One Piece Odyssey Voice Actors & Cast [Full List]

Learn everything there is to know about the cast of One Piece Odyssey, the brand new JRPG from Bandai Namco.

One Piece has always been one of the most iconic shows, filled with incredible One Piece arcs and moments. Now with the release of One Piece Odyssey, it seems like we might have a One Piece game that has the potential to appear in conversations regarding the best anime games. The game only has the original iconic Japanese voice cast, and these One Piece Odyssey voice actors are as follows.

Key Highlights
  • Voice acting is always pivotal in One Piece Odyssey, and it is as good as in its anime. 
  • Japanese dub voices have created impactful dialogues and engagements in the game.
  • The game features a brand new original character called Lim, and the fantastic Marika Kouno does her voice-over
  • Some of the best voice actors in the game are Mayumi Tanaka, Hiroaki Hirata, and Kazuya Nakai. 

Mayumi Tanaka As Monkey D Luffy

Luffy's voice actress
Mayumi Tanaka as Monkey D Luffy 

To start it off, we have Mayumi Tanaka as the kind-hearted and dedicated captain of the crew, Monkey D. Luffy. His crew is composed of people he met during his search for the One Piece, who have become his family. He loves food and is always trying his best to help individuals who are in dire situations. Over the years, Monkey D. Luffy has become one of fiction’s most popular and beloved protagonists.

Furthermore, fans of the massively popular Dragon Ball will be more than familiar with Mayumi Tanaka’s voice as she voices Goku’s best friend, Krillin. Speaking of Dragon Ball, she also lends her voice to Yajirobe.

Throughout her career, she has mostly done the voices of popular side characters. Luffy and Krillin remain her most renowned roles. What makes Mayumi Tanaka irreplaceable is that during Luffy’s journey, he goes through a lot as the leader of his crew, and his voice has always felt perfect, no matter the situation.

Hiroaki Hirata As Vinsmoke Sanji

voice actor of Sanji
Hiroaki Hirata as Vinsmoke Sanji

Other than Roronoa Zoro and Monkey D. Luffy, the most popular character in the show is Vinsmoke Sanji. Throughout the series, he goes through many hardships, including heartbreak and betrayal, and during this, voice actor Hiroaki Hirata portrays all of his emotions to perfection.

Kazuya Nakai As Roronoa Zoro

voice actor of Zoro One Piece Odyssey
Kazuya Nakai as Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is the right hand of Monkey D. Luffy and is second in command in the Straw Hat Pirates Crew. Luffy mostly does whatever he wants, but the only exceptions are when Zoro advises him. He is a badass swordsman who has become some of the most beloved characters in anime. 

Moreover, Kazuya Nakai is used to voicing cool-sounding badass male characters. His other similar roles include the arrogant and slick samurai Mugen from Samurai Champloo and Shinsengumi’s Hijikata Toshirou from Gintama.

With his experience, he will surely be among the best One Piece Odyssey voice actors you will hear. He has always done a great job with the role, and we are sure he will now as well.

Kappei Yamaguchi As Usopp

Usopp's voice actor shinichi kudo L fromn Death Note
Usopp’s voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi

Kappei Yamaguchi needs no introduction. He is a very well-known voice actor in the anime industry. His most popular roles include Shinichi Kudo from Detective Conan, L from Death Note, Inuyasha from InuYasha, and, of course, Usopp from One Piece. He is perhaps the best-known person out of all the One Piece Odyssey voice actors.

Ikue Otani As Tony Tony Chopper

voice actor actress of Pikachu and Chopper
Ikue Otani as Tony Tony Chopper

Next up, we have Ikue Otani as the voice of Tony Tony Chopper, who is the mascot of the One Piece franchise. He is an adorable reindeer pirate who, just like Master Roshi, can turn buff to beat up anybody who threatens his friends. Ikue Otani is a popular choice when it comes to mascots, as she also provides the voice for Pikachu from Pokemon.

Yuriko Yamaguchi As Nico Robin

voice actress Yuriko Yamaguchi
Yuriko Yamaguchi as Nico Robin

Nico Robin goes through many hardships and changes before she finally finds a home among the Straw Hats Pirates. Yuriko Yamaguchi’s voice really suits Robin, and she is her best role yet as the voice actress mostly does minor roles such as Whis’ sister Vados from Dragon Ball Super

Akemi Okamura As Nami

nami's actress
Akemi Okamura as Nami

Nami is who many fans consider the real second in command of the Straw Hat Pirates, as Zoro doesn’t really want to be in command. Akemi Okamura has always done a great job with girls that have a personality similar to Nami. Another significant role of her is Koizumi Risa from Lovely Complex

Kazuki Yao As Franky

Kazuki Yao VA
Kazuki Yao as Franky

Franky is a very distinct-looking character. He seems like he belongs in Baki or Dragon Ball. He is Kazuki Yao’s most established role. Franky plays the role of a shipwright on the Straw Hat Pirates crew. He has gone through many changes, both physically and emotionally. 

Cho As Brook 

voice actor of Brook
Brook’s voice actor Cho

Brook is what many consider the funniest character in the show, and considering the fact that One Piece has over a thousand episodes and many spin-offs, that is saying something. Cho really makes all of the jokes work with how brilliantly he voice-acts Brook.

In addition, Cho being great with comedic roles isn’t surprising since he has done these before and done them well. A notable one is Hiroshi Uchiyamada, who is the popular comedic relief character from Great Teacher Onizuka

Marika Kouno As Lim 

lim new character in one piece is real
Marika Kouno as the newcomer Lim

Lastly, we have Marika Kouno, the newcomer Lim. Just like her character Marika Kouno is also a new addition to the One Piece family. Most of her roles include obscure characters, but we are sure she is going to give an excellent performance as her voice acting is good. 

Furthermore, she plays a major role in One Piece Odyssey as she has a mysterious power that affects the entire island of Waford. Her other ability is that she can send people into worlds that are constructed based on their memories. We are sure this ability is going to be used for some fantastic fanservice. 

Fans are very excited to see what Lim can bring to the One Piece universe. She seems promising, but we hope that she is used for other stuff than just fanservice. One Piece Odyssey might end up giving us a tale we won’t soon forget.

Wrap Up

According to the subreddit posts, it is very clear that the hype for One Piece Odyssey is very real. Even people who aren’t into the show or manga are excited as they are fans of RPGs. Bandai Namco has recently made some great JRPGs like Tales of Arise, so we are hopeful that they won’t disappoint us.

It has been a long time since fans have been this excited about a One Piece game. With Bandai Namco’s ability to make exploration fun, we might even see One Piece Odyssey become the best open-world game for some gamers. They already have some of the best anime characters at their disposal. 

With that, our One Piece Odyssey voice actors list comes to an end. We hope you found it helpful. Are you hyped about the game? What are your thoughts on Lim? Who is your favorite One Piece character? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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