Brawlhalla Magyar: Weapons, Skins & Playstyle

Enhance your fighting skills with the most defensive legend in the game.

Magyar Brawlhalla possesses the souls of 100 fallen Strazci Knights, making this legend a formidable and intriguing presence on the battlefield. With unparalleled defensive prowess and a chilling backstory, Magyar stands out as a legend worth exploring for those seeking to dominate their opponents with impenetrable defense.

Key Takeaways
  • Magyar is the 52nd Legend of Brawlhalla, which was introduced in patch 5.02.
  • He is considered to be the best defensive legend with 9 defense points.
  • The legend uses Grapple Hammer as its primary weapon and Greatsword as its secondary weapon to fight in Brawlhalla.
  • There are currently four unique skins available for Magyar in the Mallhalla, each costing 140 Mammoth Coins:
    • Gold Gladiator Magyar
    • Pharaoh King Magyar
    • Phantom of the Armor Magyar
    • Forsaken Magyar
  • Magyar can be purchased from the Brawlhalla store, known as Mallhalla, for 5400 Gold Coins.


Magyar, also known as “The Spectral Guardian” and the last remaining member of the Strazci Army, is a legend in Brawlhalla. It was introduced in patch 5.02 as the 52nd legend of Brawlhalla. It is considered to be a genderless legend as it is filled with the souls of 100 fallen Strazci Knights. Magyar can be purchased from Mallhalla with 5400 Gold Coins (in-game currency).

Default Magyar
Magyar [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
Magyar has the following points in each skill area:

  • Dexterity: 4 points
  • Strength: 5 points
  • Defense: 9 points
  • Speed: 4 points


Just like the rest of the legends, Magyar also uses two different weapons to fight. It uses the following weapons:

Grapple Hammer

Grapple Hammer, mostly called Hammer, is a powerful weapon that most of the legends use in Brawlhalla. The Grapple Hammer is a massive weapon that typically features a blunt side and a pointed side. Its bashing surface is used for striking enemies, while its claw-like appendage is used for grappling them.

Grapple Hammer
Menace Maul (Grapple Hammer) [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]

Signature Moves

Magyar can perform the following signature moves while it is equipped with Grapple Hammer:

  • Neutral Signature

This move allows Magyar to send all of his souls out of his body in a vertical direction. This signature can be used to attack enemies that are mid-air. Once executed successfully, Magyar will take his hammer and smash the enemy upwards.

Neutral Signature
Grapple Hammer Neutral Signature [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • Side Signature

This signature move allows Magyar to fast crawl towards his opponent while the souls are holding the hammer. If executed successfully, the souls will hit the enemy with the hammer. However, this move involves a lot of risks. On wrong execution, Magyar can fall off the stage, or the opponent can blast Magyar off with counterattacks after successfully evading it.

Side Signature
Grapple Hammer Side Signature [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • Down Signature

In this signature move, Magyar floats into the air and slams the ground with the hammer. 

Down Signature
Grapple Hammer Down Signature [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]


Initially, Greatsword was not part of Brawlhalla but was added in patch 4.03. The Greatsword is a colossal and mighty sword that possesses an exclusive combination of moves for executing swift and impressive combos. However, its attacks are usually slow and deliberate. However, its following attacks are much faster after landing the first.

Soul Scourge (Greatsword) [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]

Signature Moves

Magyar can perform the following signature moves while it is equipped with Greatsword:

  • Neutral Signature

During this signature move, Magyar jumps into the air while the souls are coming out of its body. This signature ability has an excellent vertical reach and can be used to punish the opponent in mid-air. 

Neutral Signature
Greatsword Neutral Signature [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • Side Signature

Magyar adjusts its body to perform a tiger-like stance. The souls are coming out of its body while holding the greatsword. If executed successfully, the souls will smash the opponent away horizontally with the greatsword.

Side Signature
Greatsword Side Signature [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • Down Signature

This signature is also a slam move. Once again, Magyar gets into a tiger-like stance and slams the ground with the greatsword. This signature can be combined with other attacks to knock the opponent off the stage. 

Down Signature
Greatsword Down Signature [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]


Apart from the default Magyar skin, Brawlhalla currently features 4 different and unique Magyar skins. All of these skins are available in the Mallhalla and can be bought using the Mammoth Coins. These skins are not only applied to Magyar but also to the weapons it carries. 

Golden Gladiator Magyar

As the name itself suggests, this skin features a Gladiator version of Magyar. It also contains different skins for the Grapple Hammer and the Greatsword. The Hammer skin in this set is called “Ares’s Might“. Whereas the Greatsword is known as “Gladius Magnus.” The Golden Gladiator Magyar can be purchased from Mallhalla for 140 Mammoth Coins.

Magyar Skin: Golden Gladiator Magyar
Golden Gladiator Magyar [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]

Pharaoh King Magyar

“The Mummy Returns.” This skin makes Magyar look like the ancient mummies that lie in the pyramids of Egypt. The Hammer skin for this set is called “Afterlife,” and the Greatsword is called “Great Khopesh.” The price for this skin is also 140 Mammoth Coins and can be purchased from Mallhalla.

Magyar Skin: Pharaoh King
Pharaoh King Magyar [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]

Phantom of The Armor Magyar

The third skin set that was initially released along with Magyar in patch 5.02 is “Phantom of the Armor.” This skin set makes Magyar look like a cold-blooded assassin. “The Angel” is the name of the Hammer skin featured in this set, and “Cold Embrace” refers to the Greatsword. The cost of this skin set is the same as the rest, which is 140 Mammoth Coins.

Magyar Skin: Phantom of the Armor
Phantom Of The Armor Magyar [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]

Forsaken Magyar

“Forsaken Magyar,” the last skin set of Magyar featured in Brawlhalla. This skin covers Magyar in gold and white armor, adding glowing thorns to the head. The unique Hammer skin featured in this set is known as “Skull of the Saint,” whereas the Greatsword skin goes by the name of “Adjucator’s Mercy.”

Magyar Skin: Forsaken Magyar
Forsaken Magyar [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]

Magyar Skin Colors

Each Magyar skin can have a variety of different colors. Some of these colors can be unlocked by leveling up while playing Brawlhalla as Magyar. Some can be obtained through in-game events. A variety of colors can also be obtained by purchasing the battle pass of the game, while some can be purchased from the store.

The title features the following set of colors for almost every skin of Magyar:

Level Up Colors

As mentioned above, level-up colors are special colors that players can unlock for their characters as they level up. These colors are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay, but they are a way for players to show off their progress and achievements.

Level Up Colors
Blue Brown Cyan Pink
Yellow Purple Sunset Red
Green Orange Grey  

Event Colors

In Brawlhalla, event colors are special colors that are only available during certain limited-time events. These events usually coincide with holidays, special occasions, or collaborations with other franchises.

Event Colors
Winter Holiday Haunting Gala
Love Struck Home Team Verdant Bloom
Heatwave Lucky Clover Charged OG

Battle Pass Colors

These are special colors that can be unlocked through the Battle Pass system. Battle Passes are time-limited events that offer players a way to earn exclusive rewards by completing certain challenges and accumulating experience points.

Battle Pass Colors
Soul Fire Coat of Lions Pact of Poison
Synthwave Starlight  
Frozen Forest Willow Leaves  

Unlock Colors

Unlockable colors are special colors that can be unlocked for characters by completing certain in-game achievements or by purchasing them with in-game currency.

Unlock Colors
White Goldforged Esports
Black Community Colors Esports v2
Skyforged Community Colors v2 Esports v3

Team Colors

In Brawlhalla, there are two different teams, Red and Blue. Team colors allow players to customize their characters with colors that match their team’s color. These colors are available in both online and offline gameplay modes and can be selected before a match starts.

Team Colors
Red Blue
Secondary Secondary
Tertiary Tertiary
Quaternary Quaternary


With all the information provided above, my guide on Magyar comes to an end. Magyar may seem to be a perfect defensive legend, but it should be kept in mind that defense is not the only thing that players should think about when they are facing their opponents.

Despite being the best defensive legend, Magyar still has a lot of flaws. It has very slow speed and dexterity compared to the other legends. So, players should be picking a legend according to their playstyle. However, Magyar can be a perfect fit for players who have a defensive playstyle. 

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