Midnight Suns: BEST Characters [Cards & Playstyle]

With the variety of characters available in the game, choosing the Best Characters can become a chore.

Midnight Suns has a total of 13 playable characters. These characters each have their own Unique Cards and Abilities. That means with each character; you’ll have a different playstyle. But in the game, you can’t pick up all characters and head out to battle. You get to choose a limited amount of characters. That is why it is important to learn about the Best Characters available in Midnight Suns because these Best Characters will help you get easy victory in almost all of the battles.

Key Notes

  • Out of all Characters in Midnight Suns, only a few are worthy of being called the Best.
  • Hunter, the protagonist in the game, has a diverse style. He can act as a support, he can heal, or he can deal tons of damage to the enemy.
  • Wolverine uses Lifesteal to heal himself while dealing high damage to the enemies.
  • Doctor Strange is one of the best Supports in the game. He draws cards for other characters to use and enhances the attack damage of all ally characters.
  • One of the Best Characters, Iron Man, can take out multiple enemies at once using his powerful attacks.
  • As for Blade, he is a powerful character that can deal high damage while inflicting Bleed on enemies.
  • Ghost Rider gets more powerful as he kills more enemies. Not only that, the more he gets hit, the more his damage increases.
  • Captain America is one of the best Tank/Damage characters in the game. You can use him to get Block for other teammates.

If you want to learn how to get ability cards faster for all the best characters listed below, consider watching the video.


Hunter is a character that you, yourself, create and choose the ways of playing that character. As the game prolongs, the way to play Hunter widens. That is because as you progress through the story, you’ll unlock even more cards for Hunter. You’ll have the option to go for either the Light or the Dark side later on in the game.

Hunter as the Best character in Midnight Suns.
Hunter is one of the best characters as they have versatile gameplay. [Image by: eXputer]
All the other characters are provided with a deck of around 12 cards. Hunter is capable of obtaining around 30 cards in their deck. 10 cards are given to each of the components as Hunter’s deck is divided into 3 components or branches. They are the Light, Dark, and Power.

The Light component consists of healing, damage, and support. Similarly, the Dark component is dedicated to both damage and control abilities. Whereas the Power component focuses on being able to be both defensive and offensive for the team. Each component has a heroic ability that can be unlocked. Even if players choose to focus on just a single branch from among the three, when assembling their deck, make sure you have abilities like fortify, cure, and heal.


Hunter has a few good cards that you can use in the fights. As we’ve already explained before, he has three different components. So, the cards revolve around these. However, you can use all of the cards. But we have listed some of the best cards down below.

Quick Slash

Quick Slash is the perfect card to knock back enemies quickly and damage them at the same time. Many characters like Spiderman or Magik can also knock back enemies. However, Hunter has the advantage of damaging the enemies as well as knock them back at the same time. It is a great ability to kill enemies if you have nowhere to knock the enemies into. It is a Quick card, meaning you will get the card back when you use it.

Wild Strike

Wild Strike card deals high damage to opponents. Although it generates lesser amounts of heroism, it does extremely high damage even after not being a heroic card. This ability is most useful when taking out a high-level enemy and not as effective if it is used to target minions. When you use the card, it will give a 1 Vulnerable status effect to Hunter. If there is any enemy that is targeting Hunter, try to divert its attention toward a tank hero.

Modify the card to increase the damage even more so that you are able to kill one heavy enemy in a single swing. That way, if you knock out an enemy, it will give 60 Blocks to Hunter.

Holy Burst

Holy Burst card is one of the most useful cards as it focuses on both healing and damage. When using the card, select a specific area to launch this ability; it will deal high damage to all enemies residing in that particular location. If there is any ally in the area, they will all regain a fair chunk of health.

It has two different uses. If all of the enemies have rallied up in an area, you can use the ability there. That will deal a lot of damage to the enemies in that area. But, if any of your teammates is low on health, and there isn’t a Support hero on your team, you can use the card to patch them up.

Summon Charlie

One of the many great advantages of choosing Hunter is the ability to summon the Hellhound Charlie. For that, you’d have to use the Summon Charlie card and it will appear for 3 turns. With Summoning Charlie, you’ll get 2 of its cards. It will put Hunter into an Exhaust effect.


If utility in a variety of functions is what makes the game Midnight Suns, then there is no better option than Hunter. Hunter can be played in a variety of methods. You can combine him with any of the heroes as well, he is the main character, and you’ll get great results with him. These are what make him one of the best characters in Midnight Suns.


Wolverine is a character that relies on raw survivability through his self-healing passive. Not only that, his skill cards provide him with rapid healing through which he is able to heal himself directly. His attack style is a chain-based attack that enables him to deliver massive damage to multiple enemies at the same time. The ability to revive himself with his own skill card in high-level missions is what makes him a primarily essential character.

Wolverine in the game.
The lifesteal ability makes Wolverine one of the most durable heroes in the game. [Snapshot by: eXputer]
Moreover, Wolverine is one of the best multi-target damage dealers. He has numerous abilities that allow him to sprint around the battlefield, beating away weak enemies, along with his unique trait of taunting the enemy.


Here are some of the best Wolverine cards.


Amongst his many efficient cards, Eviscerate card is the one you should definitely go for. It allows you to perform up to four hits. You can do that either on two enemies by attacking them twice or by hitting four enemies once. Moreover, if you Knock Out an enemy, you will achieve a single Counter. Thus, the Eviscerate card not only deals damage to enemies but also counters their attacks.

You should use the card if a powerful enemy is about to attack Wolverine. By using the card, Wolverine will gain a Counter to one attack, and it will be that enemies attack.

Rapid Healing

Although Wolverine will be healing himself with almost all of his cards and abilities, but at times, the need arises to get the most healing you can get. For that, we will use the Rapid Healing card. Not only does it heal him, but the card will cure any effects induced by the enemies. It will make Wolverine get back into his best form and kill more enemies. All that while also bringing back a great amount of his health.


If you feel that you’re short on Wolverine cards, or want more cards to choose from, then keeping the Berserk card in your deck is the best choice. When you use the card, Wolverine will draw two more cards from his deck. Not only that, all of his cards will get Lifesteal for that turn. In addition to all that, It will generate Heroism for you.

Lifesteal will heal you with any kind of damage dealt to the enemies whether it’s an Attack card, counterattack, or whatever. Using that, Wolverine will heal himself through any attack he performs. But if you got Lifesteal through the Berserk card, it will only last for that turn, so use it wisely.

Quick Swipe

One of the best methods that you can use to take out enemies is using the Quick Swipe card. If you manage to knock out an enemy, it will give you a Strengthened effect. Strengthened will enhance the damage dealt through his card Eviscerate.

The strategy with Eviscerate and Quick Swipe is to get them both in your hand. Then, use Quick Swipe and knock out an enemy. After that, you should use Eviscerate and deal higher damage on a bunch of enemies.


One of the characters that perfectly pairs up with Wolverine can be Blade. The Blade can multiply the amount and effect of damage being given out. Bleeding can also be added, which will help both Wolverine and Blade with their attacks. And in turn, make them even more deadly for the opponents to deal with.

Wolverine has the survivability necessary to attenuate damage for the entire team, keeping his allies out of harm’s way. His ability to put forward a variety of functions in Midnight Suns is what we believe makes him one of the Best characters to take on.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, is one of the most interesting characters to play with. Mainly because he can perform things, no other character can. He is primarily a Support based hero, along with some attack cards, but mainly support is focused. Even though he is one of the first characters that you will unlock, he has tons of powerful cards that make him useful throughout the game.

Doctor strange is one of the best characters in midnight suns.
Doctor Strange is a great support character. [Image by: eXputer]


Like all other characters, Doctor Strange has a few good cards in his deck. Three of the most effective and essential cards that Doctor Strange possesses are Blessing of the Vishanti, Agamotto’s Gaze, and Vapors of Valtorr.

Blessing Of The Vishanti

As we’ve already explained, Blessing of the Vishanti is a great skill card. When used, Doctor Strange will boost the damage of all damage-dealing cards that you have available in your hand, whether they’re Attack cards or Heroic cards. And the Attack Boost will last throughout the game, even if you redraw the cards later on.

If you have any damage dealers in your team like Spiderman, Blade, or Wolverine, they will get huge benefits from the Blessing of the Vishanti. But the benefit multiplies if you’re using AoE characters. A great example of the AoE hero would be Captain America.

Agamotto’s Gaze

Another fine addition to Doctor Strange’s cards is the Agamotto’s Gaze. When you use the card, you’ll draw two of the Attack Cards that you played. Not only that, these cards drawn will get a damage boost. But unlike the Blessing of the Vishanti, the Damage boost will last until that attack card is used against an enemy or discarded it. It means the boost will go away as soon as the card leaves your hand.

Not only that, in the next turn, after using the card, you can play 4 cards instead of the usual 3. At that time, you can use the attack cards and get much more benefits out of them.

Vapors Of Valtorr

If any hero in your is on low health and the enemies are targeting him. At that time, you should use the Vapors of Valtorr. Vapors of Valtorr card allow your teammates or allies to be concealed from the enemies. It will save them from getting targeted by the enemy. But the hero can’t move. And the enemy can hit, but only by throwing something toward them. 

Still, it is a great card if your allies are in low health. Not only that, using the card will give the player a fair bit of Heroism.

Winds Of Watoomb

Winds of Watoomb is one of the first cards that you’ll unlock with Doctor Strange. It is a great card to use at the start of the game. The Attack and Knockback are quite useful for killing enemies quickly and easily. But you’ll have to be careful with using the card, as, at times, the Knockback on it won’t be as effective as any other card.

When you have at least three characters in the team, the card can prove to be useful. It will get enhanced and get Forceful Knockback. The Forceful Knockback will deal extra damage to the enemies. And with it, there is a high chance that you will get a kill from the attack.

Axe Of Angarruums

The Axe of Angarruumus is one of the most powerful cards used to defeat single targets. Ideally, it should be used when you are fighting a boss in a fight. To properly utilize the card, you’ll have to build up Heroism. If you enhance it with Heroism, it will perform quite high damage to the enemies. That damage will be so high that you can kill enemies with one hit.


Doctor Strange has the passive ability ‘Greater Good’ because of which he has a 50% chance to produce heroism after every turn. It gives you the opportunity of using his heroic abilities more frequently, and he can also bring about heroism to the team.

Doctor Strange is an all-rounder character who works with just about any character combo. Particularly those characters that have multiple attacks with their cards. Characters like Iron Man and Wolverine are some of the best characters to use with him in Midnight Suns.

Iron Man

Iron Man, or you can say the ‘Armoured Avenger,’ is basically a character that emphasizes dealing with damage. In addition to that, he brings a lot of utility to the table. Iron Man is a character on which you can rely to do everything. He has some of the best DPS, Block skills. Iron man can also provide buffs to his teammates or debuffs to the opponent.

Iron Man in the game
Iron Man has some of the highest attacks in the game. [Snapshot by: eXputer]


As Iron Man has a variety of uses for his cards, you won’t have to think twice about his cards. Take whatever cards you can, and they will give you the best opportunity. But here are the cards that we believe are the best of the best.

Air Superiority

One of the signature cards of Iron Man is Air Superiority. It is a Heroic Card that requires 2 Heroism to use. Once used, the card will deal high damage to all of the enemies that are present there. It is a great attack when you’re surrounded by enemies and can’t decide which one to focus on. So why not attack everyone there? Additionally, the card is best used when there are a lot of minions in the area. It will clear out the whole area of them.

When you redraw the card, it will further enhance the attachment of the card. That is why you need to have characters that have the redraw ability to make Iron Man even more powerful.

Surgical Strike

The Surgical Strike card is a Heroic card that is unique in its nature. It will chain up to 5 attacks together. The number depends on the number of Iron Man cards that you currently hold in your hand. The best way to use the card is to collect a fair bit of Iron Man cards using the Redraw Characters. Once you have them, you will be able to perform a powerful AoE attack on enemies.

In addition to that, you can utilize it to hit one enemy or a bunch of enemies, using the number of cards available.

Leave It To Me

One of the best cards that you can use in Iron Man’s deck is the Leave it to Me card. It is a card that is designed to help Iron Man with his redraw card format. Once used, Iron Man will Draw two of his own cards not only that, he will have two additional Draws that can be of any cards. 

Iron Man’s cards benefit a lot from getting redrawn. So, if you manage to redraw one of his cards, it will enhance the card’s damage by a fair chunk of the amount. That will give you an edge over opponents in the game. In addition to all that, It will give you a total of two Heroism with using the card.

Quick Blast

If you want to redraw more cards, then using the Quick Blast card is the best way to do so. When used, it will draw one Iron Man card. But if you manage to get a Knockout on an enemy, you will draw another Iron Man card, one that you’re already drawing. That means you’ll get a total of two cards with one use.

With a quick card, your goal should be to get a kill on the enemy. That way, you’ll be able to maximize the usage of the card.


As Iron Man is an attack-focused character, it is just right to team him up with a character that can redraw his cards. The best example of that would be Doctor Strange, Captain America, or Nico Minoru. They all have the ability to draw more cards for their team. And if you manage to draw Iron Man’s cards, he’ll get enhanced damage and will be able to dish out even more damage with his cards. Adding all that makes him one of the Best damage Characters that you can use in Midnight Suns.

A great combo for Iron Man is Doctor Strange. He can redraw Iron Man’s cards and add more damage to them using his own abilities. On top of that, Iron Man will add more damage to the cards when they are redrawn. In addition to all that, using Dr. Strange’s Blessing of the Vishanti card, you will be able to boost the damage of every single chain of Iron Man’s Surgical Strike. All these benefits make them one of the iconic duos.


Blade, the Daywalker, is a damage-dealing character, with his abilities focused on Bleeding. He is the first Damage Dealer that you will unlock in the game, besides the protagonist Hunter. The Blade has the passive ability Cold Blooded. Using the ability, Blade will have a high chance of triggering the Bleeding effect onto enemies. Bleeding will come in handy in boss fights where it takes a lot of time for the effect to work.

Blade in the game.
The Daywalker is great when you have to deal massive single-target damages. [Image by: eXputer]


Among many of Blade’s cards, here are a few of the cards that we believe are the best of the best.

Make ‘em Bleed

At times you might run out of cards for Blade to use. You will be provided with two solutions. Either you use any card-drawing hero who will draw random cards. Or use the Make ‘em Bleed card of Blade that will draw two Blade-specific cards, in addition to all that, once you use the card, the next three damage cards that you use of Blade will have 2 Bleeding effects on them. 

The card comes in handy if you haven’t unlocked any good damage dealer in the team. It doesn’t mean that you should ditch him as soon as you unlock them. The Blade is still a reliable hero.

The Hunger

There are different types of cards in the game. And The Hunger is one of those cards. You can use a free card, and it won’t cost you a card play. That means it is free to play. Okay, so when you use The Hunger card, Blade will put up the Marked effect onto every enemy that has Bleed. It isn’t a great card, considering the fact that the bleed effect isn’t easy to put onto enemies. But as it is free, you can use it without costing anything to you.


Daywalker is one of the most powerful cards. It is a chain card that will have 4 attacks. And you will draw a card for each enemy you Knock Out. In addition to all that, each attack applies 1 Bleed onto enemies.

If you used the Make ‘em Bleed card earlier, you’ll be able to apply two Bleed at once onto the enemy. That will allow you to deal tons of damage to enemies. It is more of a series of attacks that you will have to plan to execute perfectly.


Savage is a heroic card that deals intense damage to a single enemy. If an enemy is protecting themselves with a shield, the card will deal even more damage to the enemy, breaking through any kind of protective barrier. Using this card makes your character adaptable and versatile. You won’t find that many decks with cards that you to hit the target despite the shield protecting them.

In addition to all that, if you manage to get a knockout onto the enemy, it will allow you to draw two more cards. And with the Savage Card, it will be a confirmed Knockout.


One of the many best support characters for Blade is Captain America. Captain America provides Blade with some cover from the enemies. By using his Brooklyn Handshake card, Blade will receive a number of cards as well.

Doctor Strange is another hero that pairs interestingly well with Blade. Using Agamotto’s Gaze will allow you to recover Blade’s two attacks previously used. After you have buffed the attacks, the damage exerted by the Blade is even worse than before.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, is a damage dealer. To get the best out of him, you should pair him with a Support character. He often plans to take damage himself. That way, he will be able to dish out further damage to the enemies. If you keep the right deck of ability cards, you will be able to do insane damage to the enemies.

best character in midnight suns Ghost rider
The more damage Ghost Rider gets, the more powerful he becomes. [Snapshot by: eXputer]


The Cards that go well with Ghost Rider are;

Soul Collector

The Soul Collector passive card is a great way to make Ghost Rider even more powerful than he is. It is passive, so it will always be turned on. When you gain four souls, it will increase the Max Health of Ghost Rider. Killing enemies with Ghost Rider lets you build up souls.

With each kill, he will gain one soul. So your goal is to ensure that Ghost Rider gets as many kills as he can. It will help him with his other skills later on in the game. Which increases the number of enemies he can chain with the Drain Soul card, allowing you to steal lives that you can use to heal him.


One of the Heroic Cards that Ghost Rider has is the Judgment card. It costs 1 Heroism to play the card. And it will consume 25% of Ghost Rider’s current Health. For each health point consumed, Ghost Rider will deal 2 damage. Remember, it doesn’t mean the Max Health. So to fully utilize the ability, you’ll have to ensure that Ghost Rider has full or at least 90% health before you can use the card. Try to gain health using the Soul Collector before you use the Judgment to maximize the damage dealt.

But the neat part is that when you use the card, it will deal damage everything near that target, including the target. It is a powerful AoE skill that you can use to take out a bunch of opponents in an area. Your goal should be to target enemies farther away from your allies to keep them safe. Once you upgrade the ability, it will only deal damage to enemies. Any won’t affect the allies.

Hell’s Fury

A great card that you can use to maximize the effect of the Judgment card is the Hell’s Fury card. It is a Heroic Card that will cost 1 Heroism to play. It is a powerful Single-Target attack. So, when you have the card in your hand, you will gain a specific amount of damage with each hit. That will increase the overall damage to the card. Using it, you can make sure that you’re getting hit by low-level enemies. That will maximize the damage to the card.

If you have the Judgment card, you can get hit using it on enemies near you. That way, you’ll have increased damage on whatever was increased before. And when you target the main enemy, you will have a powerful attack that may end up killing that enemy in one hit.

Straight To Hell

Straight to Hell is a great card to use when Ghost Rider is in a vulnerable and weak position. Especially when he is not capable of receiving further damage from the enemy, that is where the card comes in handy. It allows the Ghost Rider to basically disappear and not encounter any enemy targeting him at all. Upgrading this card will allow him to regain his health, and that way, you can heal him using his own cards.


If you are able to find the right group to pair with Ghost Rider, his high-end damage output is one of the best in the game. Because he will be routinely damaging himself to power up his exerted damage, that is why it is best to pair him up with those characters that are capable of generating heroism and who can provide healing.

One of the characters that work competently alongside Ghost Rider is Nico. Nico can be utilized to strengthen him. And she also provides him with blood magic through which Ghost Rider is able to heal himself after certain attacks.

Ghost Rider is indeed a very complicated character to some extent. However, if you choose spot-on cards to play with, he can prove to be a destructive character. 

Captain America

Captain America is a Tank/Damage hero in the game. He will be one of the first Tank characters that you will unlock in the game. With almost all of his attacks, Captain America can produce Block stats. Using the block stats, he blocks enemies’ attacks, making him one of the best characters in Midnight Suns.

Captain America midnight suns best character.
One of the best Tanks in the game is Captain America. [Image by: eXputer]


Captain America has a variety of cards available. But we’ll be picking up some of the best cards available to him.

Shield Bounce

One of the best Heroic Cards available in Captain America’s arsenal is the Shield Bounce card. It costs two heroism to play the card. The ability is a huge AoE that you can utilize to deal a bunch of damage to enemies in an area. Not only that, It has Taunt built in. That will make all of the enemies in that area focus on Captain America instead of whoever they were targeting before.

You can use it on enemies that are targeting heroes with low health. At that time, you can use the Card to get their attention. In addition to that, you can use the card on a bunch of enemies that got to low health due to some other hero’s card. That way, you can take out a huge group of enemies with one hit.


The Tactician card is a card to begin the game with. It provides Captain America with Block, which prevents damage. It also allows you to draw up any of the two cards from your deck, not necessarily his cards only. As it will be providing heroism as well, it is great to utilize it for building up powerful cards.

If you upgrade the card, you will see that it gives you Block, which protects your team from damage. That makes it not only to make more plays for your teammates but to increase their durability for a little while.

Brooklyn Handshake

Brooklyn Handshake is an attack card that focuses on heroism while also forcefully knocking back the enemies. And if they’ve been damaged already then, it knocks them back forcefully, pushing them back even further. If you KO a target using the card, you are given two cards as well.

The sheer damage of the card alone is more than enough to convince you to use the card. If used correctly, you can take out two enemies with one hit.


Another great Captain America card is SPANG! It lets him throw his shield, aiming at the targets and dealing very high damage to them in the process. Another interesting fact about the ‘SPANG!’ card is that it increases the intensity of the damage exerted if that enemy is specifically attacking Captain America. Moreover, it is cheap when it comes to costing heroism as it only costs one heroism which is not that much at all.


A character like Doctor Strange would work almost perfectly with Captain America, as Dr. Strange can buff his attacks and bring back previously used cards. The Best Defense card gives Captain America the block equal to the damage he faced in 2 turns while also getting heroism points.

Final Words

If you are considering a character as the Best Character that you can play in Midnight Suns, that character should have a few necessary things. First of all, they should be perfect in their role. If they are damage dealing, then the damage must be high. If they are support, then the support should be spreadable to all heroes, not just one. Lastly, a tanky hero must be able to take enemies’ attention from the weaker characters.

When building a squad, the most effective team will be if you have one Assault hero, one Support hero, and one Technical hero. Use your Assault heroes primarily in a fight, as they can deal with massive damage.

Whereas, Technical characters may be used to taunt enemies to bring their attention toward themselves. At the same time, the rest of your team can continue with their damage and healing themselves. For instance, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange make one of the best teams.

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