Wild Hearts Voice Actors & Cast [Full List]

Meet the Wild and Wacky Cast of Wild Hearts!

The majority of successful games have one common aspect among them. They have incredible voice actors backing up their beautiful characters and bringing them to life in the Process. The same goes for the Voice Actors and Cast for the newly released game Wild Hearts. In order to get the incredible survivalist warriors to life, the voice actors of Wild Hearts brought the best of their elements to those characters. There are many actors in the cast that are well-known while some are still pretty “un-heard” of and on the uprising. 

Key Takeaways
  • The casting directors have really cast the right team of voice actors for Wild Hearts
  • Each of the actors has given their own unique aspect to their respective character.
  • Miracle Vell Magic plays the character of Natsume who is basically a weapon upgrader.
  • Mai Nakazato Plays the character Yatarō who will help you customize different cosmetics in Wild Hearts.
  • Kōgyoku is a character played by Marika Dandoy who lets you sell and buy different goods in the game.
  • Each of the characters in the game has an important role to fulfill in the restoration of Azuma and Minato.

All Voice Actors Summary

Here’s summarized information about the voice actors: 

CharacterVoice ActorPrevious Notable Work
Ujishige DaidoujiYuki MatsuzakiMiyamoto Usagi (Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles), Kenji Mazuto (The Pink Panther 2)
NatsumeMiracle Vell MagicLet It Go (YouTube cover), other songs and covers
SuzuranCrystal KayCrystalline (debut single), Eternal (theme song for Sailor Moon Eternal), other songs and albums
SerenYurié CollinsYuzuha Mishima (Persona 5), Mitsuha Miyamizu (Your Name), other video games and anime
MujinaYuta KogaSugar Glass Bottle (short film), music videos
Nobumitsu TsumoriKane KosugiNinja Assassin, Tekken (film), other action movies
YatarōMai NakazatoOther video games and anime
KōgyokuMarika DandoyThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (English dub), Genshin Impact (English dub)
TamakazuraTakayuki YanagiKamen Rider Ghost, Kamen Rider Ichigou, other action movies
Toga-HimeAsia Grace SawaneOther video games and anime

Miracle Vell Magic As Natsume 

Voice Actor Miracle Vell Magic In Wild Hearts
Wild Hearts: Miracle Vell Magic As Natsume – Image Captured by us

Natsume’s character is brought to life by voice actor Miracle Vell Magic, who did an excellent job in portraying her.

While Vell is primarily known as a Japanese singer with a significant presence on platforms like YouTube, she also delved into voice acting for Natsume. Despite limited voice acting experience, she excelled in the role. There’s potential for her to reprise the character in future game versions. Meanwhile, Vell continues to entertain on social media, primarily on YouTube and Spotify, showcasing her talents as both a singer and actor.

Yuki Matsuzaki As Ujishige Daidouji 

Voice Actor Yuki Matsuzaki In Wild Hearts
Wild Hearts: Yuki Matsuzaki – Image Captured by us

Characters like Ujishige Daidouji contribute to your character’s development by sharing knowledge and interacting with you. Ujishige Daidouji, the last Samurai in the village, retired after a traumatic incident, and now he’s a drifting character known for his random words of wisdom.

To voice such a complex character, the casting director chose Yuki Matsuzaki, a highly talented and well-known artist in the industry.

  • Voice actor Yuki Matsuzaki was cast for the role, known for his talent and experience in the industry.
  • His voice acting experience includes the role of Miyamoto Usagi in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Matsuzaki has also made significant contributions in short films, including Roku and Locksmiths, and appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides as Garheng, and in Pink Panther 2 as Kenji in 2009.

Crystal Kay As Suzuran 

Voice Actor Crystal Kay In Wild Hearts
Wild Hearts: Crystal Kay As Suzuran – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The village of Minato comprises plenty of amusing intellectual people who want to discover the nature of many wild animals and their territories. Suzuran is the primary scientist working on a way to figure out the nature of many creatures you so very try to hunt.

  • She is voiced by Crystal Kay, a singer and actress known for her work in both fields.
  • Crystal Kay gained popularity in 2006 with singles like “Kirakuni” and “Together,” with the latter being the main theme for Japan at the 2006 Olympics.
  • Crystal has collaborated with popular American-based artists such as Mariah Carey and has had a significant impact on the interracial community in Japan and beyond.
  • Her performance as Suzuran in Wild Hearts brings the character to life and showcases her acting capabilities.

Yuta Koga As Mujina 

Yuta Koga Cast
Wild Hearts: Yuta Koga As Mujina – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Once you start the campaign of Wild Hearts you will eventually meet Mujina within the first few minutes of starting the game. Mujina can be seen as a peaceful musician in the boundaries of Minato and gives really good advice. He is really a mysterious and complex character whose past is really a blur and wasn’t spoken of much in the game.

Mujina has a certain look that made him look cool to the players of the game as they discussed on Reddit. Some might even say that he’s the best character you meet in Wild Hearts but that is very much debatable.

  • Yuta Koga, a young actor, portrays the complex character of Mujina in the game. While not widely known, his performance in Wild Hearts showcases his talent and potential in the voice acting industry.
  • Yuta gained recognition through his work in the short film “Sugar Glass Bottle,” which received an award for Best Narrative Short at the Indie Memphis film festival. His exceptional acting in the film contributed to his selection for the role in Wild Hearts.

Yurié Collins As Seren 

Yurié Collins Cast
Wild Hearts: Yurié Collins As Seren – Image Captured by eXputer

The world of Wild Hearts is a sort of open world for your adventures and creativity. You can pretty much customize the village of Minato to our liking through various construction contracts. Those contracts are done by none other than Seren. She will be your guide toward building a better guild for the villagers of Minato.

  • Yurié Collins, the voice actor for Seren, delivers a performance that adds simplicity and a sense of empowerment to the character.
  • While Seren may not have the same level of significance as other characters like Mujina, her interactions and conversations with players are enjoyable, thanks in part to Yurié Collins’ portrayal.
  • Yurié Collins has been part of popular series, primarily in English, and gained recognition for her roles. She appeared in the DC Comics series “Gotham” and had a small role in the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black.”

Mai Nakazato As Yatarō 

Mai Nakazato Cast
Wild Hearts: Mai Nakazato As Yatarō – Image by eXputer

The character of Yatarō is just as subtle and plain as Seren because her role in the game is to provide cosmetics. She is played by a voice actor who is known as Mai Nakazato. She is an excellent actor that has proved her acting talents through many of her released TV shows and TV Movies.

Mai Nakazato has chosen unique and distinctive roles in her career, starting with the TV series movie “Devastation: Mortal Flames,” where she played the role of Rinoa brilliantly. Another noteworthy work of hers is “Matters,” a short drama film that explores a nonexistent fight between a husband and wife. Her involvement in such short films eventually led to her casting as the voice actor for Yatarō in Wild Hearts. Mai’s diverse acting talents make her a perfect fit for the role, adding depth and character to Yatarō in the game.

Kane Kosugi As Nobumitsu Tsumori 

Kane Kosugi Cast
Wild Hearts: Kane Kosugi As Nobumitsu Tsumori – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Nobumitsu Tsumori is portrayed by Kane Kosugi, a seasoned veteran in the gaming voice acting industry. Kane’s experience in the field is evident, and he’s not new to the world of video games. Additionally, Kane played a significant role in the game-related movie “Tekken 2,” where he portrayed Kazuya, a character well-remembered by OG Tekken fans.

Beyond his voice acting career, Kane Kosugi is also known for his stunt work, notably in shows like “Sasuke” and its American adaptation, “Ninja Warrior.” While he faced challenges in the competition, he brought his experience and talent to the role of Nobumitsu Tsumori in Wild Hearts, making the character’s interactions in the game a testament to his skill as an actor.

Asia Grace Sawane As Toga-Hime 

Asia Grace Sawane Cast
Wild Hearts: Asia Grace Sawane As Toga-Hime – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Toga-Hime’s character traits include bravery and unwavering confidence, which are qualities Asia Grace Sawane, the voice actor for Toga, contributed to the character. Toga’s role in the game is significant even towards the end, requiring a voice actor with the confidence to pull it off, and Asia indeed does so.

Asia Grace Sawane, while lacking prior voice acting experience, was chosen for her raw talent, and her portrayal of Toga reflects her dedication and skill. This role is seen as a stepping stone in her career, as acknowledged by the producer of Wild Hearts. Reddit users have also discussed the humorous and entertaining interactions involving Toga’s upgrading skills, highlighting Asia’s performance in the game.

Takayuki Yanagi As Tamakazura

Takayuki Yanagi Cast
Wild Hearts: Takayuki Yanagi As Tamakazura – [Image credit: eXputer]
Tamakuzara is voiced by none other than Takayuki Yanagi who has been part of many fantasy series across TV channels. His voice-acting ability had a hand in landing this role. Although there isn’t much screentime for Tamakuzara in the game, he put all of his efforts into this one role.

Interacting with Tamakazura in the healing bath, players can engage in conversations and enjoy his entertaining quips in the game. Takayuki Yanagi has a history of portraying English characters effectively, notably in the popular Kamen Rider series, where he played the role of Onari. His talent and acting skills have earned him recognition, making his contribution to Wild Hearts, even in a minor role, valuable to the overall experience.

Marika Dandoy As Kōgyoku 

Marika Dandoy Cast
Wild Hearts: Marika Dandoy As Kōgyoku – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Marika Dandoy was cast as the voice actor for Kōgyoku in the game. While she may not be widely known in the voice acting industry and lacks extensive experience, Marika’s portrayal of Kōgyoku breathes life into the character. Kōgyoku is depicted as a delightful Japanese woman with a soft voice, characteristics that Marika successfully incorporated into her performance.

The importance of Kōgyoku’s character is evident throughout the game, as players rely on her for buying and selling various goods. Marika Dandoy, primarily a singer before her role as Kōgyoku, garnered attention from casting directors through her popular show “My Disney Junior,” where she served as the main singer on Disney Channel for at least four years. Her transition into voice acting for Wild Hearts showcases her versatility and talent as an artist.

Wrap Up 

Now you know every cast member involved in the voice acting of Wild Hearts. Each of them has brought the written characters to life along with the help of the Animation team of Wild Hearts. The best part about the cast is that most weren’t familiar with the gaming and voice-acting industry. They can now be the emerging stars of the industry and it’s all because of Wild Hearts. 

We can help you know about everything we know so far about Wild Hearts. Wild Hearts is a heavy game to download there are some system requirements your PC needs before you can play. Make sure to check out our in-depth review of Wild Hearts which will be brutally honest. 

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