Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List [Ranked After Testing]

We have ranked all the best weapons in our Brawlhalla weapons tier list based on their pick rate, stats usability, and player preference.

Update: This Tier list has been double-checked and reflects all the weapon changes implemented in the latest patch, Update 8.06.

Who knew Brawlhalla, a 2D fast-paced fighting game with a diverse character roster and weapons, could remain relevant and exciting in 2024? We previously curated the Brawlhalla character tier list because of the expansive roster and a cloud of confusion while picking legends and weapons. Now, we are back with the Brawlhalla weapons tier list.

Key Highlights
  • Brawlhalla includes 14 weapons such as Hammer, Swords, Battle Boots, Gauntlets, Cannon, and more.
  • Rankings are based on responsiveness, learning curve, knockbacks, and damage potential.
  • Top weapons like Hammer, Sword, Gauntlets, and newer additions like Battle Boots offer balanced performance.
  • Rocket Lances and Blasters, while lacking, excel in spacing and defense.

Here’s a Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List summary: 

Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Weapons
S-Tier  Hammer, Sword, and Gauntlets
A-Tier  Cannon, Katars, Scythe, Axe, Bow, Battle Boost
B-Tier  Spear, Orb, and Great Sword
C-Tier  Blasters and Rocket Lance

There are 13 unique weapon types in Brawlhalla, and each dynamically changes the overall feel and heat of the battle while fighting an opponent in the arena. We have listed here all weapon types, the reasons we think some of these are better than others, and why you should stick with the top-tier ones in the game.


All the weapons we have listed under the S-tier are the best you can use to dominate in various game modes. They have a decent speed, learning curve, and striking damage and are effective in landing ground as well as aerial attacks. Pick these weapons or their respective fighters to get the upper hand in Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List
Brawlhalla Weapons S-tier
Gauntlets Excelling in close combat, Gauntlets allow for aggressive pressure on opponents with their short range and decent damage. Their real power lies in repositioning moves and zoning attacks, making them highly effective for players who excel in close-quarters manipulation.
Sword The sword offers versatility and reliability for those preferring a balance between close and medium-range combat. It stands as a strong choice in the current meta, slightly trailing behind Gauntlets due to the latter’s close-combat advantages.
Hammer Distinct from the sword and gauntlets, the Hammer caters to players seeking to deal significant blows and utilize air attacks effectively. Its hooking capability allows for unique strategies by pulling opponents closer, offering a different playstyle focused on power and control.


The weapons we have listed in our A-rank are more or less close to the performance of top-tier ones. Overall, if you do not fancy the S-tier weapons in the game, then A-tier ones are still the most used and picked weapons to dominate fights in Brawlhalla.

Ranking best weapons Brawlhalla
Brawlhalla Weapons A-tier
Bow Offers high precision and range, but has a narrow hitbox requiring players to rely on anticipatory offensive moves. Its difficulty curve places it in A-tier, yet it remains a formidable choice for skilled players.
Axe Featured by various legends, the Axe provides a consistent feel and damage output across characters. It allows for a versatile approach in combat, adaptable with legend-specific strategies.
Scythe Unique for its ability to disorient, grab, and throw opponents, making it unmatched in control and versatility. The Scythe requires a strategic approach to maximize its combat potential.
Katars Preferred by a range of legends, Katars offer close combat efficiency. Their slight strategy variances among legends do not diminish their overall effectiveness in fast and aggressive play.
Cannon Known for its heavy attacks and massive damage, used by a select few fighters. Its large size and powerful impact make it a formidable weapon for dealing significant blows.
Battle Boots The latest addition, offering intricate kick actions and active input attacks. They stand out for their early kill potential, providing an unmatched advantage in combat scenarios.


The weapons we have listed under the B-tier of Brawlhalla weapons tier list have decent medium-to-long attack range and great stringing capabilities. In terms of damage output and overall usability or selection preference, these weapons stands are near to A-tier ones but have a few flaws attached to them. Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List

Brawlhalla Weapons B-tier

Great Sword Preferred by Jaeyun, Mako, and Magyar, the Great Sword shines with its stringing attack potential, allowing players to bypass enemy defenses for effective follow-up attacks. Its power in combos makes it a notable choice despite its tier.
Orb Unique to magic-user legends like Dusk, Fait, Petra, and Thor, the Orb excels in surprise attacks with its ability to be commanded for unexpected assaults. Its uniqueness and tactical advantage in combat justify its place in the tier list.
Spear A versatile long-range weapon also effective in close-to-medium combat, used by a wide array of legends. It stands out for its easy-to-execute combos that guarantee damage and knockback, making it a reliable weapon choice.


The weapons we have mentioned in our C-rank are the least used or picked by players from the early days of the game till today. They are great for defensive or spacing kind of usage, but they lack knockback and damage-dealing capabilities. Regardless of the limited usability of these weapons, they are still useful when it comes to breaking or interrupting an opponent’s incoming attacks.

C-tier arsenal
Brawlhalla Weapons C-tier
Rocket Lance Used by legends like Artemis, and Orion, the Rocket Lance excels in horizontal attacks and pushing back opponents with its rocket-powered thrusts. While its attacks can effectively control space and interrupt, it may lack the direct damage and knockback needed for quicker knockouts.
Blasters Chosen by legends such as Ada and Cassidy, Blasters are excellent for zoning and interrupting opponent attacks. They connect combos well and are effective in defensive play. However, their limitations as a primary damage-dealing weapon can make securing knockouts challenging.

Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List Criteria

Weapon effectiveness is the basic criterion that we kept while ranking all the weapons in a tier list structure. We did not favor close or short-range weapons but the general performance of each weapon in Brawlhalla. Knockbacks, base damage, learning curve, and overall usability of the weapon were the key indicators that helped us in setting a criteria parameter through which we ranked Brawlhalla weapons into a tier list format.

Ranking Based on Experience And Research

How did we figure out each weapon’s efficiency in the field? Well, we have been playing Brawlhalla since it launched. We have tried and tested almost all characters in the game and have mastered the learning curve of weapons that are used by various fighters.

Our ranking factor and the created weapon tier list are derived from our experience of Brawlhalla coupled with the research gathered from the web regarding the weapons preferences of casual and professional players.

We understand that creating a tier list is subjective, so our weapons ranking may or may not resemble your preferences. Keeping that under consideration, our tier list and the overall weapons ranking are open for further discussions in the comments but closed for criticism.

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