One Piece Arcs Tier List: Ranked Best To Worst [2024]

We ranked all One Piece main story arcs from best to worst in this tier list, so read it & learn the overall ranking hierarchy of the manga.

One Piece is one of the longest-running anime/manga titles, being in production for over 25 years, since 1997, with more than a thousand, published chapters. This abundance of material may prove “too much” for viewers, especially newcomers. That is the reason we have made the One Piece Arcs Tier List, ranking all of the main story arcs from best to worst in Tiers ranging from S to F.

Key Takeaways
  • One Piece features 31 main story arcs spanning across tankōbon volumes and saga parts.
  • Arc rankings are based on their value to the main plot, including spectacular fights.
  • Top in-game arcs: Enies Lobby, Alabasta, Wano Country, Dressrosa, Post Enies Lobby, and Marineford.
  • These arcs have significant impacts on the anime/manga story with notable actions.
  • Weakest arcs: Drum Island, Orange Town, and Syrup Village, but they have critical plot points.
  • Arcs to potentially skip: Spa Island, Little East Blue, Z’s Ambition, Caesar Retrieval, Silver Mine, Oceans Dream, Cidre Guild, and Marine Rookie.
One Piece Arcs Tier List Ranking Table
Tiers Arcs
S-Tier Enies Lobby, Alabasta, Wano Country, Dressora, Post Enies Lobby, Marineford, Whole Cake Island
A-Tier Little Garden, Levely, Thriller Bark, Arlong Park, Skypiea, Saboady Archipelago, Water 7, Impel Down, Post War
B-Tier Baratie, Zou, Loguetown, Whiskey Peak, Fishmen Island, Jaya, Romance Dawn, Fishman Island
C-Tier Punk Hazard, Reverse Mountain, Long Ring Long Land, Amazon Lily, Return To Sabaody
D-Tier Drum Island, Orange town, Syrup Village

Eiichiro Oda is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series One Piece. It has been published in Shueisha’s shonen manga publication Weekly Shonen Jump. The various chapters have been collected into 102 tankōbon volumes. While on the topic of One Piece and Tier Lists, we would like to divert your attention to our Tier List for King Legacy so you can easily decide on the best Devil Fruits in the game.

Arcs And Sagas in One Piece

Arcs And Sagas - One Piece Arcs Tier List
Arcs And Sagas

Both the manga and anime versions of One Piece’s plot are frequently broken down into several story arcs for ease of comprehension. It is widely accepted that an arc starts when the Straw Hat Pirates arrive on a certain island and ends when they depart, but the exact distinctions are a little hazy.

The majority of storylines—if not all—are compiled into grander Sagas that frequently represent the targets or foes that the Straw Hats hunt throughout several islands. Smaller plot arcs are used to split up each tale. 

The main story comprising 31 arcs can currently be divided into ten parts:

  • The East Blue Saga
  • The Alabasta Saga
  • The Sky Island Saga
  • The Water 7 Saga
  • The Thriller Bark Saga
  • The Summit War Saga
  • The Fish-Man Island Saga
  • The Dressrosa Saga
  • The Whole Cake Island Saga
  • The Wano Country Saga

These are the 31 arcs we have ranked in our tier list; most, if not all, of the other arcs are fillers with no real importance in the main plot. However, we would still recommend watching them if you enjoy the series as a whole. Because even if they may prove less emotionally involving yet, they are just as entertaining.

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S Tier

S Tier of One Piece Arcs Tier List
S Tier

S Tier represents the highest quality, showcasing sensational and spectacular fight sequences, scenic and striking visuals, and a superior and scintillating nature that captivates viewers. Here are some One Piece arcs that belong in the S Tier:

  1. Marineford: Marineford stands as one of the best One Piece arcs. It features intense moments, both hopeful and dark, as heroes face formidable adversaries. Key events include Ace’s rescue and subsequent demise, Whitebeard’s epic clash with Admiral Akainu, and Blackbeard’s rise to power.
  2. Whole Cake Island: This arc introduces Luffy’s Fourth Gear and portrays the Straw Hats’ journey to Whole Cake Island to save Sanji from a political union. It involves alliances, fights, and a complex plot with Big Mom’s family.
  3. Enies Lobby: Enies Lobby and Post Enies Lobby are standout arcs known for character development and epic battles. The crew pushes their limits to rescue Robin and Franky while facing various challenges. Iconic abilities like Luffy’s Gears and Zoro’s Kyutoryu are introduced.
  4. Alabasta: The Alabasta arc is extensive and pivotal. It features the encounter with Ace, exploration of the desert, and clashes with Crocodile. Political intrigue, alliances, and character dynamics add depth to the storyline.
  5. Wano Country: The ongoing Wano Country Arc brings together the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance to confront the Beasts Pirates. It delves into Kozuki Oden’s past and the battle against Kaidou and Big Mom, with far-reaching consequences.
  6. Dressrosa: Dressrosa is the longest One Piece arc, known for its action and political elements. It follows the Straw Hats’ journey to Dressrosa to confront Doflamingo, involving negotiations, fights, and the introduction of Fujitora.
  7. Post Enies Lobby: Post Enies Lobby is a smaller but enjoyable arc. It features the Straw Hats recuperating after Enies Lobby, introducing Franky and Usopp to the crew and setting the stage for future adventures.

These arcs exemplify the essence of One Piece with their captivating storytelling, character growth, and thrilling battles.

A Tier

A Tier of One Piece Arcs Tier List
A Tier

A Tier comprises arcs with fascinating plot developments and entertaining fight sequences. These arcs are enjoyable to watch and contribute significantly to the One Piece universe.

  1. Sabaody Archipelago: The Straw Hats search for a way to Fish-Man Island but get sidetracked, leading to the introduction of Eleven Supernovas, Celestial Dragons, and Haki. The crew faces adversity as they are surrounded by powerful enemies and are ultimately separated.
  2. Water 7: The crew arrives in Water 7 for ship repairs but faces a series of unfortunate events and learns troubling news. This arc introduces Cipher Pol, and Robin and Usopp leave the crew, leading to emotional moments.
  3. Impel Down: Luffy raids Impel Down to rescue his brother Ace before his execution. This arc introduces Ivankov and Jinbe and features the escape of Luffy’s previous adversaries from prison.
  4. Post-War: Following Whitebeard’s death, Luffy reflects on his crew’s importance and begins training. The three types of Haki are introduced, and Sabo joins the story.
  5. Little Garden: The crew encounters giants engaged in a century-old battle on the island of Little Garden. This arc introduces the giants and senior Baroque Works members.
  6. Levely: Nobility gathers for the Levely, where the Straw Hats’ exploits are broadcast to the world. The Revolutionary Army prepares for their next move.
  7. Thriller Bark: The crew encounters a talking skeleton named Brook on a ghost ship, leading to a series of spooky adventures on Thriller Bark Island. Gecko Moria, another Warlord, plays a central role in this arc.
  8. Arlong Park: The crew pursues Nami to Arlong Park, an island ruled by the Fish-Man pirate Arlong. Sanji joins the crew, and Nami’s backstory is revealed.
  9. Skypiea: The Straw Hats reach Skypiea, an island in the sky, and become embroiled in a conflict between the Skypieans, Shandians, and Eneru. While lengthy, this arc introduces important elements to the story.

These arcs offer a mix of adventure, character development, and memorable moments, making them a solid addition to the One Piece saga.

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier

B Tier arcs offer entertaining content and contribute to the One Piece world’s development, although they may not feature the grand-scale battles found in higher-tier arcs.

  1. Jaya: The Jaya arc is part of the Sky Island Saga, featuring the Straw Hats’ journey to Sky Island and the introduction of the Eleven Supernovas, Celestial Dragons, and Haki.
  2. Romance Dawn: The very first arc of One Piece, Romance Dawn, sets the stage for Luffy’s adventure and introduces important characters like Zoro and Nami.
  3. Baratie: The Baratie arc focuses on Sanji’s introduction to the crew and the clash with the formidable Don Krieg. It also hints at the Seven Warlords of the Sea.
  4. Zou: The Zou arc involves the Straw Hats and Law’s alliance heading to Zou to find Sanji. They encounter the Mink Tribe, learn about Kaidou’s connection, and set the stage for new alliances.
  5. Loguetown: Loguetown is the last stop before the Grand Line, where the crew faces foes seeking vengeance and encounters Logia-type Devil Fruits. It’s also where Monkey D. Dragon makes an appearance.
  6. Whiskey Peak: Following Reverse Mountain, the Whiskey Peak arc has similarities but stands out with Zoro’s battle. The crew arrives at Whiskey Peak and faces hidden complexities.
  7. Fishmen Island: The Fishmen Island arc deals with the crew’s arrival at Fish-Man Island after the time skip. It explores Jinbe’s potential joining, the prediction of Luffy destroying the island, and the alliance between Hody Jones and Vander Decken IX.
  8. Fishman Island: The Fishman Island arc received mixed reviews for its pacing and lack of tension after the Summit War Arc. It focuses on protecting the royal family from intruders but falls short of delivering intense battles.


C Tier
C Tier

C Tier arcs in the One Piece Arcs Tier List are neither the best nor the worst. They offer entertaining content and contribute to the overall story but may not stand out as much as higher-tier arcs.

  1. Punk Hazard: The Punk Hazard arc sends the Straw Hats to a mysterious island in the New World, setting the stage for events that lead to the Dressrosa arc. It introduces key characters and plot elements but is criticized for pacing issues.
  2. Reverse Mountain (Laboon): The Reverse Mountain arc involves the Straw Hats’ journey to the Grand Line and introduces Laboon, a key character with ties to Brook’s past. It’s a short but significant arc.
  3. Long Ring Long Land (Davy Back Fight): The Long Ring Long Land arc introduces the Davy Back Fight, a series of contests with the Foxy Pirates. While it has humorous moments, it is considered weaker compared to other arcs due to its filler-like nature.
  4. Amazon Lily: The Amazon Lily arc follows Luffy’s arrival on an island inhabited only by women and introduces Boa Hancock. It has moments of significance but is relatively short and may not stand out compared to longer arcs.
  5. Return to Sabaody: The Return to Sabaody arc reunites the Straw Hats after the time skip and showcases their growth. While it has character development, it serves as a transitionary arc before the Fish-Man Island Saga.


Although these arcs are placed at the bottom of our One Piece Arcs Tier List, neither does it entail that they are necessarily “bad”, nor does this mean that they should be skipped? Some of these contain very important plot points that would prove damaging to your overall experience if skipped over.

These arcs were simply placed at the bottom of the tier list because they are lackluster and stretched. However, they are still somewhat entertaining, and you should watch them if you enjoy watching the series overall.

  1. Drum Island: The Drum Island arc focuses on the Straw Hats’ journey to find a doctor for Nami and their encounter with King Wapol and his forces. While it introduces Tony Tony Chopper and touches on the Will of D., it is criticized for its pacing and certain elements.
  2. Orange Town: The Orange Town arc follows the Straw Hats’ clash with Buggy the Clown and their alliance with Nami. It is a relatively short arc with a lackluster beginning and minor villains.
  3. Syrup Village: The Syrup Village arc centers on the Straw Hats’ encounter with Usopp and their confrontation with the Black Cat Pirates. It is criticized for its pacing and relatively uninteresting plot.

Filler Arcs To Skip 

Since the manga and anime of One Piece are in production with new episodes and chapters being added regularly, there can be some issues regarding to the importance of each chapter or episode. This leads to filler arcs in the anime. 

Since the updates of manga are not that consistent and the manga needs time to create each chapter commander anime will have some filler episodes in it in order to keep the audience engaged till a new chapter gets released. Some of the filler arcs are actually important and should not be skipped.

However, most filler episodes are skippable; we will list them below. 

  •  Warship Island Arc 
  •  Goat Island Ark 
  •  Post-Arabasta Arc 
  •  Ruluca Island Arc 
  •  Oceans Dream Arc 
  •  Cidre Guild Arc 
  •  Marine Rookie Arc 
  •  Silver Mine Arc 
  •  Caesar Retrieval Arc 
  •  Z’s Ambition Arc 
  •  Little East Blue Arc 
  •  Spa Island Ar 
  •  Foxy’s Return Arc 
  •  Ice Hunter Arc 

Skipping these arcs won’t affect the main story as much. We recommend skipping the ones we mentioned as One Piece is quite long and if you are a beginner then catching up to the latest episodes might require a lot of time. 


So this is it for our One Piece Arcs Tier List. We ranked all the main story arcs from best to worst to the best of our abilities. However, with things like these, opinions change drastically from one person to the next. Keeping that in mind, it is inevitable for people to have a different opinion than ours. So, if you have a difference of opinion or any kind of query, leave it down below. We would be happy to listen to what you have to say.

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