Brawlhalla: Fait [Weapons, Combos & Skins]

Take a look at some of the best combos and moves of Fait in Brawlhalla and powerful strategies and tactics for the hero. 

Fait, also known as the Star Witch, is one of the heroes available in Brawlhalla. She is capable of using Scythe and Orb as her primary weapons to deal damage to enemies. She excels in strength and speed, with her stats being 7 in both attributes. Her stats in defense and dexterity are 4, and overall, she is a very balanced hero to play. 

Key Takeaways
  • Fait excels in Brawlhalla due to high Strength and Speed.
  • Her primary weapons are a Scythe and an Orb for dealing damage.
  • Key Scythe Moves: Down and Neutral signature.
  • Orb attacks: Side and Down signature.
  • Notable combos: Side Light-Neutral Signature, Side Light-Down Light-Gravity Control-Neutral Signature, Down Signature.
  • Scythe combos: Side Light-Neutral Signature, Side Light-Down Light-Side Signature, Neutral Light-Neutral Signature.
  • Ideal for Edge Guarding and Neutral Stages.
  • Strong off-stage performance, leveraging her versatile weapons for elevated damage.


Fait uses two main weapons: Orb and a scythe. Below are some details on both the weapons and their basic kit. 


The main weapon in Brawlhalla that Fait uses to perform combos is Scythe, which can receive active input attacks whenever making light attacks. Therefore, depending on the directional key you press, the resulting combo will differ.

It can be a very powerful weapon when Combined with Grappling attacks. Furthermore, it is also one of the best weapons to use if looking for fast combos. 

Ground Attacks:

  • Neutral Light: Swings the Scythe upward, ideal for combo setups.
  • Side Light: Strikes forward, offering follow-up options and knockback.
  • Down Light: Leaps forward, delivering a powerful roundhouse kick or spin attack.
    Scythe Ground Attack
    Scythe Ground Attack [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]

Air Attacks:

  • Neutral Air: Strikes upward, with directional input determining follow-up kicks.
  • Side Air: Swings the Scythe upward and to the side, causing knockback.
  • Down Air: Attacks diagonally downward, with directional input influencing knockback direction.

Special Moves:

  • Recovery: Executes a diagonal spinning attack for vertical recovery.
  • Ground Pound: Slashes downward while airborne, effective for edge-guarding and damage-dealing
Brawlhalla Fait Attacks
Scythe Air Attack [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]


The second weapon that Fait uses is Orb, which is a unique sphere-shaped weapon. 

This weapon floats on the hands of Fait when in use and performs attacks in the air through different directions and patterns. 

Ground Attacks:

  • Neutral Light: The Orb circles around Fait, hitting nearby enemies and knocking them forward.
  • Side Light: Fait sends the Orb straight at the enemy diagonally, suitable for combo setups.
  • Down Light: Fait jumps diagonally, swinging the Orb around herself, knocking enemies downward on solid ground.

    Orb Ground Attack

    Orb Ground Attack [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]

Air Attacks:

  • Neutral Air: Fait swings the Orb diagonally upward, dealing minor knockback, ideal for combos.
  • Side Air: The Orb covers the area in front of Fait, hitting enemies twice and causing knockback.
  • Down Air: The Orb flies downward, bouncing off surfaces to hit enemies below, perfect for combos.
    Orb Air Attack
    Orb Air Attack [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]

Special Moves:

  • Recovery: Fait spins with the Orb, ascending diagonally with controlled travel distance.
  • Ground Pound: If falling with the Orb ready, pressing the attack button executes a downward strike.

Best Signature Moves 

Following are some of the best signature moves that can be performed using the Orb and Scythe by Fait Brawlhalla. 

Orb Neutral Signature:

  • Utilizes a rotating motion with the Orb, followed by a leap upward to hit enemies diagonally.
  • Ideal for edge guarding and dealing with aerial opponents.

Orb Side Signature:

  • Casts a star-shaped magical spell that allows Fait to ride it, delivering a roundhouse kick to throw enemies horizontally.
  • Effective against enemies who evade attacks and useful for avoiding incoming damage.

Orb Down Signature:

  • Swings the Orb forward, immobilizing and launching enemies horizontally or vertically.
  • Useful for closing the gap with distant enemies and delivering a swift, unavoidable attack.

Scythe Neutral Signature:

Brawlhalla Fait Combos
Scythe Neutral Signature [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
  • Charges a magical star and releases a pool of magical energy in the form of arrows and darts.
  • Provides range and versatility in critical battle situations but requires strategic use due to its directional nature.

Scythe Side Signature:

  • Charges the Scythe to shoot either a long-range straight magical dart or three small star-shaped bullets.
    Brawlhalla Fait Guide
    Scythe Side Signature [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
  • One of Fait’s fastest signature moves, difficult to dodge, and effective against grounded enemies.
    Orb side signature
    Orb side signature [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]

Scythe Down Signature:

  • Uses magical energy to teleport horizontally toward a small star, continuously striking enemies along the path.
  • Limited in range but effective when combined with other attacks, especially against grounded opponents.
    Brawlhalla Fait Combos
    Orb Down Signature [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
Brawlhalla Fait Attacks
Scythe Down Signature [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]

Best Combos 

Below I will discuss some of the best combos Fait can perform using Scythe and Orb. 

Orb Combos 

Since Orb is a medium-range weapon, the combos I will be using will complement the range of this weapon. This string-based weapon is great for performing aerial attacks

Brawlhalla Fait
Orb Combos [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
You can also use it for recovery, allowing you to travel diagonally in whatever direction you want. It is great for edge guarding using Fait. Following are some of the best combos you can perform using the Orb. 

  • Side Light And Neutral Signature: This is one of the variants of Orb opening attacks and is great for attacking enemies in an upward direction. 
  • Side Light Down Light, Gravity Cancel, And Neutral Signature: This short combo is great against enemies with little to no health. Any injured opponents hit by this combo will be finished instantaneously with this upward attack. 
  • Down Signature: This is considered one of the best moves regarding edge guarding and can be very helpful in returning to the Stage. 

Scythe Combos 

Scythe is considered one of the best offensive weapons used by Fait Brawlhalla. It is great for finishing off enemies quickly and performing powerful combos in battle. Most of the attacks performed using Scythe are quick and highly damaging.

Brawlhalla Fait Strategies
Scythe Combos [Screenshot Capture Credits by eXputer]
Furthermore, most of the attacks dealt with by Scythe are very difficult to dodge, making it one of the best weapons to deal with low-damage knockouts. Following are some of the best combos of Scythe. 

  • Side Light & Neutral Signature:
    1. Best combo against any opponent.
    2. Sends them upwards with powerful force for high damage.
    3. Ideal for grounded foes.
  • Side Light, Down Light, & Side Signature:
    1. A fast and powerful combo.
    2. Throws the enemy horizontally and follows with a side signature.
    3. Quick and effective, great for edge control.
  • Neutral Light & Neutral Signature:
    1. Similar to the first combo.
    2. Deals substantial damage to ground enemies.

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on Brawlhalla Fait and some of the legend’s most powerful combos and tactics. You can also check out the guide on some of the working codes in Brawlhalla to obtain rewards. 

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