Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Costumes & How To Unlock Them

The superheroes in Midnight Suns offer a ton of cosmetic customizations to let you hop into battle in style!

Marvel’s Midnight Suns puts a high emphasis on getting various sophisticated costumes for all your favorite superheroes. Most of these costumes and outfits are purely cosmetics and don’t give you any additional in-game advantages. However, a few of them do come with a passive ability that you can use during combat.

Key Takeaways
  • As of now, there are roughly 39 unique costumes in Midnight Suns, featuring casual as well as grippy-toned wear.
  • All of the costumes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns are divided into 3 categories – Abbey Outfits, Combat Outfits, and Suits.
  • These costumes can either be purchased with in-game currency or by doing certain missions and objectives.
  • You unlock more costumes by leveling up and reaching higher Friendship levels in Midnight Suns.

Here is a complete list of all costumes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns:

OutfitsRarity Type of ability Name of Ability Useable byAcquisition
AncestralLegendary PassiveAncestors' Guidance HunterComplete all Mystery regions on the Abbey grounds, obtained from one of the Legendary Arcane Chests
BorderlineCommonPassiveVengeance HunterResearch the borderline suits
DarkEpic PassiveDark Champion HunterReach 150 Dark Balance
DemonchyldeRarePassiveHeightened SensesHunterResearch Project Demonchylde
FaithbreakerRarePassiveSymbiotic ShellHunterComplete the story mission The Bell Tolls and complete the research project Faithbreaker Suit
Light EpicPassiveDefender of the lightHunterReach 150 Light Balance
High TechCommon PassiveFully Charged HunterResearch project High Tech Suit
Midnight SunLegendary PassiveShadowstalker Hunter, Blade, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man, Magik, Morbious, Nico MinoruComplete the associated character's Midnight Sun Challenge at the Armory, or complete all Story Missions
SalemRarePassiveSalem's SaviorHunterCollect all tarot cards
SuperLegendary PassiveMaster of the HuntHunterComplete the story
Blade 1602Legendary Active N/ABladeLegendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Bleeding EdgeLegendary Active N/AIron ManLegendary Premium Pack, Season Pass, Marvel Strike Force cross-promotion
Boss WitchLegendary Active N/AScarlet WitchLegendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Captain Of The GuardLegendary Active N/ACaptain America Digital+Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Cowboy LoganLegendary Active N/AWolverine Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Death KnightLegendary Active N/AGhost RiderLegendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
DefendersLegendary Active N/ADoctor Strange Available for purchase on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Epic.
Demon HunterLegendary Active N/ABlade Digital+Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Demon SpiderLegendary Active N/ASpider Man Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Fallen HulkLegendary Active N/AHulkLegendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Fallen Scarlet WitchLegendary Active N/AScarlet WitchLegendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Future SupremeLegendary Active N/ADoctor Strange Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Future SoldierLegendary Active N/ACaptain America Enhanced premium pack, Digital+Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
HunterCommon Active N/AHunterAvailable by default
Iron KnightLegendary Active N/AIron manDigital+Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
MaestroLegendary Active N/AHulkLegendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Mar-VellLegendary Active N/ACaptain America Enhanced premium pack, Digital+Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Medieval MarvelLegendary Active N/ACaptain Marvel Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
New MutantsActive N/AMagikDigital+Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
NightstalkerEpicActive N/ABladeThis Suit may be obtained by subscribing to the official Newsletter, available on the official site.
Pheonix 5Legendary Active N/AMagikEnhanced premium pack, Digital+Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Shadow WitchLegendary Active N/ANico Minoru Digital+Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Sister GrimmLegendary Active N/ANico Minoru Enhanced premium pack, Digital+Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Spirit Of VengeanceLegendary Active N/AGhost Rider Digital+Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
Symbiote SuitLegendary Active N/ASpider Man Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass
X-ForceLegendary Active N/ADead pool, Wolverine Enhanced premium pack, Digital+Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass, The good the bad and the undead

Outfits With Passive Abilities

As mentioned, Outfits with Passive Abilities attached are called Combat Outfits. These outfits primarily belong to our main character, Hunter, and thus encourage his use in your team. Combat Outfits have extremely different passive abilities, providing various options, including defensive, offensive, or tactical aid.


Ancestral is a Legendary Hunter outfit with a Passive Ability called Ancestors’ Guidance. Activating this Passive Ability removes Exhaust from all Hunter cards, encouraging you to use Hunter more often. You can unlock this suit by completing all of the Mystery regions on the Abbey grounds.

Ancestral for Hunter
Ancestral Combat Outfit (Image by eXputer)


This outfit is one of the 3 Common costumes in all of Marvel’s Midnight Suns for Hunter. It comes with the Vengeance Passive ability, which gives a 25% chance to inflict Marked on enemies that attack Hunter. To unlock the Borderline suit, you’ll need to research it in the Abbey at Level 4 by reaching Nico Minoru’s Friendship Level 2.

Borderline for Hunter
Borderline Combat Outfit (Image Credits: eXputer)


Dark is an Epic-rarity suit made for Hunter that can be locked by reaching 150 Dark Balance in the game. As a reminder, Hunter can switch between being evil (Dark) and good (Light). Staying on the Dark path gives you Dark balance, ultimately letting you obtain the Dark suit.

Dark for Hunter
Dark Combat Outfit (Image by us)

This suit also comes with a Passive Ability called Dark Champion that gives Hunter’s Dark Attacks higher chances of Critical when drawn. So this suit requires a certain playstyle for the protagonist and encourages you to keep it by rewarding you in combat.


This is a Rare Suit for Hunter that you’ll eventually get as you go through the story. It comes equipped with the Heightened Senses Passive ability that gives Charlie +1 Resist and increases the chances of Critical of both your Hunter and Charlie attacks. So it’s better to have the Summon Charlie card in your deck if you’re considering using this Suit.

Demonchylde Combat Outfit (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)


Faithbreaker is another Rare Suit in Midnight Suns that you’ll get as you progress through the story. It’s easily one of the most visually unique costumes out of all of Hunter’s choices with its Symbiote resemblance.

Faithbreaker for Hunter
Faithbreaker Combat Outfit (Image by us)

Coincidentally, using this Suit means you’ll get the Symbiote Shield which has a 10% chance to restrict enemy turns to just 1 attack when you play a Hunter card. So this is a great defensive suit if you want to minimize as much damage as possible.


In contrast to the Dark outfit, Light encourages you to take the Light route in the campaign. You can unlock this Epic skin by reaching 150 Light Balance.

Defenders of the Light ability
Defenders of the Light Passive Ability (Image Credits: eXputer)

Additionally, equipping Light gives you the passive ability called Defender of the Light. This costume’s ability gives all of Hunter’s Light Attack and Heroic cards a higher chance of doing Critical in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

High Tech

High Tech is one of the earlier Combat Suits you can unlock in the game. You only need to complete 3 Iron Man missions after activating the High Tech Suit Research project. 

High Tech Hunter
High Tech Combat Outfit (Screenshot by eXputer)

High Tech equips you with Full Charged, a passive tactical ability that automatically gives Hunter +1 Resist. He also generates 1 extra Heroism at the start of each turn, so if you’re looking to pair Hunter up with Heroism-dependent characters like Iron Man or Hulk, this suit is for you.

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun is the only costume out of all Combat outfits that you can unlock for any character. This is a character-specific outfit, meaning you’ll have to grind a certain hero if you want to unlock their Midnight Sun.

Midnight Sun for Hunter
Midnight Sun Combat Outfit (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

This Legendary outfit can be unlocked for a hero by completing their Midnight Sun Challenge at the Armory. It also comes with a powerful Passive ability, Shadowstalker. This passive ability lets you gain Concealed once per round when you redraw a Heroic Hunter card.


All Outfits in Midnight Sun
Salem Combat Outfit ( Image Captured By eXputer)

Salem is one of Hunter’s Rare Combat costumes obtained once you collect all the Tarot cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. There are a total of 22 Tarot Cards in the game that you can find by going through the Abbey and collecting them.

This is a great outfit for characters and teams dependent on card draws. This is because Salem’s Passive ability, Salem’s Savior, gives a 50% chance to draw a card when Hunter KO’s a Lillin with an ability.


Super is likely going to be the last Combat costume you unlock for Hunter, as you obtain this after doing all the main objectives in Marvel’s Midnight Suns story. This suit comes with a Passive ability called Master of the Hunt that gives an insane advantage to Hunter in combat. It reduces all Hunter Collar thresholds by 1 and makes Hunter immune to all negative status effects.

Master of the Hunt for Hunter
Master of the Hunt Passive Ability

By the time you unlock Super, you’ll already be aware of your main team and how you’ll play each character. And if you’re dedicated to using Hunter, this outfit will make sure you keep him on your team for a long time.

Costumes Without Passive Abilities

Costumes with no Passive abilities, otherwise known as Suits, are only for visual design, and you can apply them on other characters besides Hunter. These costumes have a lot of variety and have their own color palettes to add further customizations. On average, there are about 2 or 3 suits per superhero in the game, and they usually need to be purchased via microtransactions.

Blade 1602

Blade 1602 is a Legendary Suit for Blade that can be purchased from the marketplace for 300 Gloss. This is one of his glossy leather outfits with 4 different color schemes, mainly including a dark combination of black and red.

Blade 1602 Blade
Blade 1602 Outfit (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Bleeding Edge

Inspired by the MCU and the comics, Bleeding Edge is one of Iron Man’s Legendary Suits, which can also be purchased from the marketplace for 300 Gloss. The different color customizations for Bleeding Edge barely change the overall design of the suit but have a much wider array of colors, including red, black, white, yellow, and silver.

Bleeding Edge Iron Man
Bleeding Edge Outfit (Image by eXputer)

Boss Witch

Boss Witch is one of Scarlet Witch’s casual-looking Legendary costumes in Midnight Suns that you can get from the Marketplace for 300 Gloss. The general theme collection of this Suit lies between brown, red, pink, and brown.

Boss Witch Scarlet Witch
Boss Witch Outfit (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Captain Of The Guard

Captain of the Guard is a costume that gives Captain America a blend between futuristic and medieval. This outfit is a part of a Legendary Premium Pack as well as the Digital+ Premium Pack. You can also unlock it via the Season’s Pass or spending 300 Gloss at the marketplace. As for the color schemes, most of them make Cap look more like Odin with a mixture of white, yellow, and red.

Captain of the Guard Cpt. America
Captain of the Guard Outfit (Image Captured by eXputer)

Cowboy Logan

Cowboy Logan is a part of the Season’s Pass and comes with the Legendary Premium Pack that revamps Wolverine to look like an old Western bar fighter. And to maintain that Western look, his color arrangements are also very simplistic, lying between brown and white.

Cowboy Logan Wolverine
Cowboy Logan Outfit (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Death Knight

If you want to see a futuristic, steampunk version of Ghost Rider, then the Death Knight skin is for you. This Legendary suit is included both in the Season’s Pass as well as the Legendary Pack, and as always, you can get it for 300 Gloss from the marketplace.

Death Knight Ghost Rider
Death Knight Outfit (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)


Defender’s is a Legendary outfit that gives Doctor Strange his classic, scarlet look. Unfortunately, this skin is not included in any bundle or the marketplace. The only way to get it is by pre-ordering the game, and you’ll get it for free in the inventory.

Defender Dr. Strange
Defender Costume (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Demon Hunter

As Blade’s Robocop impression, the Demon Hunter is a Legendary skin that can be obtained via the Digital+ Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, or the Season’s Pass. For its design, the description reads this outfit was made for Blade by Tony Stark, hence the futuristic look and the emphasis on the black and red combo.

Demon Hunter Blade
The Demon Hunter Outfit (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Demon Spider

Demon Spider is essentially the Symbiote version of Spiderman. It comes with a funky palette with a lot of intricate and distinct looks for each Symbiote version. This Legendary skin can be unlocked from either the marketplace for 300 Gloss or getting the Legendary Premium Pack or Season’s Pass.

Demon Spider Spiderman
Demon Spider Outfit (Image by us)

Fallen Hulk

Want to know how the Hulk would look if he fell to Lilith? He’ll look exactly like this skin. Fallen Hulk is a Legendary costume and one of the few skins that don’t have any color schemes to create some unique looks. This costume can only be unlocked for 300 Gloss at the marketplace.

Fallen Hulk for Hulk
Fallen Hulk Outfit (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Fallen Scarlet Witch

This costume shows how Scarlet Witch would look like if she fell to Lilith and all her minions instead in Midnight Suns. You can obtain this Legendary skin by either grinding through the Season’s Pass or getting it from the Legendary Premium Pack or the marketplace for 300 Gloss.

Fallen Scarlet Witch for Scarlet Witch
Fallen Scarlet Witch Costume (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Future Supreme

To give the Doctor Strange a modern makeover instead, the game introduces the Legendary Future Supreme. You can complete the Future duo set by getting this skin for 300 Gloss or by purchasing the Legendary Premium Pack. 

Future Supreme Dr. Strange
Future Supreme Suit (Image Credits: eXputer)

Future Soldier

Similar to the Future Supreme, the Future Soldier is another Futuristic costume meant to amp up Captain America‘s armor and senses. There are several ways to attain this skin, which include buying the Enhanced Premium Pack, Digital+ Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, or the Season Pass. Additionally, you can also get it from the marketplace for 300 Gloss.

Future Soldier Cpt. America
Future Soldier Skin (Image taken by eXputer)


This is your main character’s default Common outfit that you get right at the beginning of your journey. So you don’t need to purchase or grind anything to get it.

Hunter base outfit
Hunter Outfit (Image by us)

Iron Knight

Iron Knight gives Iron Man an Aztec-looking vibe with much more gloss and bright color than his regular suits. This Legendary suit can be unlocked via the Digital+ Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, or by progressing through the Season’s Pass.

Iron Knight Iron Man
Iron Knight Costume (Screenshot taken by eXputer)


Hulk really doesn’t have any costumes without some harsh reality. Maestro is a Legendary Hulk costume that shows him turning completely mad… and growing a giant beard. You can only get this skin for 300 Gloss from the Midnight Suns marketplace.

Maestro Hulk
Hulk’s Maestro Skin (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)


Mar-Vell is another Legendary MCU-inspired outfit that you can get for Captain Marvel. Just like the Future Soldier, you can also get this skin through various means. This includes unlocking it via the Enhanced Premium Pack, Digital+ Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass, or spending 300 Gloss in the marketplace.

Mar-vell Cpt. Marvel
Captain Marvel’s Mar-Vell Outfit (Image taken by us)

Medieval Marvel

Medieval Marvel is a Legendary skin for Captain Marvel that makes her stand out with the abundant gold palettes. You can unlock this outfit by either buying the Legendary Premium Pack or the Season Pass or simply buying her for 300 Gloss from the marketplace.

Medival Marvel Cpt. Marvel
Medieval Marvel Outfit (Image Credits: eXputer)

New Mutants

Let’s move on to some of Magik‘s suits, and the first one on the list is New Mutants. This is a legendary combat outfit that you can unlock from the Digital+ Premium Pack, Legendary Premium Pack, Season’s Pass, or the marketplace for 300 Gloss.

New Mutants Magik
New Mutants Suit (Screenshot taken by eXputer)


Nightstalker is another Legendary Blade outfit in Midnight Suns. Surprisingly, this is the only outfit you don’t need to spend real or in-game money for. You can get it for free by simply subscribing to the Midnight Suns Newsletter.

Nightstalker Blade
Nightstalker Skin (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Pheonix 5

Another Legendary outfit is Magik’s Pheonix 5, which you can unlock via any pack, including the Enhanced Premium Pack, Digital+ Premium Pack, and Legendary Premium Pack. You can also unlock it from the Season’s Pass or the Marketplace for 300 Gloss.

Pheonix 5 Magik
Pheonix 5 Skin (Screenshot by eXputer)

Shadow Witch

Shadow Witch is a unique design for Nico as it turns her into an actual witch and completely revamps her staff. This Legendary outfit is a part of the Digital+ and Legendary Premium Pack as well as the Season’s Pass. You can also unlock this skin with 300 Gloss at the game’s shop.

shadow witch Nico Minoru
Shadow Witch Skin (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Sister Grimm

For the third and final Nico Minoru skin, we have the Legendary Sister Grimm costume. This costume perhaps captures Nico’s personality the best, and we see that with the exciting color schemes that come along with it. You can get this skin for 300 Gloss at the marketplace or by purchasing any of the Legendary character packs in the game.

Sister Grimm Nico Minoru
Sister Grimm Outfit (Image Credits: eXputer)

Spirit Of Vengeance

The Spirit of Vengeance is one of Ghost Rider’s classic Legendary outfits that you can unlock from the Legendary or Digital+ Premium Pack. You can also buy it for 300 Gloss from the marketplace or by getting the Season’s Pass.

Spirit of Vengeance Ghost Rider
Spirit of Vengeance Outfit (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Symbiote Suit

The Symbiote Suit is another Legendary Venom-themed Spiderman outfit like Demon Spider, with the only difference being that this adds some athletism to the model. You can get this suit from Legendary Premium Pack, Season Pass, or the Marketplace for 300 Gloss, as always.

Symbiote Suit Spiderman
Symbiote Suit (Screenshot by eXputer)


Wrapping up the passive-less costumes on our list, we have the Wolverine’s X-Force with a Legendary rarity in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. You can get this costume from any purchasable Premium character packs (Digital+, Enhanced, and Legendary), the Season’s Pass, and the Marketplace.

X-Force Wolverine
X-Force Costume (Image Credits: eXputer)


That wraps our guide on all Marvel’s Midnight Suns costumes. Thanks to the preview option, you can fully view an outfit and its colour palette before buying it. As for the combat outfits, you can choose your preferred wear based on your playstyle and the role you want Hunter to play.

If you want to focus more on the gameplay aspect, check out our extensive guide on all the characters in Midnight Suns, where we in-depth each character’s playstyle and general strengths and weaknesses. 

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