Marvels Midnight Suns: Elemental Rods Locations

Elemental Rods Help Acquire Moon Seal In Midnight Suns.

What Is The Usage Of Elemental Rods?

These Elemental Rods have been gaining a lot of attention lately, and for a good reason, the reason is how to unlock the Moon Seals. There are a total of four types of Moon Seals that are out on the grounds of the Abbey. To find the first moon seal, you need to find the Statue Of Agatha Harkness, and it’s not that far from the Abbey.

Approach the statue and inspect the writing, and the sprite of Agatha will appear out of thin air, which will lead you toward the first sealed Blood Gate. Enter the Trial by simply interacting with the Gate after completing the trial when you come back to the Abbey. The sealed Blood Gate will be gone.

Key Takeaways
  • Words of Power: Used at the Abbey for various purposes like opening doors, freeing chests, uncovering hidden pathways, breaking statues for chests.
  • Elemental Rods: Fire, Air, Earth, Water in Marvel Midnight Suns.
  • Advantage of obtaining all Rods: Unlocks additional Moon Seal and Blood Gate, leading to another Word of Power.

You can watch our video & find the location of all elemental rods that further lead to acquiring Reveal Word of Power in the game or continue reading the guide. 

YouTube video


Collecting Moon Seal

To acquire the Moon Seal, enter and retrieve it from within. Interact with the Altar located behind it to obtain the Word Of Power: Open. Utilize this Word Of Power to locate all Elemental Rods.

To access and utilize the Elemental Rods, return to Aragtha’s Altar. Four Podiums are present: one furthest to the right, one to the left, and two adjacent to the staircase. Position the Fire Rod on the far right, the Water Rod on the left, the Air Rod on the left of the staircase, and the Earth Rod on the right.

Upon placing all Elemental Rods, you’ll receive the Second Moon Seal. Two additional Moon Seals are dispersed throughout the Abbey’s grounds.

Now how to get all the Elemental Rods?

Types Of Elemental Rods

There are a total of Four Elemental Rods, and all of them are scattered all over Abbey’s Grounds.

  • Fire Rod
  • Water Rod
  • Air Rod
  • Earth Rod

Here is the location of each of these Rods in Marvel Midnight Suns:

Elemental RodLocation
Fire RodChapel-like room on the building's south side in The Abbey
Water RodUnder the bridge near the pool in the Training Yard
Air RodOn a platform in the middle of Whispering Wood, accessible from Aragtha's Altar
Earth RodInside the tomb-like structure in Hunter's Folly

Fire Rod

The Fire Rod is an easy rod to be found. It is located in The Abbey itself. To find the Fire Rod, you need to go to the chapel-like room on the building’s south side. You will be able to see the Fire Rod resting on a pedestal next to some candles.

Midnight Suns Elemental Fire Rod
Location of Fire Rod [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Fire Rod looks like, 

Midnight Suns Elemental Fire Rod
Fire Rod [Image Captured by eXputer]

Water Rod

The Water Rod is located near the Training Yard. From the training yard, you need to go towards the pool; near the pool, you will see the bridge. Go near that bridge and look under it. Then, you will find the Water Rod under the bridge near the pool.

Midnight Suns Elemental Water Rod
Location of Water Rod [Image Captured by eXputer]
and the Water Rod looks like, 

Elemental Water Rod
Water Rod [Image Captured by eXputer]

Air Rod

For the Air Rod, you can fast travel to Aragtha’s Altar, or you can walk there. After reaching to Altar you can see on the right that there is a narrow path leading somewhere. Follow that path, and after some time following, you will end up near the door. To open the door, we are going to use Words of Power(Open) on it. After opening the door continues following the path. Then you will enter Whispering Wood.

Midnight Suns Elemental Air Rod
Location of AIr Rod [Image Captured by eXputer]
Go middle of the Whispering Woods. Then turn left you will see a platform. Go to the platform. When you reach there, you will see a rod standing on the pedestal. That’s the Air Rod in Midnight Suns, and its looks like, 

Midnight Suns ElementalAir Rod
Air Rod [Image Captured by eXputer]

Earth Rod

To get the Earth Rod, you need to go to Hunter’s Folly and look for tomb looking structure. After finding the tomb. You will see that it is higher from the ground. To reach up there, you need to get in front of the tomb and climb up the staircase. Again we are going to use Words of Power (Open) on the tomb’s door. After opening the door, go inside the tomb and look to your left, and you will see the Earth Rod resting on some rocks.

Elemental Earth Rod
Location of Earth Rod [Image Captured by eXputer]
and the Earth Rod seems like,

Elemental Earth Rod
Earth rod [Image Captured by eXputer]

Final Words 

 That’s how you can find Elemental Rods. If we don’t get the Word of Power (Open), we won’t be able to get two Elemental Rods. After using them, we will be rewarded with the second Moon Seal.  After finding the Moon Seals, you can open the second Blood Gate. To get one more Word Of Power (Reveal). Like the second Moon Seal, there are two more Moon Seals out there on the ground of the Abbey.

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