Midnight Suns: BEST Characters [Cards & Playstyle]

With the variety of characters available in the game, choosing the Best Characters can become a chore.

Midnight Suns have a total of 13 playable characters. These characters each have their own Unique Cards and Abilities. That means with each character; you’ll have a different playstyle. But in the game, you can’t pick up all characters and head out to battle. You get to choose a limited amount of characters. That is why it is important to learn about the Best Characters available in Midnight Suns because these Best Characters will help you get easy victory in almost all of the battles.

Key Takeaways

If you want to learn how to get ability cards faster for all the best characters listed below, consider watching the video.

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First and foremost, let’s briefly look at the Best Characters and their cards in Midnight Suns:

Hunter- Quick Slash
- Wild Strike
- Holy Burst
- Summon Charlie
Wolverine- Eviscerate
- Rapid Healing
- Berserk
- Quick Swipe
Doctor Strange- Blessing of the Vishanti
- Agamotto's Gaze
- Vapors of Valtorr
- Winds of Watoomb
- Axe of Angarruums
Iron Man- Air Superiority
- Surgical Strike
- Leave It To Me
- Quick Blast
Blade- Make 'em Bleed
- The Hunger
- Daywalker
- Savage
Ghost Rider- Soul Collector
- Judgement
- Hell's Fury
- Straight to Hell
Captain America- Shield Bounce
- Tactician
- Brooklyn Handshake


Hunter is a character that you, yourself, create and choose the ways of playing that character. As the game prolongs, the way to play Hunter widens. That is because as you progress through the story, you’ll unlock even more cards for Hunter. You’ll have the option to go for either the Light or the Dark side later on in the game.

Hunter as the Best character in Midnight Suns.
Hunter is one of the best characters as they have versatile gameplay. [Image by: eXputer]
All the other characters are provided with a deck of around 12 cards. Hunter is capable of obtaining around 30 cards in their deck. 10 cards are given to each of the components as Hunter’s deck is divided into 3 components or branches. They are the Light, Dark, and Power.


Hunter has a few good cards that you can use in the fights. As we’ve already explained before, he has three different components. So, the cards revolve around these. However, you can use all of the cards. But I have listed some of the best cards down below.

  • Quick Slash
  • Wild Strike
  • Holy Burst
  • Summon Charlie


Wolverine is a character that relies on raw survivability through his self-healing passive. Not only that, his skill cards provide him with rapid healing through which he is able to heal himself directly. His attack style is a chain-based attack that enables him to deliver massive damage to multiple enemies at the same time. The ability to revive himself with his own skill card in high-level missions is what makes him a primarily essential character.

Wolverine in the game.
The lifesteal ability makes Wolverine one of the most durable heroes in the game. [Snapshot by: eXputer]
Moreover, Wolverine is one of the best multi-target damage dealers. He has numerous abilities that allow him to sprint around the battlefield, beating away weak enemies, along with his unique trait of taunting the enemy.


Here are some of the best Wolverine cards.

  • Eviscerate
  • Rapid Healing
  • Berserk
  • Quick Swipe

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, is one of the most interesting characters to play with. Mainly because he can perform things, no other character can. He is primarily a Support based hero, along with some attack cards, but mainly support is focused. Even though he is one of the first characters that you will unlock, he has tons of powerful cards that make him useful throughout the game.

Doctor strange is one of the best characters in midnight suns.
Doctor Strange is a great support character. [Image by: eXputer]


Like all other characters, Doctor Strange has a few good cards in his deck. Three of the most effective and essential cards that Doctor Strange possesses are Blessing of the Vishanti, Agamotto’s Gaze, and Vapors of Valtorr.

  • Blessing Of The Vishanti
  • Agamotto’s Gaze
  • Vapors Of Valtorr
  • Winds Of Watoomb
  • Axe Of Angarruums

Iron Man

Iron Man or you can say the ‘Armoured Avenger,’ is basically a character that emphasizes dealing with damage. In addition to that, he brings a lot of utility to the table. Iron Man is a character on which you can rely to do everything. He has some of the best DPS, Block skills. Iron Man can also provide buffs to his teammates or debuffs to the opponent.

Iron Man in the game
Iron Man has some of the highest attacks in the game. [Snapshot by: eXputer]


As Iron Man has a variety of uses for his cards, you won’t have to think twice about his cards. Take whatever cards you can, and they will give you the best opportunity. But here are the cards that I believe are the best of the best.

  • Blessing Of The Vishanti
  • Agamotto’s Gaze
  • Vapors Of Valtorr
  • Winds Of Watoomb
  • Axe Of Angarruums


Blade, the Daywalker, is a damage-dealing character, with his abilities focused on Bleeding. He is the first Damage Dealer that you will unlock in the game, besides the protagonist Hunter. The Blade has the passive ability Cold Blooded. Using the ability, Blade will have a high chance of triggering the Bleeding effect onto enemies. Bleeding will come in handy in boss fights where it takes a lot of time for the effect to work.

Blade in the game.
The Daywalker is great when you have to deal massive single-target damages. [Image by: eXputer]


Among many of Blade’s cards, here are a few of the cards that I believe are the best of the best.

  • Make ‘em Bleed
  • The Hunger
  • Daywalker
  • Savage

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, is a damage dealer. To get the best out of him, you should pair him with a Support character. He often plans to take damage himself. That way, he will be able to dish out further damage to the enemies. If you keep the right deck of ability cards, you will be able to do insane damage to the enemies.

best character in midnight suns Ghost rider
The more damage Ghost Rider gets, the more powerful he becomes. [Snapshot by: eXputer]


The Cards that go well with Ghost Rider are;

  • Soul Collector
  • Judgment
  • Hell’s Fury
  • Straight To Hell

Captain America

Captain America is a Tank/Damage hero in the game. He will be one of the first Tank characters that you will unlock in the game. With almost all of his attacks, Captain America can produce Block stats. Using the block stats, he blocks enemies’ attacks, making him one of the best characters in Midnight Suns.

Captain America midnight suns best character.
One of the best Tanks in the game is Captain America. [Image by: eXputer]


Some of the best cards available to Captain America are:

  • Shield Bounce
  • Tactician
  • Brooklyn Handshake
  • SPANG!

Final Words

If you are considering a character as the Best Character that you can play in Midnight Suns, that character should have a few necessary things. First of all, they should be perfect in their role. If they are damage dealing, then the damage must be high. If they are support, then the support should be spreadable to all heroes, not just one. Lastly, a tanky hero must be able to take enemies’ attention from the weaker characters.

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