Midnight Suns: Child Of Darkness [Definitive Guide]

The Child Of Darkness challenge is the first one players can access in The Forge. Here is how you can complete it!

The Child of Darkness is a special Challenge for the Hunter that players can access in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. It provides players with three Legendary rewards: the Midnight Sun combat suit, the Shadowstalker passive ability, and the Bladestorm card. The mission does require some strategizing, though. So, if you find yourself stuck, fret not! This guide will take you through the complete steps required to finish the mission.

Key Takeaways
  • The Child of Darkness is a Challenge mission for the Hunter.
  • The Challenge can be unlocked by upgrading The Forge and accessing Challenges from the Anvil.
  • It unlocks three Legendary rewards: the Midnight Sun combat suit, the Shadowstalker passive ability, and the Bladestorm card.
  • To complete the mission, players must use the right cards in the right sequence to take out the enemies and destroy the crystal.

How To Unlock Child Of Darkness

Marvel’s Midnight Suns feature special Challenges for each of the characters in the game. These Challenges can be played when the friendship level of that Hero has been maxed out. The first of these Challenges that can be unlocked is the Hunter’s “Child of Darkness.”

Players can unlock this Challenge once they have sufficiently upgraded The Forge. Once done, they can go up to the Anvil and interact with it. From there, select Challenges. Here, players will see the Hunter, Child of Darkness challenge.

Midnight Suns Child of Darkness
The Child of Darkness Challenge [Image credits: eXputer]

Challenge Details

The objective of the Challenge is to destroy the crystal by knocking enemies into it. These enemies are called Whispers of Memory. Moreover, the Challenge has certain stipulations:

  1. The Hunter is the only Hero that players can use in the Challenge.
  2. There are infinite Card Plays.
  3. The character cannot move, redraw cards, or use combat items.
  4. If the turn ends or no more cards are left, the objective fails.

The mission uses the Charge, Whip, and finally, the Bladestorm card. Players will have the first card at the start, while the other two will be picked up by defeating enemies. However, all of these cards make use of the Knockback mechanic, where they hurl enemies in a specific direction. As such, players have to use these cards on enemies in a specific order to progress.

How To Complete Child Of Darkness

To simplify the procedure, we have numbered each of the enemies, as shown in the picture below.

Midnight Suns Child of Darkness
Numbering the enemies in the arena [Picture by eXputer]
Players now just have to follow the steps provided below with pictures to complete the Challenge and claim those rewards!

  1. Use Charge on enemy 1. Knock them back in the direction shown but do not KO them by knocking them into any object. This enemy is of the most importance to us since we will eventually use them to destroy the crystal.
    Use Charge on enemy 1
    Use Charge on enemy 1 [Screenshot taken by eXputer]
  2. Use Charge on enemy 2. Knock them into the wall behind to instantly KO them. Doing so will grant players an additional Charge card.
    Midnight Suns Child of Darkness
    Use Charge on enemy 2 [Screenshot credits: eXputer]
  3. Use Charge on enemy 1. Knock them in the direction shown between the rubble to get them closer to the crystal. However, as before, do not KO them by hurling them into an object.
    Midnight Suns Child of Darkness
    Use Charge on enemy 1 [Image by eXputer]
  4. Use Charge on enemy 3. Knock them into the wall behind to instantly KO them. This will grant players the Whip card. The Whip card will be essential since it will let us make the final blow to the red crystal.
    Use Charge on enemy 3
    Use Charge on enemy 3 [Picture taken by eXputer]
  5. Use Charge on enemy 1 for the third time. Knock them in the direction shown towards the crystal. Once again, though, do not KO them. This uses up our last card and perfectly sets up the enemy for the final move.
    Midnight Suns Child of Darkness
    Use Charge on enemy 1 [Picture credits: eXputer]
  6. Use Whip on enemy 1. Knock them into the red crystal as shown. The Whip card performs a Forceful Knockback which will be enough to shatter the crystal and KO the enemy. Finally, the enemy will drop a Bladestorm card. This is a Legendary card that damages and does a Forceful Knockback on each enemy in an area. Moreover, another purple crystal will spawn behind the player.
    Midnight Suns Child of Darkness
    Use Whip on enemy 1 [Screenshot by eXputer]
  7. Use Bladestorm on the newly-spawned purple crystal. This will destroy the crystal and finally complete the Challenge.
    Use Bladestorm on the crystal
    Use Bladestorm on the crystal [Picture taken by eXputer]


As the first Challenge players get access to, the Child Of Darkness provides a bunch of exciting bonuses. It has three rewards:

  1. Legendary Combat Suit for the Hunter: Midnight Suns
  2. Legendary Passive Ability: Shadowstalker
  3. Legendary Heroic Card: Bladestorm

The suit is a fine black-and-gold costume that many players will enjoy having in their wardrobe. Aside from this, the passive ability, Shadowstalker, lets players gain Concealed once per encounter by redrawing a Hunter card. Lastly, the Bladestorm card is an area-of-effect ability that does Damage and Forceful Knockback on all enemies trapped within its radius.


With this, players will be able to complete the Child of Darkness challenge for the Hunter in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and reap all the rewards it offers. Let us know how this worked for you and if you found a better way to get through the mission!

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