New Forspoken Leak Reveals Final Boss Gameplay

The leak appears to showcase the final moments of the gameplay.

Update: The Leaked Footage was removed after the publishing date of this article.

Forspoken has just suffered a significant leak that showcases its ending and final gameplay movements. The entry’s final boss battle gameplay has leaked online, unveiling the last central combat section players will face before the end of the game. The leak appeared two days ahead of its awaited release out of nowhere.

The 20-minute video was shared on YouTube by a channel named “電擊屋Taiwan Game Show.” Details about the leak are unknown; it remains unclear on what platform it has precisely been recorded. Additionally, the community is curious regarding how a channel with only 2.6k subscribers got access to such exclusive footage.

We suggest watching the video and reading the rest of the article cautiously since it could feature potential spoilers regarding Forspoken‘s ending. In short, the video is full of combat, talking, and a cinematical experience overall that would make sense if the users play the whole story.

The Forspoken ending leak begins in a cutscene where Freya is riding a dragon to fight a gigantic abomination. The cinematic gameplay retains multiple sequences during the boss battle and features a lot of talking. For instance, Freya calls the final boss “a gaslighting piece of ****” at one point in the video.

Freya’s excessive talking, extreme swearing, lousy voice acting, and the massive amount of particles on the screen appear to have been the primary source of criticism by the community. As per viewers in the video comments, the visuals and facial expressions seem devoid of any life despite the game utilizing motion capture technology.

The graphics seem downgraded by a wide margin, but that could also be the case because of the potential device used in the recording. However, some viewers praised the combat. The leak also unveiled the menus and UI elements that seemed better than the demo, but the writing was entirely Chinese.

It remains unclear how such a massive Forspoken leak slipped through the radar of Square Enix. However, the video is still up and running, spreading like wildfire all over the internet forums. The giant conglomerate ought to DMCA strike the video as soon as it is noticed.

Regardless, it is not the first significant leak that has plagued the upcoming Square Enix’s new IP. Forspoken’s first-hour gameplay was recently leaked online in a similar fashion. 

Recently, major gaming outlets and game critics were seemingly ignored by Square Enix and did not receive a pre-launch review code for the title. Moreover, the seemingly high PC system requirements also caused concern, leading to disdain among the PC gamers that were interested in playing Forspoken. 

However, Forspoken appears to be selling like hotcakes despite the scorn in the community; for instance, it is at 2nd place on the Amazon US PlayStation 5 best-selling games chart, only surpassed by Hogwarts Legacy. 

Forspoken is the upcoming action roleplay endeavor by Luminous Productions, which has been highly anticipated by the community. Square Enix’s whole new IP is slated to arrive globally on January 24th and will see a release on the PlayStation 5 and PC. Its PS5 demo can be enjoyed without paying a single dime on the PS Store.

If you are planning on purchasing Forspoken, then this video may clear up potentially the biggest problem present in the game:

YouTube video

What are your thoughts about the new leak that showcases Forspoken’s final boss battle gameplay? Do you think Freya as a protagonist, talks way too much? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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