Brawlhalla Caspian: Combos, Stance & Playstyle

Unlock the secrets of playing Caspian in Brawlhalla with this guide, covering combos, strategies, and tips to dominate opponents.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to dominate the battlefield with Caspian, the cunning Phantom Thief. With his versatile arsenal of Gauntlets and Katars, Caspian’s playstyle is fast-paced, aggressive, and relentless. We’ll cover essential information on his weapons, signature moves, and combo notations and provide invaluable tips and tricks to take your Caspian Brawlhalla gameplay to the next level.

Key Takeaways
  • Caspian excels in aggressive, fast-paced gameplay with potent combos but struggles against ranged opponents due to the lack of synergy between his Gauntlets and Katars.
  • Mastering Gauntlets requires capitalizing on their combo potential, offstage capabilities, and signature moves while overcoming their limited range.
  • Mastering Katars involves leveraging their combo potential, mobility, and signature moves while overcoming their limited range and difficulty securing KOs.
  • Caspian is an agile, combo-focused character that excels in close-quarters combat, making him ideal for players who enjoy fast-paced, aggressive gameplay.
  • To excel, master Caspian’s aggressive playstyle, and weapons, and adapt to opponents while focusing on spacing, offstage play, and exploiting weaknesses.
  • To improve, focus on mastering movement, mixing up attacks, stage control, edge-guarding techniques, reading opponents, and combining chain dodges.

Caspian’s Basic Info And Playstyle

brawlhalla character caspian
Caspian Gameplay (Credit: jellyfish YouTube Channel)

Caspian Brawlhalla is versatile and agile, wielding Gauntlets and Katars as his primary weapons. He boasts a base stat line of 7 attacks. He has five agility, four defense, and six-speed, making him a formidable contender. Caspian’s aggressive playstyle revolves around capitalizing on his high-speed and potent combos to overwhelm his opponents.

  1. Caspian is a close-combat specialist who delivers rapid and powerful strikes while maintaining his momentum.
  2. His strength lies in dominating the battlefield with his speed and damage output, making him an excellent choice for players who prefer an aggressive approach.
  3. Caspian’s primary weakness stems from the lack of synergy between his Gauntlets and Katars, which struggle when dealing with ranged attacks or zoning opponents.
  4. He may struggle to close the gap against opponents wielding long-range weapons.
  5. Despite these challenges, Caspian’s unique playstyle rewards players who can effectively utilize his speed and combo potential.
  6. His toolkit allows him to engage in high-risk, high-reward situations that can catch opponents off guard and secure victory.
  7. Caspian is an ideal character for players who enjoy fast-paced, aggressive gameplay and thrive on outmaneuvering their opponents.

Mastering Caspian’s Gauntlets 

brawlhalla character caspian
Overall Gauntlet Combos (Credit: LordWhiteWolf YouTube Channel)

His Gauntlets are powerful close-range weapons capable of executing devastating combos and applying relentless pressure on opponents. To fully master Caspian Brawlhalla’s Gauntlets, players must become familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. They should use signature moves while taking advantage of their speed and versatility.


  1. High combo potential: Caspian’s Gauntlets can chain together multiple attacks, allowing for aggressive play and significant damage output.
  2. Excellent offstage game: The Gauntlets’ strong edge-guarding capabilities and ability to gimp opponents make them formidable weapons for securing offstage KOs.
  3. Good mix-up options: Gauntlets grant Caspian various mix-up options, enabling him to keep opponents guessing and maintain pressure.


  1. Limited range: Caspian’s Gauntlets struggle against long-range weapons and zoning opponents, making it crucial to identify openings and close the distance quickly.
  2. Reliance on string-based combos: Gauntlets rely heavily on string-based combos, which can be more challenging to execute consistently and may require more precise timing.

Signature Moves:

  1. Neutral Sig (nSig): Caspian throws a bomb at a sharp angle, creating an active hitbox that explodes upon collision with an enemy.
    • This move can be a useful anti-air tool and help control space when timed correctly.
  2. Side Sig (Sig): Caspian performs a command grab with good range, fast startup, and strong kill potential.
    • Upon connecting, he places a bomb on the enemy’s back, which explodes and launches them in the opposite direction. Mastering this move can lead to efficient kills.
  3. Down Sig (dSig): Caspian throws multiple bombs that deal damage if they hit the enemy. While this move can be easily avoided, it can be a follow-up option in certain situations.

To master Caspian’s Gauntlets, players must capitalize on their combo potential, offstage capabilities, and signature moves. Combining aggressive play with smart mix-ups and well-timed signatures will allow Caspian to dominate the battlefield and secure victory.

Mastering Caspian’s Katars

His Katars are swift, close-range weapons that can deliver devastating combos when used effectively. To master Caspian’s Katars, players must focus on understanding their strengths and weaknesses.


  • High combo potential: Caspian’s Katars can quickly chain multiple attacks, overwhelming opponents and racking up damage.
  • Excellent offstage game: The Katars’ fast attacks and ability to gimp opponents make them a powerful tool for edge-guarding and securing offstage KOs.
  • Mobility: Katars grant Caspian excellent mobility, allowing him to close the gap on opponents and maintain pressure quickly.


  • Limited range: Caspian’s Katars struggle against long-range weapons and zoning opponents, making it crucial to find openings and close the distance quickly.
  • Difficulty in killing: Katars may have trouble securing KOs due to their lack of raw kill power, requiring players to rely on well-timed signature moves or edge-guarding.

Signature Moves:

  1. Neutral Sig (nSig): Caspian Brawlhalla launches three daggers vertically in an arch pattern, covering a wide area and making it difficult for opponents to dodge.
    • This move has a quick startup, long-range, and low-end lag, making it a powerful kill option and an effective anti-air tool.
  2. Side Sig (Sig): Caspian throws a dagger sideways at a downward angle, offering excellent range and a powerful spacing tool.
    • The move has a fast startup and good kill power, making it a safe and reliable option in neutral situations.
  3. Down Sig (dSig): Caspian leaps into the air and throws two daggers downward, creating a spike effect on the hit.
    • While this move has good range, it is slow and leaves Caspian vulnerable. However, it can be utilized in specific situations, such as punishing an opponent’s air dodge or securing a ledge kill.

To master Caspian’s Katars, players must utilize their combo potential, mobility, and signature moves to their fullest extent. By combining swift attacks with clever mix-ups and well-timed signatures, Caspian can dominate the battlefield and secure victory.

Playstyle And Strategy Breakdown

brawlhalla character caspian
Caspian Close Combat

Caspian is a versatile and agile character, boasting a unique playstyle that caters to players who enjoy fast-paced, aggressive gameplay.

  1. Caspian is a character equipped with Gauntlets and Katars, who excels at close combat, delivering quick strikes and devastating combos to his opponents.
  2.  Secondly, His character design and style are reminiscent of a cunning and skillful thief. This makes him an excellent choice for those who appreciate a mix of agility and trickery in their gameplay.
  3. Caspian’s basic stats include seven attacks, five dexterity, four defense, and six-speed, making him an ideal character for aggressive play.
  4. His high speed swiftly closes the gap between himself and his opponents, while his solid attack power helps him deal significant damage through well-executed combos.
  5. Caspian’s Gauntlets and Katars are excellent for combining combos but lack synergy and suffer from a limited range.
  6. As a result, Caspian players may struggle against opponents who employ ranged weapons or zoning tactics.
  7. However, once Caspian can close the distance and engage in close combat, he can unleash his full potential and cause substantial damage.
  8. Caspian’s toolkit consists of various signature moves for Gauntlets and Katars, providing him with numerous options in battle.
  9. These moves range from quick, powerful attacks to elaborate grappling techniques that can catch opponents off-guard.
  10. Mastering Caspian’s toolkit is crucial for players looking to dominate their opponents and maintain control throughout a match.

The character Caspian is an aggressive, agile, and combo-focused character. He is best suited for players who enjoy fast-paced gameplay and close-quarters combat. You will have a solid understanding of Caspian’s strengths and weaknesses and mastery of his unique toolkit. This would cause players to unleash a relentless assault on their opponents and secure victory in the arena.

How To Play Caspian Brawlhalla

brawlhalla character caspian
Caspian Signature Move

To excel as Caspian Brawlhalla, players must focus on mastering their aggressive playstyle, unique toolkit, and combo potential with Gauntlets and Katars. Here are some essential tips to guide you on your journey to becoming a formidable Caspian player:

  1. Understand Caspian’s strengths and weaknesses: Caspian’s high speed and solid attack power make him an ideal aggressive character.
    • However, his limited range can make it challenging to engage opponents who use ranged weapons or zoning tactics.
    • As you approach each match, consider these aspects and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  2. Master Caspian’s Gauntlets and Katars: Caspian’s primary weapons are his Gauntlets and Katars, which excel in close combat and stringing together devastating combos.
    • Spend time practicing with each weapon. Learn their respective combo strings and techniques to maximize your damage potential.
  3. Utilize Caspian’s signature moves: Caspian has a unique toolkit consisting of signature moves for Gauntlets and Katars.
  4. Employ effective spacing and approach tactics: Given Caspian’s limited range, learning how to close the distance between you and your opponents efficiently is crucial.
    • Utilize his high-speed and movement options, such as dashes and dodges. To navigate the battlefield and engage in close-quarters combat.
  5. Focus on edge-guarding and offstage play: Caspian’s Gauntlets and Katars have excellent offstage capabilities, making edge-guarding a crucial aspect of his playstyle.
    • Practice offstage techniques, such as ground pounds and aerial attacks, to gimp your opponents and secure early kills.
  6. Adapt to your opponent’s playstyle: Caspian’s versatility and agility allow him to adjust to various playstyles and strategies.

By mastering these aspects of Caspian’s gameplay, you will be well-equipped to dominate the arena. You will consistently come out on top matches. Practice, patience, and persistence are key to becoming a formidable Caspian player and reaching your full potential.

Tips And Tricks For Playing Caspian

You should consider these tips and tricks that will help you capitalize on Caspian abilities and aggressive playstyle:

  1. Master movement and positioning: Caspian’s speed and agility make him an excellent hit-and-run character.
    • Develop a strong understanding of movement, including dodging, dashing, and fast falling, to close the gap or disengage from opponents quickly.
  2. Mix up your attacks: Caspian’s Gauntlets and Katars offer many combo options.
  3. Prioritize stage control: Use Caspian’s speed to dominate the stage, forcing opponents to play on your terms. 
  4. Develop effective edge-guarding techniques: Caspian excels at edge-guarding, so practice techniques such as weapon throws, ground pounds, and offstage aerial attacks to interrupt your opponent’s recovery and secure early kills.
  5. Learn to read your opponent: Recognize patterns in your opponent’s playstyle. Know their dodging habits and attack preferences, to predict their movements and punish them with well-timed counterattacks.
  6. Chain dodge into signature moves: Caspian’s signature moves can be powerful when combined with chain dodging.
    • Use chain dodges to approach or retreat, then surprise your opponent with a well-placed signature move.
  7. Utilize Caspian’s strong chase game: With his high speed and powerful weapons, Caspian can quickly chase down fleeing opponents. Apply constant pressure to keep them off-balance and capitalize on their mistakes.
  8. Conserve your recovery options: When offstage, be mindful of your recovery resources, including jumps, dodges, and recovery attacks. Use them wisely to avoid being gimped or edge-guarded by your opponent.
  9. Practice, practice, practice: Consistent practice is the key to success with any character, including Caspian.
    • Dedicate time to refining your techniques, and combos.
    • Understanding the mechanics allow you to become a formidable Caspian player.

Incorporating these tips and tricks into your gameplay will enhance your performance as Caspian and increase your chances of victory in casual and competitive matches.

In conclusion, this Ultimate Caspian Brawlhalla Guide provides all the essential information. By mastering his Gauntlets and Katars, understanding combo notations, and employing the tips and tricks shared in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to take on any opponent with confidence and skill.


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