Midnight Suns: How To Unlock & Use Mods

Mods allows players to make there card powerful! Find out How To Unlock It!

Mods in Midnight Suns will allow you to apply a random powerful perk on your ability cards or add an additional utility to the card. A modded card will have a golden star on the upper left corner of it. Moreover, with mods, the cards can gain an additional counter, moves, and even increase heroism.

Key Highlights
  • Through mods, you can add a powerful perk to your card.
  • To identify a modified card, look for the golden star on the upper left corner of it.
  • To unlock Mods, you will need to reach Research Level 6.
  • Adding mods to the card requires Essence and Credits.
  • You can reroll mods, but doing so increases the cost.

How To Unlock Mods in Midnight Suns?

To unlock the mods in Midnight Suns, you first need to head down to “The Forge” and select the Research Tab by interacting with the Anvil. Now you will need the research level 6 actually to unlock the modding.

Midnight Suns Research Mods
Researching in Midnight Suns – [Image by eXputer]
To increase your research level, you will need to collect artifacts, which can be gained by doing specific missions. After collecting the artifacts, you can go to the same place and give the artifact to Doctor Strange, which will increase your research level. 

Even after increasing your research level to 6, you will need to complete 6 Missions with Blade as a requirement to initiate the research project. The research project will take up to a day to complete. After completion, you will receive “Crucible,” which takes 300 credits to build.

Now, you can Apply Ability Mods from The Yard in Midnight Suns.

Midnight Suns The Yard Mods Tab in
Mods Tab in The Yard in Midnight Suns – [Image by eXputer]

How To Modify Abilities

After unlocking the Ability Mods section, it becomes easier to understand what to do next. However, adding mods to the cards comes with a price payable with Essence and Credits.

Midnight Suns Applying Ability Mods
Applying Ability Mods on Cards in Midnight Suns – [Image by eXputer]
Moreover, you can even reroll the mod, but rerolling increases the cost each time you reroll a mod. Once you are ready, you can go ahead and choose the Modifier from the poll and mod your card in Midnights Suns.

Wrap Up

To first unlock the mods section, you will need the artifacts, which will require you to do missions. However, with no right build, you can easily fail those missions. That’s why we suggest you read our guide on Best Characters.

Talking about the Best Characters, why not read our guide on Hunter’s Build, who can fit on almost every team comps with a very flexible combat style? That’s it on our guide on Midnight Suns: How To Unlock Mods.


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