Alan Wake 2 Voice Actors & Cast [Full List]

Learn everything there is about the list of cast and voice actors appearing in Remedy's next game, Alan Wake 2.

The latest addition to the RCU (Remedy Connected Universe) and the sequel to the cult-classic Alan Wake features many returning and new voice actors. Remedy Entertainment has always placed emphasis on storytelling and characters, and with Alan Wake 2, they are seemingly pushing the bar to even greater heights with prominent voice actors.

Key Takeaways
  • Alan Wake 2 features many new and returning voice actors.
  • The primary protagonist, Alan Wake, is voiced by Matthew Porretta, who has previously appeared as Dr. Casper Darling in Remedy’s Control.
  • The secondary protagonist, Saga Anderson, is portrayed by Melanie Liburd, who has also worked on Dark Matter and This Is Us.
  • Other big names who appear in Alan Wake 2 include James McCaffery, Janina Gavankar, David Harewood, Martti Susalo, Shawn Ashmore, Marko Saaresto & Markus Kaarlonen.

List Of Alan Wake 2 Voice Actors

Here are all the Voice Actors that feature in Remedy’s latest title:

CharacterVoice ActorPrevious Works
Alan WakeMatthew PorrettaControl, Quantum Break
Saga AndersonMelanie LiburdDark Matter, This Is Us, Game of Thrones
Alex CaseyJames McCafferyMax Payne series, Control
Kiran EstevezJanina GavankarStar Wars: Battlefront II, Borderlands
Mr. DoorDavid HarewoodSupergirl, The Flash
AhtiMartti SusaloControl
Tim BeakerShawn AshmoreQuantum Break, X-Men movie series
Odin Anderson (Old Gods of Asgard)Marko SaarestoMember of Poets of the Fall
Tor Anderson (Old Gods of Asgard)Markus KaarlonenMember of Poets of the Fall

Alan Wake – Matthew Porretta

Matthew Porretta
Alane Wake by Matthew Porretta (Image Credits: eXputer)

The titular protagonist of the series, Alan Wake, is a novelist whose vacation with her wife, Alice, takes a dark turn when events from his novel start altering reality. His journey to the dark corners of Brightfalls and his rescue mission do not end well for him, and he has been looking for his way back ever since.

Matthew Poretta returns once again to bring Alan to life, along with Finnish model IIkka Villi, who serves as the face model. Matthew has also previously worked with Remedy on Control and Quantum Break.

Previous Works

Known Works

  • Dr. Casper Darling in Control
  • Will Scarlet in Robin Hood: Men in Tights
  • Matthew Biscotti in Deadbeat

Saga Anderson – Melanie Liburd

Melanie Liburd
Melanie Liburd as Saga Anderson (Image By: eXputer)

The second protagonist of Alan Wake 2, Saga Anderson, is an FBI Profiler who is famous for solving difficult cases. Strange murders occurring in the town of Watery have brought her to Brightfalls, leading to her fateful encounter with Alan. Saga’s character was also previously teased back in 2016’s Quantum Break.

Meanie Liburd portrays Saga Anderson, who has also previously worked with HBO.

Previous Works

  • Brian Banks
  • Gypsy
  • Game of Thrones

Known Works

  • Zoe Baker in This Is Us
  • Jenna in The Idol
  • Nyx Harper in Dark Matter

Alex Casey – James McCaffery

James McCaffery 
James McCaffery as Alex Casey (Image Credits: eXputer)

Alex Casey is also an FBI profiler and the partner of Saga Anderson, who will aid her with the investigation of the ritual murders happening in Brightfall. While Alex may be a new character to many, Remedy has often referenced and teased him in their previous games. He was previously mentioned in Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control.

Alex Casey is voiced by James McCaffery, who is known by many as the iconic voice of Max Payne. Creative Director of Remedy, Sam Lake, also serves as the face model for Alex.

Previous Works

  • Blue Bloods
  • Suits
  • Bluff City Law
  • She’s Gotta Have It

Known Works

  • Max Payne in Max Payne 1, 2, & 3
  • Roy in The Truth About Cats & Dogs
  • Zachariah Trench in Control

Kiran Estevez – Janina Gavankar

Janina Gavankar
Janina Gavankar as Agent Kiran (Image Credits: eXputer)

Agent Kiran Estavez is a newcomer to the franchise whom the Federal Bureau of Control has sent to investigate the killings happening in Brightfalls. Remedy teased the connection between Control and Alan Wake back in AWE expansion. Agent Kiran was also previously mentioned in Control.

Kiran Estevez is voiced by Janina Gavankar, who is also a musician, pianist, and vocalist.

Previous Works

  • Forspoken
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Redfall
  • God of War: Ragnarok
  • Big Sky

Known Works

  • Knoxx in Borderlands
  • Alison Namazi in The Morning Show
  • Iden Versio in Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • Angela in The Way Back

Mr. Door – David Harewood

David Harewood
David Harewood as Mr. Door (Image By: eXputer)

Mr. Door is set to appear in Alan Wake 2 as a talk show host who interviews Alan Wake in the Dark Place. He was previously mentioned by Jesse’s brother, Dylan Faden, in Control. 

David Harwood portrays Mr. Door.

Previous Works

  • The Flash
  • The Man in the High Castle
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Known Works

  • Captain Poison in Blood Diamond
  • Prince of Morocco in The Merchant of Venice
  • David Estes im Homeland
  • Destruction in The Sandman

Ahti – Martti Susalo

Martti Susalo
Martti Susalo as Ahti (Image Credits: eXputer)

Ahti is a character from Control who has arrived in Brightfalls for a “vacation.” He is the janitor of the Federal Bureau of Control and is a para-natural entity that seems to watch over everything but does not interfere. His role in Alan Wake 2 is unknown.

Ahti is modeled and voiced by Martti Susalo, who also previously provided the voiceover work for the same character in Control.

Previous Works

  • Rakastitko, Vesku?
  • Renki
  • Kikka!
  • Fallen Leaves

Known Works

  • Ahti in Control
  • Reino Helismaa in Kukuri Ja Jousten
  • Irwin Goodman in The Rose of the Rascal
  • The Flatterer in The Mercenary Soldier

Tim Beaker – Shawn Ashmore

Shawn Ashmore
Shawn Ashmore as Tim Beaker (Image By: eXputer)

Relative of Frank and Sarah Beaker (former sheriff of Brightfalls), Tim Beaker is the current sheriff of Brightfalls. After Sarah, Tim has been handling squabbles happening in Brightfalls and has a good reputation amongst the townsfolk.

Tim Beaker is voiced and modeled by Shawn Ashmore, who also played the protagonist role in one of Remedy’s former games, Quantum Break.

Previous Works

  • The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan
  • Conviction
  • S.W.A.T

Known Works

  • Bobby Drake in X2
  • Joe Lynch in Frozen
  • Jack Joyce in Quantum Break
  • Lamplighter in The Boys
  • Wesley Evers in The Rookie

Odin Anderson & Tor Anderson – Marko Saaresto & Markus Kaarlonen

Marko Saaresto & Markus Kaarlonen
Marko Saaresto & Markus Kaarlonen as Tor & Odin (Image Credits: eXputer)

Odin and Tor Anderson return in Alan Wake 2 and are portrayed again by the band members of Poets of the Fall, who appear as Old Gods of Asgard. Odin and Tor are played by Marko Saaresto and Markus Kaarlonen, respectively. They have also recorded a series of new tracks exclusively for Alan Wake 2.

Known Works

  • Poets of the Fall: My Dark Disquiet
  • Old Gods of Asgard: Take Control 
  • Poets of the Fall: War
  • Last Goodbye

This concludes my guide on the list of voice actors in Alan Wake 2. 

Note: Additional Voice Actors may be added after release.

We recently interviewed the Alan Wake 2 Team, read more about that as we get closer to the game release.

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