Starfield: Emissary or Hunter [All Possible Endings]

Join the Hunter, stand with the Emissary, or forge your own destiny.

Picking between the Starfield Emissary or Hunter is a major decision towards the end of the main story of the game. You get to join one of the two major Starborn groups or decline both. Your choice affects how the rest of the story goes and what ending you get. 

Key Takeaways

  • Towards the end of Starfield, you have to choose between joining the Hunter, the Emissary, or doing your own thing.
  • If you pick the Hunter, you team up, beat the Emissary, and get a powerful weapon called Eternity’s Gate.
  • Choosing the Emissary means fighting the Hunter, teaming up, and getting a strong weapon called Unmitigated Violence.
  • Going your own way means facing both factions alone in a hard boss fight. and getting both Eternity’s Gate and Unmitigated Violence.

Deciding the ending
Deciding between Emissary or Hunter (Screenshot by Me)

Choosing The Hunter 

The Hunter
Speaking to The Hunter (Image by Me)
  • Hunter’s Path in the “Revelation” Mission:
  • Team up to fight the Emissary and their crew.
  • The Task given before the mission is to takedown Keeper Aquilus (Hunter equivalent for Universal faith).
  • Options are to Takedown Keeper Aquilus or convince them to hide.
  • The ending reveals Hunter’s rebirth through Unity.
  • Leaves behind a legacy that encourages people to rebel against powerful systems.

Rewards Include:

  • Eternity’s Gate: A potent Particle Beam Rifle with enhanced damage against humans, firing twin projectiles every fourth shot, and featuring volatile rounds for a damage boost with occasional malfunctions.

Story Decision:

  • Conclusion influenced by the player’s choice.
  • No clear right or wrong between Emissary’s plan and Hunter’s approach.
  • Both approaches have strengths and drawbacks.

Final Advice:

  • Both Emissary’s plan and Hunter’s approach have merits and issues.
The Emissary
Going against The Emissary (Image gathered by Me)

If you would like to see the community’s discussion on which ending is better, check out this Reddit post.

How to Access

  1. Finish the “Unearthed” quest while on Earth.
  2. Choose the option “The Hunter is right” when confronted by the Hunter and Emissary in Starfield.
  3. Defeat the Emissary and claim their Artifact during the “Revelations” quest.
  4. Complete the “Infinity’s End” quest by assassinating Keeper Aquilus.

Choosing The Emissary 

The Emissary
Siding with The Emissary (Screenshot by Me)
    • Engage in a showdown against the Hunter in the “Revelations” quest.
    • The Emissary becomes your ally in this confrontation.
    • Face the Hunter and their forces, including allied Starborn and Ecliptic mercenaries of Starfield.
    • The Emissary acts as an allied NPC, providing assistance in battles.

After Defeating the Hunter:

  • The Emissary helps you navigate the Armillary and reach the Unity.
  • In Starfield, it’s revealed that the Emissary stays in your universe, actively guiding worthy individuals toward what they consider a meaningful Unity. 


  • Unmitigated Violence: A powerful and unique laser rifle in Starfield that induces frenzy and irradiation in opponents while also dealing double damage to those with full health.
Fighting The Hunter
Going against The Hunter (Screenshot by Me)

How to Unlock

  1. Complete the “Unearthed” quest on Earth.
  2. .Choose the option “The Emissary is right” when confronted by the Hunter and Emissary.
  3. Defeat the Hunter and claim their Artifact during the “Revelations” quest.

Choosing Neither

Choosing Neither
Going on your own (Screenshot by Me)

When deciding between the Starfield Emissary or Hunter. If you decide to go against both the Emissary and Hunter and forge your own path, you’ll confront their combined forces solo in the “Revelation” mission. This is the toughest option of the three, requiring you to face both of them together for personal victory. Ultimately, your influence allows humanity to pursue the Unity and Artifacts independently, without any interference from the Starborn.

True Ending
Persuading The Emissary and The Hunter

How to Obtain

  1. Finish the “Unearthed” mission on Earth.
  2. Choose the option “You’re both wrong” when confronted by the Hunter and Emissary.
  3. Convince or fight both the Hunter and Emissary during the “Revelations” quest.

Should you choose the Starfield Emissary or Hunter?

When deciding between the Starfield Emissary or Hunter on Earth, from a narrative perspective, the choice doesn’t hold significant consequences. Starfield’s NG+ system structure ensures that you won’t lock yourself out of quests or companions based on this decision. 

For those seeking the best items, opting to kill both the Hunter and Emissary is the route to take. Both characters possess unique and incredibly powerful weapons in Starfield. While taking on both opponents is challenging, especially on higher difficulties, the rewards obtained make the effort worthwhile.

What did I personally choose and why?

In Starfield, I went with the Emissary because it felt like the right choice. Partnering with them added complexity to the story, especially in the relationship with the Hunter. Even though going solo meant more rewards and a better ending, the Emissary’s storyline, with its moral complexities, struck a chord, making it a compelling choice that enhanced the overall narrative.

And that wraps up our guide on the crucial decision between Starfield Emissary or Hunter. We’ve covered the ins and outs of each choice and how they shape the game’s story. Whether teaming up with the Hunter, forming an alliance with the Emissary, or going solo against both, players.

If you want to see how Eternity’s Gate and Unmitigated Violence stack up against other weapons in the game, take a look at our Starfield Weapons Tier List. Similarly, if you’re keen on exploring the various Unique Weapons in Starfield, be sure to check out our dedicated guide on the topic.

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