Lost Ark Machinist: Skills, Engravings & Build

The guide contain details of the upcoming class in Lost Ark called Machinist along with its skills, engravings, and build options

Tripod and Smile gate’s studio released the 2.5D action and adventure game Lost Ark on December 4, 2019. The game contains five classes: Gunner, Warrior, Assassin, Mage, and Martial Artist. Within each class, you get to see characters; for example, in Gunner class, you will see Deadeye, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter, and Artillerist. Apart from that, Lost Ark is expected to bring additions in September, and the Machinist is the highlight of it.

Key Highlights:

  • Gunner, Warrior, Assassin, Mage, and Martial Artist are the five base classes in Lost Ark.
  • Players can choose any advanced class after reaching level 10.
  • Machinist is Gunner’s advanced class with a sci-fi theme opposite to Lost Ark’s Magical Fantasy.
  • The Machinist has blue, yellow, and purple skills which will help control drones, deadly weapons, and their combinations.
  • Players can choose from Legacy of Evolution and Arthetinean Skill class engravings.
  • Players can design two builds for the machinist class one focusing on skills and the other is transformation class.
  • Transformation building is easier to play with because of their lower building cost.

Lost Ark’s Classes

Machinist in Lost Ark
New Machinist Class in Lost Ark

The game contains a number of classes with advanced specializations. The extensive class catalog allows players to keep on experimenting and adapting to fit any playstyle. Once you play the game and reach level 10, you get a choice of choosing any one advanced class. Check the playstyle of characters in each advanced class to know which one will suit you the best.

Gunners are incredible marksmen who deal damage at a longer range through projectiles and serve various roles. Warriors excel at absorbing massive amounts of damage and have powerful abilities that deal heavy damage. As the name suggests, the Assassins are mysterious combatants. They use demonic abilities and blades to channel dark powers for quick and colorful attacks.

Each Mage’s ability is built upon using magic, and they can use long-range spells to provide important buffs and heal the team using the auras. Lastly, the Martial Artists focus on dealing high damage, and they are the melee class of Lost Ark. They use combined attacks for rushing at enemies, maximizing the damage while minimizing the effort.

Machinist in Lost Ark

Lost Ark planned on adding a new class called Scouter in September, but recently the name has changed to Machinist. It will be Lost Ark Gunner’s fifth advanced class. The newcomer contains a high-tech sci-fi theme that looks quite the opposite of the Lost Ark’s magical high fantasy setting. The Machinist has its own set of futuristic arsenals, which has the ability to unleash laser weapons, drones, and machine guns.

Skills of Machinist

The Machinist has blue, yellow, and purple skills. The blue skills consist of drones that can be controlled using the shift key. You can easily recall your drone by simply pressing X. Furthermore, the drone can be repositioned, and the skill can be used through the drone.

The yellow skills mainly consist of damage-dealing weapons. Through it, you will be able to use grenades and guns, which you can use with the maneuver skills of the Machinist. Since he is agile, you can also rush in, avoiding the projectiles and dealing more damage while being safe.

Consider the purple skills to be a combo of blue and yellow skills. You will be using your damage-dealing weapons along with the drone. If you are using either one of the skills, you will not be able to do anything of the other skill. However, you can use the combination through the purple skill for a better attack.

In Lost Ark, Hypersync is the identity skill of the Machinist class; as soon as he deals damage or lands an attack, the identity skill charges. Once it is full and you enter the Hypersync, through the abilities, the core energy will be expanded, and the drone will transform into a battle suit. There is a cooldown for it, and they will last until the Machinist runs out.

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Machinist Engravings

In Lost Ark, the Machinist class gets two class engravings, and they are:

Legacy of Evolution

  • First Level: Sync skills will inflict +2% damage, and you can stack up to 3 with a cooldown decrease of 0.5 seconds; this will happen whenever you make a hit during the Hypersync mode. Moreover, you will get back 40% of the core energy cost when canceled by the Hypersync mode.
  • Second Level: Sync skills will inflict +4% damage, and you can stack up to 3 with a cooldown decrease of 0.5 seconds. The rest will remain the same.
  • Third Level: Sync skills will inflict +6% damage, and you can stack up to 3 with a cooldown decrease of 0.5 seconds. The rest will remain the same.

Arthetinean Skill

  • First Level: The drone and joint skill damage will increase by 15%, move speed by 10%, and max battery by 10%, once the drones are attached to you.
  • Second Level: The drone and joint skill damage will increase by 20%, move speed by 15%, and max battery will remain the same at 10% once the drones are attached to you.
  • Third Level: The drone and joint skill damage will increase by 25%, move speed by 20%, and max battery will remain the same at 10% once the drones are attached to you.

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Build Option For the Machinist In Lost Ark

When it comes to the build, you can choose from two options for the Machinist class. One focuses entirely on the blue, yellow, and purple skills separately, and the other has a Transformation Build. The latter one is, however, the most popular among the Lost Ark players’ community.

In Transformation Build, you get a shield of sixty. Moreover, once you transfer it back, you get to keep the energy of forty which can be compared to the Shadowhunter. Therefore, if you have a proper build, such as 1,800 specs or more, then you can transform it into any of these two skills. Apart from that, you will usually have level one engravings as they are quite efficient.

Moreover, the transformation class compared to this is completely different. In case you wish to play in that way, you can do that once you get the boost. The reason it is easier to play the transformation build as an alt is mainly due to its cost; it is much cheaper and because it increases your level a bit.

That is all for now! Once the Machinist class is released in Lost Ark, everyone will definitely take advantage of its extraordinary and futuristic arsenal along with the drone. In the early stages of the update, a lot of metas are possible to happen as well.

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