Lost Ark Gold River: Mastermind Behind Lost Ark

Today we will talk about the director of Lost Ark, AKA Gold River. Lost Ark is a famous RPG of Smilegate that has earned its fame in the gaming community after its release on Steam by Amazon Games.

Since its release on February 11th, 2022, it has attracted a considerable amount of audience through its exciting gameplay and realistic graphics.

Lost Ark has made itself capable enough to secure its rank among trending games of the current year, thanks to its developers.

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A lot of effort has been invested in making such a creative game that has been able to make a world-breaking record on steam for a newly launched MMORPG.

The game has secured more than 20 million players with up to 1.32 million active users. If you want to know more about the success of the game over the global platform and the role of Gold River in it, then keep reading the article. While you’re at it, consider reading Lost Ark Destroyer Build guide.

Who Is Lost Ark Gold River?

The reason for the success of this famous MMORPG is its team and the directors who lead it. The director of Lost Ark, Keum Kang-sun, along with his alias “Gold River,” has earned success by making the game attractive and fun to play for end users. 

Some People get confused and consider Gold River to be the CEO of Lost Ark, but that’s not true. Gold River is basically the alias of the game director Keum Kang-sun and has been a mastermind in developing the Lost Ark game.

Under his leadership, the game has been highly successful on the western and global platforms. He was interviewed by Global, where they had discussions about the worldwide success of the game after its launch, along with relevant news.

Why Is Lost Ark Community Googling Him?         

In a recent interview with Gold River, he stated that he is going to step down as the director of the game due to his health issues. He also addressed that paying constant attention to the game to make it better for the end-user is a hectic task that requires strenuous effort.

His health does not allow him to do that anymore as he cannot handle too much workload due to his medical conditions.

At the last LOA-ON event of Lost Ark, the organizers had to take special first-aid measures and keep an ambulance on standby just for emergencies due to health issues in Gold River.

In December, the upcoming LOA-ON event will probably be his last event with the Lost Ark community, and a new director will be announced there. Also, consider reading our Lost Ark Treasure Maps guide.

Gold River Contributions to Lost Ark

Gold River deserves a considerable amount of credit for the successful launch of Lost Ark. Now that his health is a concern, he has to step down and focus more on his mental and physical stability.

Gold River has also loved collaborating with the Lost Ark community and working with them to craft a masterpiece. He addressed in his interview that:

I promise to make the game better today than yesterday, tomorrow than today

He also thanked the gaming community for showing so much love and inventing their time in the game.

That Concludes our guide on the Gold River of Lost Ark. If you love playing this game, then make sure to check out our Lost Ark Charisma guide.

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