Starfield: How To Collect & Sell Survey Data

Master Starfield survey data mechanics & gather detailed data, optimize scanning skills & find the best trade deals in the space.

In Starfield’s big universe, collecting detailed information about planets is a task for dedicated explorers. This data is super valuable because it tells me about unknown worlds. You put all the info into Survey Slates, which can make players a lot of money. The trick is knowing where to sell survey data to get the best rewards in Starfield.

Key Takeaways
  • In Starfield, you can explore different planets and gather data about them.
  • When you scan a planet completely, you get Survey Slates in Starfield, which is pretty valuable.
  • If you improve the Surveying skill of your character, you can scan things in more detail and find hidden special stuff.
  • The Zoology skill helps you gather resources from plants and creatures and learn more about them.
  • You can trade your data with the Trade Authority, but Vladimir at The Eye gives you better deals.

What Is Survey Data In Starfield?

Survey data
Survey data (Image credits: eXputer)

In Starfield, survey data represents comprehensive information collected from explorations of various planets:

Players can carefully scan everything on a planet, like plants, animals, and rocks, until they have all the data. When you finish, you get a Survey Slate named after the planet. This slate shows that players have explored the place well. The data becomes valuable and can be sold, especially to a guy named Vladimir at The Eye, who pays a lot for it.

Locations To Sell Survey Data In Starfield

Note: I believe it’s vital to comprehend the conditions that influence the selling process before delving into the selling locations:

  • You need to scan everything on a planet to reach 100% survey data.
  • This includes scanning plants, animals, rocks, and other interesting things on the planet.
  • When you finish scanning, your Star Map in Starfield will say ‘Surveyed,’ and then you can sell the data.
The Old Neighbourhood
The Old Neighbourhood (Image by eXputer)

Once you finish the ‘The Old Neighbourhood‘ mission in Starfield and start the ‘Into The Unknown‘ mission, you can sell your survey data.

1. Vladimir At The Eye

Vladimir At The Eye
Vladimir At The Eye (picture credits: eXputer)

If you want the best price for your Survey Slates, Vladimir is your guy. You’ll find him near Jemison at a place called The Eye. 

Vladimir usually gives you better prices for your data, especially when you compare it to other places like the Trade Authority.

Important: At the beginning of Starfield, you might want to sell your findings right away, but waiting can pay off big time. Holding onto your early reports and survey slates can make you more money down the line in Starfield.

2. Trade Authority

Best Places To Sell Survey Slates
Best Place To Sell Survey Slates – Trade Authority (Image Credits: eXputer)

In the big galaxy of Starfield, lots of places want your Survey Slates, but the Trade Authority is the best. They’re known for fair deals and want to learn about space stuff. While Vladimir offers higher rates, you might want to offload your data sooner in Starfield.

  • If you want to sell your data early in Starfield, you can use the Trade Authority.
  • You’ll find their kiosks in New Atlantis and Cydonia on Mars.
  • You don’t have to finish any missions to use them, but they pay less than Vladimir.

How To Collect Survey Data In Starfield

How To Collect Survey Data
How To Collect Survey Data (Image copyright by eXputer)

 I explored a vast universe and actively collected data in Starfield which I suggest you go through:

Scanning Steps Activity
Scanning from the Map Screen When you’re out in space, you first scan a planet from your map screen. It gives you a basic idea of what’s there and helps you decide to explore it further.
Gas Giants and Tough Planets Some planets are tough to explore, like big gas giants or ones with really harsh conditions. You don’t need to land on them; the map scan is enough.
Exploring Friendly Planets But for planets with life or safe environments, the real adventure begins. You pick a good spot to land, take out your scanner, and start exploring.

Here’s what I would recommend you to do on the planet’s surface:

  • Activate Your Scanner: Press ‘F’ to use your scanner.
  • Find Your Targets: Things you should scan are outlined in blue, as these are your main scanning targets.
  • Detailed Scanning: Focus on each blue-outlined thing and scan it multiple times until you get all the data. You’ll know it’s done when it reaches 100%.
  • Completion Indicators: When you finish scanning something, its outline turns green, showing you’ve learned everything about it.

In Starfield, gathering valuable information about a planet, like its unique features and hidden treasures, relies on how good your scans are. To make your scans better, you can invest in improving your Surveying skills. 

  • One great thing you’ll notice is that your scanner can zoom in more.
  • The zoom feature is handy because it helps you be more precise in your scans and keeps you safe from hazards.
  • Skills like Zoology can increase the efficiency of scans.

How To Obtain Survey Slates

How To Obtain Survey Slates
How To Obtain Survey Slates (picture by: eXputer)

Survey Slates in Starfield aren’t just tokens; they show that you’ve explored every part of the world. Getting one means you’ve scanned everything thoroughly.

When you’re on a planet, I suggest you scan everything which includes the following: 

  • Fauna: Scan the animals, from tiny ones to huge ones.
  • Flora: Scan plants and trees to learn about the planet’s plants.
  • Resources: Identify all the resources, even the rare ones.
  • Traits: Discover unique things about the planet. You can often find them at ‘Unknown’ markers on the map.
Important: After you’ve scanned everything on a planet, you get a Survey Slate in Starfield. It’s named after the planet and shows you’ve explored it completely.

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