Midnight Suns Max level: How To Level Up Quickly

Bringing every hero to the max level in Midnight Suns is a lengthy task; thus, we will list all the methods you can use to make the grind more bearable.

Reaching max level in Midnight Suns involves a lot of grinding of your preferred characters because this is a card-based strategy game with smaller RPG mechanics. It is important to know what is the max level for heroes and friendships stats and how you can level them up quickly in the game.

Key Highlights:

  • There are 13 heroes in Midnight Suns, and all of them have a max level cap of 25. Their friendship level cap is 5.
  • Players can even go above and beyond the max level cap, which requires a whole other set of grinding.
  • The quickest way to level up every hero will be to attempt the T.H.R.E.A.T Room.
  • Players should give out gifts and compliments frequently to every hero in the game in order to increase the friendship level as quickly as possible.
  • Taking heroes to Havens in Midnight Suns is also a good way to increase friendship levels.

Max Level In Midnight Suns

As you may already know, there are 13 heroes in the game. All 13 of them have a max level cap of 25. As for friendship levels, their level cap is 5. Unless you have plans to grind for a ton of hours and separately level up every 13 heroes by continuously repeating missions, letting each hero reach the maximum level is no easy task.

Keep in mind that there is also an option of prestige leveling, meaning that once you have reached level 25 and max friendship level, you can also go above and beyond. Making the character even more powerful than their maximum level. We recommend only over-leveling the characters you have decided will be the mainstays of your roster.

However, as we stated previously, bringing every hero to level 25 is already time-consuming. Making them go above and beyond is a separate thing altogether. Thankfully, there are some easier and more efficient ways to level up both your heroes and friendship. Here we will list every method you can use to make the grind more bearable.

How To Level Up Heroes Quickly

max level in midnight suns
T.H.R.E.A.T Room [Image Captured By eXputer]
When it comes to not wasting any time while leveling up your heroes, the only advice we can give you is to unlock the T.H.R.E.A.T Room as soon as possible. You need Research Level 4, completion of 3 missions with Magik, and of course, credit to build the T.H.R.E.A.T Room in the yard.

What’s great about this room is that you can attempt it with the hero of your choice, and every hero card in your inventory will level up. A few things to remember are that each hero can attempt the T.H.R.E.A.T Room only once per day, and you cannot save in the T.H.R.E.A.T Room so it will be better to save the game before attempting it.

Another thing to remember is that whichever hero you choose to play with, the only heroes that will gain XP will be those with a lower level than the hero you are playing with. But do not get disheartened by that because the T.H.R.E.A.T Room is mostly filled with minions that die with a single hit, so try to chain your attacks and kill as many of them as you can in a single go.

In order to complete the T.H.R.E.A.T Room, players must survive 3 rounds and not get greedy, as many enemies can still overwhelm you if you get careless.

How To Increase Friendship Levels Quickly

max level in midnight suns
Increasing Friendship level with heroes [Image Credit: eXputer]
In order to level up your friendships, you will need to hang out with different heroes, and you can perform different activities with them. Once you have maxed out the friendship meter, then they will contact you on Superlink, asking you to hang out. Accept the invite, and you will be able to take the friendship to the next level.

Thankfully, there are many ways to level up your friendship meter quickly with different heroes, including giving gifts, locating havens, and giving compliments. Here we will be listing each of these methods in detail.

Giving Out Compliments

Giving out compliments is as simple in the game as it is in real life. You simply walk up to the hero, and a small prompt will appear that will allow you to use it. Hold the button, and the hunter will give out to compliment.

Players can earn the ability to give out compliments after completing research projects, attaining new training levels in the yard, and intel cache hero ops.

Giving Gifts

Giving gifts is the quickest way to raise friendship levels, so don’t get greedy; give out gifts as frequently as possible but don’t keep giving them to the same hero for a reason. Why? We’ll get to that later.

Gifts can be purchased from the gift shops located to the left of the doorway leading to the Forge. Players will first need to increase the Team Friendship stat in order to unlock the gift shop

In any case, the gifts that you find will have different rarity levels. Needless to say that the rarer the gift, the more friendship XP it will grant you. One more thing to remember is that keep preference in mind. Different heroes have different preferences, so if you give the correct gift to the correct hero, you will gain more friendship XP.

As we stated previously, you shouldn’t be given all the gifts to the same hero again and again, well that was due to good reason. Because, just like in real life, if you continuously shower a person with compliments and gifts, it will diminish in value over time. So it is recommended to divert your attention to other superheroes and keep them all around the same level. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your compliments and gifts are not wasted.

Taking Heroes To Havens

Havens are points of interest that can be found on the Abbey Grounds. Be sure to look out for the blue circles while you are exploring the grounds as interacting with those blue circles will unlock them as Havens. Players can further invite different heroes to these Havens to increase their friendship level.

While Havens is a great way to gain a great amount of friendship XP, developers made sure that players do not abuse its power, which means that each hero can visit the Haven only once per playthrough and if you took the hero to a specific haven then you cannot invite any other hero in that Haven, and you will need to find another point of interest in the Abbey Grounds.

Wrap Up

That neatly wraps up our guide on the max hero level and friendships levels in Midnight Suns and what is the fastest way to level them up. We hope our guide helped you out. If you are still new to the game and are still learning the ropes, consider reading our guide on Midnight Suns Tips and Tricks

The game is available now on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. If you think we missed something that can help the player level up even more quickly, then let us know in the comment section below.


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