Midnight Suns: Best Hunter Build [Cards & Team Combos]

The Hunter is Lilith's child and Midnight Sun's main protagonist, and this guide will give you the best build to use with them!

Hunter is the main protagonist of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Unlike other characters, they feature a very flexible combat style. As such, they can be used in multiple roles per the team’s requirements. 

The Rundown

  • Hunter is a brand-new Marvel character that Firaxis created in cooperation with Marvel. They are the main protagonist of Marvel’s Midnight Suns and feature customization options.
  • Unlike other characters in the game, Hunter can adapt to different playstyles by equipping different cards.
  • Our Hunter card deck consists of the following cards: Deadly Ground+, Merciless+, Bladestorm+, Holy Burst+, Wild Strike+, Wrath+, Patience+, and Quick Slash+. We also recommend the Balanced Collar and the Fully Charged passive ability.
  • Having proper Ghost Rider, Captain America build, and Magik will prove to be the best team composition.

Best Hunter Build in Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns Hunter Build Card Deck
Best Hunter Build [Image credits: eXputer]
­Hunter has a wide array of Attack, Heroic, and Skill cards. These consist of Light, Dark, and Power abilities and can be used to great effect if played right. With that said, here is the best Hunter card deck that players will benefit from in Midnight Suns:

  • Deadly Ground+
  • Merciless+
  • Bladestorm+
  • Holy Burst+
  • Wild Strike+
  • Wrath+
  • Patience+
  • Quick Slash+

It should be noted that these are all upgraded versions of the cards. Players can upgrade each card by exchanging two duplicates of the card in the Yard along with some Heroic Essence.

This deck focuses more on damage, both through direct and area-of-effect damage. The damage stats of cards are also bolstered with the use of certain cards and by inflicting effects on enemies. This will provide players with a wide variety of damage options depending on the type of enemy they want to take on.

In addition, the build makes effective use of Knockback cards. Players can set up explosives around the map and then knock enemies into them. This leads to effects such as Stun or Vulnerable, which makes enemies susceptible to more damage from other attacks.

Lastly, the deck also has a good balance of Heroism expense. Some cards require no Heroism to play to compensate for more expensive cards. Therefore, players will always have usable cards, regardless of their Heroism points at the time. Certain cards also grant extra Heroism; hence players can also use those more expensive cards to have a greater impact on the mission.

Deadly Ground+

Deadly Ground+ is a rare Skill card that Hunter can play at no Heroism expense. When played, the card summons 1 Light and 1 Dark explosive into the arena. Moreover, the upgraded version summons an additional Light or Dark explosive.

These are essentially interactable explosives that characters can detonate to deliver area-of-effect damage to all enemies (and allies – beware!) within their radius. Moreover, players can also use Heroes and cards with Knockback to hurl enemies into the explosives, making the enemies Vulnerable or Stunned. As such, the Deadly Ground+ card lets Hunter manipulate the battlefield to their advantage.

The card costs no Heroism points to play. This means that players can use it at the start of a mission to litter the arena with multiple damage-dealing opportunities. These can then be capitalized upon in subsequent turns.

What’s more, the card grants 2 Heroism when played. This lets players build up Heroism early on for some of the more expensive cards in our deck. These points can also be used to interact with the placed Light and Dark explosives.


Merciless+ is a rare Attack card that costs no Heroism to play. The card normally does a significant 142 damage. Additionally, if an enemy has a Stun or Bind effect, the damage increases to a whopping 496. It also grants 1 Heroism per play.

This means that the Merciless+ card plays well with Heroes who can Stun via Knockback and Bind, such as Spider-Man and Venom.

Furthermore, since the card costs no Heroism to play, it can be a great way to deal with stronger enemies at the start of a mission. This subsequently sets them up for further pain and KO’s at the hands of other powerful cards.

The no Heroism cost also makes it a suitable alternative to more expensive cards in our deck.


Bladestorm+ is a legendary Heroic card that costs 4 Heroism to play. This puts it in the higher cost bracket for our deck. However, the card is definitely worth the expense. It damages enemies in an area for 62 damage and does a Forceful Knockback on each of them. Additionally, with the upgrade, players will also draw an additional card for each KO they achieve.

On the one hand, the area-of-effect damage itself is plenty useful. This is especially true when players find themselves overwhelmed and need effective means of crowd control. In specific, this should be used to deal with weaker enemies like minions where a KO is guaranteed. This will grant players additional cards to play with in later turns.

Secondly, the main reason why this card fits so well into our build is because of its Forceful Knockback effect. This is stronger than the regular Knockback since it can propel enemies further. Therefore, players can use this to knock enemies into the explosives they place with the Deadly Ground+ card for some heavy damage.

Moreover, by knocking enemies into generators and phone booths, players can render them Stunned. This opens them up for attack with the Merciless+ card that capitalizes on stunned enemies and deals immense damage.

Therefore, the Bladestorm+ card synergizes very well with the rest of our Hunter deck.

Holy Burst+

Holy Burst+ is an epic Heroic card that costs 2 Heroism to play. By default, the card has a typical area-of-effect damage of 77 to all enemies in its vicinity. However, where this card differs is that it also heals allies within the same vicinity for up to 231 Health. The upgraded card also has a larger area of effect than the base card.

This card helps provide an element of support to our Hunter build due to its powerful healing effect. As such, other team members can afford to take some risks and tank for the team.

Therefore, the Holy Burst+ card is better than pure healing cards in Hunter’s arsenal, such as Heal. This is because it can cater to multiple allies at once while also providing some damage in the process. Hence, this is a versatile card that more than makes up for its cost of 2 Heroism.

Wild Strike+

Wild Strike+ is a common Attack card that costs no Heroism to play. By default, it does 117 damage to an enemy. Moreover, it also provides 1 Heroism when played. However, since it is a Dark-aligned card, it has the downside of inflicting a Vulnerable on the player.

This is a good card that can be used early on due to its zero Heroism cost. Its easy usage also helps players get the benefit of the Balanced Collar that provides them with 2 Hunter cards upon every play of 3 Hunter cards. Additionally, the Heroism it provides is a plus and can help players get enough points to detonate explosives or use environmental objects. Conversely, they can also save up for more expensive and impactful cards.

The only weakness of this card is the Vulnerable effect that it inflicts on the player. However, with the right team composition, players can use an effective tank character to taunt enemies and direct damage away from Hunter. This negates the effect of the Vulnerable status effect.

Therefore, the Wild Strike+ card can let players get an early leg-up against stronger enemies and eventually take them out. This makes it an important part of our Hunter build in Midnight Suns.


Wrath+ is an epic Skill card that costs no Heroism to play. When used, it gives all Hunter cards in the player’s hand the Critical effect. Moreover, all Hunter cards drawn for the next 2 turns also have the Critical effect, which increases their damage significantly. Furthermore, the upgraded card gets the Free effect, which means it does not cost a card to play.

By providing the Critical effect to all Hunter cards, the Wrath+ card provides a serious upgrade to the damage-dealing ability of our Hunter deck. This means that cards such as Wild Strike+ and Bladestorm+ become especially deadly against tougher opponents.

Another notable benefit of using this card is that it is Free and does not cost a card play. This means that players can use this without hesitation to reach the 3 card plays required to activate the Balanced Collar and gain two additional cards.

Also, since the Critical effect is also applied to any Hunter cards drawn in the next 2 turns, any attack cards drawn as a result of the Balanced Collar will have the Critical status effect.

This provides our Hunter card deck with some much-needed firepower to take on even the toughest of enemies.


Patience+ is an epic Heroic card that costs 6 Heroism to play. This makes it the most expensive card in our deck. However, its cost is reduced by 1 Heroism in each turn that it remains in the player’s hand. When used, the card, by default, inflicts a decimating 385 damage on an enemy.

As the name suggests, this card rewards those who wait. This is because, with each subsequent turn that the card is not used, it decreases in cost. This makes it an excellent finishing card to KO any strong foes by the third or fourth turn with minimal Heroism cost.

The devastating damage of Patience+ is also bolstered in excess of 1000 when paired with the Wrath+ card. When combined, these cards can take down very strong enemies in a single swing. This is what makes this card so powerful, provided that players use it at the right moment.

Quick Slash+

Quick Slash+ is a common Attack card that costs no Heroism to play. It does 9 damage and rewards players with 1 Heroism when used. Additionally, it is a Quick attack which means that the card play is refunded upon KO of the enemy. What’s more, the upgraded card also has a Knockback effect on enemies.

This is a very essential card for any Hunter card deck in Midnight Suns. This is because it is among the very few cards that are Quick, do damage, and inflict the Knockback effect all at once. Moreover, all of this can be done without expending any Heroism. As such, the card can be used even at the start of the mission.

What’s more, using the card after having used Wrath+ increases its damage significantly, making it more of a threat to enemies. And if players can get a KO with the attack, their card play is refunded, allowing them to execute more plays.

Lastly, the Knockback ability lets Hunter damage more than one enemy at a time. Conversely, players can knock enemies into explosives set up with Deadly Ground+ or into generators or phone booths. The latter will leave them Stunned, opening them to attack with the Merciless+ card.

Therefore, Quick Slash+ complements a lot of the other cards we have in our Hunter card deck in Midnight Suns.

Best Hunter Collar

For our Hunter build in Midnight Suns, we recommend the Balanced Collar. Players should be able to unlock this regardless of their affinity towards the Light or the Dark. This is a common collar that draws 2 Hunter cards for every 3 Hunter cards played.

By using this collar, players can be sure of a consistent supply of new Hunter cards to make the most of this Hero. To do this, they simply need to play Hunter cards, and voila – they have more! Therefore, they really cannot go wrong using this collar.

Best Hunter Passive Ability

The passive ability we decided to go with is Fully Charged. Players can come across this ability early on in the game. It grants players either a Resist or an extra Heroism point at the beginning of each turn.

Both of these are excellent bonuses to have. The Resist effect means that Hunter takes no damage at all from the first attack enemies inflict on them. This can be useful when a particularly powerful opponent has Hunter in their sights. The effect will effectively neutralize all of their damage.

And, of course, the extra Heroism point lets players perform more plays in each turn and save up for those high-powered cards that can turn the tide of the battle.

This makes Fully Charged an excellent passive for all types of players, whether they prefer going on the offense or staying defensive.

Best Heroes To Play With Hunter

Midnight Suns Hunter Build Card Deck
Heroes make up an essential part of your team [Screenshot captured by eXputer]
A Hero is nothing without a strong team to back them up. As such, our Hunter build in Midnight Suns needed heroes who could complement the abilities of our Hunter card deck and benefit from them as well. Therefore, here are our selections for the best Heroes to team up with the Hunter in Midnight Suns:

  • Ghost Rider
  • Captain America
  • Magik

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider, or Roberto Reyes, is our first pick to pair with the Hunter. His playstyle revolves around a risk and reward system, where each upside will usually have an associated downside that players will need to consider. For example, the Penance Stare consumes half of the Ghost Rider’s health to damage the enemy. Similarly, many of his other core ability cards will have some negative effects.

However, Ghost Rider brings immense damage to the table with cards like Hell Ride and Hellmouth. The former damages each enemy in a line and therefore can take out multiple foes with one play. On the other hand, the latter creates a Drop. Once created, enemies knocked into Drops have a chance of getting KO’d. Additionally, Hellmouth increases the chance for a KO for 2 turns.

As such, Ghost Rider can benefit from the healing that our Hunter build brings. This will allow players to dish out damage while worrying less about the character’s health. In such a situation, Ghost Rider is at his best.

Another way of negating some of the detriments of Ghost Rider’s cards and regaining health is through his passive ability. His passive is Soul Collector, which increases the maximum health of the character by default of 15%. For this to activate, players need to get KO’s to fill Ghost Rider’s Souls Meter. Once done, he gets his Drain Soul heroic card to regenerate health.

Captain America

Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, is among the more popular Marvel characters in Midnight Suns. He can act as the perfect tank for the team by taunting enemies and using his Block to sustain damage.

With cards like Shield Bounce and Punch, Cap can taunt enemies while dishing out some damage. This distracts the enemy and averts their attention from our protagonist, the Hunter. This frees up the Hunter to unleash more damage upon foes and support their teammates through heals.

Once enemies have their eyes on Captain America, he can fortify his Block with cards like Tactician and Best Defense. This lets him soak up large amounts of damage while the rest of his team picks apart enemies. The Hunter can also aid Cap in his tank role by providing occasional heals.

Moreover, even Captain America’s passive ability, All Day, focuses on equipping him as a tank. With this passive ability, Cap begins each combat encounter with a certain amount of Block beforehand.

Although players can opt to make Captain America more offense-oriented with cards like the Shield Charge, we still recommend keeping things safe and playing Cap to his strengths as a strong first line of defense.


Magik is a lesser-known MCU character and an exceptionally useful Hero to pair with the Hunter in Midnight Suns. Her playstyle revolves around creating portals and knocking enemies through them to strike environmental objects or more enemies. As such, she can have an impact on the entire battlefield with minimal card plays.

Magik can create portals with cards like Limbo Portal. This will not even cost a card play due to the Free indicator. Afterward, attacks like Quick Soulslash and Soul Blast can knock enemies through these portals to wherever the character wants. This also lets Magik make the most of the Light and Dark explosives placed by the Hunter. In addition, Magik’s passive ability, Relay, also increases her chances of creating a Limbo Portal.

This trend of manipulating enemies to her whims continues with cards like Gather. This lets her not only inflict enemies with area-of-effect damage but also get them closer to where she wants. Moreover, like Ghost Rider, Magik can also place Drop points. When knocked into these, enemies can potentially get KO’d.

As such, Magik has to be used much more strategically. Most importantly, methodical portal placement is key for successful Magik plays that can dish out the most damage. When played right, though, she can effectively capitalize on the playstyle offered by our Hunter build.

More About The Hunter

The Hunter
The Hunter [Picture taken by eXputer]
Hunter is a brand-new protagonist featured in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The character was created by the developer Firaxis in cooperation with Marvel and features a great degree of customizability.

When Lilith, the Mother of Demons, was resurrected by Hydra, the Midnight Suns had to act. As such, they resurrected the only being capable of defeating Lilith: her son, the Hunter. Along with the other well-known Marvel characters like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Blade, the Hunter aims to take down Lilith and Hydra in their evil plots.


This guide is about the best Hunter build, and card deck players should use in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Let us know if this build worked for you, and if you have any changes you will make! With this build and the right tips and tricks, players should quickly be able to master the battle arenas of Midnight Suns!


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