20 Best PUBG Professional Players [Expert’s Take]

The Best PUBG Players guide lists the top 20 professional PUBG players that I think ace the game & are examples in the community.

I have listed here the top 20 PUBG best players that you should know if you play PUBG or if you are aspiring to participate in a professional championship someday. Knowing these players and learning their playstyle will certainly help you in becoming a better player in the game and dominating players who lack skill and finesse in battle royale games. While you’re at it, consider reading PUBG Best Weapons.

Key Takeaways
  • Player’s Unkown Battlegrounds has become a global phenomenon, and many professional championships bring games to the spotlight every year.
  • The top players you should know if you play PUBG or want to participate in a professional championship someday are: PIO, Wu Zheng, Ubah, Godv, Kickstart’s, Lonix, Sasha Batulin, PurdyKurdy, Snakers, ZPYAN1, Ha Huu Tai , Luke Crafer, Daniel Luusua, Zhu Bocheng, Made Bagas Pramudita, Zhong Hongsen, RRQ, Mortal andScoutOP
  • By knowing these players you can become a good player by watching their play style. These players have various skills such as map awareness, rifling, close combat, throwables, spray transfers, etc. And these players have won multiple championships and represent their countries in various competitions.


Pio is a south Korean PUBG pc player who is also the IGL (in-game leader) for Gen-G. I believe he is, without a doubt, one of, if not the top-tier PUBG player in the world. Pio is literally the driving force behind the competitive team, Gen-G’s success. He is a flexible Rifler and, on top of being a Lurker.

Best PUBG Players
best pubg player PIO

The main factor that makes me like him is his unparalleled map awareness and positioning. Pio not only won the 2019 pubg global championship but pio also represented South Korea at the 2019 nations cup; he was instrumental in gen-g’s late rally at PGLS 2021.


James TGLTN Giezen, more commonly known as TGLTN, is an out and out God at PUBG Pc. He is easily one of the best players to ever have played PUBG. He is the best at Rifling and Fragging his opponents. His close combat skills and confronting enemies at short to medium range skills are dominating, and he almost always comes out on top.

best pubg player TGLTN

I like his confidence and boldness that absolutely bewilder his enemies, and they are often caught off guard when they are least expecting his attack. He is, without a doubt, the excellent PUBG player in the world.

Apart from being the absolute driving force behind the team Sonic’s success at PGLS 2021, he also has been an ambassador at PUBG and both, Twitch and YouTube personalities. 


Wu Zheng, or Forever, is one of the youngest players in my list that you need to be careful about while playing competitive. The famous competitive PUBG team, 4am, or four angry men, flourished just because of his skills and clutches.

During the recent champions league of PUBG, Forever was worthy enough to both be the MVP of the match and also earned the highest kills trophy.


Ubah was a former Dota 2 streamer until he joined PUBG and started playing competitively. He is often referred to as Europe’s best player. Ubah always tops the list as being the best European PUBG player ever to exist. He was crucial to the success of his team, which resulted in him winning the 2019 Nations Cup.

Ever since he has been very dominant in-game, his sheer skills were taken note of by the popular Faze Clan, and he was invited to the team.


Godv, who was a former LoL player, turned to PUBG in hopes of being the best. Little did he know that his skills would meet his expectations. Without a doubt, he quickly raised to the top ranks among the best players. Not only that, he also became the leader of the multi-award-winning PUBG Pc competitive team 4am.

I’ve seen him playing PUBG PC since day one, which makes him a true veteran and a worthy opponent to any player, no matter how good they may be. He is the God of throwables, be it Molotovs or Grenades; he just does not miss.

His team relies on him to control both large and small corners of the map, which allows his team to dominate the playground. He is also one of the most famous PUBG players in China. He represented his country in the 2021 Nations Cup and played at both PGC and PGL tournaments in 2021.


KickStart received a lot of fame after his famous clutch in which he solo carried his team to second place in PGL earlier this year.

The guy is cracked at what he does; he has phenomenal reflexes, his game sense is far better than his teammates, and he is referred to as the best fraggers in PUBG PC. I admire his total mastery in spray transfers and close combat and kills most enemies without breaking a sweat.

best pubg player
best pubg player KickStart


Inonix is the other side of Gen-G’s coin of success. After joining the team in 2020, he and Pio are known as the destructive duo that dominates the south Korean PUBG players.

For me, what makes Inonix different and better than other players is his ability to hold and anchor to a position. No matter how much pressure he receives from his enemies, he always holds his position for his teammates.

It makes him as a great teammate to have, as you can rely on him to watch your back and sides while you may push enemies or act defensively.

His unparalleled skill to out-sustain any opponent over large to medium distances earned him a spot in the competitive team, Gen-G. Not only this but his sheer skills also earn him a spot in the list of best players to date.


Sasha Batulin is the leader, fragger, and mastermind behind Virtus Pro, a very successful competitive team. The team exploded on the scene in 2020, with Batulin at the helen challenging the status quo in European PUBG.

The team has gone from strength to strength in recent months and is likely one of the top contenders in Europe for PSC4 and also potentially PGS.

best pubg player Batulins

The bulk of the heavy lifting in the team is done by Batulin and his immaculate in-game callouts plus his game sense. If you ever see Virtus Pro dominating the scene, you should know it’s Batulin doing the work, who is one of the best players on the face of the planet.


Curtis Bond, more commonly known as PurdyKurty, is the In-Game Leader and Leader of the Top-Tier PUBG Pc competitive team TSM. He became the leader of TSM after the team announced a new roster, shot to kill, in which Purdy came out on top.

Purdy earned a spot on my list because of the fact that he is the most self-sacrificing player for the entire PUBG e-Sports. He is able to build such positions for his team with his wacky plays that he is an important asset to the team in every sense of the way.

The Shoot To Kill team has always been known to make the most explosive plays and land the highest kills in any single match, and it also challenges opponents in the most creative ways. A lot of this comes from PurdyKurty himself, whose ability to envision scenarios ahead of time even when they have not taken place is game-breaking.

Due to this, his team is able to pull through most disadvantageous scenarios and with their backs towards the blue zone, knowing he has got them.


Another competitive PUBG PC player paves his way into my list with his phenomenal rifling skills and ground-breaking close combat skills. What sets him apart from other players on the list is his insane ability to frag out for his team is which qualifies him as one of the best players in the world. Next to Forever, he is one of the youngest ever to qualify for competitive PUBG and is likely a force to be reckoned with in PUBG for many years to come.

Snakers also as an impeccable sniper and DMR skills. Give the guy a 4x Scope with Mini-14 and watch him clear out the lobby for you. Moreover, being the versatile player he is, he can also use an M416 to dish out those campers from that squad house. The fact that he is so young and has a lot of potential left is what makes him scary and a top-tier player in PUBG in the near future.


Zhou Pinyan, also known as ZPYAN1, is a 20 years old professional PUBG player who is just 20 years old but so far has earned $445K from PUBG tournaments. So far, he has played 1036 matches, and last year he participated in 641 one of these.

Zhou Pinyan participated in the recent PCL 2022 Spring tournament with the Newhappy team of PUBG and came on top, securing the number one spot at the tournament. He won $51K in the professional tournament held in April 2022. At the start of this year, Zhou Pinyan also secured number one standing in Huya Stands S2 and won $2K for it.


Ha Huu Tai also known as TAIKONN in the realm of professional players, is from Vietnam. His overall PUBG career has earned him nearly $7324, and his favorite role while participating in the tournament is fragger.

Ha Huu Tai has been actively participating in C-tier and A-tier PUBG tournaments since 2019, and in February 2022, he got 1st position in Esports Heroes Open Cup 2022. It was another C-tier tournament for which he won $722. Ha Huu Tai participates with the CERBERUS Esports team, and in November 2021, he again secured the number one spot in WD_Black PUBG SEA Invitational 2021 PUBG tournament.


Luke Crafer, also called as TEABONE is an English PUBG professional player who is 26 years old. He represents team Heroic in the world of PUBG and so far has earned $210,869 by winning PUBG professional tournaments.

Luke Crafer has been an active professional PUBG player since 2019, and he usually participates in A-tier and S-tier PUBG tournaments. In May 2022, he secured sixth place while participating in an S-tier tournament called PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe and won a $14,000 prize.

Last year, Luke secured the second position in PUBG Global Championship 2021 in another S-tier PUBG tournament and won a massive $666,209 prize. He is an inspiration of England, and many look up to his PUBG playstyle.


Daniel Luusua, best known as D1gg3r1 who plays for the FaZe Clan Team. He is from Finland, and he has been participating in S-tier, A-tier, and B-tier PUBG professional tournaments since 2020. So far, Daniel Luusua has earned approximately $82,070, and he recently won $27k by securing third place in PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe held in May 2022.

Last year, Daniel Lussua played for the ENCE team in an S-tier tournament called PUBG Global Championship 2021 and secured 9th place, winning a $101,080 prize in December 2021. He has also secured 1st positions in three B-tier PUBG professional tournaments so far, which are: Frag League Top Division S6 Playoff in June 2021, Frag League Top Division S5 held in December 2020, and Lantrek 2020 played in February 2020.

XQF Paraboy

Zhu Bocheng (朱伯丞) is another 20 years old Chinese PUBG Professional player who has been dominating a lot of S-tier and A-tier tournaments from 2019 till today. He has had a winning spree of four PUBG professional tournaments in which he secured 1st place. Reportedly, so far, Zhu Bocheng (朱伯丞) has won $1,505,955 and is still going strong to win more in 2022.

Zhu Bocheng participated in an S-tier tournament called Peacekeeper Elite League Spring 2022 last month and secured 3rd place, winning $638,427. Before that, he participated in another S-tier championship called PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals and won the prize of $1,530,000 by securing 1st position.

BTR Zuxxy

Made Bagas Pramudita, aka Zuxxy, is a twin brother of Luxxy, and both are dubbed as Tachibana Twins. He plays for the Bigetron RA team and so far has earned $240,597 by participating in PUBG professional Esports tournaments from 2018 till today.

Zuxxy won $28,000 by winning first in the A-tier PUBG professional championship called Ultimate Warrior Showdown 2021, and before that, he bagged the prize of $40,171 by securing 6th position in Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021, an S-tier PUBG professional championship.


Zhong Hongsen (钟鸿森) is another 21 years old Chinese professional PUBG player who has been actively participating in championships since 2019. So far, he has participated mostly in S-tier tournaments and a few A-tier ones as well.

He plays for Four Angry Men Team and secured 2nd position last month, winning a $472,465 prize in Peacekeeper Elite League Spring 2022 championship. His highest win so far has been of $505,250 when he got 2nd position in an S-tier PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 tournament in January 2021.

RRQ Earnny

Wachirawit Ramangkool (วชิรวิชญ์ รามางกูร) is a professional PUBG player from Thailand whose favorite role while playing in a team is the attacker. He has been actively playing S-tier and A-tier PUBG professional tournaments since 2018 and has so far earned $117,596.

He has not played in a championship in 2022; however, Wachirawit Ramangkool (วชิรวิชญ์ รามางกูร) won $88,000 prize by securing 11th place in S-tier PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020.


Naman Sandeep Mathur, aka Mortal, is my favorite Indian professional PUBG player who plays as leader of a Team called Team SouL. He has been actively participating in PUBG Championships since 2019, and his recent prize was $3,925 when he got 1st place in a B-tier championship called Pro Warrior Cup S2: Conquest Round.


Tanmay Singh (तन्मय सिंह) is yet again another successfully PUBG professional who secured 2nd place in an S-tier championship in 2020 called PUBG Mobile World League 2020: East and won a massive $55,000 prize.

He has not participated much after that in PUBG professional championships, but many aspiring Indian gamers look up to him.

My Take

When it comes to the PUBG community, there are numerous gamers with exceptional skill levels who rank at the top of their respective regions. Here, I have listed down some of the most professional players with amazing playstyle. Each players has a different strategic style of playing which makes them popular in the community.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Best players. Which is your favorite professional player? Let me know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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