Will Starfield: Shattered Space Be The Prey Sequel We’re Never Getting?

The similarities are striking.

Story Highlights

  • Starfield: Shattered Space shows off its gloomy setting, alien threat, and the space cult in its full glory.
  • The DLC looks extremely like Prey, Arkane Austin’s immersive sim masterpiece now abandoned.
  • The new horror-esque approach might finally be the break Starfield needed to escape the downfall.

Starfield’s journey so far has been one hell of a bumpy ride. A Bethesda game after Skyrim had an insane hype riding on its shoulders. These expectations continued to rise when Bethesda fueled the fire with some insane promises. The game looked like it would completely revolutionize the space exploration genre.

But when it was released, Starfield instead became a victim of these insane expectations. It was a solid game, but after all the hype, nothing less than an unrealistically realistic space game was going to cut it. Thus, the underperformance was inevitable. However, the game seems to be raising the stakes once again with its Shattered Space DLC.

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Starfield: Shattered Space — Aliens, Space Cults, Creepiness Overload

I’m sure at this point, you’ve heard about Starfield till your ears bleed, so I’ll try not to bore you and skip right to the DLC. Thus, forget everything you know about Starfield, as what’s about to come doesn’t even remotely look like the mellow space adventure you’ve experienced so far.

First Look at ‘Shattered Space’
byu/Into-Starfield inStarfield

When the trailer began and we started seeing decrepit space stations, cryptic locations and monoliths, semi-transparent monstrosities roaming around, and an environmental design that screamed “I’m going to scare the hell out of you,” I never even imagined this was a Starfield expansion on display. And can you blame me? This doesn’t resemble the existing Starfield at all.

The gloomy environments look phenomenal | Source: Bethesda (YouTube)
The gloomy environments look phenomenal | Source: Bethesda (YouTube)

It was looking at a brand new game, and I can’t tell you how much of an exciting news this is. This new direction is looking extremely promising, and a much-needed change of tone. The scary space cult setting and creepy aliens lurking around are the perfect directions for a space RPG. Starfield desperately needed something unique, creative, and mindblowing like this.

Ever since this mysterious, obviously evil-sounding House Var’uun was revealed, I had a strong interest in it. You have a creepy space cult worshipping a giant serpent and conducting god-knows-what ceremonies on their gloomy space station, it’s like a 10 on the grade of creatively weird level-design opportunity and backstory

The Prey Vibes Are Strong With This One

As impressive as Starfield: Shattered Space looks, there’s a reason why I’m so excited about this. When I first saw the trailer, I couldn’t help but think “Is this Prey?” Did you think the same? Or was it just me seeing Prey everywhere I go?

byu/Turbostrider27 from discussion

I mean, just look at some of the stuff. A cryptic and abandoned space station, bizarre aliens lurking in the darkest corners, arcane and odd-looking monoliths scattered around, no matter how you cut it, it looks like Prey to me. considering how much I love Prey, this looks like the perfect expansion for me.

Prey 2017 was a genuine masterpiece. A modern immersive sim filled to the brim with creative mechanics, a level and atmospheric design out of this world, and a gradual progression system that gives you complete freedom and control, it was the peak of ominous level design and game environments for me. I’ve praised this crown jewel every chance I got, and I won’t stop now, either.

Prey 2017 is a genuine treat | Source: Steam
Prey 2017 is a genuine treat | Source: Steam

Regrettably, I might never see a sequel to this brilliant gem again. Not too long ago, Xbox shut down Arkane Austin, which was responsible for the magnificent Prey. I know the company failed at Redfall, but that was no reason to punish Prey, or Arkane Austin for that matter.

I don’t think we’re getting Prey 2
byu/Matchyo_ inprey

One mistake should never spell the doom of a studio. Unfortunately, it has happened more times than I could count, and every time precious gems suffered.

Starfield’s Chance At Redemption

Enough with the doom and gloom. My sorrow for Prey’s grim future is endless, but I’ll spare you the rant today. Instead, let’s shift the focus back to Starfield: Shattered Space and the amount of good it can do if it executes this brilliant-looking concept with finesse.

Whether it’s a direct Prey inspiration or not, choosing the gloomy space cult and its crazy obsessions was a solid plan, but that’s all it is, for now, a plan. In fact, the stakes are higher than ever now. Starfield disappointed a lot of people, and thus they might not have been excited for the DLC. However, this impactful presentation might’ve affected a lot more people than you think.

Starfield is yet another disappointment in my gaming heart
byu/Azir44 inStarfield

Thus, we’re back to the original dilemma, the growing expectations. Starfield certainly has my attention once again, and I’m expecting great things from Shattered Space, especially since it decided to go the Prey route. Now this can be a critical point for the game. Either it can deliver a masterclass expansion that does everything about a dreadful setting like this right, or it can screw up once again and lose every chance of a comeback.

I have high hopes for Shattered Space | Source: Bethesda (YouTube)
I have high hopes for Shattered Space | Source: Bethesda (YouTube)

I sincerely hope that the latter case becomes the reality, not the former. After the initial debacle, Starfield owes it to the fans to create an impactful adventure. I hope it becomes the Prey sequel I never got, and lets me relive the gem’s glory all over again.

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