Midnight Suns BEST Iron Man Cards & Build

Iron Man is one the best all-rounder heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns, and a build focusing on his core strengths can make him a formidable opponent!

When it comes to applying the vulnerable status effect and controlling the crowd, Iron man is by far the best character in Midnight Suns. He is one of the first superheroes you’ll play in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. This means you’ll be familiar with Iron Man’s cards and abilities from the get-go in Midnight Suns.   

Key Highlights

  • Iron Man is one of the starting DPS-focused heroes that’s a great all-rounder in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, but his build is usually letting him dish out the most damage.
  • His Heroic cards utilize the game’s Move mechanic offensively, as they use that mechanic to boost their damage output massively.
  • Since Iron Man is an attack-heavy character, it’s better to team him up with Support cards that either help Iron Man defensively or increase his base attack potency.
  • Always Upgrade your cards to (+) versions so that you get the best value by using them in combat of Midnight Suns. 
  • Quick Blast, Blast, Mark Target, Heads Up, Surgical Strike, and Air Superiority are the best card abilities of Iron Man.

Best Iron Man Cards

Iron Man in the game
Iron Man has some of the highest attacks in the game.

Iron Man is a high-damage character in Midnight Suns, and he can deal massive damage output by applying the Vulnerable Status effect on enemies and then blasting them away using amazing abilities. As always, if you want to deal tons of damage to a single enemy or a crowd, you should upgrade Iron Man’s abilities first to the (+) version and then utilize his abilities in the field. 


Blast [Screenshot by eXputer]
Blast is the superior version of the Quick Blast ability card that we have listed in our guide as well. Iron Man channels a beam and fires at a target when you trigger this ability. Additionally, the attack comes with a knockback effect, so you can pretty much damage a second target as well by hitting him with the primary one. Or you can throw an enemy into an environmental trap to deal further damage. 

The best value of the Blast ability card comes at using it the second time. That is because you get an additional bonus of Forceful effect, which significantly increases Iron Man’s knockback and base damage significantly while executing this attack. 

Mark Target

Mark Target [Screenshot captured by eXputer]
This is by far the best Iron Man card in Midnight Suns to use in the heat of the battle. The upgraded version of this card even deals massive damage to Marked enemies. When you trigger this ability, Iron Man inflicts 2 Marked and 2 Vulnerable status effects on enemies who are standing in closer proximity. 

All the marked enemies will deal at least 50% more damage than otherwise, and it does not have to be Iron Man’s ability to deal the killing blow; you can KO them using any other hero on the team. 

Quick Blast

Quick Blast [Image Credit: eXputer]
Sometimes the overlooked cards are actually the useful ones, and in this case, you should always prioritize equipping Quick Blast in your arsenal. That is because this card is very useful against minions or enemies that generally do not have a larger health pool

You will have access to this ability card from the get-go. Using Quick Blast once is good but using it the second time is even better. That is because this ability card comes with a redraw knockback bonus. So, basically, the next time you use it against a target, you can pretty much throw that enemy into an environmental hazard or onto a secondary target if they’re in close proximity. 

The base version of the card is good enough for the early game, but you will need to upgrade Quick Blast to the (+) version to increase the base damage significantly. 

Heads Up

Heads Up [Image Credit: eXputer]
Not only is Iron Man excellent at dealing damage to a single target or a crowd, but he can also use his nanotechnology to provide damage resistance or Block positive status effects on himself or an ally. This ability is extremely useful, and you can apply it to Iron Man if he is the sole DPS, or you can apply the Heads Up ability to any other character on the team, such as having a Blade build or Hunter build

Surgical Strike

Surgical Strike [Screenshot captured by eXputer]
The Surgical Strike ability has a lot of utility, and the best way to utilize this card ability is to first have at least 2-5 cards in hand and then trigger the ability. That is because Iron Man chains attacks in a row depending on how many Iron Man cards you have available to play. So say you have 5 Iron Man cards available with you, and you trigger a Surgical Strike; then you can select five targets and unleash a series of attacks on them in a single go.  

Air Superiority 

Most heroes in Midnight Suns do not have the best crowd-controlling abilities, but we can’t say the same for Iron Man, as the Air Superiority basically wreaks havoc everywhere in the field. Triggering the ability basically allows Iron Man to hover in the air and launch a barrage of rockets at every single enemy in the area.

If there are minions all over the combat field, and you have upgraded Air Superiority to the (+) version, then all of them will be wiped out in a single usage. This damage is further taken up a notch; if you Redraw the card and use it again on the crowd, you will deal at least 30-50% more damage to enemies. 

Additionally, if you want to take the damage numbers high to the roof, it will be best if you can apply the Vulnerability status effect first before triggering Air Superiority. Mark Target is the best card ability of Iron Man in Midnight Suns to apply vulnerability status effect on enemies. 

How To Unlock More Iron Man Cards In Midnight Suns 

Gamma Coils [Image captured by eXputer]
The fastest way to unlock hero cards or abilities in Midnight Suns is to play with them or bring them on missions. Once you complete the missions, you will get Gamma Coils that can be brought to The Forge, and Tony Stark can open them to reveal a series of ability cards.

Another excellent method to get more hero ability cards in the game is to send heroes on Hero Ops. This is the best-case scenario whenever you’re not bringing a hero with you on the mission, and they’re hanging out back in the social hub. Better send them on missions than let them sit idle at the social hub. Whenever the heroes return from Hero Ops, there is a great chance an ability card will be unlocked as a reward. 


Josh Keaton, the Midnight Suns voice actor behind Iron Man, has portrayed the character in the game. You can make Iron Man a lot more powerful with a few add-ons to his build and effectively using the mechanics of Midnight Suns to his advantage. 

Now that you know the top six best Iron Man ability cards in Midnight Suns, are you ready to make a devastating build for him in the game? Which cards that we have mentioned are the go-to ones for you? Do you have some card suggestions that could make Iron Man build much more devastating in Midnight Suns? Share your thoughts with us. Let us know more about it in the comments section below.


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