Bethesda Promises New Features For Starfield In 2024

In the meantime, update v.1.8.88 is now out.

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  • Starfield, a spacefaring RPG, is one of the biggest Xbox exclusives to release in a long time. 
  • The game has received the update v.1.8.88 in recent times—a small-scale patch that brings fixes.
  • While announcing the update, Bethesda has said that it’s working toward the big features for Starfield

Starfield, arguably Xbox’s biggest exclusive title this generation in terms of sheer scale, has received a new update for the Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC, titled v.1.8.88. The update comes with multiple fixes for in-game bugs, including the infamous “pet asteroid” issue that plagued players during play. While announcing the patch, Bethesda has also made another statement—a fairly promising one at that.

We’re also hard at work on many of new features you asked for, from city maps, to mod support, to all new ways of traveling (stay tuned!). These will be rolling out with a regular cadence of fixes and updates we expect to have roughly every six weeks. If something can be done in a smaller hotfix in between (like the asteroid), and we feel it’s safe, we’ll get one of those out as well. Safe is the key here. We do take a lot of time to test even the smallest change in a game this large and dynamic.” 

Back in September this year at the time of Starfield’s release, the developers announced that throughout the year and the next one as well, they would be working on bringing the top community-requested features to the RPG. So far, a couple of those have already been added to the title, including DLSS support for PC and an “Eat” button for the in-game good.

Now, however, it seems that Bethesda is still hot on the Starfield community’s heels, making efforts to make the title more enticing for players across the board. Some of the newly promised features include more ways of in-game space travel, city maps, and mod support, though I’m not sure whether modders are still sticking around for Starfield, considering everything.  

We’ve been hard at work on many of the issues you’ve posted, and expect an update early next year that will include a large number of ‘in-progress’ quest fixes as well as FSR3 and XeSS. Though we fixed several quest issues from occurring, in-progress quest fixes are much harder to fix and we’ve built a new system to correct those without you having to roll back your save.”

On a side note, Starfield is making waves around the globe at the moment, having crossed the 12 million player count as per Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, who appeared on a panel at CCXP23 to address the audience. However, as far as concurrent players go on PC, things don’t look too good on that front, even if you compare the RPG with the decade-old The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. 

Starfield came out on September 6, 2023, for the Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam exclusively. The title was first officially teased in 2018, followed by a long period of radio silence until the launch date trailer for the RPG finally dropped 9 months ago. eXputer rated the game 3.5/5 in its review, with writer Asad Ahmed remarking that it “delivers an expansive galaxy ripe for exploration, but it stumbles in its execution.”

If you’re a new player, here are the 3 best Missile Launchers in Starfield for one-shotting enemy ships, followed by this write-up on the best Starfield mods to check out, hand-picked by our team of experts with over 230 hours of experience.

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