PUBG Best Weapons: Tier List [3000+ Hours Experience]

Complete Best Weapons and Tier List Guide!

Making a PUBG Weapons Tier List or Best Weapons Guide is perhaps the most difficult thing these days. Because unlike its humble beginnings, where there were just a few guns, the game has now expanded its library to a total of 39 weapons.

Key Highlights
  • PUBG has many kinds of weapons in its loot pool. Every gun has its own role and its own use.
  • However, due to the ever-changing meta, it is easy to rank these weapons among multiple tiers, which include S, A, B, and C.
  • The S-tier weapons are the best ones to use in PUBG, whereas the guns ranked in the C-tier are the worst. 
  • The guns I suggest using to get high kill games or get to a higher rank are M416, Mk14 EBR, AWM, M416, and Crossbow.
  • The guns I would suggest staying away from are P92, Sawed-Off, S1897, S686, and PP-19 Bizon.

Here’s a summary of PUBG Best Weapons Tier List:

PUBG Best Weapons Tier List Ranking Table 
S-TierCrossbow, Mk14 EBR, M416, and AWM
A-TierMG3, Beryl M762, M24, SLR, Mini-14, DBS, Deagle, M16A4, SCAR-L, AUG, DP-28, Vector, Kar98K, Mosin Nagant, SKS, MP5Kf, Tommy Gun, Skorpion, FAMAS
B-TierMicro Uzi, AKM, M249, VSS, Mk47-Mutant, UMP45, G363, QBU, Win94, S12K, QBZ, R9895, R45, P18C
C-TierP92, Sawed-Off, PP-19 Bizon, S1897 and S686

Other than the ever-changing arsenal of weapons, PUBG gets even more complicated with the expanded fancy features and constant changes in the weapon stats. Here are all the stats of weapons we’ve included in this tier list:

WeaponWeapon TypeHit DamageBullet Speed (m/s)Reload Time (s)
AWMSniper Rifle1059454.6
MK14 EBRDMR618533.6
M24Sniper Rifle757904.2
Beryl M762AR447403
SKSMarksman Rifle538002.9
Mosin NagantSniper Rifle797601.69
Kar98KSniper Rifle797601.69
Skorpion Machine Pistol223502.7
Tommy GunSMG402803.1
Micro UziSMG263503
Win94Sniper Rifle667600.6
R45Machine Pistol653303.2
PP-19 BizonSMG354083.1

My PUBG Stats following this Weapon Tier List Guide.

PUBG Best Weapons
My PUBG Stats as a player.

I’ve played PUBG for 3300 hours, and in case you don’t know how PUBG was back then, let me remind you that the game only featured the third person, and Tommy Gun used to be a create gun.

Besides, you’re also stuck with the third person, and it was very heroic of someone to run the game stable. All these things changed dramatically when Bluehole implemented Update 1.0, which brought along many weapons, items, and, most importantly – Sanhok.

pubg weapon tier list
Do you want to kill Some TSM Pro’s regularly?

PUBG Best Weapons And Tier List

Our PUBG Weapon Tier List will be categorized on two bases. Firstly, I will look at how powerful the weapon is and how the stats compare to the rivals. In addition, the authority factor over other guns will also be considered.

To illustrate the results, I won’t put P911 above AK-47 because it could be handy; the meta is simple: no one would pick P911 over AK-47, so the dominance of weapons is going to facilitate the rankings. Lastly, tier lists are subjective, so don’t bother changing them if you are comfortable with a certain weapon. My guide will also enlighten some key ideas behind most weapons that might be useful for new players.

S Tier

The Top Tier category would signify the most brutal and astounding weapons in the game.


PUBG Best Weapons
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
105945 m/s5.3004.6s

As you would already know, AWM is, without a doubt, the most brutal and authoritative bold action rifle in PUBG. Its ability to one-shot Spetsnaz Helmet (commonly known as Level 3) makes it stand out among other snipers. The gun also has the best range in the game, which gets topped by the insane bullet velocity of 945 m/2. AWM’s only drawback is ammo, which is scarce and can only be retrieved through a crate. Other than that, this gun can do wonders, especially if you are using a suppressor and cheek pad to minimize the drawbacks.


  • High Damage, Can One Shot Level 3 Helmet.
  • Good Range and Shooting Accuracy.
  • High Bullet Velocity.


  • Too Loud.
  • Finding ammo can be difficult.
  • AWM doesn’t one-shot level one or level two vest, which makes it very similar to M24 and Kar98k.
  • Availability is scarce.

Mk14 EBR

Mk14 EBR
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
61853 m/s107.62mm3.6s

The MK14, also known as the Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, was originally released after the PC 1.0 Update. Mk14 became immensely popular for its long-distanced ability at that given time, which was remarkable, thanks to higher damages and faster bullet speeds compared to SKS and SLR.

Other than that, this gun also had the ability to switch between Semi-Auto and fully Auto, which wasn’t really popular a few years ago, but now that Streamers have started to facilitate this gun’s Auto Ability with Red Dot in close distances. It has since then become the most powerful gun in PUBG.


  • High Damage And Faster Bullet Speed.
  • No Bullet Scarcity, 7.62mm, is widespread.
  • Can Switch Between Auto and Semi-Auto.
  • DMR can also act like a shotgun at close distances.


  • It only holds 10 bullets by default.
  • It can only be found in Crate.
  • Makes a lot of noise.
  • Recoil is Hard to control, especially if you attach a suppressor.
  • The Auto characteristics of Mk14 can be challenging for new players.


PUBG Best Weapons
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
105160 m/s1Bolt3.56

Yes, this might sound a bit weird, but Crossbow is easily one of the best weapons in PUBG. Crossbow has gotten immense attention for its stealthy kills that aren’t too hard but require a little practice.

One of the main reasons why many players fail to corroborate Crossbow’s abilities is partly due to this gun’s lack of efficiency in Duo’s and Squad. This is rightfully so, and since Crossbow is aimed towards stealthy players, having teammates who are always giving up positions is challenging.

The gun does enumerate brilliance through insanely High Damage, which is capable of Knocking Out a Level 3 Helmet. In addition to that, its default Iron Sight, which comes with a rangefinder, is extremely useful to assess the bullet drop. Lastly, the gun is entirely silent, which makes it hard to identify targets.


  • High Damage.
  • Default Reflex Sight is useful.
  • Extremely Silent.
  • It is very Handy in Solo and Foggy Weather.
  • Can One Shot Level 3 Helmet.


  • Reloading Quiver can often take a decade.
  • Finding a Crossbow can be relatively hard.
  • Scarce ammo in the map/
  • Attaching 4X or any other sight can mess up the trajectory.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
39780 m/s305.56mm3.1s

M416 is one of the easiest weapons to use in PUBG. It has gained popularity due to the number of attachments you can use on this at the same time. It has a nice amount of damage with recoil, which is easy to control, making it effective to use in gunfights. You can make a very good build of this gun by using different attachments, making it a good choice.

A Tier


PUBG Best Weapons
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
46990 m/s205.56mm3.6s

Suppose you haven’t paid enough attention; the Mini-14 recently received a buff in Update 12, which increased its damage and modifier across all body parts and slightly lowered the recovery rate. This has made the gun more powerful than it was, and as you would expect. Mini-14 remains the go-to across all PUBG Esports Tournaments.

The Mini-14’s principal capabilities lie in its bullet speed, which is the fastest in the game. Moreover, the gun also has decent damage, not as good as SLR, but decent enough to take down Level 2 Helmet with just two shots.


  • Mini-14 has the highest bullet velocity in the game.
  • Easy to find.
  • Accessible Ammo.
  • Good recovery Rate.
  • Normal Reload Speeds.
  • Extremely Sharp With 8X Scope.


  • Stats aren’t too expandable; only two attachments.
  • Base Damage(46) is slightly lower compared to SKS (53) and SLR (56).
  • It cannot be spammed like an auto rifle at close range.


PUBG Best Weapons
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
56840 m/s107.62mm3.6s

The SLR, without a doubt, deserves to be in the S Tier. It compliments SKS existence with better stats like faster Bullet Velocity and Higher Damage, and all these are packed by default without requiring too many attachments. The gun does validate high recoil, which remains as a drawback for new players.

Other than that, SLR has no weaknesses; it can be an impeccable DMR in long-distance fights and provocative to take down enemies more quickly. The gun could have been ranked higher, but in the recent Season 9 Update #46 its base damage was from 58 to 56. There was also a slight increase in ADS Recoil by 5%.

SLR Shots To Kill With Level 2 Helmet and Vest


  • SLR Bullets aren’t scarce.
  • Top Tier Gun despite high recoil.
  • Not a created weapon.
  • Four Attachment Points.
  • Highest Damage for a non-crate DMR Gun in PUBG.
  • Better Bullet Velocity compared to SKS.


  • Default Reload Speed is slow.
  • Without Extended, it can only hold 10 bullets.
  • SLR Spawns are rare.


PUBG Best Weapons
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
75790 m/s57.62mm4.2s

The bolt-action rifle, which was previously accessible through a crate, can now be retrieved with normal spawns. It is definitely an A-tier gun in my opinion. Although M24 has a bit lower damage than Kar98k. It still is a better sniper because of higher bullet velocity, which matters more than Damage.

This can be seen across numerous combat situations, where both Kar98k and M24 players shoot simultaneously, but the M24 shooter gets a knock. Players usually complain about lag, but the reality is that you will win those crucial battles with a faster bullet.

Other than this, the M24 has the same shots-to-kill ratio despite lower damage, so that doesn’t really make Kar98k a better rifle. The M24 also edges its rival through three attachments that add further stability and bullets.


  • High Bullet Velocity.
  • Three Attachment Slots.
  • Faster Reloads compared to Kar98k.
  • Damage Per Distance is higher compared to all snipers except AWM.


  • The gunshot sound is very high and can easily attract nearby enemies.

Beryl M762

pubg weapon tier list
Beryl M762
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
44740 m/s307.62mm3.0s

In its earlier days of release, Beryl M762 was considered as a recoil hogg with high damage. Over the years, this has changed, and PUBG Corp has rolled out numerous updates, trying their best to balance this deadly weapon. So far, they were only able to decrease its damage by a little and increase the bullet velocity, which is AKM’s biggest drawback.

These days, Beryl M762 has higher Damage Per Second than AK47 and competes with some of the best high fire rate weapons, including Groza. This says a lot about this gun, but to further validate, Beryl M762 also has three attachment slots that can further enhance its stats. A good player in PUBG would always prefer this, and I’ve seen numerous individuals using it with 4X on FaceIt.


pubg weapon tier list
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
47715 m/s307.62mm3.0s

Unlike its smaller brother, the AKM, which I have ranked in the B Tier for good reasons. Groza is significantly better, with a higher fire rate and better recoil, and most importantly, It does not require any additional components. You can still attach a suppressor, but keep in mind the compensator isn’t supported; since then, It would be overkill.

These days, Groza is an immaculate weapon primarily utilized in close-range fights, helping players take advantage of its fire rate. Other than that, the gun isn’t trendy in long-distance fights since the Bullet Velocity is below average for a rifle. The 4X Spray does work but requires immense control. Make notes that whenever you are picking Groza up, there is always an extended quickdraw to help tackle the slow reload speed.


pubg weapon tier list
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
42820 m/s757.62mm8.2s

MG3, the light machine gun has two firing modes. The first enables the gun to fire 660 rounds per minute, which basically buffs the MG3 in long range. The second increases the fire rate to 990 rounds per minute. This comes in handy against vehicles and close-range fights. I did test the MG3 against other S Tier weapons and also surveyed the community. The MG3 is very similar to the Beryl and MK-14, but it has better pieces of equipment.

The gun only has one problem: the huge recoil that can only be controlled while lying down. Other than that, there isn’t much about MG3. Just know that this weapon isn’t available in ranked matches yet, and In order to find one, you will have to take risks and approach airdrops.


pubg weapon tier list
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
41940 m/s305.56mm3.66s

The AUG A3 first emerged as a decent Rifle, an upgrade over Groza, M4A1, M16, and SCAR-L. This has changed over time with a few nerfs, not to mention that its core stats were always meaningless and didn’t really bring the weapon above its competitors. One of the main reasons why AUG is ranked in Tier B and not in S, or A is that this gun has the exact same stats as SCAR-L and M4A1 while being special because it is a create-only gun.

Furthermore, AUG also struggles with longer reload speeds and slower fire rates, making it better than a fully equipped M4A1 or SCAR-L. Alongside flaws, the gun could be useful in situations where you are forced to use Single Fire, and its laser-like no-recoil trajectory could be handy.


pubg weapon tier list
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
41870 m/s305.56mm3.1s

Ever since PUBG was first released, the SCAR-L has remained a controversial rifle, with half the players opting for M4A1 while others are going for the SCAR-L. This debate worsened with the introduction of G363 and QBZ, which seem like a near-exact replica of these guns with a few more add-ons.

The SCAR-L is quite different from its competitors like G363 and QBZ because it isn’t available across all maps. Besides, its notable contributions are in Erangel, which is the sweet spot for ESports.

The SCAR-L has near-exact damage as the M4A1 but comes with fewer attachments. I consider this as an advantage because you are getting more stats with less hard work.


  • Less noisy.
  • Controlling Recoil with Vertical or Half Grip is easy on 4X.
  • Good for fast single tapping.
  • Fewer Attachments with more output.


  • Bad Iron Sight has to be the worst one in the game.
  • Low Firerate.


pubg weapon tier list
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
43900 m/s305.56mm3.4s

Although the M16A4 has been heavily nerfed over the past few seasons, this still doesn’t make the gun standards go below A Tier. This can be seen through its gripping fast tapping, which is still the best in the game. Further, the M16A4 still emerges as a decent rifle and can substantiate the role of a gun, which doesn’t require too many attachments. It also excels in bullet speed, and you can always count on this gun to knock down enemies in distanced range.

Notwithstanding all the benefits, I think M16A4 is a misunderstood gun, and often people do not understand its purpose. The gun is compared to other rifles in S and A-Tier, which is wrong because this isn’t the type of weapon you would need to take down heavy groups.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
62450 m/s7.45 ACP2s

With such a godlike aurora, bullet velocity, and damage. The Deagle is, without a doubt Top Tier Weapon in PUBG. It comprises the pistol category, which is a huge benefit because this expands on players having the option to equip two powerful primary and secondary.

Further, the Deagle also has the highest Pistol Damage and can take down a Level 3 Helmet with just two shots. There is the factor of high recoil, but again, you can reduce that with attachments. This isn’t the type of pistol you would want to use consistently; it is quite different from all other weapons in PUBG.


pubg weapon tier list
Hit DamageShot CountMagazine SizeAmmo Type
2691412 Gauge

In all honesty, the DBS is the most innovative weapon PUBG has added recently. The gun is purely aesthetic with such an incredible stat that despite being a shotgun, it is being utilized across all combat scenarios. The DBS features a double-barrel pump-action bullpup meta, which allows it to release a huge pump filled with deadly bullets. Moreover, unlike the other shotguns, the DBS has a better effective range, allowing it to be deadly in both close and medium spaces.

Keep in mind that DBS is only a crate weapon, and similar to the S12k, it has an upper rail that can equip Red Dot, Holographic, and numerous scopes.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
53800 m/s107.62mm2.9s

Over the past few years, SKS has emerged as one of the most influential and authoritative weapons in the game. The gun is capable of dealing high damage in long distances while still maintaining a decent fire rate. Alongside that, SKS is advantageous in the long term, thanks to the five attachments that can further enhance its stats.

One of the core reasons you wouldn’t see too much SKS action lately is the recent nerf. Bluehole decreased SKS’s damage and increased its default recoil, which has made the gun completely irrelevant. In spite of all this, SKS can still be useful with a light grip, compensator, and cheek pad.

Mosin Nagant

Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
79760 m/s57.62mm1.69s

I suppose there isn’t much to say here except that Bluehole was once again very ambitious to add Kar98k’s replica. The developer admitted this in a blog post, saying that Mosin Nagant will have the exact same statistics as Kar98k except for the sound and the looks.

This gun has a decent layout, and its importance has simply constituted the poor loot system of PUBG. There wasn’t any need for this gun, but suppose you come across one. There aren’t lots of things to know except that it can Knockout a Level 2 Helmet with one shot, and the gun has the same bullet velocity (760 m/s) and Damage (79) as Kar98k.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
79760 m/s57.62mm1.69s

As you would have anticipated earlier, the next gun in this PUBG weapons tier list is Kar98k. The old icon of PUBG is still capable of dealing high damage. It hasn’t received any changes so far, unlike the old days when Kar98k was a substitute for M24 and AWM.

These days, it doesn’t have loads of importance because M24 has become a normal spawn. It still does its job, and considering there are just a few bolt-action snipers in the game, you shouldn’t miss out on this.


PUBG Best Weapons
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
31350 m/s199mm2s

Yes, I’m perfectly aware this is the only SMG in A Tier, but as I talked about authority in the first paragraph. Certain guns are statically better than others, while some are authoritative and would change one’s decision. This is the case with Vector, which has received a decent Nerf over the past few seasons.

The SMG still does well, and it’s without a doubt the most powerful one in the game. Vector’s main characteristics are related to the extreme fire rate that can melt the enemy within a few seconds. Moreover, the gun also has a decent range of customization options that can further boost the stats and give you an edge over other SMGs.

With such great stats, there are also a few drawbacks. One of these that I seem to complain about a lot is related to the 9mm ammo and the damage reduction. Under Update #27, Bluehole changed the Vector chamber and decreased its Damage from 34 to 31. However, they tried to balance the gun with the recoil reduction, but it hasn’t really improved much.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
52840 m/s477.62mm5.5s

Initially, the idea for a normal LMG in PUBG didn’t work out. The performance didn’t convince players of DP-28, the first LMG to spawn normally. This was primarily due to the fact that the DP-28 had huge recoil, and even the best players in the game struggled to control it. Verily, it was a problem in the past, but things have changed.

With the Introduction of M249 as a normal spawn weapon, players are seemingly getting used to DP-28’s high damage and excessive recoil. This also upholds the fact that DP-28 is slightly better than M249 in two departments.

With all that being said, DP-28 is without a doubt a decent A-tier weapon, which has good enough default stats, that can destroy enemies with what seems like a natural recoil.


PUBG Best Weapons
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
22350 m/s209mm2.7s

For those who haven’t followed PUBG much later and decided to play it once again in 2023. Skorpion was one of the most recently added pistols that has seen tremendous appreciation from the players. The reason why Skorpion is ranked in A Tier is that considering its statistics, Skorpion is an SMG.

It has all the SMG characteristics, and the PUBG Corp also addressed its biggest flaw: the lack of support for Extended and Quick Draw. These days, Skorpion can be utilized as a third SMG in the Pistol Slot. This ultimately allows you to equip more powerful primary and secondary guns.

Tommy Gun

Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
40280 m/s30.45 ACP3.1s

Some years ago, Tommy Gun would always make it to the A and S Tiers in PUBG Weapons. However, this weapon has been heavily changed, which was rightfully so. It first emerged as a crate-only weapon that had high damage and could easily blow up cars.

This was substantiated and often frustrating because the lack of iron sight was very harsh. PUBG Corp addressed this by adding Tommy Gun as a normal weapon, and during the latest Season 6 Update #39, they also made it relevant by increasing the fire rate and adding a red dot slot. The Tommy Gun is an extremely classy SMG with the highest damage and can also squeeze a list of attachments.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
33400 m/s309mm3.4s

Another newly added SMG is the Dazzling MP5K, which has similar characteristics to Vector but has higher damage. This SMG is brilliant in all ways; it has everything one would ask for. However, the only drawback is the slow fire rate, which I think can be enhanced through the dozens of attachment slots.

MP5K also has a decent bullet velocity, which helps it be efficient in close to medium range. The only reason It would be ranked in the S tier is because of the fact that it is an exclusive weapon to Vikendi. This ultimately means it isn’t much you can do about it in ranked matches.


Hit DamageRate of FireMagazine SizeAmmo TypeEffective Range
39900 RPM305.56mm400m

FAMAS is the latest addition to the PUBG battlefield. FAMAS is a reliable Assault Rifle that can be a potential meta weapon.

This weapon is available on every single map and Game mode except for Esports Mode. This gun can only be found in the Care Packages, Secret Rooms, Lab Camps, Supply Drops, and Pillar Boxes. This gun has 3 firing modes, which are Full-Auto, Burst Fire, and Single. It deals 39 Damage and has a whooping 900 RPM Fire Rate, which can dominate your opponents easily. 400m is the effective range of FAMAS.

B Tier

The B Tier will contain all the guns that are somewhat useless and don’t have a great deal of authority over others. These are also the type of guns that you would only pick in an emergency and not for the long term.

With that being said, there wouldn’t be loads of explanations on why these are ranked in B because looking at the list, weapons like P18C and Scorpion aren’t very useful or A Tier.


PUBG Best Weapons
Mk47 Mutant
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
49780 m/s207.62mm2.9s

With Base Damage Higher than AKM, Beryl M762, M16A4, SCAR-L, and Groza. The Mk47-Mutant still struggles to find its place in the realm of weapons in PUBG. The gun provides adequate statistics for a medium-range assault rifle; other than that, it’s relatively useless.

Despite edging M16 and other guns in Damage, It incorporates all the benefits through the slow bullet velocity, which seems to be the biggest problem for Mk-47 Mutant. The PUBG Development team tried their best to balance this weapon by adding Tactical Stock, yet it still failed to fit well.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
41330 m/s109mm2.9s

VSS, also known as the VSS Vintorez, is a retro silent sniper in PUBG, that compliments all other weapons in the game through its unique features. The gun is equipped with 9mm, commonly used for Pistol, and has no sound. It’s very useful in solo games, but keep in mind that the Base Damage is just 41, and it has one of the slowest bullet velocities that result in a lesser range.

Other than that, it’s hard to find and doesn’t have loads of attachments that can improve its statistics. All in all, VSS analyses aren’t much. It’s useless in Squad Games because the purpose that validates the silence is gone. Moreover, the Damage and Range are pretty dusted, and If you somehow manage to land shots. It’ll take a decade to knock out the enemy.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
40915 m/s755.56mm8.2s

One of the biggest complaints last year was the removal of M249 from crates. This gun was the true definition of brutality, and it had everything packed without needing any attachments. You could even attach an 8X Scope, and despite being an LMG, the recoil was controllable. Notwithstanding, Bluehole had other plans and decided to heavily nerf the gun by removing it from create and making it a sem-spawn.

They also changed the recoil pattern, which is now sideways and completely unpredictable, and this gets worse with the significant damage reduction. All in all, M249 isn’t a decent weapon to use; the new attachment slots might prove beneficial for some, but this doesn’t necessarily change its position in this PUBG Weapons Tier List.


pubg weapon tier list
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
47715 m/s307.62mm2.9s

AKM in PUBG always strikes new players as an aggressive rifle that deals huge damage with the drawback of high recoil. This has been the core problem for all 7.62 weapons in PUBG, but unlike Beryl, the AKM does not have loads of attachments, and you can only expand on Mag and Muzzle. Despite these small compensations, the AKM has always emerged as a popular weapon but during these past few seasons.

Bluehole nerfed this gun, reduced its base damage, and increased the recoil. These two elements are the essence of this gun, and lately, there isn’t much about AKM to brag about. The recoil problem is still there; you get average damage, and besides, the Slow Bullet Velocity still holds it back from ranged fights.

PUBG Best Weapons
Winning games with PUBG Best Weapons.

Micro Uzi

Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
26350 m/s259mm3.0s

There isn’t more to say about the Micro UZI in PUBG than being a top-tier SMG. The weapon is only handy in situations where you don’t have anything and come across anything that would be useful in knocking enemies within the first circle.

Other than that, I’m not too sure If anybody would be interested in picking up Micro Uzi for a longer game. Keep in mind that when you come across a few sets of weapons, the Micro Uzi is good because of its fire rate, but this gets worse with the lowest damage for an SMG.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
24350 m/s512 Gauge3.0s

Yes, the S12K was a troll in the earlier days of PUBG, when many players misled it for Rifle due to its ability to equip higher scopes. But the purpose of S12K hasn’t changed over the past few seasons. It represents brutality in close range, with the 24 Base Damage that gets better with the single shot containing four shells.

Moreover, the weapon is handy at close range because, unlike S1897 or S686, you can attach further attachments. S12 might be good for a shotgun, but don’t let that mislead you from the fact that it has one of the highest recoils and lesser spread compared to other shotguns.


PUBG Best Weapons
Winchester Model 1894
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
66760 m/s8.45 ACP0.6s per bullet

The Winchester Model 1894 commonly called Win94, was perhaps the most unique addition to the library of PUBG Weapons. It had a few problems in the start, which were mainly related to no iron sight and the gun not being useful across most scenarios.

I still believe this gun is a decent alternative to most DMRS, considering it has a Base Damage of 66, higher than SKS, QBU, Mini14, and VSS, and decent reload speeds that can be improved through bullet loops. Besides, the .45 ACP Rounds are the easiest to find. Anyhow, it will be in the B Tier of the PUBG Weapons List, and this might change if this gun manages to one-shot knock level 2 helmets.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
48945 m/s105.56mm2.9s

With an extremely poor Iron Sight and Unpredictable Recoil Pattern, the QBU will always emerge as a limited Rifle that can only be utilized in Sanhok. The core problem with QBU remains the same: it has a stressful recoil pattern, and despite having an enormous advantage over fast bullet velocity (945 m/s), there isn’t much to it.

Numerous players avoid this gun because they aren’t used to it, and as you would already know, having something like this in Erangel or Miramar would be bad for the game. Lastly, QBU also has the slowest Fire Rate, so If an enemy pops right in front of you in Sanhok, there are decent chances you are returning to the lobby.


PUBG Best Weapons
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
41870 m/s305.56mm3.1s

With just a margin of stat difference between the G363, QBZ, M4A1, and SCAR-L. It has yet to be investigated why PUBG decided to release the G363. It doesn’t have loads of attributes that can distinguish it from others. Similarly, the gun is not impressive either, and its authority over M4A1 is debatable. Anyhow, grab the G363 If you come across one in Vikendi, and depending on personal preference, switch between other guns.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
41360 m/s25.45 ACP2.9s

During its initial days of release, the UMP45 was immensely popular as a secondary weapon. The SMG was known for its non-existent recoil and high damage that would be useful in late circles and mid-range flights.

Unfortunately, this meta of having an SMG was lost as new rifles came to power and players started to give more importance to more damaging weapons. This has started to change, and as per my experience. I’ve seen the rise in popularity of UMP45 as a secondary weapon once again.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
23375 m/s179mm2.0s

Initially, the idea of the P18C was very decent, and the pistol seemed too invincible in the early game. However, this changed with a few nerfs over the past, but luckily, while writing this guide, Bluehole listened to the community and decreased its recoil in Update #23.

The Pistol is now, without a doubt, very decent; it corporates 23 Base Damage that gets topped by the extremely fast fire rate. In addition, the P18C also validates the type of pistol you might want to use in the late games. The Authority of P18C over other weapons is debatable; subsequently, It wouldn’t rank higher in my PUBG Weapons Tier List.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
65330 m/s6.45 ACP 3.2s

The second pistol in the B tier would be the R45, a replica of the R9895 but exclusive to Miramar. It comes in with the greatest damage for a pistol. Luckily, unlike its competitor, you can also attach a Red Dot, which is sometimes unnecessary, considering the default Iron Sight is above average.

Other than that, it’s a decent pistol that could be utilized in the early game and like the rest of the revolvers. You will have to overcome the challenge of high recoil and low fire rate. I don’t usually recommend these because these Revolvers act like a sniper without good sight. Therefore, If you fail to land the early shots, it’s going to end badly.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
64330 m/s 77.62 mm6.25s

Just Below the R45, you get another Revolver, which is the R9895, the first of many weapons in PUBG. This one has relatively identical specifications to the R45, but instead of having a scope, you can only attach a suppressor.

This is a significant problem for R9895 because although its damage is great, it can melt anyone. The gun has a lot of aiming issues, and the default iron sight is tough to get used to. To sum up, R9895 is a decent pistol, slightly above the likes of P92, Sawed-Off, and P911. However, its authority is a bottleneck and would place it in the B Tier.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
41870 m/s 30 5.56mm3.1s

With Identical stats to the SCAR-L, QBZ was released as an exclusive weapon for the Sanhok Map. The gun is deservingly very popular, thanks to its controllable recoil and high fire rate that paves the way for 4X Spray. It isn’t as good as M4A1 in the long run because the lack of attachments is a serious problem. 

Subsequent to seeing the stats, you might be wondering about QBZ’s existence on this weapons tier list. As I explained before, this weapon doesn’t have a great deal of authority over Beryl, M4A1, and others. Moreover, it’s also an exclusive weapon, so the proportion of people returning to use it is very thin. 

C Tier

In the C tier, I are going to list PUBG weapons that are often useless, and similarly, a lot of players aren’t even going to touch them. The stats on some of these might be great, but verily, they don’t have good authority, and you aren’t a big fan of them.


Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
34380 m/s159mm2.0s

Despite having higher damage compared to the P18C and Skorpion, the P92 fire rate has always bottlenecked its statics. The pistol can often be useful in hot drops.


PUBG Best Weapons
Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeBody Hit Impact
22330 m/s212 Gauge8,000

Sawed-Off’s introduction in the game was wild, but it stands out. I haven’t come across any player who would use this, unlike P92 or Tommy Gun, which are handy in early games. The Sawed-Off is a bad choice because If you miss the first bullet, there will be a 3-second reload that often gets frustrating. It’s also worth noting that, unlike other shotguns, it has a huge spread, and the damage is significantly less for a Sawed-Off-inspired weapon.

PP-19 Bizon

Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
35408 m/s539mm3.1s

With just a glamour of damage difference between PP-19 Bizon and UMP45 or Vector. The PP-19 Bizon does come with an extended mag; however, this benefit is reduced with the painfully slow fire rate. Moreover, it also has only two attachment slots. I haven’t preferred PP-19 Bizon over any other SMG Lately, but from what it seems, many new players are welcoming this gun due to the large magazine.

S1897 And S686


S1897 Stats:

Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
26360 m/s512 Gauge4.0s

S686 Stats:

Hit DamageBullet SpeedMagazine SizeAmmo TypeReload time
26370 m/s212 Gauge2.4s

The two most renowned pairs of shotguns in PUBG are S1897 and S686. Both are very similar in terms of damage, but S686 edges its rival through a better fire rate. These two shotguns only have two attachment slots; you can enter Bullet Loops, Duckbill, or Choke.

We really haven’t explored these two guns because of their limited use. Moreover, I analyzed the performance and concluded that S686 is better. These two shotguns aren’t very common and would only be used in an early-game scenario.

Changes Due To The Latest Patch

Patch Notes: Update 22.2

  • A new Assault Rifle called “FAMAS” has been added.
  • AUG will now be available as world spawn weapon on every map with:
    • Damage nerfed from 42 to 41.
    • Bullet velocity decreased from 940m/s to 890m/s.
    • The effective range decreased from a whooping 90-500 to 60-450.
    • The rate of fire has increased from 700 to 750.
    • A slight adjustment in the recoil to intensify it.
  • Damage of M416 has been decreased from 41 to 40 with the minute increase in horizontal recoil.
  • Rounds per minute of M16A4 and Mk47 have been upgraded from 600 to 800.
  • Now, P90 will spawn alongside 200 rounds in the game.


PUBG Tier List
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Just missed.

As of 2023, these are all the weapons available in PUBG. Exputer’s PUBG Weapons Tier list guide was made after I played this game for more than 3000 hours. So far, a lot of weapons have been added, countless have gotten updates, and it’s reasonable to presume only some weapons have been consistent.

In its initial days, the Likes of M4A1 and SCAR-L were heavily admired; they were considered the best. Similarly, other weapons like Tommy Gun and Beryl were hated, but over time, players have gotten used to them. Keep in mind that Tier List guides are subjective, but I have put two important factors while making it.

The authority and stats had narrowed to facts and not just opinion. Besides, some people have a strange combination of weapons and aren’t impressed with whatever guns are added. This also goes for me because, In solos, I mostly prefer an M4A1 along with M24. Likewise, for Duo and Squads, I would go with M4A1 and SLR or Mini-14. I highly recommend playing FaceIt to get an idea of how most weapons are utilized.


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