Brawlhalla: Orion [Weapons, Combos & Strategy]

Take a look at some of Orion's best moves and string combinations and how to counter him with proper strategies in Brawlhalla. 

Brawlhalla Orion is one of the main heroes who use a Rocket Lance and Spear as his main weapons aside from his combos. He can deal damage at a higher range, making him a very powerful character. Orion is easily one of the legends who are great at defense, offense, speed, and dexterity. He has a high amount of defense, and the combos which focus mainly on his strength are considered the best to counter other legends. 

Key Takeaways
  • Orion is one of the many available legends in Brawlhalla. 
  • He uses two main weapons, Rocket Lance and Spear. 
  • His best signature Rocket Lance attacks include Neutral and Side Attack.
  • The best signature attacks of Orion’s Spear include the Down Signature Move and Side Attack. 
  • By using the Spear of Orion and the players will be able to deal deadly combos, including Side Light-Down Light, Downlight-Side Air, Side Air, And Neutral Light. 
  • The Rocket Lance is also capable of dealing with highly damaging combos like Side Air-Down Light, Neutral Air-Recovery, Side Light, And Down Air. 
  • His powerful attacks make and one of the hardest legends to counter in Brawlhalla

Orion Overview

He is more famous as the legend whose deadly combos are used by spammers and can be quite difficult to counter. Orion was one of the first four legends to be introduced.

Orion [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
When he was introduced, the legends saw what looked like a line of smoke in the sky of Asgard and a fiery comet. After that, a Valkyrie went toward the comet to stop it.

  • However, it entered the fields, and all the Emissaries of Odin and valkyries gathered around it. 
  • After a few weeks went by, the Sons Of Ivaldi, who were the dwarfs that forged the Spear of Odin, appeared in Asgard.
  • They had a powerful armor made of gold and presented it to the gods. Then Orion joined Valhalla to fight alongside other legends. 
  • He is now one of the most powerful legends available in Brawlhalla and is considered a very powerful hero due to his deadly combos. 

Armor And Appearance 

There are some distinguishable features of Orion Brawlhalla that set him apart from other legends. He wears a Futuristic Armor curated by The Smiths in Asgard. 

  • There are strong metal plates present on the armor that is mostly seen in a shiny gold color or a pale blue color. 
  • It is said that only a handful of people have seen the true appearance of Orion, and he is mostly found wearing his full-body armor. 
  • You will also see some winged Ornaments covering his armor and some small wings on his back as well. 
  • Furthermore, on his helmet, you will be able to spot two small horns and some air vents on each side of the helmet. 
  • The helmet has a wing-like appearance, and his Visor Slides are in a vertical V shape. 
  • The weapons of Orion, Spear, and Rocket Lance suit his armor aesthetic and are embellished with the same ornaments as his armor. 
  • His Spear is also called the Sun Forged Spear, and it is a black Spear with a golden clasp.  
  • Furthermore, at the head of the Spear, there is a glowing Orb of Cyan color where the energy originates for the epic attacks of Orion. 
  • The Lance Orion handles have the same design as the Spear and are capable of dealing high amounts of energy that deal damage to enemies. 


Orion uses two main weapons, Rocket Lance and Spear. 

Rocket Lance 

Rocket Lance is the main weapon of Orion, and it is basically a polearm that has a Rocket Booster at one of its ends. 

  • It is considered one of the best weapons when it comes to mobility and speed, as it allows great movement while dealing damage to enemies. 
  • Most Aerial heroes that use this weapon are considered very deadly as it performs the best when elevated. 
  • Just like Orion, other legends who have roots in Technology and are of Interstellar origin use Rocket Lance as their main weapon. 

Signature Attacks 

There are three signature attacks dealt by Orion whenever he is wielding the Rocket Lance. 

Neutral Attack 

When going for a neutral attack, Orion will put the Rocket Lance on his shoulders and aim it in an upwards direction.

Brawlhalla Orion combos and moves
Rocket Lance Neutral Attack [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
After doing so, there will be a Powerful blast from the exhaust of the Rocket launch, which deals a high amount of damage. 

Side Attack 

During this attack, Orion will use his jet wings to go in the forward direction at high speed and use his Lance to hit enemy targets in front of him.

Brawlhalla Orion strategies
Rocket Lance Side Attack [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
In case you want to make the attack even more powerful, then you can try running before using the attack, as it will charge the attack more and make the impact more powerful. Furthermore, if you manage to charge it a bit beforehand, then instead of falling on the ground, Orion will keep floating in the air while charging the attack. 

Down Attack 

When performing this attack, Orion will jump in a backward direction and uses the exhaust of his Rocket Lance to shoot a lot of blast shots capable of dealing high amounts of damage to enemies. 


The secondary weapon that Orion will be used to deal damage against enemies is his Spear. Orion Brawlhalla is famous for using and spamming his Spear attacks against enemies, which gives him significant leverage as he is very hard to counter.

Signature Attacks 

Following are the signature attacks of Orion Brawlhalla. He is using a Spear. 

Neutral Attack 

During the neutral attack, Orion will jump high into the air, and we’ll come straight back down.

Spear Neutral Attack
Spear Neutral Attack [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
When doing so, he will hit his Spear into the ground, and anyone nearby will be stunned immediately. If not charged to the full potential, the reach of the stun attack will be low. 

Side Attack 

When performing a side attack using the Spear, Orion will go in the forward direction swiftly using his jet wings.

Brawlhalla Orion guide
Spear Side Attack [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
Doing so will allow him to deal with an energy slash as soon as he reaches the target at the end of his energy boost. 

Down Attack 

When performing the down attack, Orion will spin in his axis with his Spear aimed in an outwards direction.

 Orion Brawlhalla Character guide
Spear Down Attack [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
Doing so will allow him to create a bright blue ring of energy that will deal damage to anyone around and in contact with it. 

Best Combos 

Using simple signature attacks paired with normal attacks, the players will be able to deal with some pretty powerful combos using the hero.

Orion Brawlhalla has the easiest kit to learn, and that makes him one of the best legends to use. Furthermore, other beginners will also be able to use these easy combos to counter any high-level enemy,

Following are the best combos that you can deal with using the Rocket Lance and Spear in Brawlhalla. 

Spear Combos

Below is a list of some of the best combinations of signature moves and special tactics that you can use when wielding a Spear in Brawlhalla. 

Side Signature 

This combo can be executed by using the signature side move.

  • The reason it is considered one of the best combos of Orion is due to the fact that it covers a lot of range.
  • Therefore, you can expect to target a lot of enemies when performing this combination. 
  • Furthermore, as compared to other combo moves, this move has the highest kill potential as it leaves no room for recovery.
  • Your enemies won’t get a chance to dodge your attacks as the move will be covering around half of the arena. 

Down Signature 

By using the combo, you will be able to launch directly at your enemy at high speed dealing maximum damage.

  • The best part about it is that it won’t take too much time to execute the combination. 
  • However, I do recommend not to spam this combination as it can be very unfair to your opponent, and in case you end up missing one, you will be vulnerable to attacks. 

Neutral Signature 

This attack is very much like the ground pound attack. However, it is capable of dealing much more damage. When performing the attack, the first hit will attack the opponent vertically, while the second hit will send them down.

Brawlhalla Orion
Spear Combos [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
This high-speed attack will cause a lot of damage and can be fatal if performed right. When doing edge guarding, you can use this combination to counter enemies.

  • However, using too much of it will make you quite predictable and give your enemies leverage.
  • I recommend that you don’t use the combo when performing the ground cancel the move.
  • This is because in case you are standing on an edge, you will lose your momentum easily and ultimately lose. 

Best Spear Strings 

Below are some good string combos that you can utilize when playing as Orion and using a Spear as the main weapon. 

Side Light And Down Light  

One of the best combo strings that you can perform using a Spear is definitely a side-and-down light combo. Depending on how fast you perform the combo, you can easily overpower your enemy.

Spear Side Light- Down Light Combo
Spear Side Light- Down Light Combo [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
However, keep in mind that if you delay it too much, there will be a short window where the opponents will be able to dodge and making it more complicated for you to defeat them. 

Down Light And Side Air 

This combo is perfect whenever you are countering a jump attack from the opposite side.

Spear Side Air- Down Light Combo
Spear Side Air- Down Light Combo [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
You can use it to predict the future moves of your enemy and avoid getting much damage yourself. The combo requires a perfect strategy to execute it and is great for dealing extra damage after performing a signature move. 

Side Air And Neutral Light 

This is a very deadly combo if performed the right way.

Spear Side Air- Neutral Light Combo
Spear Side Air- Neutral Light Combo [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
You can execute the combo whenever you feel like you are in a critical situation. It is a great combo to execute right after a mid-air signature move, as it will further increase the damage dealt

Down Light And Neutral Air 

Just like the previous combo, this combo string is very powerful against enemies whenever making aerial attacks.

Spear Down Light- Neutral Air Combo
Spear Down Light- Neutral Air Combo [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
Both of these combos are capable of dealing significant damage. You can use any of them whenever you are in a tough situation against your enemies. 

Side Light And Neutral Signature 

 This is another high-damage string combo that requires the perfect strategy to be executed. It is possible only at 0%, and you will be able to overpower your enemy easily by performing this combo. 

Spear Side Light- Neutral Signature Light Combo
Spear Side Light- Neutral Signature Combo [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
Keep in mind that you will only be able to use it in case your opponent has dodged an incoming attack already. You will also be able to use it if the opponent keeps dodging your attack while performing neutral moves

Neutral Air And Ground Cancel Neutral Signature 

This attack works the same as the side light combo and is also a string combination attack.

Spear Neutral Air- Ground Cancel Combo
Spear Neutral Air- Ground Cancel Combo [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
It can be quite hard to execute, but if practiced enough, it can be a game changer for battles against high-level enemies. You will be able to perform the combo as an aerial attack which makes it great for legends like Orion to use. I highly recommend using the string combo when your enemy is in mid-air. 

Best Rocket Lance Combos

When using Rocket Lance, there are some good combos and special tactics that you can consider to make the best use of the weapon. Below are some deadly combinations and strings for the Rocket Lance used by Orion Brawlhalla. 

Side Signature Attack 

This is considered one of the best moves that the players can execute using the Rocket Lance of Orion. This is because it is capable of dealing a higher amount of damage and potentially killing the opponent in just one move. Brawlhalla Orion

Rocket Lance Combos [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]Otherwise, you can do more harm than good. This is because when using the signature move, it has a pretty mid-start. So you cannot expect instant damage from the special move.

  • Furthermore, it also has a slow speed which can make the combo quite tough to use, especially for beginners.
  • While it is a pretty good kill move, the players will have to use it with a proper strategy.
  • You will have to practice a lot if you want to truly master the combo, and in case you miss it, you will become vulnerable to incoming damage.
  • Many players tend to spam this move which makes it quite predictable, and the players are able to counter it easily.
  • It is important to use it only in critical situations and in the right combinations to make the best out of it. 

Neutral Signature 

Another great attack for the players to use is the neutral signature, as it covers a lot of range.

  • When active, the neutral signature combo will cover the whole area above Orion and deal damage to anyone in its vicinity.
  • It’s better than the side signature move as it is quite fast and does not leave a window for the opponent to dodge the incoming attack.
  • By using the attack, the enemy will be launched diagonally upwards, after which you can finish the move with the light attack.
  • It is great in case you want to do edge guarding as well. Make sure to pair it up with a good light attack to make maximum use of it. 

Rocket Lance String Moves

Following are some good combination strings that the players can use when maneuvering the Rocket Lance. 

Signature Air And Down Light 

One of the best combos is definitely the signature air and downlight attack combo.

Brawlhalla Orion guide
Rocket Lance SIgnature Air- Down Light Combo [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
This is because the side air attack does not have any follow-up, which can be great for a light attack. Downlight attacks, in combination with side air, can deal heavy amounts of damage and can even finish them off without much effort. 

Side Light And Down Air 

If you are looking to deal high amounts of damage, then there is no combination better than side light and down air.

Brawlhalla Orion combos
Rocket Lance Side Light- Down Air Combo [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
It can allow the players to deal heavy damage without worrying about incoming damage from enemies. It can also be used in combination with other strings to deal deadly and finishing blows. The best part about it is that it can be performed at any part of the gameplay because the knockback of the light side attack is fixed in Brawlhalla.

Neutral Air And Recovery

This is a kill-confirm combo move that is considered one of the deadliest strings in the Orion kit. Players will be able to utilize the combination mostly in mid-battles. 

Brawlhalla Orion weapons
Rocket Lance Neutral Air- Recovery Combo [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
It is good if the enemy is overpowering you. You can also use it when your enemy jumps in the air. Make sure to plan out a proper strategy before executing the attack so that your enemy won’t be able to dodge it. 

Side Light And Neutral Signature 

Using the side light attacks fixed knockback, you will be able to combine it with a neutral signature to deal with a powerful string combo.

This is also another combination move that confirms a kill, thanks to the knockback it has. You will also be able to use it after a normal combo to finish the enemy in one blow. 

Side Light And Down Light 

This is one of the best combos of light attacks that can deal an excellent amount of damage to opponents.

Brawlhalla Orion combos
Rocket Lance Side Light- Down Light Combo [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
It is also considered one of the true combos as it features both light attacks. The best part about it is that it is pretty easy to execute as well, and you will not require much practice with it. 

I highly recommend using this combo string as it can deal high amounts of damage in a shorter time span. Furthermore, thanks to the side light’s knock back you can expect to finish your opponent easily with this move. 

How To Counter Orion 

In case you want to take a look at some strategies to counter the legend, in case you are not playing him as you mean, then keep on reading, as I have gathered some of the best strategies to use against the legend. 

Learning His Strengths 

If you have been playing Orion for quite a while, then you will be aware of some of his most deadly moves.

Brawlhalla Orion weapons
Countering Orion [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
The only reason Orion is considered one of the hardest legends to counter is the fact that many spammers exploit his deadly attacks against players. 

  • When it comes to stats, you won’t see much difference between Roland, Orion, and other great legends. 
  • The main reason why the attacks of Orion are so powerful is due to his finishing combinations and moves. 
  • Most of Orion’s string combinations offer a confirmed kill, and this is probably the reason why he is one of the most popular legends in Brawlhalla. 

Best Strategies 

It is no doubt that Orion Brawlhalla is considered one of the deadliest legends. However, with some tips, you will be able to counter him easily. 

  • The best strategy against Orion is to maintain as much distance as you can. 
  • Whenever he is performing his signature moves, there is a slight window where you can dodge his attacks. Therefore by keeping enough distance, you will be able to counter him easily. 
  • It is also a great strategy to play Orion yourself to learn some of the combinations he is capable of dealing with. 
  • By learning the attacks and move set of the legend, you will be able to counter him more effectively. You can also practice against it to perfect your skills. 

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on Orion and some of his best moves and combos in Brawlhalla. You can also check out a detailed guide on all the available codes in Brawlhalla to redeem different awards.

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