Midnight Suns Hangout Guide: Best Hero Activities

Befriend your favorite superheroes and hang out with them to get passive abilities and unlock a new outfit for them.

The Hangouts in Marvel’s Midnight Suns are after-combat activities that strengthen the relationships of heroes with the hunter. After fighting the supervillains, you can spend your time in Abbey‘s ground and hangout with teammates. At this location, all the superheroes relax and hang out with each other before going on missions.

Key Takeaways
  • To level up your friendship with Superheroes, you can Hangout with them, Spar with them, and give them Gifts.
  • Be careful while hanging out with your Hero and always select a good activity that is liked by a particular character.
  • When you max your superhero Friendship levels, you get Fifty Gloss, and you can unlock a new combat outfit called “Midnight Suns“. 
  • When you are in deep conversation with your superhero, try to pick a favorable answer during the Hangout to get more Friendship points or XP in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Hanging Out With Heroes

Hangout with superheroes
Midnight Suns Superheroes Watching a Movie-[Image Captured by eXputer]
In Midnight Suns, hang out with Superheroes, and you will get Friendship XP. If you are wondering why I need Friendship XP? With Friendship XP, you can level up your Team Friendship and unlock Passive abilities, which increases your Team Friendship level, which benefits the team.

If you max out your friendship level with a superhero, you will get Fifty Gloss, and you will unlock the Hero’s Heart mission. After completing Hero’s Heart mission, you will get the “Midnight Suns” combat outfit. So how to max out your friendship level with every superhero?

There are many ways to level up your friendship with Superheroes. To level up your Friendship with superheroes. You can play Card Games, Video Games, go on for Fishing, Read a Book by the fire with them, and there are more activities like these.

But be careful some heroes like Blade do not like Stargazing and Watching a Movie unlikely Magik likes Stargazing and Watching a Movie. So whenever you are hanging out with Blade, never pick Stargazing or Watching a Movie with him as an activity. If you do, he will dislike the activity, and you won’t get any Friendship XP.

Friendship XP System & Hangout Outcomes

Hangouts are only one method to increase Friendships with Superheroes, and there are two more methods, including gifts. You can also give gifts to your superhero and invite them to HavensSo, after finishing off the supervillain, you will get to pick one superhero that you can chill and hang out with him. After choosing one hero, you will have to select one activity for you two to have fun and enjoy. 

But be careful when you are selecting an activity. If your hero doesn’t like it, he will give you Dislike. There are a total of Three outcomes of every hangout. 

  • Like: you will get Five XP points for Friendship.
Fishing likes by Doctor Strange
Fishing with Doctor Strange-[Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Love: you will get more than Five points; you’ll get Seven XP points for friendship.

Midnight Sun's Nico loves Watching Movies

  • Dislike: you won’t get any Friendship XP.
Videogame Disliked by Doctor Strange
Playing Videogames with Doctor Strange-[Image Captured by eXputer]
You can talk with your hero in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and hang out with them. If you provide an answer that receives a favorable response during the Hangout in Midnight Suns, you will get Two additional XP points. While you are hanging out with the hero, you can hand him a gift, too, to get more XP points. Try to give them a legendary gift. But be careful not to give them the wrong gift.

Every Superhero has their taste for how they want to spend their time if you pick their favorite activity. By doing that, you will get extra points. Below you will find a list of what every hero Loves to do, Likes, and Dislike to do in their spare time.

Iron Man

Midnight Suns Iron-Man
Iron-Man in Midnight Suns-[Image Credit: eXputer]

Suppose you want to hang out with Iron man. These are the activities you should go for:

  • Iron man Loves Playing Cards with you, Video Games, Reading Books, and Pool Lounging.

If you are done with those activities, you should try out Likes activities which are:

  •  Iron man Likes to go on for Fishing, Grassy Overlooks, Deep Conversations, Foraging for Mushrooms, Painting, Watching a Movie, Working Out, and stargaze.

And never go for Disliked activities like:

  • Iron man doesn’t want to Explore the Grounds, Have Drinks with you, and Meditation.  

Captain America

Midnight Suns Captain America
Captain America in Midnight Suns-[Image Captured by eXputer]

With Captain America, you can go for any of these activities:

  • Captain America Loves Deep Conversations, Playing Cards, Reading by the Fire, Painting, and Working Out with you.

If you are already done with those activities. Then try these activities:

  • He Likes to do Meditation, Explore the Ground of the Abbey, Grassy Overlooks, Fishing, stargaze, and Watch movies.

Please avoid these Disliked activities: 

  • Captain America hates Video Games and Pool Lounging and dislikes Drinking


Midnight Suns Hangout with Wolverine
Wolverine in Midnight Suns-[Image Captured by eXputer]

When you are hanging out with Wolverine. Try to pick a good activity that Wolverine will enjoy with you:

  • Wolverine Loves to Have a Drink with you, Grassy Overlooks, Explore the Grounds, Foraging for Mushrooms, Pool Lounging, Playing Cards, and Fishing.

And there are some more activities that Wolverine Likes:

  •  Wolverine really likes to Working Out with someone like you, Playing Video Games, Watch Movies, and Painting.

And never pick Disliked activities that Wolverine doesn’t want to do:

  •  Wolverine really hates to Read a Book, stargaze, Meditation, and have Deep Conversations.


Midnight Suns Magik
Magik in Midnight Suns-[Image Credit: eXputer]

If you are hanging out with Magik, you should go for her Loved activities:

  • Magik loves Reading with someone, Stargazing, Having a Drink, Painting, and Meditation.

After doing her loved activities, you can also try her Likes activities:

  • Magik also likes Playing Cards just like Iron man, Pool Lounging, Watching a Movie, Fishing, Foraging for Mushrooms, Grassy Overlooks, and Exploring the Grounds.

And don’t forget she also Dislikes some activities:

  • Magik really doesn’t want to have Deep Conversations with anyone, Playing Video Games, and Working Out.


Midnight Suns Blade
Blade in Midnight Suns-[Image Credit: eXputer]
For Blade hangout. Try to pick enjoyable activities that Blade will love to do, like:

  • Blade Loves it when you join him while he’s Working Out, Having a Drink, Fishing, and Meditation.

And he also Likes some activities like: 

  • Playing Games with you, Pool Lounging, Reading Books, Painting, Playing Cards, Grassy Overlooks, and

.Just like other superheroes, Blade also got some activities that he Dislikes the most, and they are:

  • Blade doesn’t want to do Stargazing, Watch a Movie, and have Deep Conversations.


Midnight Suns Hangout with Spider-Man
Spider-Man in Midnight Suns-[Image Credit: eXputer]

Before you hang out with Spider-man, you should know about his activities:

  • Spider-man Loves having Deep Conversations; he also loves to Paint, Playing Video Games, stargaze, Watching Movies, and Foraging for Mushrooms.

There are some more activities that Spider-man Likes to do, and they are:

  • Spider-man likes when someone joins him in Fishing, Reading by the Fire, Having a Drink, Pool Lounging, and Working Out.

And he also Dislikes activities like:

  • Meditating with you, Playing Cards, and Exploring the Grounds.

Captain Marvel

Midnight Suns Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel in Midnight Suns-[Image Credit: eXputer]

For Captain Marvel’s hangout in Midnight Suns, you have to pick some activities that she will love to do, like:

  • Captain Marvel really Loves when you go out for Stargaze with her, Working Out, Playing Cards, and Reading by the Fire.

But she also got some Liked activities like:

  • Captain Marvel really likes to Drink with you, Explore the Grounds, Forage for Mushrooms, Pool Lounging, Painting, Playing Video Games, play Grassy Overlooks, and have Deep Conversations.

And she also really Dislikes some activities, so be careful and don’t pick these activities:

  • Captain Marvel hates when someone asks her out to Watch a Movie with her, Meditation, and Fishing. 

Scarlet Witch

Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch in Midnight Suns-[Image Credit: eXputer]

Just like Wolverine, Scarlet Witch also Loves a lot of activities like:

  • Meditation with someone, Pool Lounging, Foraging for Mushrooms, Deep Conversations, Reading by the Fire, and Exploring the Grounds.

And she Likes some more activities:

  • Painting, Grassy Overlooks, Fishing, Playing Cards, Stargazing, Watching a Movie, and Having a Drink with you.

And just like Wolverine, she also Dislikes some activities like:

  • Playing Video Games with you and Working Out with someone.

Ghost Rider

Midnight Suns Hangout with Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider in Midnight Suns-[Image Credit: eXputer]

There are some activities that Ghost Rider will Love to do while hanging out with you, like:

  • Ghost Rider Loves when someone joins him in Video Games, Pool Lounging, Watching a Movie, and Fishing.

Ghost Rider also Likes these activities to do too:

  • Ghost Rider also likes to Play Cards, have Deep Conversations, Forage for Mushrooms, Have Drinks, Painting, Grassy Overlooks, Stargaze, and Working Out.

And there are some activities that he Dislikes and doesn’t want to do. And those activities are:

  • Ghost Rider hates to Meditate, Read a Book, and Explore the Grounds of the Abbey.


Midnight Suns Nico
Nico in Midnight Suns-[Image Credit: eXputer]

When you are hanging out with Nico, try to pick a good activity that you and Nico will love to do. There are some activities that you should go for:

  • Nico Loves when someone asks her to Stargaze with them, Watch a Movie, have Deep Conversations, and Pool Lounging.

There are some more activities that she Likes to do:

  • Nico doesn’t really love to Explore the Grounds, but she also doesn’t hate it, Foraging for Mushrooms, Meditation, Paint with you, Play Cards with someone, Reading a Book by the Fire, and Having a Drink.

And there are some activities that she really Dislikes, and these are the activities:

  • Nico doesn’t Play any Video Games because she finds them uninteresting, Working Out, and she doesn’t like Fishing because she thinks it’s boring.

Doctor Strange

Midnight Suns Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange in Midnight Suns-[Image Credit: eXputer]

For Doctor Strange, try to pick an activity that both you and Doctor Strange will enjoy when you are hanging out with Him. Some activities he really enjoys and Loves are:

  • Doctor Strange really wants to Mediate with you, have Deep Conversations, Explore the Grounds, Forage for Mushrooms, and Read a Book by the Fire with someone.

He also Likes these activities:

  • Doctor Strange doesn’t love these activities, but he will still do Grassy Overlooks, MediationPainting, Playing Cards, Watching Movies, and Have a Drink.

And he Dislikes the most:

  • Just like Nico, Doctor Strange also doesn’t find anything interesting in Video Games, Working Out, and Pool Lounging

Getting More XP By Sparring

Sparring with Superhero
Superheroes Sparring in Midnight Suns-[Image Credit: eXputer]
You can also Spar with the Superheroes. You need to choose a hero to spar with. This is always worthwhile since Sparring has a variety of advantages. Therefore it is always worthwhile to do this. Not only do you improve your friendship with that superhero. But you also permanently improve their stats.

Final Words

Whenever you are in performing Hangouts in Midnight Suns, never pick the wrong activity because the hero can deny doing it. With heroes, you can Play Cards, Play Video Games, Watch Movies with them, and do a lot more with your favorite superhero. Level up your Friendship XP with them. If you are thinking of maxing out your friendship level, you came to the right place so let’s get to it.

So always go for the Love activity that your hero will love to do, and do not forget to give a Gift to your superhero. When you give them a gift, they will give you more Friendship XP points. You can Spar every day with every different superhero and you get more XP points doing it.

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