Midnight Suns: BEST Captain America Build

Captain America is a Tank/Damage hero that you can use however you want.

Captain America is one of the best characters in Midnight Suns under the tank or damage-soaking category. You can unlock Cap by completing the ‘Some Assembly Required’ mission. From there on, you will have access to another Tank/Damage hero in your team. Using some of the best Captain America ability cards in Midnight Suns will allow your teammates to get extra resistance easily. He is a powerful character; not using him will have you wasting a lot of potential. 

Key Takeaways
  • Captain America is a Tank/Damage Hero.
  • He has great ability cards that allow him to Taunt enemies, gain Block, and deal tons of Damage.
  • Once upgraded, almost all of his cards let you draw more random cards, giving other heroes in the game more potential to fight.
  • He can be used as a Tank or as a DPS hero, whatever suits you. But the best way to use him is as a Hybrid hero.
  • Punch, Quick Punch, Brooklyn Handshake, Dig In, Shield Bash, and Tactician are the best ability cards you should always use.

To make things more convenient for you, we have included a summary of our Best Captain America Build:

Quick Punch
Brooklyn HandshakeEpicAttack
Dig InRareSkill
Shield BashRareAttack

Best Cards For Captain America

Captain America is a brawler by nature and a tank hero, as attributed via his ability cards. The best way to utilize this character in the field is to have at least 2 more attackers and one support hero. That is because most of the Cap’s ability cards are designed to provide passive buffs to Block stats, and he also gets a good chance to draw back cards. 


Punch [image captured by Us]
Rarity Type
Common Attack

Punch is the classic brawler moveset for Captain America, and it deals medium to high damage to a target whenever you use the card. Consider this as an alternate card ability called Winds of Watoomb from Doctor Strange’s build because not only do you deal massive damage to a target, but also the ability basically knocks back the enemy.

Other than that, you can use the Punch card ability strategically by knocking your primary target to an environmental hazard or onto another enemy to knock back. If you don’t use the Punch ability properly, you will end up getting 50% of its benefit, and the rest will be unused. 

Quick Punch

Quick Punch [image captured by eXputer]
Rarity Type
Common Attack

The Quick Punch card ability of Captain America is clearly designed to wipe out enemies that are at low health or if they are minions. Using this ability on enemies that have a larger health pool or if they’re not easy to take down in just one hit will simply be a waste of card usage. You should be using Quick Punch against minions as it deals moderate damage and will likely KO them in a single use.

Other than that, if your card usage kills a minion, then there is a great chance that you will get a random card usage back for Captain America to be used again. 

Brooklyn Handshake

Brooklyn Handshake [screenshot captured by eXputer]
Rarity Type
Epic Attack

Generating heroism is always the core goal in Midnight Sun’s combat. With increased Heroism points, a character’s next ability will do more damage than the base one. That being said, Captain America’s Brooklyn Handshake card ability not only gives points but it also deals a decent amount of damage. 

Using the Brooklyn Handshake card will allow you to damage the primary target and send that enemy flying into a secondary target or an environmental hazard point. If you happen to KO at least one target during this ability card, you will draw back 2 cards after this turn.  

Dig In

Dig In [image captured by eXputer]
Rarity Type
Rare Skill

Dig In is basically the classic taunting card, and Captain America will attract all small to large-sized enemies’ attention to him upon usage. However, this card does not work on the whole team and you will need to select just one ally from whom you want to draw away the enemies’ attention.

Besides getting the attention of enemies from one ally, Captain America also gets an increased block percentage, allowing him to take a little less damage. Dig In ability is one of the best Captain America cards you can use in Midnight Suns to give your allies extra room to attack while Cap takes the big hits. 

Shield Bash

Shield Bash [image captured by Us]
Rarity Type
Rare Attack

The Shield Bash basically consumes a certain percentage of Captain America’s block potential and channels it to the offensive. All attacks that he does after using the Shield Bash card ability deal additional bonus damage than the base one.

This card is very effective when you’ve leveled up the Shield Bash, as Captain America gets an increased blocked percentage as you level it up. Using it in the early game would be effective, but it will not bring fruitful results during mid to late games if you do not upgrade it. 


Tactician [image captured by eXputer]
Rarity Type
Common Skill

Finally, the best part of equipping a Tactician card is that you get it pretty early in Midnight Suns, and you can continue using it a mid-to-late game. Since Cap is a tank character and he can pretty much soak the incoming damage to a greater degree than most of the allies in the team, using the Tactician ability basically allows Cap to offer an increased percentage of Block to teammates.

Using the Tactician card has no drawbacks whatsoever; at least, that is how we see it. You get to offer significantly higher block stat to teammates, and attackers’ class of characters can basically continue becoming reckless with this added advantage.   

How To Get More Captain America Cards

One of the fastest ways to unlock more hero cards for any character in Midnight Suns, let alone Captain America, is to use them on missions more often. This will allow Cap to get a chance to receive more Gamma Coils, which are ultimately used to get more cards. 

Another best method that we know for unlocking cards faster in Midnight Suns is to upgrade the Forge. Once you do that, you will basically unlock a feature that unlocks new hero ability cards that you can equip later before missions and use to get an edge in the battle. 


That is all that we had to entail about the best Captain America cards and decks in Midnight Suns if you want to create a tanky build. Do you have other recommendations for the top six best cards for this character? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.


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