then put it all together.

Customization starts from each building block and goes all the way to the final assembly. This means, in practice, you can put together any two parts no matter how incompatible they may appear to be. You can design virtually anything, let your imagination run wild, and whip up any crazy combinations you can think of. The trailer showed a glimpse of these boundless possibilities, and people just can’t wait to build up and then fly some over-the-top unthinkable master crafts.

This ‘mech’ ship design is hilarious
byu/tnasstyy inStarfield

Modding Is Fun, But Games With Pre-Built Hilarity Are A Step Above

Ah, Modding. Among the many wonders of technological development and PC gaming’s absolute advantage. Mods add either immensely astonishing and jaw-dropping features to fully revamp a game or add straight-up hilarious atrocities to it, and we love it. Right as a new game drops, you can always count on the modders’ boundless creativity to whip up something out of the box. We eagerly await what Starfield will get.

Mods make the game experience better. Agree?
byu/EmbarrassedPen8609 inReadyOrNotGame

Modding is not all fun and games, but can also bring meaningful upgrades and features to a game that’s lacking them. In many cases, mods became a game’s saving grace. When talking about mods that genuinely made a game more refined, there is no better example than Bethesda’s own Skyrim. Riddled with bugs at launch, the modding community not only fixed them but brought so many necessary upgrades that now you can’t even go back to the base game.

That’s all appreciated, but where this art truly shines is the hilarious and comedic concoctions. Imagine all the ridiculous things you wanted a game to do, and then watch them become a reality thanks to modding. No PC game is safe from the almighty modders and all shall be ridiculed. The more well-known the game, the more hilarious mods it gets. For example, it hadn’t even been a day since its release, and Armored Core 6 fell prey to the modders.

As per tradition, CJ is here to bless Armored Core 6
As per tradition, CJ is here to bless Armored Core 6

Admit it, mods bring a genuine charm to the game. They can make an old title feel fresh again and are a pretty strong incentive to revisit your favorites and have a good laugh. Therefore, I believe developers who consider these feelings and add a touch of creative freedom to their games are the best. Mods are good, yes, but games that bring mods-like features themselves to humor their fans are truly exquisite experiences.

Take a look at The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The sequel to the unimaginably revolutionary Breath of the Wild and the most anticipated release of the year ended up surpassing expectations. And the game’s most exciting feature was the Ultrahand‘s crafting ability. You could build and put together virtually anything, and create works of art limited only by your imagination.

Tears of the Kingdom's Ultrahand enables your boundless creativity
Tears of the Kingdom’s Ultrahand enables your boundless creativity

People took full advantage of this feature to go crazy by letting their worries subside for a moment and building the bizarre and ridiculous projects that brought them joy. I think this made the game a ton more worthwhile, at least to me. The same is the case with Starfield, I believe fans will make full use of the spaceship customization and you’ll see many creative as well as hilarious works.

Starfield’s Example Needs To Be Replicated

Both Starfield and Tears of the Kingdom have excellent building mechanics with limitless possibilities. The question arises here if modding can accomplish this in almost every game, why demand this feature in the game from the get-go? The answer is simple. People will know developers care for their opinions and feedback and are keeping in consideration their wishes. Just look at Starfield’s developers. They’re putting extra effort to let modders do their work more easily.

Mods have become a normality, and we have come to expect these hilarious upgrades, but when a game puts these features itself, that is a different story. You come to respect the developers for honoring fans’ wishes and can enjoy these features without going through rigorous and often complex modifications of the game’s files, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Thus things that are features rather than mods are more appreciated.

In essence, the concept of video games was to create a virtual world where you can fulfill your imagination and do stuff you couldn’t in reality. Thus, games that give you the freedom to run wild with your imagination are the most appreciated. This is also one of the reasons behind the success of the open-world genre. It appeals to our basic instinct of having the freedom to do whatever we please in a gigantic world.

Consider Minecraft as an example. Why is this more than-a-decade-old game still immensely popular? It gives you the complete freedom to craft anything you can imagine. Be it ultra-realistic pieces or crazy and hilarious atrocities, the possibilities are endless. Any mechanic that gives you the ability to design and experience a virtual setting of your choice is what video gaming is at its core.

Thus, games of the genre that encourage exploration and crafting must consider this. Tears of the Kingdom’s Ultrahand ability took the game to new heights, and Starfield’s spaceship customization is its most hyped feature yet. We wholeheartedly enjoy games that hold nothing back and let us do crazy things; it is a time well spent. And I hope this approach makes its way into future games.

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