Brought to you by Luminous Productions and Square Enix, Forspoken is an action RPG for PS5 and Windows. Play as Frey Holland, a regular but troubled New Yorker whose life has hit rock bottom. But one day, she finds a mysterious “cuff” and gets sucked into the fantasy land of Athia. She gets introduced to new magical powers and must use them to journey through the world and save Athia from the tyrannical rule of the Tantas. Not only that, but she must battle her self-doubts, selfishness, and trust issues to save the world and find her way back to New York. Players can dive into amazing combat and parkour mechanics using different magical spells and a well-crafted particle system. Besides the main story and side quests, players can explore the lands of Athia, complete challenges, and acquire many collectibles. But if things get confusing, you can always come over to eXputer, where we’ll have the best guides, error fixes, settings, and tier lists related to Forspoken to help you save Athia!

  • Developer: Luminous Productions
  • Publishers: Square Enix
  • Release Date: January 24, 2023
  • Platforms: PS5 & Windows PC
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Engine: Luminous Engine
  • eXputer Review Score: 3/5