Wild Hearts Voice Actors & Cast [Full List]

Meet the Wild and Wacky Cast of Wild Hearts!

The majority of successful games have one common aspect among them. They have incredible voice actors backing up their beautiful characters and bringing them to life in the Process. The same goes for the Voice Actors and Cast for the newly released game Wild Hearts. In order to get the incredible survivalist warriors to life, the voice actors of Wild Hearts brought the best of their elements to those characters. There are many actors in the cast that are well-known while some are still pretty “un-heard” of and on the uprising. 

Key Takeaways
  • The casting directors have really cast the right team of voice actors for Wild Hearts
  • Each of the actors has given their own unique aspect to their respective character.
  • Miracle Vell Magic plays the character of Natsume who is basically a weapon upgrader.
  • Mai Nakazato Plays the character Yatarō who will help you customize different cosmetics in Wild Hearts.
  • Kōgyoku is a character played by Marika Dandoy who lets you sell and buy different goods in the game.
  • Each of the characters in the game has an important role to fulfill in the restoration of Azuma and Minato.

Miracle Vell Magic As Natsume 

Voice Actor Miracle Vell Magic In Wild Hearts
Wild Hearts: Miracle Vell Magic As Natsume – Image Captured by us

In the game, there are different types of NPCs that help you improve various features of the game for yours. In Wild Hearts, the character of Natsume is extremely important and valuable since she is the one who upgrades your weapons. A lot of her cutscenes appear in the game in which she talks more and more about the welfare of Minato. Her character is basically a blacksmith in the village of Minato in Azuma.

You have to bring her multiple resources you find throughout the game. Natsume will be able to make you various types of armor and weaponry. These will provide much-needed assistance in your battles. She is one of the first NPCs you meet in Azuma and the production team cast a voice actor named Miracle Vell Magic. Vell was really an amazing cast choice for Nastsume and played the character really well.

She has been not really active as a Voice Actor other than voice acting Natsume. But she is a really famous Japanese Singer and has released many songs on different TV channels and video-sharing platforms like Youtube. Vell has worked on many different songs on her Youtube channel, especially her most famous song “Let It Go” in which she sang the song in 25 different voices. 

Vell also has experience as an actor but is mostly known as a singer, especially on Youtube. It was her first time doing Voice Acting and she nailed the part. She is being considered to play the part again in the next rendition of the game.  Until then she will continue to be an entertainer on social media platforms and of course primarily on Youtube and Spotify. 

Yuki Matsuzaki As Ujishige Daidouji 

Voice Actor Yuki Matsuzaki In Wild Hearts
Wild Hearts: Yuki Matsuzaki – Image Captured by us

Most of the characters in the game are there for character development for your character. You get to interact with them and talk to them to gain their knowledge. One of those characters is Ujishige Daidouji who is the last of the Samurai in the village.  Well, he was a Samurai until he retired after a severe incident in his life. After that, he was traumatized and spent the rest of his life drinking. There is a lot of depth in this character and it can be seen through his random notions of wisdom. 

He has also become a drifter now and hasn’t returned to battle for years. It would have been incredibly challenging to voice-act such a character. That is why the casting director cast the voice actor Yuki Matsuzaki in Wild Hearts.  An incredibly talented and well-known artist throughout the industry. His experience in multiple roles throughout his career really came in handy with this character.  His experience with voice acting comes from his role as Miyamoto Usagi in the series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

He has done most of his finest work in short films and in that few moments of screen time captured the hearts of the audience. He was specifically great in Roku and Locksmiths where he played not the main character but still had his moment in the film. Well, most of you might know him for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides where he plays Garheng. It wasn’t more of a big role per se but it was in Pirates Of The Caribbean so… You could have also seen him as the character Kenji in the 2009 film Pink Panther

Crystal Kay As Suzuran 

Voice Actor Crystal Kay In Wild Hearts
Wild Hearts: Crystal Kay As Suzuran – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The village of Minato comprises plenty of amusing intellectual people who want to discover the nature of many wild animals and their territories. Suzuran is the primary scientist working on a way to figure out the nature of many creatures you so very try to hunt.

She has dedicated the majority of her life to finding out the mystery in the nature of creatures like Karakuri and Kemono. Suzuran can be described as a scientific scholar that will eventually find out the use of the abilities of Kemono to benefit the village.

The importance this character holds is incredible and you can play the game to find out more about the characteristics of Suzuran. She is voiced by none other than Crystal Kay who is both a singer and an actress. She is incredible in both the field of work making her more of a complete artist than you think.

Crystal gained popularity in the year 2006 through her various singles like Kirakuni or Together. It was even played at the 2006 Olympics as the main theme for Japan which was a big deal for her.

Crystal has worked with many popular American-based artists such as Mariah Carrey. She has had a major influence on the interracial community of Japan and many parts of the world. Many mixed-raced artists took off due to the acts of Crystal for the community entirely and for that, she can be considered a legend. Crystal was a great choice and suits the character she was cast for in Wild Hearts. Suzuran really came to life through the amazing acting capabilities of Crystal Kay and it can really be seen. 

Yuta Koga As Mujina 

Yuta Koga Cast
Wild Hearts: Yuta Koga As Mujina – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Once you start the campaign of Wild Hearts you will eventually meet Mujina within the first few minutes of starting the game. Mujina can be seen as a peaceful musician in the boundaries of Minato and gives really good advice. He is really a mysterious and complex character whose past is really a blur and wasn’t spoken of much in the game.

Mujina has a certain look that made him look cool to the players of the game as they discussed on Reddit.  Some might even say that he’s the best character you meet in Wild Hearts but that is very much debatable.

Mujina has a lot of cut scenes in Wild Hearts which means you interact with the character a lot. You would rather like the conversations you have with the musician as they are full of wisdom. The complex character of Mujina is played by a rather young actor named Yuta Koga. In terms of sheer popularity, not many know about him. But once you see the Voice Actor in Wild Hearts, you would feel like was perfectly cast. He possesses a lot of talent and there is a future for him in the Voice Acting industry of Japan.

Yuta gained most of his popularity through a short film known as Sugar Glass Bottle which actually got an award at the Indie Memphis film festival. It won the award for best Narrative Short. Yuta had a lot to contribute to this film. There are plenty of his scenes that are remarkably written and he acted so well in them. Which is mostly why he caught the eyes of the casting crew for Wild Hearts in the first place. 

Yurié Collins As Seren 

Yurié Collins Cast
Wild Hearts: Yurié Collins As Seren – Image Captured by eXputer

The world of Wild Hearts is a sort of open world for your adventures and creativity. You can pretty much customize the village of Minato to our liking through various construction contracts. Those contracts are done by none other than Seren. She will be your guide toward building a better guild for the villagers of Minato.

Like the other NPCs in the game, Seren also gives free advice to follow and make your way through Wild Hearts. She is really the master of the Carpenter’s Guild and is an important figure who helps advance in the game.

For the voice actor of Seren, we have Yurié Collins who was perfectly cast for the role in Wild Hearts like the others. I say that because of the simplicity and sense of empowerment, she brings to the character of Seren. Although Seren doesn’t have the significance of the characteristics of your character like Mujina she can really be fun to interact and talk with. That was made possible by Yurié Collins herself.  She has been a part of many popular series all made in English and most popular in the USA.

One of those popular shoes is the very own D.C comics Gotham. Yurie didn’t really have like a big major role in the TV series as she was cast as Tuffie in it. It is one of the best achievements to have, to be honest since the popularity of the show grew ever since its release. Another popular series she was part of was Orange is the new Black which is a Netflix series that you may already know of. She was just in one episode of it though and played the role of a girl named Corinna. 

Mai Nakazato As Yatarō 

Mai Nakazato Cast
Wild Hearts: Mai Nakazato As Yatarō – Image by eXputer

The customization process of the game is truly unique and unparalleled to the previous Japanese-inspired games. You have the option of not only constructing in Wild Hearts but improving or changing the cosmetics of the game entirely.

There are certain ornament and cosmetics that you can add to your character but in order to do that you must have it crafted. That is where Yatarō comes in. In Wild Hearts, she is the leader of the Crafting Guild and is essential to getting the so-called ornaments and customary cosmetics in the game.

The character of Yatarō is just as subtle and plain as Seren because her role in the game is to provide cosmetics. She is played by a voice actor who is known as Mai Nakazato. She is an excellent actor that has proved her acting talents through many of her released TV shows and TV Movies.

You wouldn’t have seen her in the mainstream movies that you can normally see on HBO. Mai has done unique movies throughout her career. She started her journey with a TV series movie called Devastation: Mortal Flames.

You can see her playing the part of Rinoa and so wonderful as well. It was her best performance up until when she did Matters. Matters was a short drama film about a husband and wife’s non-existent fight. It is pretty fun to watch you should definitely check it out. Another one of the short films she took part in was “The First English Lesson In Japanese History” in which she plays the student/daughter. Her work in such short films led to her being cast as the voice actor for Yatarō in Wild Hearts. 

Kane Kosugi As Nobumitsu Tsumori 

Kane Kosugi Cast
Wild Hearts: Kane Kosugi As Nobumitsu Tsumori – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The open world of Wild Hearts lets you explore different types of lands and allows you to do plenty of Side Quests. These side quests are pretty fun to deal with, especially because of how you meet different NPCs that you can talk to.

One of those NPCs is Nobumitsu Tsumori who is a leader of a guild that is not really relevant to the main campaign but still is fun to explore. The guild is the Fisherman Guild which can be accessed mid-way through the game. Multiple types of side quests are given to you by Nobumitsu Tsumori.

The quests are different bounties you have to complete in order to further complete the quests of the leader. he is played by Kane Kosugi who has been a Veteran in the gaming voice acting industry unlike many of the newbies in the cast.  He is also directly involved in a game-related movie known as Tekken 2. That’s right, Kane was known as K in the film also known as the infamous Kazuya. The movie wasn’t really a successful hit but it was a big deal for Kane as he landed a main character role. All of the OG Tekken fans might remember him. 

He is also great at doing stunts for shows such as Sasuke. Its American adaptation is known as Ninja Warrior which was pretty popular back in the TV days. He was unlucky many times in the competition and was never able to win it even after coming to the finals.

But of course, he was later on cast as the Voice Actor for Nobumitsu Tsumori in Wild Hearts. You can tell the experience of the actor once you interact with his character in Wild Hearts.

Asia Grace Sawane As Toga-Hime 

Asia Grace Sawane Cast
Wild Hearts: Asia Grace Sawane As Toga-Hime – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Now like many Japanese civilization-based games, there’s a royal lineage in Wild Hearts as well. There is no king or queen but rather a Steward. Her name is Toga-Hime and she looks after various affairs in her village Minato. She is treated like Royalty even though she is just twelve years old. But her intellect really shows once you meet her in the game. She is wise and deserving to run Minato the village. Your progression in the game is awarded by her as you rank up further in the game as a Hunter.

Her personality traits are bravery and utter confidence which can be seen through the way she speaks. Now, this was particularly added by Asia Grace herself who is the voice actor for Toga. Toga plays an important role in the game even towards the end of the game so her voice actor should be confident enough to pull it off. And trust me, Asia was able to pull it off. In terms of experience well she has no experience. Even so, she was able to do such a wonderful job with her character. 

Asia was cast for her pure form of talent and nothing else and it shows. This game is just a stepping stone toward her career and is said by the producer of Wild Hearts himself. Many Reddit users have discussed various uses of Togas upgrading skills in the game and how Asia tends to have hilarious quips for different interactions with her. 

Takayuki Yanagi As Tamakazura

Takayuki Yanagi Cast
Wild Hearts: Takayuki Yanagi As Tamakazura – [Image credit: eXputer]
Most of the Areas in the game are divided into subsections where you can either upgrade your weapons or just lay out to chill and do side quests. One of these places lets you take those stereotypical Japanese baths.

These steamy baths are actually there to heal you and your wounds.  There is a proprietor of this bathhouse known as Tamakuzara.  She will be able to give you those extra boosts in the game that will help you recover from your injuries. You will be able to fight out the imminent threat upon the village of Minato. 

Tamakuzara is voiced by none other than Takayuki Yanagi who has been part of many fantasy series across TV channels. His voice-acting ability had a hand in landing this role. Although there isn’t much screentime for Tamakuzara in the game, he put all of his efforts into this one role.

You could see that when you interact with his character in the bathing pool of healing. You can talk to him and he can entertain you with multiple quips in the game itself. Takayuki has been playing English characters really well for a while now.

His most popular series was the Kamen Rider. Back in the day, the Kamen Rider series especially the Heisei Generations were extremely popular among kids. Takayuki in the various movies and shows of Kamen Rider always reprised his role of Onari. After the first series of Kamen Rider, the character of Onari got extremely popular. This was just because of his talent and acting skills Takayuki. His character in wild Hearts may as well be a very minute character in your journey, but he is an important one. 

Marika Dandoy As Kōgyoku 

Marika Dandoy Cast
Wild Hearts: Marika Dandoy As Kōgyoku – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

For the last and final appearance in the game, we have Kōgyoku. Her character in the game lets you progress the game even further through the feature of selling. You can think of her as a shopkeeper for the Crimson Treasury. It is a place for you to buy all the special items in Wild Hearts. One must first have to talk to Kōgyoku in the game. You can call her a proprietor of the shop because she handles all the buying and selling of items. You can gather much wonderful stuff around the open world of Wild Hearts.

It will be useless if you aren’t able to sell them for some profit in the game. You can see how important the role of Kōgyoku is in Wild Hearts. For this role in Wild Hearts, a voice actor named Marika Dandoy was cast. Like many of the Voice Actors in the panel. Marika isn’t really that popular. Experience- wise too she doesn’t really know much about the voice acting industry. Even so, she was able to bring the character to life in the game. Her character is an extremely delightful Japanese woman with a soft voice. 

These aspects of the character were directly influenced by Marika’s own capabilities. These characteristics could be seen in the cut scenes midway through the game. As you can sell and buy different goods from her she will be relevant throughout the continued storyline of the game. Marika was mainly a singer before her being cast as Kōgyoku. She got the attention of the casting directors through her popular show “My Disney Junior”. She sang as the main singer in the show for at least four years on Disney Channel. 

Wrap Up 

Now you know every cast member involved in the voice acting of Wild Hearts. Each of them has brought the written characters to life along with the help of the Animation team of Wild Hearts. The best part about the cast is that most weren’t familiar with the gaming and voice-acting industry. They can now be the emerging stars of the industry and it’s all because of Wild Hearts

We can help you know about everything we know so far about Wild Hearts along with its Game Length. There are locations of some Lightstones which you need to know about to craft items. Wild Hearts is a heavy game to download there are some system requirements your PC needs before you can play. Make sure to check out our in-depth review of Wild Hearts which will be brutally honest. 

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