Brawlhalla: Jiro [Overview, Combos & Playstyle]

Learn how to play Jiro in Brawlhalla by discovering strengths and weaknesses, signature moves, and combos to improve your gameplay.

Jiro Brawlhalla is a character who is a shadowy ninja-like figure, and he wields both a Scythe and Sword as his weapons. Learning to master him can be tricky due to his moveset, but thankfully, as long as you chain his different movesets together, Jiro can become a force to be reckoned with combos against players!

Key Takeaways
  • Jiro in Brawlhalla is a high-speed Legend skilled in Scythe and Sword combat.
  • High dexterity and speed make Jiro ideal for aggressive gameplay.
  • The Scythe demands mastery, relying on dodge reads and strings for effectiveness.
  • Jiro’s sword kit is straightforward, with good combos and a strong neutral game.
  • Jiro’s defense is his weakest stat; consider a defense stance, though speed can be an option for confident players.
  • Excellent at edge guarding, especially with Scythe using Neutral signature, Down air, or Ground Pound.
  • Practice Jiro’s dodge and string techniques for damage and knockout setups.

Jiro’s Basic Info & Playstyle In Brawlhalla

Stats Jiro
Stats of Jiro

Jiro is a shadow shinobi Legend of Brawlhalla with the Scythe and Sword as his weapons.

  • Jiro’s stats mainly focus on dexterity and speed, making him challenging for new players.
  • However, this doesn’t mean that Jiro should be avoided, as he can be a great character to play with.
  • The recommended stance for those who want to play Jiro is defense, as it is his lowest stat and could be a weakness. 
  • Alternatively, you can use the speed stance if you feel comfortable with low defense.

Jiro’s Scythe

Scythe Jiro
Scythe of Jiro

Jiro’s Scythe is a difficult weapon to master, as it relies heavily on dodge reads and strings to deal damage. It requires a lot of practice and experience to use effectively. However, if used correctly, the Scythe can be a very powerful tool in Jiro’s kit.


  • Jiro has a high focus on dexterity and speed, making him a challenging character to play with but also giving him an advantage in battles.
  • Jiro’s neutral signature move makes shadow ninjas who can string together attacks; this makes them ideal for edge-guarding or on-stage stringing.


  • The scythe in Jiro’s kit is a hard-to-master weapon and heavily relies on dodge reads and strings.
  • Jiro’s lowest stat is defense, which makes him weaker in that area than other legends.

Signature Moves

  • Neutral Signature: Jiro creates shadow ninjas that connect their hits together, allowing Jiro to get the final blow. This move has great area coverage and a decent range but is relatively slow. It only hits airborne opponents and can be easily predictable on edge. It is great for edge-guarding or on-stage strings and launches opponents horizontally, finishing them at ~140%.
  • Side Signature: Jiro’s two-part signature move has great range and decent speed. It can be paired with a slide or used for strings, but avoid spamming it.
  • Down Signature: This tricky signature move is handy for longer-ranged battles but can be easily missed if used too close to the enemy. It has decent area coverage and is relatively fast, making it useful for edge hits, on-stage strings, and sneaky hits.

Jiro’s Sword

Sword Jiro
Sword of Jiro

Jiro’s Sword kit is relatively simple and easy to learn, making it a good choice for newer players. The Sword has simple and complex combos that can be utilized depending on the situation. It also has a solid neutral game and good edge-guarding potential.


  • Jiro’s sword has good speed and range, making it versatile.
  • The sword also has good combo potential, allowing for various strings and follow-ups.
  • Jiro’s sword signatures are powerful and can kill relatively early, making it a great tool for finishing off opponents.


  • Jiro’s sword has less damage and force than Scythe, so defeating opponents may take longer.
  • Sword attacks can be predictable and easily punished if used too frequently or predictably.
  • Relatively short-range compared to other weapons, making it harder to hit opponents further away.

Signature Moves

  • Neutral Signature: It has decent range and area coverage but is quite slow. It can hit grounded opponents, launching them upwards while following Jiro. It is useful for edge guarding and dodging read strings.
  • Side Signature: A great area coverage and can kill relatively early, but it is relatively slow and has limited range. It can be used for dodge-read strings and paired with a slide offstage.
  • Down Signature: It spawns a shadow ninja that runs relatively slowly while holding a sword. While situational, it has great range and area coverage but is relatively slow and easily punishable.

Best Scythe Combos

Scythe combos for Jiro in Brawlhalla are essential for any player looking to master the weapon. These combos involve linking together specific moves to maximize damage and secure kills, making them a crucial part of any Scythe player’s arsenal.


  • A basic combo that can lead to more complicated strings.
  • The nAir has active input, so this string has two variations.
  • Racks up good damage and can lead to other strings.
  • Possible at all percentages.


  • The sLight also has active input, but don’t press the forward button to perform the sLight for this combo.
  • Another good string starter that can be followed up with nAir, sAir, or other options.
  • Can use Rec for a kill option.
  • Scythe is all about creativity and unpredictability.
  • Possible at all percentages.


  • A basic string that can also lead to many other combos.
  • Mixing up your options is important with the scythe, so this is one of the recommended strings.
  • Possible up to 110%.


  • One of the many complicated scythe strings.
  • Scythe is all about mixups, so it’s important to experiment with custom and unique strings.
  • This is just an example and may not always work, so practice is important.
  • Possible at all percentages.


  • A great option that can hit your opponent’s neutral and side dodge.
  • Racks up massive damage because of the side signature and has a high chance of hitting your opponent.
  • It can even kill at earlier percentages because sSig is powerful and easy to input.
  • Possible up to 130%, but can kill after 90%.

Best Sword Combos

The sword is one of the most versatile weapons in Brawlhalla, with quick and precise attacks that allow for a wide range of combos. By combining basic and advanced techniques, Sword players can deal significant damage and control the flow of the match.


  • A classic true combo that deals the most damage and is also a kill confirm that can kill around 160%.
  • Use this combo if you’re in the middle of the stage where the side air won’t kill.
  • Possible at all percentages.


  • Another classic true combo that doesn’t deal as much damage as the recovery combo but can get the job done.
  • It can kill a bit later than the recovery version but can send your opponent flying to the blast zone, making it easier for you to confirm the kill.
  • Possible at all percentages.


  • This string combo is the most used one and can rack up solid damage.
  • It can lead into an edge-guard if landed in the middle of the stage and has a smaller dodge window than the dLight version, giving it a bit of an advantage.
  • Possible at all percentages.


  • A string combo that you can use to follow up into a true combo kill after the dLight or for racking up damage.
  • Using this at higher percentages is recommended to get a confirmed kill because of the two additional dodge windows.
  • Possible at all percentages.


  • You can use a string combo after a dAir hit, and if your opponent neutral dodges, you’ll still hit them.
  • The nLight is a long-lasting move that can lead to more powerful strings.
  • Possibly up to 90%, you can use the nSig instead of the nLight. The nLight is better at earlier percentages because it can follow up into other strings.

If you use him correctly, Jiro Brawlhalla is a very good legend. However, many people seem to hate Jiro because his defense is very low. But his speed fills up the need for defense if you use him correctly. For now, that’s it on our guide to Jiro Brawlhalla, covering his best combos and playstyle.


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