Midnight Suns: Best Magik Build [Cards & Team]

Magik is a mutant superhero and a member of the Midnight Suns whose playstyle revolves around manipulating the playing field. Find the best deck to make Magik a force to be reckoned with!

Magik is one of the Heroes that players can use in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. She features a unique playstyle that can be deadly in the right hands. Therefore, in this guide, we will go through the best Magik build and card deck in Midnight Suns!

Key Takeaways
  • Magik is a mutant sorceress who is a former member of the X-Men and is currently part of the Midnight Suns.
  • Magik’s primary playstyle revolves around creating Portals and manipulating the battlefield to her advantage.
  • Our Magik card deck consists of the following cards: Limbo Portal+, Kick+, Quick Soulslash+, Limbo’s Grasp+, and Gather+. Some other useful cards are Soul Blast+, Banish+, and Trap Door+.
  • Cards that players should mostly avoid include Reinforcement+ and Darkchylde+.
  • The best Heroes to team up with Magik are Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange.

Best Magik Build In Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns Magik Build Card Deck
Magik in Marvel’s Midnight Suns [Image credits: eXputer]
Recommended DeckCards To ConsiderCards To AvoidBest Team
- Limbo Portal+
- Limbo Portal+
- Kick+
- Quick Soulslash+
- Quick Soulslash+
- Limbo’s Grasp+
- Limbo’s Grasp+
- Gather+
- Soul Blast+
- Banish+
- Trap Door+
- Reinforcement+
- Darkchylde+
- Ghost Rider
- Doctor Strange

Magik’s abilities take a bit more skill and strategy to use than those of most other characters in Midnight Suns. As such, players need to select a deck of the right Attack, Heroic, and Skill cards that work well together.

With that said, here is the card deck we recommend building with Magik:

  • Limbo Portal+
  • Limbo Portal+
  • Kick+
  • Quick Soulslash+
  • Quick Soulslash+
  • Limbo’s Grasp+
  • Limbo’s Grasp+
  • Gather+

It should be noted that these are upgraded versions of the base cards. Moreover, their stats can be changed by applying mods.

This deck plays to Magik’s strength, which is to manipulate the battlefield to her liking. She primarily does this by using her signature ability: the Portal. Magik can create these Portals anywhere on the map and then knock enemies through them. By doing so, Magik hurls foes into environmental objects, or into more enemies for double the damage.

Another highlight of this setup is its excellent damage-dealing and crowd-control abilities. Firstly, the Kick+ card is an easy way to deal damage to single targets. In addition to this, Gather+ does great damage over an extended area while also repositioning targets towards its center. In addition to this, Limbo’s Grasp+ card bolsters damage by damaging any enemies that players send through Portals. As such, players can automatically add damage through any Portal plays they make.

Lastly, what makes this deck stand out is its low overall Heroism cost. In fact, Gather+ is the only card that requires Heroism to play, and that too needs only a modest 2 Heroism. All other cards such as Quick Soulslash and Limbo’s Grasp have no Heroism cost. Conversely, these cards generate Heroism when played. This means that more Heroism is available for Magik’s teammates to execute their plays.

Limbo Portal+

Midnight Suns Magik Build Card Deck
Limbo Portal+ [Screenshot by eXputer]

Limbo Portal+ is Magik’s prized card. It is a common Skill card that costs no Heroism to play. The card is also Free, meaning that it will not cost a Card Play. The upgraded version of the card also adds +1 Moves for that turn.

This card lets Magik create a Portal anywhere in the playable area, except near enemies. Players can also choose what direction the Portal will throw any unlucky baddies sent through it. Once set, a Portal will stay until it has been used by Magik.

Magik can send an enemy through one of these Portals by using Knockback. This is why our deck features cards with this ability, such as Kick+ and Quick Soulslash+. Forceful Knockback has the same effect here, but we feel that its potential is wasted here since it performs no better than the regular Knockback when it comes to Portals.

Therefore, strategic placement of the Portal is key to dishing out as much damage as possible. One way to do so is to place Portals facing environmental objects. Walls and breakable objects are always a good idea since they add more damage. However, explosives work even better since they explode to damage all enemies in an area.

Another useful Portal placement is to place them facing other enemies. This will knock enemies thrown in Portals into other enemies, thereby damaging them both with a single play. This works especially well when the enemy at the receiving end of the Portal has a Shock Shield since that lends additional damage to the knocked enemy.


Kick+ [Picture by eXputer]

Speaking of cards with Knockback, the next card in our deck is Kick+. This is a rare Attack card that costs no Heroism to play. The card also does damage and generates +1 Heroism when played. Additionally, upgrading the card increases its damage.

Since the Kick+ card has no Heroism cost, it is a good way to deal easy damage. This makes this card an effective tool to deal with weaker enemies, while also helping finish off bigger enemies without having to Overkill them.

The other benefit of this card is its Knockback ability. By knocking enemies into environmental objects or even other enemies, players can substantially increase the damage delivered by the card.

Moreover, the Knockback ability also means that the card works well with Magik’s Portals. By strategically placing a Portal and then using this card, Magik can move enemies around the map and hurl them into much more damaging objects. Therefore, Kick+ is an excellent card for our Magik build in Midnight Suns.

Quick Soulslash+

Midnight Suns Magik Build Card Deck
Quick Soulslash+ [Picture captured by eXputer]
RarityTypeDuplicates RequiredEssence Cost

Quick Soulslash+ is another common Attack card that focuses on the Knockback ability. The card costs no Heroism to play and generates +1 Heroism. Also, the card has the Quick trait, which means that it will refund a Card Play if it is used to perform a KO.

Quick Soulslash+ also plays into the Portal dynamic that Magik excels at. Therefore, like the Kick+ card, this card can exponentially increase the damage that it delivers through smart Portal placement. This type of play is especially recommended with this card since it delivers no damage by default.

Moreover, to make the most of its Quick trait, players should try to focus on direct KO’s. This means that it is ideal if a Portal can deliver KO damage, for example by throwing enemies into explosives. This play works even better if players can position other enemies around the explosive using Portals for area-of-effect damage. Otherwise, this card can be saved to deliver finishing blows. Doing so will instantly grant players an additional Card Play.

Combining this with the card’s zero Heroism cost means that players should have no hesitation using this card, even at the start of encounters. This is why we have included two of these cards in our Magik deck to make it easier to come across in a Midnight Suns mission.

Limbo’s Grasp+

Midnight Suns Magik Build Card Deck
Limbo’s Grasp+ [Picture credits: eXputer]

Limbo’s Grasp+ is a rare Skill card that costs no Heroism to play. It instead generates +2 Heroism when played. The card makes it so that enemies knocked into Portals throughout the encounter get substantial damage. Furthermore, the upgraded version of this card creates a Portal as well.

This is an excellent card that players should play as soon as they can. With this, Portals become especially dangerous for any enemies who find themselves knocked into one. Aside from the damage dealt on impact, Portals will now also damage enemies themselves. This means that any enemies knocked into Portals will receive damage equal to 150% of Magik’s Offense stat.

Moreover, the card also can place an additional Portal like the Limbo Portal+ card. This makes it easier to put out and use Portals more frequently, thereby playing Magik to her strengths and transporting enemies around the map.

Finally, this card generates a healthy amount of Heroism as well. This not only lets other Heroes make use of their more expensive cards, but it makes Heroism available for the next card on Magik’s deck.


Gather+ [Screenshot by eXputer]

Gather+ is a common Heroic card that costs 2 Heroism to play. It delivers area-of-effect damage while also moving enemies closer to its center. Additionally, upgrading the card affects a larger area.

This is a great damage-dealing card that can impact many enemies at a time. Moreover, the damage increases as Magik’s Offense stat increases, making the card stronger as players progress throughout the game.

The effect of Gather+ is further bolstered when combined with Magik’s ability to position enemies where she wants to. Using her abundance of Portals, she can gather enemies in close proximity before unleashing the ability on them.

The ability itself can also reposition enemies closer to its center. This means that players can use it to put enemies closer to explosives or other environmental objects, which can later be triggered.

More Cards To Consider

Aside from our ideal Magik build and card deck in Midnight Suns, some other cards deserve a mention here as well. These cards did not fit in with our recommended playstyle, but players should feel free to give them a try to see if it suits them. If so, they can swap these cards with any of the duplicate cards in our deck.

Soul Blast+

Midnight Suns Magik Build Card Deck
Soul Blast+ [Picture by eXputer]

Our first honorable mention is the Soul Blast+ card. This is a common Attack card that costs no Heroism to play. The card delivers a Forceful Knockback effect while generating +1 Heroism. Upgrading the card also grants +1 Counter, which means any enemies who attack Magik in the next turn will take damage as well.

The Forceful Knockback effect knocks enemies across a larger distance than the regular Knockback. Since both effects are the same for Portals, this card did not make much sense in our deck. However, the card can have great utility in setups that do not focus on playing Portals. In these cases, the card can provide an effective way to reposition and damage enemies.

Moreover, since this Forceful Knockback is directional, it helps to have extra Moves so that players can knock enemies where they want to. Therefore, this card pairs well with cards that provide extra Moves, such as Quick Soulslash+.


Midnight Suns Magik Build Card Deck
Banish+ [Screenshot taken by eXputer]

Banish+ is a rare Heroic card that costs 3 Heroism to play. This card replaces an enemy with a Drop until the next turn. Additionally, the upgraded version of the card can also do the same for allies.

On one hand, players can use the card as a means to create a Drop. Drops are essentially holes into which enemies can be knocked for a chance to be immediately KO-ed. Therefore, this can be an easy way to take bigger enemies out of the picture with a single Knockback. Moreover, since Magik has multiple cards that can do Knockback, such as Kick+ and Quick Soulslash+, this card can be used to great effect.

Another major upside of this card is that players can use it to instantly neutralize heavier enemies or Bosses for one turn by replacing them with a Drop. This can provide players with some breathing room and allow them to focus on other enemies.

Additionally, the upgraded card works on allies as well. This can protect a vulnerable Hero for one turn, especially if they have a negative status effect that makes them more prone to damage or prevents them from acting.

This is admittedly one of the more expensive cards that Magik can play. However, at the right moment, it is more than worth its price.

Trap Door+

Trap Door+
Trap Door+ [Image by eXputer]

Trap Door is a rare Attack that costs no Heroism to play. It also generates +1 Heroism. The card moves an enemy to a designated location while also dealing damage. Upgrading the card increases its damage by 1.5x times.

This card also plays into Magik’s ability to change the layout of the battlefield. With no Heroism cost, it provides an easy way to transport enemies to any spot on the map. This can set up enemies for effective Knockbacks with cards like Kick+, or cluster multiple enemies for AoE damage with Gather+.

Therefore, this card can be swapped into our Magik card deck for Midnight Suns in place of any duplicate cards.

Cards To Avoid

Conversely, there are some Magik cards that we would not recommend using in most situations. These cards either do not bring enough to the table to justify their cost or have very situational abilities that would not make sense for most decks.


Midnight Suns Magik Build Card Deck
Reinforcement+ [Picture taken by eXputer]

Reinforcement+ is an epic Heroic card that costs 4 Heroism to play. This puts it on par with the next card on our list as the most expensive that Magik has to offer. When played, the card summons a random hero from the Abbey and draws 2 of their cards. This card also has the Exhaust trait, which means that it can only be played once in an encounter.

This card allows another Hero to be temporarily added to your team. However, since this is a randomly-selected Hero with randomly-drawn cards, the results can vary greatly. This also makes it difficult for this card to fit in with any specific strategies.

This is especially difficult to swallow considering the excessive Heroism cost of the card.

Therefore, this turns out to be more of a gimmicky card that adds little value in most Magik decks.


Midnight Suns Magik Build Card Deck
Darkchylde+ [Screenshot by eXputer]

Darkchylde+ is a legendary Heroic card that costs 4 Heroism to use. This card taunts all enemies on the field while granting 1 Invulnerable to the player. Upgrading the card provides a bonus of 1 Counter as well. Also, like the previous card, this also has the Exhaust trait. As a result, the card cannot be redrawn once used.

This card differs from Magik’s default playstyle and allows her to act as a tank for one turn. By taunting all enemies, Magik gets every enemy’s attention and makes them attack her in the following turn. By doing so, other Heroes in the arena can get some respite, especially if they have low health or negative status effects such as Vulnerable.

Afterward, Magik gains Invulnerable and Counter. This equips her to deal with the incoming damage. For one, Invulnerable completely negates the damage of the first attack she receives. Next up, Counter makes it so that the attacking enemy gets damaged instead.

However, with more enemies present in the arena, players can sometimes bite off more than they can chew. This is because once the Invulnerable and Counter have been used, Magik will have to face the full brunt of all remaining enemies. This sets up Magik as somewhat of a sacrificial Hero who could very well be KO-ed during the turn.

Furthermore, the card’s high Heroism cost and Exhaust trait also make it undesirable to use. All in all, though, there will be very few times when players can use Darkchylde+ to its desired effect.

Best Heroes To Play With Magik

To make the most of Magik’s unique playstyle and high Heroism generation, players need to pair her with the right team. Keeping that in mind, here are the Heroes we recommend selecting with Magik for her ultimate build in Midnight Suns:

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider [Image credits: eXputer]
Ghost Rider is a great character for dishing out high damage. He has access to cards like Hell Ride that can deliver immense damage to multiple enemies. Moreover, cards like Hell’s Fury and Lash also single out targets and make considerable dents in their health. Therefore, Ghost Rider acts as the main DPS character in Magik’s team.

The other reason he pairs so well with Magik is because of his ability to create Drops, much like Magik’s Banish+ card. Ghost Rider does this with his Hellmouth and Straight To Hell cards. Drops are holes in the map into which players can knock enemies for a chance to KO them instantly. Our Magik deck has multiple cards with the Knockback ability. As such, when Magik is not busy knocking enemies into her Portals, she can use her Knockback cards in tandem with Ghost Rider’s Drops to take care of more daunting foes.

However, many of these cards have negative effects associated with them. For example, playing the Hell Ride card discards the player’s entire deck. This also extends to health penalties for using cards such as Judgement and Penance Stare. However, to counter this, players should have Drain Soul in their build that lets them drain their health from their opponents. Moreover, Ghost Rider’s passive, Soul Collector, also helps mitigate the toll on his health.

Doctor Strange

Midnight Suns Magik Build Card Deck
Doctor Strange [Picture credits: eXputer]
Doctor Strange is one of the more well-known MCU characters featured in Midnight Suns, along with the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man. The Sorcerer Supreme is a great fit for any team due to the amount of utility that he brings to the table.

For example, his card Astral Meditation grants the player more Redraws and Combat Items. On the other hand, the Blessing of the Vishanti card provides a damage buff to all cards in the player’s hand. Additionally, his cards can provide useful status effects to allies such as Resist and Concealed. This means that players will benefit from Doctor Strange in nearly every situation.

In addition to this, Strange’s passive ability, Greater Good, gives players the chance to generate Heroism in every turn. This, paired with Magik’s affinity for generating Heroism as well, mean that this team composition will provide plenty of Heroism for players to use. This can benefit someone like Ghost Rider whose abilities do require a fair amount of Heroism.

However, the main reason Doctor Strange fits in so well with our build is because of his Agamotto’s Gaze card. This card draws the last 2 Attack cards played. Since Magik goes through her cards rather quickly, this will prove very useful. The card also provides an additional Card Play for the next turn. Combined, this means that Magik will always have enough cards and Card Plays to execute those great Portal strategies.

More About Magik

Midnight Suns Magik Build Card Deck
Magik [Image taken by eXputer]
Magik, also known as Illyana Rasputina, is a mutant superhero who was a former member of the X-Men. Tragedy in her past led to her becoming the demon lord and sorceress ruler of Limbo. As a result, Magik excels in the art of Portals, using it to her great advantage as a member of the Midnight Suns.

Players can increase Hunter’s friendship level with Magik by engaging in hangouts she likes, such as having a drink and painting. Gifting also helps, of course. Doing so can unlock cool rewards such as costumes and special moves.

Magik’s passive ability is Relay. This gives Magik a small chance to create a Limbo Portal card every time she uses a Portal to knock an enemy through. As a result, her Portal playstyle is further encouraged.


With that, we wrap up our guide on the best Magik build and card deck in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. This card deck makes Magik immensely powerful and puts her on par with some of the best characters in Midnight Suns. Give it a shot and see if the deck works well for you!

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