Modern Warfare 2 Remains US’ Best-Seller For 4 Consecutive Months

Dead Space remake followed behind the popular FPS in the second place.

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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has, again, captured the top spot, as revealed in the top 20 best-selling premium games last month in the United States.
  • The 2022 reboot has consistently dominated the sales charts for four months, leaving other giants in the dust. It was the best-selling game last year in the United States.
  • The Dead Space remake held second place, and it was recently released but still got enough sales to climb the second spot. Forspoken was in the 7th spot last month in the United States.
  • The God of War Ragnarok fell from the 3rd to the 8th spot last month. The Last of Us Part 1 witnessed a massive jump in sales in the charts, partly due to the new show.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has proven to be a staggering success for Activision, with the 2022 reboot still selling like hotcakes on sale. The new Call of Duty entry continued its domination last month in the United States, making it the fourth concurrent month of its absolute reign in the gaming industry since the eventful release. 

The recent best-selling premium game sales (digital and retail) data released by The NPD Group further highlights the title’s prominence over the rest of the current premium contenders in the gaming industry. 

The NPD Group data concerning video games industry sales for the US in January 2023.

Modern Warfare 2 loomed over the rest of the retail and digital game sales in the United States last month, gaining the first spot. It has managed to maintain its rank despite the other AAA entries receding down the sales charts as the months progressed. 

The newcomer Dead Space remake was able to leeway into the second place, noting its recent release in contrast to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Given some time, the action-horror venture could have potentially overthrown the reigning MW2 2022 reboot. It is already acclaimed to be the new standard of remakes in the horror genre.

The other new entry, Forspoken, also managed to grab the seventh spot despite the underlying issues before and after its launch. The game was praised for its combat and traversal but received backlash for a bland world, pretty high system requirements, and irksome dialogues, all of which caused its review scores to suffer deeply.

Fire Emblem Engage and One Piece Odyssey are the other two recently released titles that are new on the sales charts. Both entries have toiled to grab their places at the top 10 spots, presently boasting fifth and ninth places in the premium best-selling sales charts.

The Last of Us Part 1 noticed a significant boost, from 36th to 11th place, in the sales charts. Part of the reason behind its impressive climb is the new prominent show, which has witnessed a highly positive reception both in the entertainment and gaming circles.

The God of War Ragnarok was among the early rivals for Modern Warfare 2, but eventually, it stooped down to third place last month. Currently, the accredited sequel stands at the 8th spot; it has been overshadowed by new entries and 2022’s Game of the Year Awards winner, Elden Ring.

As noted above, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has dominated the sales charts in the US consistently since its inception.

In November, Modern Warfare 2 overshadowed God of War Ragnarok to boast the top podium. The new entry has kept its popularity after seeing bland releases for the past few years. It was also the best-selling game last year in the United States.

The entry continues to see improvements, and the developers have been busy patching issues and working on new seasons. Seemingly more additions, including modes like the Infected Mode, are planned to make a return into the 2022 reboot. 

What are your thoughts regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 dominating the overall competition in the US for four months consistently? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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