Brawlhalla: Reno [Overview, Weapons & Skins]

The Brawlhalla Reno guide will showcase an overview of how his kit works and what weapons he has, alongside his skins and color variants!

Brawlhalla features a wide range of units and characters that players can obtain, with a variety of skins, color variants, and playstyles, which allow players to try out various combos with their units. One of the characters happens to be Brawlhalla Reno, who has a set of 4 skins with different color variants, and players might need help figuring out how they can play him and what skins he might have!

Important: Players should make the most out of Reno and his brute Dexterity and Defense, as it’s his strongest stat!
Key Takeaways
  • Reno is a male unit player can get in Brawlhalla that costs 5400. 
  • His main winning point is his incredible Dexterity, which is maxed at 7 points. 
  • His second-best stat is his overall defense which is at 6 points. 
  • The final stats that he has that are just average are his Speed at 5 points, while his strength is pretty weak, averaging at just 4 points. 
  • His first skin variant is the Desperado Skin which players can get for about 140 mammoth coins and has many color variants. 
  • The Widowmaker skin is the second skin that will cost players 140 mammoth coins. 
  • The Ferrymoth skin is another option players can get for 140 mammoth coins. 
  • Honeybeeno skin is the fourth and final skin made available, with about 140 mammoth coins. 

Following is an overview of all the skins available for Reno in Brawlhalla:

Skin NameLevel Up VariantsEvent ColorsBattlepassUnlock ColorsTeam Colors
Desperado SkinBlue, Yellow, Green, Brown, Purple, Orange, Cyan, Sunset, Grey, Pink, Red.Winter Holiday, Lovestruck, Heatwave, Haunting, Home Team, Lucky Clover, Gala, Verdant Bloom, Charged OG.Soul Fire, Synthwave, Frozen Forest, Coat of Lions, Starlight, Willow Leaves, Pact of Poison.White, Black, Skyforged, Community Colors One, Community Colors Two, Esports one, Esports Two, Esports Three.Team Red One, Team Red Two, Team Red Three, Team Red Four, Team Blue One, Team Blue Two, Team Blue Three, Team Blue Four.
Widowmaker SkinBlue, Yellow, Green, Brown, Orange, Purple, Cyan, Sunset, Grey, Pink, Red.Lovestruck, Winter Holiday, Heatwave, Home Team, Haunting, Lucky Clover, Verdant Bloom, Charged OG, Gala.Coat of Lions, Starlight, Willow Leaves, Pact of Poison, Frozen Forest, Soul Fire, Synthwave.Community Colors One, Community Colors Two, Goldforged, Skyforged, Black, White, Esports One, Esports Two, Esports Three.Team Red One, Team Red Two, Team Red Three, Team Red Four, Team Blue One, Team Blue Two, Team Blue Three, Team Blue Four.
Ferrymoth SkinBlue, Yellow, Green, Brown, Purple, Orange, Cyan, Sunset, Grey, Pink, Red.Heatwave, Haunting, Lovestruck, Winter Holiday, Home Team, Lucky Clover, Gala, Verdant Bloom, Charged OG.Willow Leaves, Pact of Poison, Starlight, Coat of Lions, Frozen Forest, Synthwave, Soul Fire.Community Colors One, Community Colors Two, Esports One, Esports Two, Esports Three, Goldforged, Skyforged, Black, White.Team Red One, Team Red Two, Team Red Three, Team Red Four, Team Blue One, Team Blue Two, Team Blue Three, Team Blue Four.
Honeybeeno SkinBlue, Yellow, Green, Brown, Purple, Orange, Cyan, Sunset, Pink, Grey, Red.Home Team, Haunting, Lovestruck, Heatwave, Winter Holiday, Lucky Clover, Gala, Verdant Bloom, Charged OG.Synthwave, Soul Fire, Frozen Forest, Coat of Lions, Starlight, Willow Leaves, Pact of Poison.Community Colors One, Community Colors Two, Esports One, Esports Two, Esports Three, Goldforged, Black, White, Skyforged.Team Blue One, Team Blue Two, Team Blue Three, Team Blue Four, Team Red One, Team Red Two, Team Red Three, Team Red Four.

Stats And Character Overview 


Brawlhalla Reno is a Brawlhalla Reno Gender Male character in Brawlhalla, and players might want to know more about his overall playstyle.

Reno Gameplay
Reno Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • When it comes to Reno, players can see his weapons being of two types, one of them being a blaster, while the other weapon he will wield will end up being an orb. 
  • His Dexterity has to be his strongest suit since it has been capped at 7 points, higher than any of his other stats. 
Reno Weapon
Reno Weapon (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Other than that, when it comes to his Defense, it is his second-best quality, as it has been capped at 6 points. 
  • His speed is his third-best stat, and while it is his third-best, it still is quite average, as it is capped at 5 points.
  • Last but not least, his Strength is probably his weakest point since it is maxed out at 4 points. 
  • He was released on April 14th, 2021, and his store price is about 5400. 

Desperado Skin 

Brawlhalla Desperado

One of the first Brawlhalla Reno Skins is the Desperado Skins, which will cost players about 140 mammoth coins and is described in the store as “The strong arm of the law has a lot more arms that can be possibly remembered.” The color variants of the skins are listed in the table below. Brawlhalla Reno Gender can look wonderful with the skins mentioned below. 

Level Up Variants Color Palette
Blue Different shades of blue, white, and black 
Yellow Mustard, gold, and grey
Green Green, light green, and brown. 
BrownBrown and black shades
PurplePurple and dark blue themes 
OrangeOrange and brown variants 
CyanCyan, dark blue, and white shades
SunsetPurple, pink, and shades 
GreyGrey, dark blue, and white shades 
PinkPink, purple, and white variants 
RedBrown, red, and maroon shades 
Event Colors Color Palette
Winter HolidayDark green, light green, and white shades 
LovestruckWhite, red, and pink shades 
HeatwaveOrange, pink, and beige colors 
HauntingPurple, black, and orange shades 
Home TeamPurple, orange, yellow, and blue colors 
Lucky CloverBeige, orange, and green themes 
GalaPurple, white, and black colors 
Verdant BloomPastel pink, white, green, and pastel green colors 
Charged OGGreen, black, and white colors 
Battlepass Color Palette 
Soul FireDark green, green, black, and white shades 
SynthwavePurple, purple, light, and dark blue colors 
Frozen ForestWhite, black, and green shades 
Coat Of LionsPurple, black, and white colors 
Starlight Beige, blue, white, and black colors 
Willow LeavesGreen, purple, and black colors 
Pact Of PoisonLime green, purple, black and
Unlock Color Palette
White Different shades of white
Black Black, grey, and white colors 
SkyforgedLighter blue, grey, white, and black colors 
GoldforgedGold, yellow and white colors 
Community Colors 1Blue, grey, and white colors 
Community Colors 2Beige, pastel colors 
Esports 1Different shades of blue and black colors 
Esports 2Darker shades of orange, brown, beige, and black colors 
Esports 3Orange, white, blue, and black variants 
Team Colors Color Palette
Team Red 1Brown, red, and pink colors 
TR 2Purple, orange, and brown colors 
TR 3Pastel pink, orange, and purple colors 
TR 4Orange shades 
Team Blue Green, blue, and white variants. 
TB 2Icy shades of blue can be seen 
TB 3Darker blue shades
TB4Purple and blue variants 


Brawlhalla Widowmaker

Moving on, the next skin players will be able to get for Brawlhalla Reno is the Widowmaker Skin, and players will be able to buy it for 140 mammoth coins. There are different color variants, such as level-up variants, battle pass colors, event colors, team colors, and more! 

Level Up Variants Color Palette
Blue Dark blue and shades of green can be seen. 
Yellow Deep yellow and mustard yellow colors 
Green Light and dark green colors.
BrownRed, maroon as well as brown colors. 
PurplePurple and dark blue colors 
OrangeOrange, red, and brown variants. 
CyanLight blue, dark blue as well, as green variants. 
SunsetPurple, pink, and blue themes. 
GreyGrey, yellow, and black themes 
PinkDifferent shades of pink and purple. 
RedRed, orange, and brown shades. 
Event Colors Color Palette
Winter HolidayLight and dark green shades. 
LovestruckOrange, red, pink, and grey colors 
HeatwaveOrange, yellow, and muted blue themes 
HauntingPurple, orange, and black variants 
Home TeamDark blue, purple, and mustard colors. 
Lucky CloverDark green, light green, orange, and beige themes. 
GalaWhite and dark blue colors 
Verdant BloomPastel pink, green, and blue themes 
Charged OGGreen and black colors 
Battlepass Color Palette 
Soul FirePurple, blue, and black pieces. 
SynthwavePurple, pink, and dark blue themes 
Frozen ForestWhite, green, and black themes 
Coat Of LionsWhite, black, and muted brown themes 
Starlight White, grey, and muted blue colors 
Willow LeavesGreen, brown, and blue themes 
Pact Of PoisonGreen, purple, and yellow themes 
Unlock Color Palette
White White and grey themes can be seen. 
Black Black, grey, and red themes 
SkyforgedDark blue, black, and grey colors 
GoldforgedMustard, gold, blue and black themes. 
Community Colors 1Blue, yellow, and dark themes. 
Community Colors 2Muted colors 
Esports 1Lighter blue, yellow, and black themes 
Esports 2Orange, brown, and black colors 
Esports 3Muted blue, yellow, and beige colors 
Team Colors Color Palette
Team Red 1Purple and red themes 
TR 2Darker shades of red and maroon
TR 3Pastel pink colors and purple colors 
TR 4Orange, brown, and yellow themes 
Team Blue Green and blue themes 
TB 2Icy shades of dark blue 
TB 3Darker blue colors 
TB4Purple, green, and blue colors 


Brawlhalla Ferrymoth

The third Brawlhalla Reno Skin is the Ferrymoth skin that can be bought for 140 mammoth coins and comes with several variants such as the Level up colors, battlepass variants, team color themes, and much more! 

Level Up Variants Color Palette
Blue Lighter blue, white, cyan, and black themes 
Yellow Different shades of yellow and brown. 
Green Green, white, and yellow themes 
BrownBrown, white, and red themes 
PurplePurple, blue, and white variants 
OrangeOrange, brown, and red colors 
CyanLighter blue, orange, and cyan themes 
SunsetPurple, pink, and yellow shades 
GreyDifferent shades of grey 
PinkPink, purple, and white shades 
RedBrown and pastel pink colors 
Event Colors Color Palette
Winter HolidayMuted and darker shades of green/ 
LovestruckPastel pink, red, and brown colors 
HeatwaveMustard and muted yellow alongside cyan themes 
HauntingPurple, black as well as lighter orange colors 
Home TeamDarker blue, grey, yellow, and darker pink colors 
Lucky CloverSage green, light green, and orange colors 
GalaDifferent shades of white and blue 
Verdant BloomMuted and pastel shades of green 
Charged OGLighter blue and darker shades of grey with black 
Battlepass Color Palette 
Soul FirePurple, dark blue, and black colors 
SynthwavePurple, blue as well as pink themes 
Frozen ForestDark green and white shades 
Coat Of Lionsdifferent shades of pink and red with grey and black 
Starlight Muted blue, white, and black variants 
Willow LeavesBrown and green shades 
Pact Of PoisonLime green and muted purple 
Unlock Color Palette
White Different white themes 
Black Black and red themes 
SkyforgedBlue, grey, and white variants 
GoldforgedGold muted yellow, blue, and white 
Community Colors 1Brown, black, yellow, and blue 
Community Colors 2Brown, pink, and white themes 
Esports 1Blue, green, yellow, and black variants 
Esports 2Orange, brown, and black themes 
Esports 3Yellow and muted green colors 
Team Colors Color Palette
Team Red 1Orange, purple, red, and white colors 
TR 2Different shades of red and maroon 
TR 3Different shades of pink 
TR 4Orange, pink, and brown shades 
Team Blue Cyan and green shades 
TB 2Deeper and icier blue themes can be seen. 
TB 3Muted and darker shades of blue 
TB4Purple and light blue variants 


Brawlhalla Honeybeeno

The final skin players can get is Honeybeeno Brawlhalla Reno skin, which will cost 140 mammoth coins and was available only during the Bloomhalla event. 

Level Up Variants Color Palette
Blue Deeper shades of blue and green
Yellow Yellow, muted yellow, and white colors 
Green Green and dark green. 
BrownBrown, white and beige colors 
PurpleMuted and darker purple themes 
OrangeOrange and brown themes 
CyanCyan and blue themes 
SunsetBlue, darker purple, and pink colors 
GreyGrey themes 
PinkMuted pink and purple shades 
RedRed and maroon colors 
Event Colors Color Palette
Winter HolidayDark, muted green and brown shades 
LovestruckPink, orange, and red colors 
HeatwaveMuted themes 
HauntingPurple, orange, and black themes. 
Home TeamPurple, blue, and maroon colors 
Lucky CloverGreen, muted yellow and white colors 
GalaWhite and blue themes 
Verdant BloomBlue and pink colors 
Charged OGGreen and black themes 
Battlepass Color Palette 
Soul FirePurple, blue, and darker green themes 
SynthwavePurple, pink, and blue themes. 
Frozen ForestWhite and sage green themes 
Coat Of LionsGrey, red and brown colors 
Starlight Muted white and blue themes 
Willow LeavesGreen and blue variants 
Pact Of PoisonPurple and green colors. 
Unlock Color Palette
White Different shades of grey 
Black Brown, grey, and black colors 
SkyforgedBlue, white, and grey colors 
GoldforgedWhite, yellow, and blue colors 
Community Colors 1Blue, white, and yellow variants 
Community Colors 2Purple, pink, beige, and white colors 
Esports 1Blue, white, and orange themes 
Esports 2Red, grey, and white themes 
Esports 3Yellow, green, and blue themes 
Team Colors Color Palette
Team Red 1Purple, pink, and red themes 
TR 2Maroon and pink themes 
TR 3Pink and white colors 
TR 4Orange and yellow variants 
Team Blue Different shades of green. 
TB 2Shades of blue 
TB 3Different shades of darker blue 
TB4Darker blue and muted purple themes 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Brawlhalla Reno and his skins, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, you might want to read up on the Brawlhalla Magyar guide, which details Magyar’s overall playstyle, weapons, and skins available for Magyar! You might also like the Brawlhalla Character Tier List, which covers the best characters that players should get that are mostly meta-friendly!

With that, players who want some in-game loot can look at the Brawlhalla Codes guide, which simply lists all the currently active or expired codes! Lastly, the Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List will detail what weapons players should use or not use and which are considered the best options!

Skin Photo Credits: BrawlhallaSkinShowcase on Youtube

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