Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Havens Locations

To increase the relationship amount excessively in Midnight Suns, uncovering Havens can help!

Havens are your secret location in Abbey during your stay between the missions. Abbey is the home of the Midnight Suns, where you will find many collectibles. You will also find Havens in that Abbey, where you can increase your friendship with all characters. Havens in Midnight Suns crucial part of building a relationship with a character.

Key Takeaways
  • Havens are found in the Abbey Grounds in Midnight Suns.
  • Havens significantly increases the relationship between characters.
  • A Haven location can only be used one time.
  • A hero that has visited the Haven cannot be invited again.

Here is a summarized look at all the Havens in Midnight Suns:

Haven Activity Location
The Eerie BarrensPaintingLeft side of Agatha's Shrine
The Sunny ValleyBird watchingNear Stream of Water
The Quiet HillBird watchingAgatha’s Altar region
The Wooden OverlookBird watchingDreamers Descent Region
The Windy GladeMeditationLeft side of Agatha’s Shrine
The Shady ClearingMeditationValley of the Winds, beside the bridge
The Towering PillarMeditationNear Agatha’s Altar
The Foggy OaksMushroom pickingIn front of Agatha’s Cottage
The Ancient BridgePaintingNear the Everflowing Glade
The Weathered FollyPaintingBelow Lilith’s Garden
The Quiet ValleyBird watchingCrack the wall near the Abbey then head for the Misty Moors.
The Dead TeethPaintingAll four Words of Power are required to reach it's location
The Damp HillBird watchingGideon’s Cross
The Moist Depression Mushroom pickingAbove Hunter’s Folly

How To Find Havens In Midnight Suns?

You will find glowing blue circles. When you start walking towards it, you can interact with it. After discovering the Haven in the hub of Midnight Suns, you can invite heroes and increase their friendship. However, you can only use Haven once. Note that the names of Haven are randomized so that you can get another name aside from these, but the location won’t change.

That being said, there are 14 Havens we have found in Midnight Suns, and we have pinpointed them in the image below.

Location of Havens in Midnight Suns
Midnight Suns All Havens Location [Image by eXputer]

1. The Eerie Barrens

Haven Eerie Barrens
Eerie Barrens Haven – [Image by eXputer]
This is the first Haven that you can claim while doing Agatha’s quest from the main storyline of Midnight Suns. On the left side of Agatha’s Shrine, you will find a path from where you can spot this Haven.

2. The Sunny Valley

Haven Sunny Valley
Sunny Valley Haven- [Image by eXputer]
This Haven is found near the stream of water. To be more precise, you will find it near the wooden boat dock pier. It is also easy to spot if you walk alongside the stream of water.

3. The Quiet Hill

Haven The Quiet Hill
The Quiet Hill Haven – [Image by eXputer]
Found in the Agatha’s Altar region. To achieve this Haven, you will first need to do Agatha’s quest, which is in the main storyline of Midnight Suns. From that quest, you will gain Word of Power, from which you unlock the door on some spots. It is Surprisingly easy to find as it is not hidden somewhere and is lying on the ground.

4. The Wooden Overlook

Haven The Wooden Overlook
The Wooden Overlook Haven – [Image by eXputer]
In the Dreamers Descent Region, you can find it if you climb up the hills. It is in the middle of the hill.

5. The Windy Glade

Haven The Windy Glade
The Windy Glade Haven – [Image by eXputer]
It is found near the second Blood Gate. Make sure to unlock the second Blood Gate and complete the mission to gain the Reveal Power in Midnight Suns, as it will help you to collect other Havens.

6. The Shady Clearing

Haven The Shady Clearing
The Shady Clearing Haven – [Image by eXputer]
To get this, you will need to clear the second Blood Gate. It is beside the bridge when entering the Valley of the Winds.

7. The Towering Pillar

Haven The Towering Pillar
The Towering Pillar Haven – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
After acquiring the Reveal power, you can head back to this location near Agatha’s Altar and use it to create a stone bridge. Thereafter, you can claim the Haven.

8. The Foggy Oaks

Haven The Foggy Oaks
The Foggy Oaks Haven – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
It is in front of Agatha’s Cottage. You’d have to circle around the cottage to reach the front.

9. The Ancient Bridge

Haven The Ancient Bridge
The Ancient Bridge Haven – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
This Haven is located near the Everflowing Glade. However, this Haven also requires immense progress in the story of Midnight Suns to access the area. Once you access the Purify Word of Power, you can enter this area and claim the Haven

10. The Weathered Folly

Haven The Weathered Folly
The Weathered Folly Haven – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
To get this Haven, you will need the Purify Word of Power in Midnight Suns. Thereafter, you can head to Lilith’s Garden, where you will find the Haven below it.

11. The Quiet Valley

Haven The Quiet Valley
The Quiet Valley Haven – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
To get here, you will need Break Word of Power so that you can break the wall and head to the Misty Moors area.

12. The Dead Teeth

Haven The Dead Teeth
The Dead Teeth Haven – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
To acquire this Haven, you will need all four Words of Power: Open, Reveal, Purify and Break.

13. The Damp Hill

Haven The Damp Hill
The Damp Hill Haven – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
You will need all four Words of Power to acquire this one too. You will find it on your journey while traveling through Gideon’s Cross.

14. The Moist Depression

Haven The Moist Depression
The Moist Depression Haven – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
This location is right above Hunter’s Folly. You can find it on the road Dreamers Descent. You will need to use Break Word of Power to clear out the boulderstone and head inside to acquire the Haven.

Wrap Up

These are the locations where you can discover Haven in Midnight Suns and increase your relationship with other characters. To fight villains like Lilith and Hydra, you will need the best Doctor Strange Build. The choice is yours! Take on the best Marvel Midnight Suns villains with the best Character Builds.

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