Midnight Suns All Bosses & How To Defeat Them

You will need to use these tactics to defeat any boss in Midnight Suns easily.

Apart from facing the usual Hydra Agents and Minions, you will come across all seven bosses in Midnight Suns. Each boss possesses a different type of ability, so you need the best characters in Midnight Suns in order to win the fights.

NOTE: The guide contains story spoilers, so read at your own discretion!

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 7 different bosses in Midnight Suns, with each boss having unique characteristics and abilities.
  • Fallen Venom:
    • To defeat him, use knockback to get rid of Hydra agents. 
    • Strategically spam Hunter’s Slash and Spiderman’s knockback.
  • Sabretooth:
    • Sabretooth will require you to be very attentive, as he does not wait for your turn to unleash his attacks. 
    • The best way to deal with this is by using Wolverine and Hunter.
  • Crossbones:
    • Your first attack will activate Crossbones’ Hydra Shield, which you must reduce to zero to make him vulnerable. 
    • The optimal team composition against Crossbones is Iron Man, Hunter, and Captain America.
    • Use explosives and quick attacks to get several hits. Also, save Iron Man’s cards until the end to utilize his AOE attacks.
  • Fallen Scarlet Witch:
    • The Confuse ability allows Fallen Scarlet Witch to force your hero to randomly use a card. To mitigate this, redraw the cards for the hero afflicted by this ability.
    • Use Unleash if you have AOE abilities on your team. Also, use the Hex Mark card.
    • Your team composition against Fallen Scarlet Witch should be Nico, Hunter, and Magik.
  • Fallen Hulk:
    • You cannot defeat Fallen Hulk because of his infinite lives, so your goal should be to only survive.
    • To maximize the damage, keep altering between different characters throughout the battle. 
    • Use Drain Soul with Ghost Rider to attack Hulk’s minions. Your team should consist of Iron Man, Hunter, and Ghost Rider.
  • The Dark Hunter:
    • Use the AOE attacks of Hulk and Captain Marvel to target Hunter and his Shadowhounds.
    • Arrange the enemies in a single formation for Captain Marvel’s Photon Beam.
  • Chthon:
    • You have to deal with huge waves of enemies and unlock Establish Seal cards to seal away Chthon.
    • A few useful tips include spamming quick attacks, building a balanced deck, and saving your heroism.

Here’s a quick rundown of every Boss in Midnight Suns:

Venom- Supervillain
- Join Us
- Quick Strike
- Strike
- Toss
- Lethal Embrace
- Symbiote Binding
- Spike Bomb
Sabretooth- Supervillain
- Frenzy
- Claw Attack
- Dazing Slam
Crossbones- Supervillain
- Hydra Shield
- Mercenary's Instinct
- Punch
- Shotgun
- Sniper Shot
- Frag Grenade
- Stun Grenade
Fallen Scarlet Witch
- Supervillain
- Hex
- Chaos Field
- Confuse
- Detonate
- Hex Bolt
- Hex Charge
- Hex Mark
- Whip
Fallen Hulk- Supervillain
- Enraged
- Distractable
- Frenzy
- BoneShaker
- Bullrush
- Crush
- Slam
- Soulbreaker
- Thunderclap
The Dark HunterNot AvailableNot Available
ChthonNot AvailableNot Available

Fallen Venom

Midnight Suns: Venom in All Bosses
The Fallen Venom Boss Fight [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Supervillain
  • Join Us
  • Quick Strike
  • Strike
  • Toss
  • Lethal Embrace
  • Symbiote Binding
  • Spike Bomb

Fallen Venom is one of the first bosses you encounter in Midnight Suns and is one of the easier bosses. His passive is Join Us, which gives him a 50% chance after being melee attacked to gain Symbiote Skin and Bind the next melee attacker.

For the fight, use knockback to quickly dispatch any Hydra agents by knocking them into explosives or Venom for increased damage. Venom’s binds can also be broken by using hero abilities on them. So keep that in mind when alternating between attacks. Hunter’s Slash and Spiderman’s knockback are particularly useful. Spamming these will quickly end the boss fight if you use them smartly.

First Turn

Ideally, for the deck, you should be going for Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Hunter. Spider-Man can use cards such as Thwip! to apply bind on Venom. It will stop Venom from moving for a turn. Then, you can use Hunter’s card such as Quick Slash, to do a KO on one of the Hydra agents. Once you are able to successfully KO an agent, you will get your card back.

For the third card, you should focus on eliminating the other Hydra agent as well. If you have Hunter’s Whip, it will be great to do a forceful knockback. The direction of the knockback should be toward the explosives, so the agent gets out of the equation as well. Then, use damage cards to lower Venom’s health.

Second Turn

In the second turn, you will need to KO the closest Venom agent. If you have the Quick Kick card of Spider-Man, use it to knock back the agent toward Venom. With that, the agent will get eliminated, while Venom will suffer some damage. When the turn will complete, you will get your card playback successfully because of knocking out the enemy.

Iron Man’s Blast is easy to come by, and it deals a good amount of damage. Therefore, use it on Venom to knock him back, along with dealing some damage. Lastly, for the turn, you will need to eliminate the second agent. For that, you can use Quick Blast of Iron Man to get a KO as well as a card play refund. With the card play refund, use a card to deal damage to Venom.

Lastly, if you see Hunter’s health at low, use the Heal card to get 48 health points back. For Venom’s turn, he will most probably bind one of your characters. Keep Hunter closest to him, so he takes one for the team. Then, you will need to go for an AoE attack. So that is where Iron Man’s Surgical Strike can come into play. If you don’t get a Surgical Strike, then you can use another AoE card.

Third Turn

Now you will only have Iron Man up against two agents and Venom. Therefore, you will need to use the Surgical Strike, mainly targeting Venom. Due to the heavy damage dealt, Venom will easily knock out. Since Venom is one of the powerful bosses in Midnight Suns, he has multiple lives, and you will need to KO him multiple times.

Next, if you don’t have Quick Blast on the deck, redraw the available cards until you get them. Once you do get Quick Blast, use it on Hunter to free him. Once you free Hunter, the card play will refund as well. In the meantime, Spider-Man will also recover from the Stun. On the opposing side, the Hydra agents will complete their turn, and Venom will recover.

Fourth Turn

When Venom recovers, you will need to focus on dealing more damage to him. Therefore, use a heavy damage card such as Surgical Strike to give a heavy blow to Venom. Since Hunter is free now, you can use his cards to KO one Hydra agent. The Whip card will be a great card to play in order to KO the agent while damaging Venom through the forceful knockback.

Once you play the first two cards, see if you have Spider-Man’s Chain Strike card. If you don’t, try discarding some cards in order to get them. Once you do, use it on Venom, and then throw the box that is near him toward him. In return, Venom will bind one of your characters in Midnight Suns and deal heavy damage to the other one.

Fifth Turn

With more reinforcements on the battlefield, you can use cards that deal KO to Hydra agents along with a knockback. From that, you will be able to eliminate two of these agents easily. Then, you should use another card to KO the third and the last agent on the ground.

Since Venom will be the only one remaining, you need to deal high damage to him as well. Remember that one of your characters will be stuck and so you cannot use their cards. Therefore, if you do not have a highly damaging card, simply discard the ones you cannot use until you get a highly damaging one. After using it, it will be Venom’s turn, and he will be deadly while dealing damage. 

Sixth Turn

Midnight Suns: Defeating Venom
Defeating The Fallen Venom [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Once Venom completes his turn and reinforcements come in, you might not be able to play any card as one will be stunned, one knocked down, and one stuck. Therefore, you will need to end the turn to remove the stun on one character. Once you end the turn, the stun will be removed too. However, Venom and both the agents will deal heavy damage to the character.

Hunter will be the character with the highest possibility of being stunned. Therefore, once their attack is complete, you can use the Heal card to restore Hunter’s health. Once you do that, use a damaging card to free the character who is stuck due to Venom. Doing so will also give you a card play refund.

Then your aim should be to eliminate both of the Hydra agents. You can either use an AoE card or simply a knockback card which will take both of them out. Lastly, use the remaining high-damaging cards on Venom, which will eventually knock him out as well.


Midnight Suns: Sabretooth in All Bosses
The Sabretooth Boss Fight [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • Supervillain
  • Frenzy
  • Claw Attack
  • Dazing Slam

Victor Creed has always been at loggerheads with Wolverine, and it’s been the same here as well. You need to stay on your toes and plan your moves quickly. Sabretooth will not wait until your turn to launch his attacks, be vigilant. Therefore, you will be fighting Sabretooth with Wolverine alongside Hunter.

First Turn

In your first turn, you should aim at dealing with either an AoE attack or multiple attacks. If you get the Wolverine’s Chain Swipes card, then use it on Sabretooth along with the two Hydra agents who are standing beside him. Moreover, using the Chain Swipe card will also inflict a taunt on the enemies.

After using the first card, if you have another AoE card, use it. If not, then you might have Hunter’s Slash on Sabretooth. For his knockback trajectory, set it towards the agent, so the damage is maximized. Sabretooth, by now, has taken enough damage, and you can expect him to damage one of your characters.

After he uses his attack, you can use a damaging card with knockback, such as Slash, on him. Like last time, make sure the direction is towards the second Hydra agent who is beside him. Once you use it, end your turn and let the agents do their damaging role.

Second Turn

Once the agents have completed their turn, you can now use another AoE card. There are high chances that you will get the Eviscerate card of Wolverine. If you don’t, try redrawing a couple of cards until you get them. The Eviscerate card can deal damage to up to four enemies, place the first three moves on the agents and the last one on Sabretooth.

Using that card will easily KO two of the agents and deal good damage to Sabretooth. Seeing that, Sabretooth will definitely use his attack early on, so don’t be surprised. For the next card, you should go for Chain Swipes, as it will damage the remaining two agents and the boss as well. Place the first attack on the agent who is the weakest to ensure KO, then on Sabretooth, and then on the last agent remaining.

Since Sabretooth has used up two of his attacks so far, Wolverine might have low health by now. Therefore, use the next card to heal him. You can use Hunter’s Heal card or Wolverine’s Berserk card for the Lifesteal. Even if he manages to KO Wolverine, you should not worry.

Third Turn

Fighting against Sabretooth doesn’t have to be so aggressive. Therefore, use Hunter’s heal card on Wolverine to make sure he keeps fighting till the end. Then you should use a card having knockback on the boss. For the knockback, choose the direction towards the Hydra agent, who is weak, so he gets eliminated easily.

If you have an AoE card, then use it on the remaining Hydra agents. Otherwise, you can end your turn and wait for them to complete theirs. Moreover, remember that Sabretooth can use up two attacks in the third turn alone, so make sure you do use a healing card.

Fourth Turn

By the fourth turn, you will definitely get the Eviscerate card again and if you don’t, simply redraw a card. Do the same as you did before, target three agents and Sabretooth himself. The high-damaging card will knock out two of the agents and deal good enough damage to the other two.

The main boss will have low health by now. Make sure you add salt to the wounds by using a damaging card like Hunter’s Quick Slash for the next two cards. If Wolverine gets knocked down again, do the same as we did before. However, reviving him will still have him in low health. Therefore, use the Berserk card to get Lifesteal as well.

Once you do that, one Eviscerate card will be enough to do the job. By now, there will be only one agent and Sabretooth remaining, both on low health points. Use a knockback card on Sabretooth if he is near the other agent or near the explosive. Both are good options, as you will easily do the first KO on one of the best bosses in Midnight Suns. After that, end the turn and let the reinforcement come in.

Fifth Turn

Since there will be three Hydra agents in the fifth turn, you should be going for a card that has multiple damage or AoE. If you don’t have one on the deck, you can redraw the low-priority cards until you get one. Chain Swipe will be the ideal card as it will easily KO all three of the agents.

Then, for the remaining turns, focus on doing knockback attacks on Sabretooth and keep the direction towards an object so the damage doubles. Since all the agents are eliminated, you can simply end the turn with ease and let the new reinforcement be brought in.

Sixth Turn

With the new couple of Hydra agents in the fight, you can use the Eviscerate card to KO them both and do the remaining damage on the boss. For the next card, you should deal damage to the boss so he can use his move early on. Then, if you don’t get a high-damaging card, use the Heal card or the Berserk card to heal Wolverine, as he will be pretty low by now. Since there will not be enough heroism left after that, you can just end the turn.

Seventh Turn

Defeating Sabretooth in the Game
Defeating Sabretooth [Image Credit: eXputer]
If you didn’t get the chance to use the Heal card in the previous turn, then do it now, as it is really important for Wolverine. Then you can use the Chain Swipes or another high-damaging card to KO the reinforcement and deal damage to Sabretooth. After that, use the damage cards on him, and eventually, you will be able to defeat him.


Midnight Suns: Crossbones in All Bosses
The Crossbones Boss Fight [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Supervillain
  • Hydra Shield
  • Mercenary’s Instinct
  • Punch
  • Shotgun
  • Sniper Shot
  • Frag Grenade
  • Stun Grenade

In Midnight Suns, Crossbones is another one of the early bosses you must fight. You will face him as you deal with Hydra forces. The first attack against Crossbones will activate his Hydra Shield, which will provide Block for the rest of the turn. However, if you reduce it to zero, he will become vulnerable. The team composition you should have for the fight is Iron Man, Hunter, and Captain America.

Make use of the several explosives placed conveniently around the roof for added damage, and spam quick attacks to ensure you get in as many hits as possible. Try and save Iron Man’s high-damage cards for last. So, you can utilize your AOE attacks to deal with the agents while damaging Crossbones as well. It should keep the fight to a quick ten minutes and end it easily.

First Turn

In the first turn, you will see six Hydra agents closely together. Therefore, you should take full advantage of the explosives that are nearby. You can use Iron Man’s Blast card to knock back the agent in the middle toward the explosive that is behind him. Not only will it to a successful KO, but it will damage the nearby agents as well.

For the next card, you can reposition Iron Man towards the agent that is in front of Crossbones. Use the Blast card again; if you don’t have it, redraw a card. If you still don’t get it, you can use any other knockback card. However, make sure that the agent’s direction is set towards the explosive. Doing so will damage Crossbones too, and his shield will be activated eventually.

For the third card, you can go for multiple damages, targeting Crossbones and the agent next to him. Captain America’s Shield Bounce is an excellent card to damage and taunt the boss while doing a successful KO to the agent.

After playing the third card, you can end your turn. Once you end your turn, Crossbone will deal damage and place a timed grenade near one of your characters. The timed grenade will count down with respect to the number of actions your hero takes. If the countdown is two, it will explode after two moves.

Second Turn

In the second turn, your aim should be to take out as many Hydra agents as possible so that your heroes receive the minimum damage. For the first card, you can use Captain America’s Punch card, as it will knock back the agent as well. The direction of the knockback should be set toward another agent so both of them receive damage.

There are chances of Hunter standing in the range of the timed grenade. Therefore, you should focus on using his card, so he moves out of it. Use the Quick Slash card to KO one agent and get out of the grenade’s range. Since you will get a card play refund, you can use Captain America’s Tactician card, which will get you 43 Block.

Now you will need to use an AoE card. For AoE, the Surgical Strike is the best card that you can play on Crossbones and the agents that are near him. Once you use the card, make sure you move Iron Man away from the boss and then end your turn.

Third Turn

In order to KO an agent, the first card you should play is Hunter’s Slash card which will be waiting to be played for so long. If there is any hero inside the grenade’s proximity, use their card so they can get out of it. However, make sure you use a damaging card, and it is directed towards Crossbones.

End your turn after you use all the damaging cards possible on the boss. In return, Crossbones will deal heavy damage to Captain America. Due to the heavy damage, Captain America might as well be knocked down.

Fourth Turn

For the first card of the fourth turn, use any damaging card of Hunter in order to KO one of the agents. Then you can use Iron Man’s Quick Blast to do the first KO on the boss. Once you successfully KO him, you can then move the hero, who is within the grenade’s proximity. After that, use a damaging card to knock out the last-standing agent and then end the turn.

Fifth Turn

Since we are approaching the end, we need to be more aggressive. Therefore, you can use the Offensive Rush card in order to give all the heroes +6 Offense. Play Hunter’s Slash as the second card in order to deal double damage to the boss through the knockback.

For the third one, we recommend you either KO the remaining agents or knock back Crossbones toward the exploding zone. Once you end the turn, Crossbones will target Hunter and might even knock him out. If that happens, Iron Man will be the last man standing, but not for long.

Sixth Turn

Defeating Crossbones in the Game
Defeating Crossbones [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Although Iron Man will be the last man standing, he will be enough to get the second and final KO on Crossbones. All you need is the Surgical Strike card; if you don’t get it in your deck, try redrawing cards. However, once you get it, simply target him solely so you can defeat Crossbones in Midnight Suns.  

Fallen Scarlet Witch

Midnight Suns: Scarlet Witch in All Bosses
The Fallen Scarlet Witch Boss Fight [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • Supervillain
  • Hex
  • Chaos Field
  • Confuse
  • Detonate
  • Hex Bolt
  • Hex Charge
  • Hex Mark
  • Whip

One of all the bosses you face in Midnight Suns is Wanda Maximoff, who has now been reawakened by Lilith. A particularly tough boss, you will need to combine all your heroes’ abilities to defeat her effectively. Scarlet Witch relies on magic and spells for most of the fight and uses abilities that make your strengths wane and play against you.

Her main focus is as a Support hero with AoE abilities. Scarlett Witch’s main abilities target multiple players, so keep that in mind. Her abilities include Hex in which whenever she is attacked by a hero, she emits a hex that has a chance to remove any random ability from the hand, meaning your hero will be unable to use it for the duration of the fight.

Then she has Confuse, which makes your hero use a card randomly after every other card is played in turn. It can get annoying, so a suggested solution is just to redraw the cards for your affected hero. Moreover, once you unlock Scarlet Witch, you can use Unleash, which increases the AoE effect of Scarlet Witch’s abilities by 40 percent and gives her some Heroism.

Unleash should primarily be used when you have AoE abilities so that you can maximize your damage early on. Lastly, the Hex Mark card applies a marked effect on all enemies for two turns and can be later upgraded to three turns. Apart from that, to defeat her, your team composition should have Nico. Hunter and Magik.

First Turn

For the first attack, you should go at Scarlet Witch directly. Use the card with the highest damage, such as Hunter’s Quick Slash card. If you don’t have one, you can redraw a card early on. However, remember that once you attack her from one hero, there is a chance that the hero’s chosen ability may be discarded.

The second card should focus on damaging her as well. Use a knockback card on her so she can receive double damage. After that, you can use Nico’s Curse card on Scarlet Witch in order to do extra damage. After that, you can end your turn. However, be careful of the Chaos Field, as it will make your hero confuse.

Second Turn

Focus on dealing damage to Scarlet Witch as you did in the first turn. However, you will need to be careful now as one of your heroes is in the Chaos Field, and they will attack your other hero anytime. If there is no high-damaging card available, you can use Nico’s Empower card.

Doing that will change the cost of all the cards to zero for the entire second turn. If you are planning a strategic move, you can place Magik’s Limbo Portal card right behind the boss for a later move. End the turn after doing that and focus on the next one.

Third Turn

Once the agents and the boss complete their turn, you can then focus on dealing the highest damage to Scarlet Witch. Therefore, do it by using a knockback card on her for double damage. Since she will Hex the hero doing it, make sure you do it from Hunter. Then, you will need to use Magik’s Soul Blast and keep the knockback direction towards the portal, so she takes good enough damage.

If the direction of the portal is towards an object, you will be able to do the first KO on Scarlet Witch. Lastly, use the Gather card to do a successful KO on the remaining Hydra agents. After that end the turn so the reinforcement can come in, and Scarlet Witch can recover.

Fourth Turn

Now that you need to use a knockback attack on Scarlet Witch, move your hero in such a location that the knockback takes her toward the center of the area for double damage. Once you do that, the other cards, in turn, should also be played to damage only her. You can ignore the agents as they will not be such a big deal.

Fifth Turn

The first thing you will need to do in the fifth turn is to go in combat items and use the Healing Salve card on the hero who is the weakest. The Healing Salve card will recover thirty-three percent of health without costing any card play. After that, you should use an AoE card targeting Scarlet Witch and the agent next to her.

Ideally, you should play the Gather card of Magik, as it will KO the agent and deal a good amount of damage to the boss. After that, high chances are that your confused hero will take down the second agent as well. Therefore, deal as much damage as you can to the boss and end your turn.

Sixth Turn

Now you can use the Limbo Portal card again to deal higher damage on Scarlet Witch. Place the portal in such a way that she receives damage after falling too. Then you can use any knockback card, such as Soul Blast in order to make full use of the portal.

Apart from that, in order to get rid of the agents, use Hunter’s Whip card to do a knockback on one agent. Make sure the direction of the agent’s knockback is toward the other one. With that move, you will be able to do KO on both. If you can play more cards, deal damage to the boss and then end the turn.

Seventh Turn

Defeating Scarlet Witch in the Game
Defeating The Fallen Scarlet Witch [Image Credit: eXputer]
Here, you will need to make a portal again and do the same as we did in the previous turn. Scarlet Witch will again use the confuse ability on Hunter. However, since he will be close to the agents, he will KO at least one of them. Within two damage card plays on the boss, you will easily be able to do a successful KO on her.

Fallen Hulk

Midnight Suns: Hulk in All Bosses
The Fallen Hulk Boss Fight [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • Supervillain
  • Enraged
  • Distractable
  • Frenzy
  • BoneShaker
  • Bullrush
  • Crush
  • Slam
  • Soulbreaker
  • Thunderclap

You would never think Bruce Banner would be someone you would have to be up against. However, after defeating Crossbones, we realize that Bruce Banner has been inflicted by Lilith. Fallen Hulk has infinite lives in the battle, so you cannot really defeat him. Therefore, the goal is to survive for as long as possible.

Defeating Fallen Hulk requires a lot of coordination on your part. Since you will have to make use of Hulk being distracted. Whenever Hulk is attacked or taunted by a hero, he takes increased damage from other heroes. So make sure that you are alternating between your characters during the fight in order to maximize the damage.

Using Drain Soul with Ghostrider helps a lot since you would be targeting Hulk’s minions when alternating your attacks. The added Lifesteal will also help you to stay alive. Using abilities with health steal will definitely help as well. Use any AoE card to target both Hulk and the minions to stay on top. The team composition you should be going for is Iron Man, Hunter, and Ghost Rider.

First Turn

You cannot really KO Hulk; however, it does not mean that you cannot hurt him. Therefore, the first card you play should focus on knockback. You can use a card like Ghost Rider’s Lash on one minion, and the direction of the knockback can be directed towards Hulk. It will end up doing a KO on the minion and doing damage to Hulk.

Remember that once you attack Hulk from a certain hero, you will be able to deal more damage if you attack from another one. In our case, we have used Ghost Rider’s card first; hence we should be going for Iron Man or Hunter for the next.

Therefore, in the second turn, you should use a highly damaging card such as Holy Flame of Hunter in order to get more of it. Lastly, you must use an AoE or multiple damage card so you can get rid of the minions. Then you can end your turn after doing that.

Second Turn

If you have the Quick Blast card, use it on one of the minions in order to get a KO and a card play refund. Moreover, if Hunter is low on health, you can use the card play refund to heal him using the Holy Flame card simply. For the next card, your aim should be to KO the minions. The Hell Ride will probably be the best card to play.

So, if you don’t have it, redraw a couple of cards, then position Ghost Rider in such a way that he is able to target both the minions and Hulk as well. Using it will successfully KO both of the minions and deal a good amount of damage to Hulk; after that, you can simply end your turn.

Third Turn

If Fallen Hulk is around the corner, you can use Iron Man’s Blast for a knockback which will deal multiple damages to him. If you have Ghost Rider’s Lash card, use it on Hulk and keep the direction of knockback toward the stone. Not only will he sustain multiple damages, but you will be able to get the first KO as well. For the last card, you should focus on taking down the minions. You can play Drain Soul or another AoE card that can KO them easily.

Fourth Turn

Defeating Fallen Hulk in the Game
Defeating The Fallen Hulk [Image Captured by eXputer]
The first card you play should focus on dealing damage to Hulk. If you have the Wild Strike card, use it against him, so he becomes vulnerable. The same goes for the second card; use Ghost Rider or Iron Man’s card to do increased damage. For the last card, you can simply use it to heal one of your allies. You need to make sure that everyone survives the fourth turn against Hulk so you can easily complete the objective.

The Dark Hunter

Midnight Suns: Dark Hunter in All Bosses
The Dark Hunter Boss Fight [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Before the final battle occurs, you will be up against Hunter himself, who Chthon now controls. He is definitely one of the hardest bosses in Midnight Suns. You will need to keep both offensive and defensive abilities in check with your moves. Not only does Chthon possess Hunter, but he has bound the strongest heroes as well. Therefore, you will need to use the remaining heroes to free Hunter from Chthon’s possession.

You should have Hulk and Captain Marvel available by now, so make use of their AoE damage to attack both the Hunter and any accompanying Shadowhounds. Try lining up the enemies for Captain Marvel’s Photon Beam. Otherwise, the Shadowhounds’ repetitive attacks will chip away at your heroes at an alarming rate.

Captain Marvel’s Go Binary card is also very useful in providing that much-needed block when dealing with several enemies. Hulk is very good at dealing damage needed to keep Hunter at bay, which leads to the second part of the final boss fight.

First Turn

For the first turn, you should be using AoE attacks. Use them in such a way that you are able to target the Fallen Hunter and the minions. Since there are chances that you will not get any AoE attack, you can simply use the damaging cards on Hunter alone and end the turn. However, remember that whoever uses an attack against Hunter will face his vengeance right away unless you stun him.

Second Turn

For the first card of the second turn, you can move Captain Marvel in such a position that Hunter lines up with a couple of minions. After doing that, you can use the Photon Beam card, which will do multiple KOs and deal high damage to Hunter. Then you can use a card to eliminate one more minion and use the rest for dealing damage to Hunter. Although, if you have the Go Binary card, use it to save Captain America from dealing damage.

Third Turn

Now you can redraw cards until you get the Photon Beam card again. Once you do, line up Captain Marvel in such a way that you get the maximum number of minions. Once you do, use the Photon Beam card on them to get multiple KOs. After that, you can use Hulk’s Rampage card or another damaging card on Hunter to get the first KO. Then lastly, use the revive card in case one of your heroes is down.

Fourth Turn

Now you can use any knockback card on Fallen Hunter in order to deal multiple damages. Then use other cards solely on Hunter as well with the purpose of damage. Lastly, use the Go Binary card if you have it in order to protect Captain Marvel from the attacks.

Fifth Turn

Now you must damage Hunter as much as you can and wait for the Rampage card to get on your hands. You can also redraw the cards to get them. Using it on Fallen Hunter will successfully knock him out and that is how you will win the fight.


Midnight Suns: Chthon as Final Boss
The Final Fight with Chthon [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Once you have dealt with Hunter’s temporary mind control and he is back in your roster, Chthon will arrive as the final boss. Defeating Chthon requires enduring waves of enemies that have infested enemies as well. You will need to defeat to get Establish Seal cards.

Establish Seal cards are required to complete the seal to defeat Chthon. They are dropped by infested enemies in every wave. Scarlet Witch is less effective here since many of the enemies are immune to Corrupted. But you can use Iron Man’s Air Superiority to dispatch the smaller enemies quickly. So, your focus remains on the Infested enemies who are much harder to deal with.

Hunter’s Bladestorm is also great with grouped enemies, and you can use it to quickly deal with groups of Lilin who are crowding the battlefield. Once you clear all the waves and get all the Establish Seal cards, activate them to entrap Chthon and unlock the ending.

In total, you will need four seals, and you will need to defeat all the infested Lilin in order to get the Established Seal. Since you will not be fighting Chthon directly, you will need to do as many KOs on enemies as possible. After getting the first seal, use it to rebuild one of the Celestial Seals so it can bind the dark powers of Chthon.

The more seals you will unlock, the more heroes you will be able to unlock. However, after unlocking each seal, the army of Chthon will keep on getting an upgrade. Therefore, after the first seal, you will face tougher enemies, and on top of that, they will be infested.

Once you unlock Spider-Man, make full use of him, as you can use his multiple damage cards and knockbacks to make sure they are knocked out. If you keep using highly damaging cards with successive KOs, you will be able to get the second seal after two rounds easily. After getting the second seal, you will unlock Magik. However, the enemies will grow even stronger.

Defeating Chthon in the Game
Defeating Chthon [Image Captured by eXputer]
After that, the third seal will take quite some time and challenge in order to unlock it. However, once you do that, you will be able to get Blade back on the deck. Lastly, once you unlock all the seals, you will get the Complete Seal card. Using it will seal Chthon and take you toward the ending scene.

Useful Tips

Here are some handy tips that will help you in staying one step ahead of your enemies and keep your team at the maximum potential!

Spam Quick Attacks

Certain abilities with the label quick can be found in the decks of damage-oriented characters. Compared to most of the hero’s other skills, these assaults, which vary from mild punches to repulsor blasts, cause little damage. However, they will immediately kill any grunts without health bars on the battlefield.

Build A Balanced Deck

Build heroism, unlock your finest techniques, and engage your enemy by using strikes that are simple to execute but do little damage from your deck. You will never find yourself with a complete hand you can’t play because you can’t muster up enough heroism to unleash it if you make sure every character has weak, mid-level, and high-level strikes available.

Don’t Waste Opportunities

If you play a lot of environmental damage attacks, your heroism level will be perpetually low, forcing you to use low-damage attacks. Save your heroism instead of using it on environmental weapons unless your opponent is near death or there is a chance to attack multiple opponents simultaneously.

Final Words

All in all, these are all the seven bosses that you will come across in Midnight Suns. Ensure you implement the tips and tricks and the tactics mentioned for each fight. With that, you will surely be able to win the battles within no time.

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