Brawlhalla Caspian: Combos, Stance & Playstyle

Unlock the secrets of playing Caspian in Brawlhalla with this guide, covering combos, strategies, and tips to dominate opponents.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to dominate the battlefield with Caspian, the cunning Phantom Thief. With his versatile arsenal of Gauntlets and Katars, Caspian’s playstyle is fast-paced, aggressive, and relentless. We’ll cover essential information on his weapons, signature moves, and combo notations and provide invaluable tips and tricks to take your Caspian Brawlhalla gameplay to the next level.

Key Takeaways
  • Caspian excels in aggressive, fast-paced gameplay with potent combos but struggles against ranged opponents due to the lack of synergy between his Gauntlets and Katars.
  • To excel, master Caspian’s aggressive playstyle, and weapons, and adapt to opponents while focusing on spacing, offstage play, and exploiting weaknesses.

Caspian’s Basic Info And Playstyle

brawlhalla character caspian
Caspian Gameplay (Credit: jellyfish YouTube Channel)

Caspian Brawlhalla is versatile and agile, wielding Gauntlets and Katars as his primary weapons. He boasts a base stat line of 7 attacks. He has five agility, four defense, and six-speed, making him a formidable contender. Caspian’s aggressive playstyle revolves around capitalizing on his high-speed and potent combos to overwhelm his opponents.

  1. Caspian excels in close combat, delivering rapid and powerful strikes while maintaining momentum.
  2. He dominates the battlefield with speed and high damage output, appealing to aggressive players.
  3. However, his weakness lies in the lack of synergy between his Gauntlets and Katars, particularly against ranged attacks and zoning.
  4. Closing the gap against opponents with long-range weapons can be challenging.
  5. Despite challenges, Caspian’s unique playstyle rewards players who master his speed and combo potential.
  6. He thrives in high-risk, high-reward situations, catching opponents off guard and securing victory.
  7. Ideal for players who enjoy fast-paced, aggressive gameplay and strategic outmaneuvering.

Mastering Caspian’s Gauntlets 

brawlhalla character caspian
Overall Gauntlet Combos (Credit: LordWhiteWolf YouTube Channel)

His Gauntlets are powerful close-range weapons capable of executing devastating combos and applying relentless pressure on opponents. To fully master Caspian Brawlhalla’s Gauntlets, players must become familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. They should use signature moves while taking advantage of their speed and versatility.


  1. High Combo Potential: Caspian’s Gauntlets excel at chaining together multiple attacks, allowing players to unleash devastating combos and rack up significant damage on opponents.
  2. Excellent Offstage Game: With strong edge-guarding capabilities and the ability to gimp opponents, Caspian’s Gauntlets are formidable weapons for securing KOs offstage.
  3. Good Mix-Up Options: The versatility of Gauntlets provides Caspian with various mix-up options, enabling him to keep opponents guessing and maintain pressure throughout the match.


  1. Limited Range: Caspian’s Gauntlets struggle against opponents with long-range weapons and zoning capabilities. Players must identify openings and close the distance quickly to overcome this weakness.
  2. Reliance on String-Based Combos: Gauntlets heavily rely on string-based combos, which require precise timing and execution. Players need to practice consistently to master these combos effectively.

Signature Moves:

  • Neutral Sig (nSig): Throws a bomb at a sharp angle, creating an active hitbox that explodes upon enemy collision. Useful anti-air tool and space control.
  • Side Sig (Sig): Performs a command grab with good range, fast startup, and strong kill potential. Places a bomb on the enemy’s back, exploding and launching them in the opposite direction.
  • Down Sig (dSig): Throws multiple bombs dealing damage on hit. While easily avoided, it can serve as a follow-up option in specific situations.

Mastering Caspian’s Katars

His Katars are swift, close-range weapons that can deliver devastating combos when used effectively. To master Caspian’s Katars, players must focus on understanding their strengths and weaknesses.


  • High combo potential: Quickly chain multiple attacks, overwhelming opponents and racking up damage.
  • Excellent offstage game: Fast attacks and ability to gimp opponents make Katars powerful for edge-guarding and securing offstage KOs.
  • Mobility: Excellent mobility allows Caspian to close the gap on opponents and maintain pressure quickly.


  • Limited range: Struggle against long-range weapons and zoning opponents, requiring quick identification of openings and closing the distance.
  • Difficulty in killing: May have trouble securing KOs due to lack of raw kill power, necessitating reliance on well-timed signature moves or edge-guarding.

Signature Moves:

  • Neutral Sig (nSig): Launches daggers vertically, ideal for anti-air and wide area coverage, combining quick startup with significant kill potential.
  • Side Sig (sSig): Throws a dagger in a downward angle for spacing, characterized by its fast execution and reliable kill power.
  • Down Sig (dSig): A leap and downward dagger throw that can spike opponents, best used for punishing or ledge kills despite its slower speed and vulnerability risk.

Playstyle And Strategy Breakdown

brawlhalla character caspian
Caspian Close Combat

Caspian is a versatile and agile character, boasting a unique playstyle that caters to players who enjoy fast-paced, aggressive gameplay.

  1. Caspian is a character equipped with Gauntlets and Katars, who excels at close combat, delivering quick strikes and devastating combos to his opponents.
  2.  Secondly, His character design and style are reminiscent of a cunning and skillful thief. This makes him an excellent choice for those who appreciate a mix of agility and trickery in their gameplay.
  3. Caspian’s basic stats include seven attacks, five dexterity, four defense, and six-speed, making him an ideal character for aggressive play.
  4. His high speed swiftly closes the gap between himself and his opponents, while his solid attack power helps him deal significant damage through well-executed combos.
  5. Caspian’s Gauntlets and Katars are excellent for combining combos but lack synergy and suffer from a limited range.
  6. As a result, Caspian players may struggle against opponents who employ ranged weapons or zoning tactics.
  7. However, once Caspian can close the distance and engage in close combat, he can unleash his full potential and cause substantial damage.
  8. Caspian’s toolkit consists of various signature moves for Gauntlets and Katars, providing him with numerous options in battle.
  9. These moves range from quick, powerful attacks to elaborate grappling techniques that can catch opponents off-guard.
  10. Mastering Caspian’s toolkit is crucial for players looking to dominate their opponents and maintain control throughout a match.
brawlhalla character caspian
Caspian Signature Move

In conclusion, this Ultimate Caspian Brawlhalla Guide provides all the essential information. By mastering his Gauntlets and Katars, understanding combo notations, and employing the tips and tricks shared in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to take on any opponent with confidence and skill.


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