Brawlhalla Tier List: Best Characters Ranked [Detailed]

Did you know the best & worst legends in Brawlhalla? No? Take a look at our Brawlhalla tier list and find the answers you're looking for.

In Brawlhalla, all legends play out more or less unique from each other. This element of distinctiveness is driven by a combination of weapon variety, variation in legend’s characteristics, stats, and the overall playstyle they offer. It is the reason why certain legends in the game perform significantly better than a few others. To give you a general idea about the best and the worst legends here is the Best Brawlhalla Tier List.

We’ve carefully reviewed our Tier List to make sure it matches all the character changes in the newest Update 8.06.

Key Takeaways
  • Brawlhalla has 60 playable units known as “Legends.”
  • Each Legend has a unique move set, combos, and characteristics like strength, dexterity, speed, and defense.
  • The ranking is based on factors such as weapon variety, variation in stats, and the all-around balance of playstyle.
  • Top-performing Legends in Brawlhalla include Magyar, Koji, Jaeyun, Thor, Mako, Onyx, Sentinel, and Teros.
  • The worst-performing Legends are Ada, Sir Roland, Artemis, Lin Fei, and Sidra, with compromised fighting stats and a steep learning curve.

Brawlhalla Tier List

Brawlhalla Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers  Characters 
S-Tier  Magyar, Koji, Jaeyun, Thor, Mako, Onyx, Sentinel, Teros
A-Tier  Scarlet, Cross, Bödvar, Wu Shang, Kor, Gnash, Rayman, Petra, Azoth, Barraza, Munin, Ezio, Arcadia, Zariel
B-Tier  Yumiko, Diana, Asuri, Val, Cassidy, Hattori, Ember, Fait, Xull, Vector, Ragnir, Reno, Dusk, Orion, Lord Vraxx, Red Raptor
C-Tier  Isaiah, Jhala, Ulgrim, Mordex, Caspian, Jiro, Lucien, Mirage, Brynn, Nix, Thatch, Queen Nai, Kaya, Volkov
D-Tier  Ada,Sir Roland, Artemis, Lin Fei, Sidra 

All Brawlhalla Characters Comparison 

With that covered, let’s quickly compare all the Characters of Brawlhalla:

CharactersTierArmorDextrityDefense/ StrengthSpeedWeapon
MagyarS5/104/109/104/10Hammer, Greatsword
KojiS5/108/104/105/10Bow, Sword
JaeyunS6/105/105/106/10Sword, Greatsword
ThorS6/104/107/105/10Hammer, Orb
MakoS6/104/104/108/10Katar, Greatsword
OnyxS5/104/108/105/10Gauntlets, Cannon
SentinelS5/104/107/106/10Grapple Hammer, Katar
TerosS8/103/106/105/10Axe, Grapple Hammr
ScarletA8/105/105/104/10Grapple Hammer, Rocket Lance
CrossA7/104/106/105/10Blasters, Gauntlets
BödvarA6/106/105/105/10Grapple Hammer, Sword
Wu ShangA5/107/105/105/10Gauntlets, Spear
KorA6/105/107/104/10Gauntlets, Grapple Hammer
GnashA7/103/105/107/10Grapple Hammer, Spear
RaymanA5/105/106/106/10Gauntlets, Axe
PetraA8/104/104/106/10Gauntlets, Orb
AzothA7/105/106/104/10Bow, Axe
BarrazaA6/104/108/104/10Axe, Blasters
MuninA5/106/104/107/10Scythe, Bow
EzioA5/107/104/106/10Sword, Orb
ArcadiaA7/107/104/104/10Spear, Greatsword
ZarielA7/104/107/104/10Gauntlets, Bow
YumikoB4/107/104/107/10Grapple Hammer, Bow
DianaB5/106/105/106/10Bow, Blasters
AsuriB4/107/104/107/10Katar, Sword
ValB4/105/106/107/10Gauntlets, Sword
CassidyB6/108/104/104/10Grapple Hammer, Blasters
HattoriB4/106/104/108/10Sword, Spear
EmberB6/106/103/107/10Bow, Katar
FaitB7/104/104/107/10Scythe, Orb
XullB9/104/105/104/10Cannon, Axe
VectorB5/104/106/107/10Rocket Lance, Bow
RagnirB5/106/106/105/10Katar, Axe
RenoB3/107/106/105/10Blasters, Orb
DuskB7/106/104/105/10Spear, Orb
OrionB4/106/106/106/10Rocket Lance, Spear
Lord VraxxB4/108/104/106/10Rocket Lance, Blasters
Red RaptorB6/106/104/106/10Battle Boots, Orb
IsaiahC5/106/107/104/10Blasters, Cannon
JhalaC7/107/103/105/10Axe, Sword
UlgrimC6/103/107/106/10Rocket Lance, Axe
MordexC6/104/105/107/10Gauntlets, Scythe
CaspianC7/105/104/106/10Gauntlets, Katar
JiroC5/107/103/107/10Scythe, Sword
LucienC3/105/106/108/10Blasters, Katar
MirageC7/106/104/105/10Spear, Scythe
BrynnC5/105/105/107/10Axe, Spear
NixC4/105/107/106/10Scythe, Blasters
ThatchC7/105/103/107/10Blasters, Sword
Queen NaiC7/104/108/103/10Katar, Spear
KayaC4/104/107/107/10Spear, Bow
VolkovC4/108/106/104/10Axe, Scythe
AdaD6/107/103/106/10Blasters, Spear
Sir RolandD5/105/108/104/10Rocket Lance, Sword
ArtemisD5/105/104/108/10Rocket Lance, Scythe
Lin FeiD3/108/104/107/10Katar, Cannon
Sidra D6/104/106/106/10Cannon,Sword


Brawlhalla Tier List
S-Tier Legends

All legends falling under S-tier are the absolute best when we talk about strength, speed, dexterity, and defense. In the current game’s meta, the characters mentioned in this tier are easy to master, and they can win you battles one after another.

Picking them in single or online game modes will give you the advantage over preferring legends from other tier categories. It is because they are flawless, and none of their characteristics are compromised.

Mako Part shark and part bear, Mako is the ferocious female legend in the entire Brawlhalla tier list. She uses greatsword and Katars while combatting legends in the arena. Mako packs outstanding dexterity and strength, and she can outsmart most opponents in the game. If winning matches is your jam, I highly recommend picking Mako over any other character in Brawlhalla.
Thor God of Thunder is my second favorite legend in the game as he uses Mjölnir and Orb for his offense. Thor has decent movement speed, but when it comes to strength, defense, and dexterity, there is no parallel to Thor in Brawlhalla. He uses his hammer to strike opponents and also to grab and pull them closer for more devastating combos.
Jaeyun Jaeyun rocks a combination of a greatsword and a regular one. He is a balanced legend in Brawlhalla and probably the easiest character to master as well. If you are looking for a legend having high-impact combo attacks, excellent speed, great strength, and dexterity, Jaeyun is the right pick for you. His versatility makes him sit in our S-tier list.
Koji Koji should be the go-to legend for players who are looking for ranged and close combat efficiency. He uses a bow and arrow for ranged engagements, and when the foes come very close to Koji, he swings and thrusts his sword for quick attacks. He has average defense characteristics but make no mistake; he is still an aggressive legend in Brawlhalla.
Magyar Magyar is the best tank legend in the entire tier list. He is like a rock – no matter how hard you hit him, he’d take it. Magyar is the only legend in the game that packs the highest defense stats. It is also the reason why he is the best tank character. Magyar should be your go-to legend in the game if you want to withstand the strongest foes.
Teros Teros is the mighty Minotaur legend in Brawlhalla, and he uses a hammer and an axe for the offense. This legend is short on speed, but he compensates for the underwhelming stat with the highest strength and decent dexterity. He may seem like a tank character, but in reality, he is the best offense you can get in the game.
Sentinel Sentinel uses Katars and hammers and is an excellent dexterous legend in our S-tier list. Not only does he have versatility in his attack patterns, but he also has incredible speed. So, when it comes to doing offense and retreating, no legend does better than Sentinel. He also has outstanding defense stats, so taking a punch or two will never be a problem while playing with Sentinel.
Onyx Onyx is the mighty female gargoyle who uses a cannon to blast away her foes from a distance and crush them using her gauntlets while they are close. Like her rock-solid appearance, she has fantastic defense and decent strength, speed, and dexterity. Knocking out the enemies is never a problem for Onyx, as she is the skilled legend in our Brawhalla tier list.


Brawlhalla Tier List
A-Tier Legends

Legends coming in the A-tier category are near perfect but not the absolute best in the game. You can still count on these characters, and they will not disappoint you for the most part.

These legends offer a diversified playstyle because one out of four key stat is a tad bit compromised while the other three are favored. This is why you can utilize them in almost every scenario, provided you know which legend performs better than the other one.

Kor Like Onyx, Kor uses his gauntlets and hammer to squish his foes. He is an excellent character to play with if you want to destroy opponents in close combat. Also, if the opponent tries to remain at a distance from you, you can always use your hammer to grapple and pull them closer to you. Kor is a fantastic character but suffers slightly in speed.
Wu Shang Wu Shang is a monk who travels and learns fighting skills. He uses gauntlets and a spear for offense, an excellent weapon of choice for close to mid-range combat. His dexterity is superb, and he can approach enemies in a variety of ways. He is a worthy contender for our S-category tier list, but his strength is slightly toned down in the current meta.
Bödvar Bodvar is the balanced male legend in our A-tier list, and he wields a hammer and a regular sword. He puts the best use of the sword whenever a foe gets too close to him. For mid-range conflicts, Bodvar pulls opponents towards him using the hammer then nails them down using the mighty hammer or slice and dice with the sword.
Cross Cross is by far the best A-tier legend in Brawlhalla. He comes with blasters and gauntlets while battling the foes in the arena. He has the highest strength in the entire A-tier and probably has a great chance of beating legends to death from our S-tier. All that strength comes at a cost, as his speed and dexterity are a tad bit on the downside.
Scarlet Like Cross, Scarlet is another character in the A-tier list who packs many strengths and can quickly devastate legends from the S-tier. Her strength cannot be easily outmatched as she hits hard using a rocket lance and a hammer – custom-designed heavy weapons. As mentioned earlier, the extra strength comes at a cost, and in the case of Scarlet, her speed is even slower than Cross.
Barraza Barraza is the kind of character that could pass for a hybrid legend, having excellent tank and attack characteristics. His weapons of choice are blasters and axes, which are great for close to mid-range conflicts.

He could have made it into our S-tier, but he lacks greatly in dexterity in the current meta. Otherwise, he is a fantastic candidate who knows how to win matches and crush opponents.

Azoth The awoken King Azoth returns from death and fights the legends of Brawlhalla. He uses a regular axe along with a bow and axe. Both of his weapons work well in synergy, and he is a force to reckon with in close and mid-range engagements.

Once again, like most A-tier legends, Azoth suffers in the speed department. Otherwise, he is a solid attacker in the A-category of the tier list.

Petra Petra is the violent legend in our A-tier and, as she becomes outrageous on opponents using her gauntlets and orb as her weapons of destruction. Petra has excellent strength and speed stats in Brawlhalla, but she also has decent defense and dexterity characteristics.

This does make her a balanced female legend, but the current meta makes her more of an attacker than a balancer fighter.

Gnash Gnash is the caveman who uses brute force for the offense on foes. His weapon of choice is a spear and grapple hammer, which is excellent for mid to long-range engagements.

Like most A-tier list legends, Gnash too has high strength and speed but lacks severely in the dexterity department. Still, if you are into doing high damage to opponents effortlessly, Gnash should be the one you should pick.

Rayman Legendary brawler of Ubisoft company is also a fantastic addition to the roster of Brawlhalla. He uses his fists and an axe for his offense while participating in the battles. Rayman has excellent speed, defense, and dexterity, but he slightly suffers in the strength department. Nevertheless, he can prove to be a formidable foe to many S-tier legends as well.
Zariel Zariel is from Elysium, and he is the only celestial warrior in our tier list. Not many legends ace in strength and defense characteristics. However, Zariel, by far, is the only legend who is a great pick for players who like to have high strength, high defense kind of character in the game. Despite being short in the speed department, he can still win matches effortlessly.
Arcadia  known as the Faerie Queen, she was summoned by the singing sword in order to take the title of the 92nd queen of Arcadia. Using the help of her faithful companion Domo, she defeated Dusk’s army in the Fangwild. You can get her from the store using 5400 Gold.
Ezio  One of the newest characters in our tier list released in the patch update 6.09 is Ezio of Brawlhalla. He is the second crossover character in the series and comes from the Assassin’s Creed Series. However, he is quite expensive and stands at the price of 7200 Gold. The bot name of Ezio is Ez-o.
Munin  The Raven was released in the patch 6.00 update of Brawlhalla and is already one of the best characters in the game thanks to her swift movement and attacks. Munin is one of the many Ravens under the rule of Odin. Her appearance is very rockstar-like.


Brawlhalla Tier List
B-Tier Legends

The B-tier legends in Brawlhalla are a mixed bag when we talk about striking a perfect balance between winning more battles and losing fewer. If you want to main a legend from our B-tier, by all means, you can do that.

It is just that their two out of four stats are compromised in the game, and they offer little while playing with them. However, these legends are versatile enough that if you learn how to utilize their skills and mix the combos during the heat of battle, you will win fights.

Cassidy U.S Marshal turned fugitive, Cassidy is a female legend in Brawlhala, and she comes from the Wild Wild West. She uses two blasters/guns and a hammer to strike opponents hard or pull them towards her. Cassidy has excellent dexterity and strength, and she can outsmart foes easily in the arena. Her downside lies in the speed and defense department.
Val Formerly known as VAL Project 701, Val is a bio-engineered weapon designed to strike on command. For some reason, he became conscious and regained self-control. In Brawlhalla, he is a great legend when it comes to high-speed and defense playstyle. His attacks feel a little weaker as compared to most fighters in B-tier; still, if given a chance, he can prove to be an intimidating foe.
Asuri Asuri is the night stalker, and she is by far the dexterous legend in the B-category. Her versatility to attack from the ground, air, or otherwise is diverse, and for this reason alone, she is a perfect pick for the players who want a legend rocking Katars and sword combination. Like Val, Asuri, too, suffers in the strength department. Otherwise, should be a perfect candidate for the A-tier list.
Diana Diana is an elite hunter and a trained exotic weapon master, and in Brawlhalla, she uses blasters and bow and arrow weapon combinations. Her most robust characteristics are dexterity and speed. Diana is quick when it comes to attacking opponents and retreating from an incoming combo.
Yumiko Yumiko is half-Valkyrie and half-spirit, and she equips grapple hammer and bow and arrow while battling the opponents in the arena. She is a decent legend if you want to stay out of trouble and attack from a distance.

Yumiko has excellent speed and dexterity, but she is weighed down by poor attack characteristics. If the next Brawlhalla game update changes her attack stats, she could easily fit into our A-tier list.

Vector Vector is an aggressive male robot that is designed to destroy things or anyone else who stands in his way. He uses a rocket lance for close to medium-range combat engagements.
Xull Xull is an orc warlord who wields an axe and cannon for an offensive playstyle. He is by far the only legend in the Brawlhalla tier list to have the highest strength characteristics. It makes Xull an overpowered character when it comes to landing impactful and high-damage attacks.
Fait Fait is the master of witchcraft, and in Brawlhalla, she uses Scythe to land raw damage and orb for magical attacks. His strength and speed are the plus points in the game, but she has below-average dexterity and defense. It is why we put her on the B-tier list. Otherwise, she is a strong candidate for A-tier.
Ember Ember is an excellent addition to Brawlhalla’s roster. She has above-average strength, speed, and dexterity, but her defense is below average. Her playstyle revolves around attacking foes from a distance using a bow and arrow and katars whenever they are close.
Hattori Hattori is the weak legend in our B-tier list, as her strength and defense stats are underwhelming. She does not offer much while battling foes in the arena. However, she has by far the highest speed and decent dexterity characteristics.
Lord Vraxx Lord Vraxx is the one-eyed legend in Brawlhalla, who uses rocket lance and blasters to attack other legends in the arena. Like Hattori, Lord Vraxx has excellent dexterity and decent speed, but the other two characteristics: strength and defense, are on the weaker side. Still, make no mistake, he is an aggressive character and will fight tooth and nail for his dominance.
Orion Orion looks like a golden knight in the armor, but he is much more than that. In our B-category, he is the most balanced legend in the game. Mastering his versatile attacks requires patience, but once you know Orion’s offensive and defensive playstyle, you can easily take the fight to A and S-tier characters.
Dusk Dusk is the treacherous sorcerer, and in Brawlhalla, he casts magical attacks using the orb and uses the spear for raw damage on opponents. He packs above-average strength and dexterity, which is perfect for beating opponents to death.
Reno Reno is a four-armed bounty hunter who uses guns as the main weapon of choice and orbs to deal passive damage to opponents.

He is an excellent gunslinger, and that is why he has decent dexterity stats in Brawlhalla. However, his gun attacks do not deal significant damage, and in the current meta, he feels weak.

Ragnir Ragnir is a dragon who fights in the human form in Brawlhalla. He wields Katars and an axe while brawling with opponents in the arenas. In our B-category, Ragnir is the only legend that has balanced stats in the game

However, his moves are not easy to master as they require a combination of mixing aerial and ground attacks. Other than that, he is a great character on the B-tier list.

Red Raptor The newly introduced legend Red Raptor is a comparatively powerful character in Brawlhalla. His Mysterious force “Darkheart” has the ability to destroy the team members and imprison the deep souls of the pilots. His movements and skills are what make him empower various legends in the game.


Brawlhalla Tier List
C-Tier Legends

All legends in C-tier are under-performers, and in the current meta, they are not good enough to pick for random matches or main them as a go-to legend for single and online game modes.

Surprisingly, some legends from our C-tier are absolute beasts in at least one department: strength, speed, defense, or dexterity. However, they are unbalanced beyond comprehension and the other three stats are out of proportion.

Make no mistake, playing with them is probably not a good idea right now, but in the future update, these legends can see good days and may get up in B, A, and S-tier, should they get a proper balance of stats.

Brynn Daughter of Hypernia, Brynn is a Valkyrie who wields a spear and axe. She has excellent speed, and she can get in and out of conflicts in the blink of an eye. However, the other three key stats, such as strength, dexterity, and defense, are average. So, three out of four key stats are unimpressive, and that is why she is in our C-tier.
Caspian Caspian is a master thief who has joined the roster of Brawlhalla. Caspian is unparalleled in the C and B-tier list when it comes to high-damaging and greater knockback distance attacks. However, his defenses are fragile, and foes from the A or S-tier list will destroy him in a matter of minutes. He needs tweaking in the defense characteristics.
Mordex Mordex is the famished wolf who always looks out for food. In Brawlhalla, he uses a scythe and claws to pierce his opponents. Mordex has decent speed and strength for a werewolf, but his defense and dexterity are on the downside, which is why he ranks in our C-tier list. If he receives a little balancing in both of the underwhelming characteristics, he could easily climb up in our A or S-tier list.
Ulgrim Ulgrim is the son of Ivaldi, and he wields two massive weapons: a rocket lance and an axe. Overall, his strength and speed in the C-tier are unparalleled, but his poor dexterity is outright disappointing. He does not offer much to the table in the current meta and is replicable by other legends in our Brawlhalla tier list. However, should he get the proper balance in future updates, he can become a powerful character.
Jhala Jhala is an excellent pick when it comes to adapting towards an aggressive playstyle in Brawlhalla. Her strength, dexterity, and overall speed are above average. He is a little hard to master, but once you get good control over her movesets, she will win fights and present tough competition. However, she is weak in the defense department and does not absorb the incoming attacks well enough.
Isaiah Isaiah is the weapon specialist, and in Brawlhalla, he uses cannons and blasters to fight foes in the arena. The most outstanding characteristic about him is that he has high defense stats. Isaiah does decent damage and has got just the right amount of dexterity. However, his speed is hit hard in the current meta, and he runs or escapes the knockback attacks quite terribly.
Nix Nix is the reaper who wields guns and uses a scythe to slice and dice the opponents while battling in the beautiful maps of Brawlhalla. Her speed and defense are on the high side, and this is why she can get into a conflict, attack, and get out quite conveniently without getting many hits. Mastering her combos is hard, but they are fun and helpful when you manage to execute them.
Mirage Mirage is a fierce attacker in our C-tier, and he uses a scythe and spear to thrust enemies out of the arena. He rocks an overwhelming strength, dexterity, and decent speed. These three combined make Mirage a worthy contender for B-tier. However, his defense is disappointing. You will lose fights if legends from A or S-tier brawl head-to-head with you.
Lucien Lucien, also known as The Highwayman, uses katars and blasters in Brawlhalla. When it comes to speed, many in the A and B-category Brawlhalla tier list fall behind Lucien. In the current game’s meta, he has got great speed, but his strength is hit hard. It is why we put Lucien in our C-tier because what merit does a legend have if his strength is on the downside?
Jiro Jiro wields a scythe and sword as his weapons of destruction. Except for the defense stat, his other characteristics such as strength, dexterity, and speed are decent enough to put up one versus one fights. However, he is a flawed legend because of the dull defense system. Jiro will be knocked out from the stage quite easily.
Volkov For a vampire, Volkov is pretty much an awful legend in Brawlhalla. Except for dexterity, his strength, speed, and defense are underwhelming characteristics. He shines the best when it comes to combo variety and attacking enemies from air, ground, or knockback moves. Overall, mastering Volkov is challenging, but you will love playing with it once you get a hold of the legend’s movesets.
Kaya When it comes to blocking incoming attacks, no B or C-tier list legend does better than Kaya. She has excellent defense and speed, but her strength and dexterity are below average, which makes her a C-tier legend in Brawlhalla.
Queen Nai Formerly known as The Jaguar Queen, Queen Nai is a female warrior in C-tier who wields a spear and Katars. Her strength and defense are over the top, and she could rival and win battles with the legends of A and B-tier lists. However, her dexterity and speed are highly disappointing, and foes can exploit her weakness to gain an advantage in the fights.
Thatch Thatch, also known as The Madman of Barbados is a pirate legend in our. Just like most pirates, Thatch, too, uses a sword and a gun as weapons of choice in the game. His strength is overwhelming, and his speed is impressive too. So, the reason he sits in our C-tier is because of his poor defense and dexterity characteristics. 


Brawlhalla Tier List
D-Tier Legends

All legends falling under D-tier are the worst characters in Brawlhalla right now. It is because they are hard to control and master in the game.

Also, they suffer in all four key stats, making them the worst characters to play with right now in the game. We highly recommend not to play with these legends in the current meta. If you did, be prepared to lose matches one after another.

Sidra Sidra feels underwhelming in Brawlhalla mainly because of the poor dexterity. She lacks versatility, and her skills and movesets are hard to master. Even rinsing and repeating them at random proves to be a horrible idea. Sidra feels bland and out of proportion to play or even select the character as your main in the game’s current meta. I highly recommend not to go with this character.
Lin Fei For a martial arts legend, Lin Fei is a disappointment in Brawlhalla. Strength is the weakest characteristic of the legend, and her movesets do not land adequate damage. Moreover, her defense stat is also below par. All in all, she does not attack hard, and neither mitigates the attacks efficiently. She is a poor choice to select while playing Brawlhalla in the current game meta.
Artemis Artemis probably has the highest speed in the entire Brawlhalla tier list, but other vital characteristics such as strength, dexterity, and defense are compromised heavily. This is why, instead of sitting in the B or C-tier list, she is in our D-tier because she is sluggish, performs underwhelming, and is straight away useless while battling foes in the arena.
Sir Roland For a young knight, Sir Roland does have good enough defense characteristics, but other than that, he does not offer much while fighting foes. His speed is the hard-hit stat in the current Brawlhalla’s meta. He runs slow and gets knockback from enemies effortlessly. This reason alone makes him a bad choice to pick and play within the game.
Ada Like Sidra, the movesets of Ada are hard to learn, and they deal below-average damage on the foes. Her defense stats are the worst, as even a C-tier legend can easily beat Ada in a 1v1 fight. Her blasters deal little knockback damage, and the spear does little to no raw damage. I suggest steering clear of Ada for now until she gets serious stat balancing.

Brawlhalla Tier List Summary

Here is the complete list ranking all characters from the best to the worst in Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla Tier List
Complete Brawlhalla Tier List (2024)

That is pretty much everything you should need to know about the Brawlhalla tier list. Once again, we categorized all legends based on our preferences, and they may meagerly or greatly differ from your liking.

Still, let us know if you agree with our version of dividing each legend across five-tier categories. Let your thoughts flow in the comments section below.

2024 Update: The guide has been re-checked and stays relevant to current updates in Brawlhalla. 

Also, while you are here, it’s very important that you also get to read Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List, which is equally helpful when starting out with the game.

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