Midnight Suns: BEST Doctor Strange Cards

Learn all you need know about the best Doctor Strange decks & Cards in Midnight Suns.

Doctor Strange is one of the best characters in Midnight Suns and is a great character to have in the squad. The Characters are split in their roles, such as support or attack and technical. All the characters have their own unique card that deals damage or affects the gameplay somehow. Here are the best cards for Doctor Strange in Midnight Suns.

Key Takeaways

  • Doctor Strange is a semi-support character in Mightnight Suns and helps your attack or damage characters do what they do best. 
  • Doctor Strange is unlocked at the start of the game, and you play the tutorial with him so that you will learn about his abilities right off the bat. 
  • Axe Of Angarruumus, Winds Of Watoomb, Agamotto’s Gaze, Shield Of The Seraphim, and Blessing Of The Vishanti are some of the best card abilities to use the most in the game.

Best Doctor Strange Decks & Cards

Doctor strange is one of the best characters in midnight suns.
Doctor Strange is a great support character [image captured by us]
Doctor Strange has always been a support character from comics to movies and games. In a similar fashion, the Midnight Suns’ version of Doctor Strange is no different, and he still is a support character, but he can also be played as an offensive one. However, it all comes down to how you use Strange’s cards in the heat of battle.  

Axe Of Angarruumus

Axe Of Angarruumus [Image Captured: eXputer]
Even though Strange is a semi-support character, you can easily tell that Axe of Angarruumus is a high damaging spell from the amount of damage it deals on a target. This card ability easily passes for the best, high-damage, one-on-one target damage that can KO an enemy in a single use. 

Upgrading Axe of Angarruumus will increase its base stat damage and will potentially be more devastating during mid to late games. Otherwise, the base spell is too weak for later combat scenarios in Midnight’s Suns, and this spell will surely be less used or preferred by you. 

You should note that the impact effect that Strange does on a target using this ability card can go higher if his passive is stacked and you have extra heroism points available to use. Otherwise, the Axe of Angarruumus could give a weak damage output

Winds Of Watoomb

Winds Of Watoomb [Image Credit: eXputer]
Winds of Watoomb should be the go-to card ability for all the players who want to use this character the best in Midnight Suns. That is because not only does this ability damage the frontline enemy, but it also knocks back anyone standing closer to the primary target. So, in a way, Doctor Strange attacks at least 2 enemies and also knocks them back just in case they do not die due to the larger health pool.

Winds of Watoomb is especially useful in combat scenarios where you or your teammates are surrounded by enemies who are standing closer to each other in close proximity. You can basically use this spell and distance yourself or your allies from enemies for a short time. 

Agamotto’s Gaze

Agamotto’s Gaze [Image Credit: eXputer]
You can lose a battle in many moments as you get no card left to attack or defend your heroes. This is where Doctor Strange comes to the rescue, as Agamotto’s Gaze card ability basically allows you to get back the 2 used attack cards along with buffed damage. So, not only do you get your chance to strike back when all of your cards are played, but your heroes also get to deal increased damage. If Dr/ Strange is not the best support character in Midnight Suns, then we do ‘t know who else is. 

The benefit of using Agamotto’s Gaze, does not stop there as you also get to enter with one more card usage in the next turn, and you also get Heroism points back as well. You can pretty much finish the last one or two standing enemies after using Strange’s Agamotto’s Gaze and getting back the offensive cards of your teammates. 

Shield Of The Seraphim

Shield Of The Seraphim [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]
Shield of The Seraphim does what it sounds like; it greatly reduces incoming attacks and removes all infused negative status effects on Doctor Strange and his teammates. When you use this card, Doctor Strange applies a magic barrier to himself and other team heroes, reducing the incoming damage massively.  

Other than that, if Strange or any other hero is caught by a negative status effect, using Shield of The Seraphim will instantly remove that effect. 

Players can use Shield of The Seraphim on numerous occasions, such as if they’re overwhelmed by too many enemies and have limited cards to play at hand. Or, if you like to challenge yourself and you’re playing Midnight Suns or harder in-game difficulty, then you must keep the Shield of The Seraphim card available with you to play and turn a challenging situation in your favor. 

Blessing Of The Vishanti

Blessing Of The Vishanti [Image Captured by Us]
If you had to buff your teammates using one of the best Doctor Strange’s spells, Blessing of The Vishanti would easily do the trick. What this card does is basically increases the base damage of all your teammates’ cards. You either play a short, medium, or lengthy mission, the effects of Blessing of Vishanti will continue till the end of it, and all of your teammates will deal massive damage.  

However, if you want to extend the buff effect of the best Doctor Strange’s Card, Blessing of The Vishanti, you may want to upgrade this ability. Without the upgrader version, the spell may wear out, especially in longer missions. 

How To Unlock Cards For Doctor Strange

As a rule of thumb, you unlock more ability cards or decks for characters in Midnight Suns by increasing their friendship level. The higher the level of each character with the character roster, the higher the chances that you unlock more ability cards that you can then equip and bring to the battle. 

Of course, playing with Doctor Strange repeatedly on missions will also increase the chances of unlocking more unique cards. The Gamma coils that you get by completing missions can be used to analyze at Forge, and this method also works best if you are to unlock more or all cards for Doctor Strange in Midnight Suns.


That is pretty much everything we had to discuss Doctor Strange’s best cards and decks in Midnight Suns to make a perfect build that is useful or supportive to the rest of the crew. 

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