Midnight Suns: Best Nico Build [Cards & Team]

Nico is one of the best support character in Midnight Suns!

Nico Minoru’s kit is based upon random buffs, which support the heroes by healing, buffing, and even reducing the cost of Heroism to zero. However, to get the Best Nico Build in Midnight Suns, players must upgrade the best cards for Nico. After that, build the best team for Nico in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Key Takeaways
  • Nico is a supporting Hero, focusing on buffing allies.
  • Our Nico Deck in Midnight Suns consists of Blood for Blood+, Witchfire+, Blood Magic+, Empower+, Crack the Sky+, Swarm+, and Witchstorm+.
  • All cards are upgraded to get the most out of them in combat. 
  • The best heroes to team up with Nico are Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Magik.

Before I begin, here is a summarized look at Nico’s Build in Midnight Suns:

Best DeckBest Team
- Blood for Blood +
- Witchfire +
- Witchfire +
- Blood Magic +
- Empower +
- Crack the Sky +
- Swarm +
- Witchstorm +
- Spider-Man
- Wolverine
- Magik

Level 20 Nico Stats

Best Nico Deck Midnight Suns
Best Nico Deck in Midnight Suns – [Image by eXputer]
You can have random stats depending on your current stats, abilities, friendship, and character leveling progression. However, if you’re playing the game on the highest difficulty, then a level 20 Nico character will absolutely dominate enemies.

NOTE: Stats are not changed at will [as you can in Elden Ring or other grinding games], and you can increase these as you play more with the heroes. 

Best Nico Deck In Midnight Suns

To build the Best Nico Build in Midnight Suns, I have selected a handful of cards to create the Best Deck for Nico.

  • Blood for Blood+
  • Witchfire+
  • Witchfire+
  • Blood Magic+
  • Empower+
  • Crack the Sky+
  • Swarm+
  • Witchstorm+

Blood For Blood+

Midnight Suns Blood for Blood
Blood for Blood in Midnight Suns – [Image by eXputer]
On KO, restore Health to Nico or other Heroes, selected randomly. Blood For Blood+ can heal allies if you do KO, which for the most part, you will because it has a good amount of damage.

  • Not only that, but it also provides free +1 heroism. With only three characters on board, there is a high chance of healing the character that needs it the most.
  • As it costs zero Heroism to play, players can use it any time during the game. However, you should watch out for the high health enemies. You don’t want to waste such a good buff!


Midnight Suns Witchfire
Witchfire in Midnight Suns – [Image by eXputer]
Randomly damages an enemy. On KO, it will recast the Witchfire, which can be done three times. Witchfire is the best Attack ability in the entire deck! With no need for Heroism to play, you can KO 3-4 enemies in a row.

  • Using it at the end of the fight, where you have only one card play, you can use WItchfire to clean up whatever’s left.
  • Moreover, it adds +1 Heroism, which other Heroes can use to play more expensive cards early on.

Blood Magic+

Midnight Suns Blood Magic
Blood Magic in Midnight Suns – [Image by eXputer]
Apply any random buff, which includes Blood Magic, Counter, Fast, and Strengthened, to Nico or any ally. You can see the buff it will give when the card is in your hand. Depending on the situation, you can redraw the card and eventually get the one you want or apply the current buff.

  • Blood Magic: Attack Cards will have a Lifesteal effect, which will increase the health amounting to the damage you dealt.
  • Counter: It will deal damage to the Attackers.
  • Fast: It removes cost by 1 of Heroic Cards.
  • Strengthened: The offense is increased by 50%.

The best buff available in this card is Fast and Strengthened unless you require some recovery. It is a common skill card that requires no Heroism. However, it gives +2 Heroism and a great amount of buff.


Midnight Suns Empower
Empower in Midnight Suns – [Image by eXputer]
Have you ever gone low on Heroism in needed times? If yes, Empower+ gives you a Heroic Card and reduces all Heroic Cards Heroism’s cost to zero till the end of the turn.

  • It is a much-needed card when all you have left are Heroic Cards and no other good cards in your hand.
  • Moreover, it does not need Heroism and synergizes very well with other cards.

Crack The Sky+

Midnight Suns Crack the Sky
Crack the Sky in Midnight Suns – [Image by eXputer]
In exchange for all Heroism, you will hit every enemy per Heroism. For example, if you have 10 Heroism, you will hit 10 enemies randomly, which is overkill. Moreover, you will gain +1 Heroism for each KO, meaning you will have Heroism for your next move.

  • Crack The Sky is a legendary card acquired through a challenge Black Shadows.


Midnight Suns Swarm
Swarm in Midnight Suns – [Image by eXputer]
Another randomized buff card. However, it deals 136, 272, 340, or 408 damage, which is selected when drawn. Enemies with bigger health pools are annoying; therefore, the Swarm+ Card is perfect for draining the health of those enemies. However, randomized damage can be risky, so be sure to use it in the right situation.


Midnight Suns Witchstorm
Witchstorm in Midnight Suns – [Image by eXputer]
  • You can Target an Enemy and damage them again or any nearby enemies 4 times randomly.
  • However, you should upgrade this card because the Base Card costs 3 Heroism and only does 18 damage. But the upgraded card only cost 2 Heroism and can cause 102 damage.
  • When paired with Blood Magic+, you can get a 50% increased offense. That will be a lot of damage if the luck is on your side because the Blood Magic+ buffs are random.

Best Team For Nico In Midnight Suns

Even with the Best Nico Build in Midnight Suns, she can’t do much alone without a team. When pairing heroes with Nico, it is crucial to focus on those characters that require Heroism. Heroes that don’t give Heroism; instead, they dump Heroism are the ones you would want to pair with Nico.

With Nico’s buffs and high-cost cards, which usually deal a lot of effects and damage, you can get the most out of it. You can even use the Empower+ card to reduce Heroism’s cost to zero and use multiple Heroic cards in one turn.


Midnight Suns Spider-man build
Spider-man build in Midnight Suns – [Image Credit: eXputer]
Spider-Man features fast-paced moves which synergize very well with Nico. Spider-Man is also able to generate a lot of Heroism. That way, you can take advantage of environmental weapons.

Moreover, Spider-Man has knockback attack cards. With that, you can take advantage of Nico’s cards like Witchfire+ or Witchstorm+. What you want to do with those knockback attacks is damage as many enemies as possible and bring their health bar to the lowest point. You can now use Nico’s cards, which will buff you on KO.

Furthermore, you can buff yourself more with Spider-Man’s Webslinger card, which will give you one Strengthened that is 50% increased offense. You can quickly bring down the highest health bars with other Nico’s buff.


Midnight Suns Wolverine Build
Wolverine Build in Midnight Suns – [Image Credit: eXputer]
Unlike Spider-Man, Wolverine is an Assault Hero. However, his features are pretty similar to Spider-Mans’. Wolverine relies on other heroes to buff him or debuff enemies so that he can use his chain attacks more efficiently. With cards like Chain Swipes or Eviscerate, he can chain attack up to 4 enemies.

With Nico’s Swarm+ and Blood Magic+, Wolverine can halve the health of multiple enemies. Moreover, he can use Berserk Card to heal himself by gaining the Lifesteal effect and further drawing cards. The only drawback of using Wolverine is his low damage, which can be increased by Nico’s buff as support.


Midnight Suns Magik build
Magik build in Midnight Suns – [Image Credit: eXputer]
Magik not only uses her sword to create a portal to the mission area but also to move enemies around the combat area, allowing players to use Environmental Weapons. Her cards, Gather and Limbo Portal, can reposition an enemy, though not in a friendly way.

Spider-Man and Wolverine significantly advantage her ability, as they offer Knockback and Chain Attacks cards. Players can reposition the enemies using the Gather card and let Wolverine do his work through Chain Swipes. After that, you can use the Witchstorm+ to finish off enemies or buff Wolverine before using his Chain Swipes.

However, Magik’s defenses are not great, leading her to low health most of the time. 

Additional Tips For Nico In Midnight Suns 

Players should increase their friendship level Nico with Hunter. To improve that, players should start hangouts and do certain activities the character loves. In Nico’s case, she loves Deep Conversation, Pool Lounging, Picnics, and Stargazing. Doing that will increase your friendship with Nico and result in rewards like Costumes and Special Moves.

However, to start hangouts, you will first need to discover Havens. Even you can gift your favorite hero and increase your relationship with them.

Moreover, players should start sparring with characters daily. The further you get into the game, it will start giving you secondary stats. However, it costs credits to spar, but it is worth it. Some of the stat bonuses increase your crit damage, area of effect, and things like that.

Wrap Up

That’s it in my guide on Midnight Suns Best Nico Build. This includes the best deck and team for Nico.


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