King Legacy Fruit Tier List [November. 2022]

The King Legacy Fruit Tier List is presented here to assist you in selecting the Devil Fruits that work best in this game, from best to worst.

In the Roblox game King Legacy, originally known as King Piece, you battle foes, level up your character, as well as discover and use devil fruits. Therefore, if you want to have a chance against the top players and fiercest foes, you must locate and use one of the best devil fruits in the game using our King Legacy Fruit Tier List.

King Legacy has three different varieties of devil fruit: Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan. The kind of devil fruit you use will affect both the powers it has and the overall benefits it will give your character. You may purchase devil fruits from the black market, obtain them through the gacha system, or stumble upon them in a randomly generated world spawn.

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Types Of Devil Fruits

In short, Zoan fruits are connected to a monster or creature which your character can morph into, while Paramecia fruits can grant any kind of strengths or boosts. Logia fruits turn your protagonist into an element, making them immune to normal attacks that aren’t boosted with Haki.  Each of these has one of four rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Legendary.

King Legacy Fruit Tier List Breakdown

However, it might be challenging to choose which devil fruits to go after because there are so many in the game. The rating of all Devil Fruits is provided in this tier list. Use it to select the strongest characters when you are first starting the game.

Based on their strength in the game, all devil fruits in King Legacy are ranked in the following tier list. From S through C, with S being the greatest and C being the worst, a rank has been assigned to each devil fruit. With that, let’s get started.


King Legacy Fruit Tier List S-Tier

The S Tier’s devil fruits are the most unique of all, and they may aid you in overcoming any obstacles in your path. S Tier Devil Fruits are always a good choice.


Dough-Dough fruit is a fabled, special variety of Paramecia that transforms the user into mochi, a gooey material like dough. You can locate it on the map through Gacha, the black market.


One of the fruits in the game that delivers the greatest damage is the dragon fruit, which also has the second-fastest flight after the light fruit. Players that transform into dragons have greater Dragon attacks and an 80% boost in basic health while in this form, but they are unable to utilize swords or perform combat techniques.


An Epic Logia Devil Fruit is the Magma fruit. It has the power to transform the player into a magma human by turning their body into molten. Akainu, the Fleet Admiral of the Marines, uses this fruit in One Piece. Obtaining this fruit in-game is possible from Gacha or the Black Market.


A nice fruit to grind for is the gravity fruit. It has a wide area of impact, high damage, and small refreshes. Although the three gems are a drawback due to the low number of Beli, it is still inexpensive for the majority of gamers. Although it has an ok flight, its damage more than compensates for it.


Doku-Doku no Mi, often known as the Venom Fruit, is a rare Paramecia-type devil fruit that allows its owner to spew several types of fatal venom. Magellan, the vice warden of Impel Down, uses this fruit in the anime. Finding this fruit, purchasing it off the Black Market, or purchasing it through Gacha are all viable options.


The Soru Soru no Mi is a Devil Fruit of the Paramecia kind that gives users access to and control over human souls—creating a soul in them. The ability was initially given to Carmel in the anime, but following Carmel’s death, Charlotte Linlin received it.


Fruit of the Rare Zoan kind called the Gomu-Gomu no Mi gives its possessor the ability to stretch like elastic. Monkey D. Luffy, the commander of the Straw Hat Pirates and the anime’s main character, uses this fruit in the series.


The Light Fruit is a Logia fruit that transforms the person into a light human by turning their body into light. This fruit may be found in the game, purchased from the Black Market, or gained through Gacha.


The Gura-Gura No Mi is a fruit of the Paramecia kind that enables tremor production. This fruit was formerly utilized by Edward Newgate. Commonly known as Whitebeard, the captain of the Whitebeard pirates in the anime/manga.


Next is the Snow Fruit. Snow fruit is an effective fruit for PvP and grinding. It has a vast area of impact and causes a ton of damage. For PvP, its teleporting ability and X move may be quite helpful. It’s a great option overall.


The Mero-Mero no Mi, also known as the Love Fruit, is a fruit of the Paramecia kind that lets its owner make missiles that have the power to turn humans into stone. The pirate empress and former sea warlord Boa Hancock uses this fruit in the anime.


The String Fruit is a fruit of the Paramecia kind that transforms its eater into a string person by enabling them to produce and manipulate strings. This fruit may be found in the game, purchased on the black market, or received through gacha.


King Legacy Fruit Tier List A-Tier

All of the powerful fruits that will provide you a lot of power when battling opponents are found in the King Legacy Fruit A-Tier List. These fruits are, in essence, the second-best after those in S Tier.


The Phoenix Fruit is a Mythical Zoan-type Legendary (formerly uncommon) fruit that turns its eater into a phoenix. Marco uses this Devil Fruit in anime and manga. The fruit may be obtained from Gacha, the Black Market, or other locations throughout the world.


The player’s body gets transformed into darkness by this fruit, a Rare Logia kind. A very good devil fruit which can be helpful.


Most players can afford it, and there are no gem prices. It provides decent damage, has low refreshes, and freezes enemies—a highly important ability for sword users.


The Flame-Flame Fruit is a fruit that is amazing in every way. The fruits’ major flaw is that they move incredibly slow to strike any players; however, this is not an issue while battling NPCs. It’s not a suitable beginner’s fruit because it costs gems, which low-level players can’t readily get.


The Gas-Gas Fruit is wonderful since it can toggle flight and utilize attacks while flying, making the user difficult to target. Because of the damage and flight, it’s fantastic for sea king farming. All things considered, The Gas-Gas Fruit is suggested for someone who requires an excellent uncommon fruit.


The Goro-Goro no Mi, also known as the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, is a Devil Fruit of the Epic Logia kind that transforms the user into a lightning human. Enel uses this fruit in anime/manga. You can locate the fruit, purchase it from the black market, or buy it using Gacha.


Toge-Toge No Mi is another name for the Spike Fruit. It is a rare Paramecia Fruit with a lot of potential for close-range impact. It is regarded as a fantastic fruit for farming monsters and, based on early testing, appears to be a cheap yet unexpectedly potent PVP fruit.


Among the four ancient Zoan fruits, Zou Zou no Mi, Mammoth is a new fruit included in version 3.0 along with Moku Moku no Mi (Smoke). It is an old zoan fruit. In the manga and anime, Jack the Drought is the owner of this fruit.


Another Rare Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit called the Ryu Ryu no Mi (Spinosaurus) enables the user to change into a Spinosaurus hybrid or a complete Spinosaurus at will. In the anime, Page One consumed it. One of the three dinosaur fruits in the game.

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B Tier fruits have an average performance grade but aren’t as strong as S Tier and A Tier fruits. They are capable of doing enough harm, but some of them do well.


Fruit is a Rare Paramecia kind that enables the user to design a space over which they have complete control. In the anime/manga, Trafalgar D. Water Law, a member of the “Worst Generation,” uses this fruit.


A Devil Fruit similar to a Zoan, the Allo-Allo Fruit transforms its eater into an Allosaurus. The player’s hp and damage are increased at the expense of their abilities to employ Geppo, Dash, and Soru. Although its LMBs are slower than other LMBs, the advantages outweigh this.


This fruit is great since you can only be targeted by snipers during raids because you are so high up. You cannot be attacked by any other NPCs; hence it is very powerful. (This was addressed). You may now be struck by any NPC. One of the best Devil Fruits for the Golden Arena is Brachio (raids). It is simple to line up NPCs using tactics and launch an attack by dealing hits to each one of them.


The Suna-Suna no Mi, also known as the Sand-Sand Fruit or Devil Fruit of the Logia kind, transforms the user’s body into sand. This fruit is utilized by the infamous Crocodile in the anime. This fruit may be found in the game, purchased from the Black Market, or gained through Gacha. The price is $1,500,000.


Fruit of the Paramecia kind called the “Shadow fruit” gives its possessor the ability to control shadows, turning them into a shadow person. Gecko Moria uses this fruit in the anime. This fruit may be found in the game, purchased on the black market, or received through gacha. With 3 Gems, it costs $2,000,000.


The Bomb-Bomb Fruit is a fruit of the Paramecia kind that enables users to set off explosions from any location on their bodies. This fruit is utilized by Mr. 5, a representative of Baroque Works, in the anime. You may locate this fruit, purchase it from the black market, or buy it using Gacha.


Although it might have lost its clone move, the Kage Kage no Mi is still a nice fruit with high farming potential if handled properly. It does okay in PVP since the moves are simple to evade.

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In comparison to other fruits in the game, the fruits in King Legacy Fruit C-Tier List are the worst. You shouldn’t choose these fruits frequently.


Overall, it is simple to obtain at the shop and is useful for grinding. The only drawback is that it hinders PVP.


A nice uncommon fruit since it only uses ranged attacks that are simple to strike and provide good damage. Overall, a decent option for beginners.


Overall, a fruit that works well for grinding. However, not advised for PVP.


a poor scarce fruit that is manageable for growing. You may change into a huge, yellow Buddha, which makes strikes simple to hit.


It is similar to the Wolf-Wolf Fruit but a little better because this fruit is superior in PVP.


It has a ranged move, the gun/C move, to offset its largely melee move repertoire. Despite having poor range and minimal damage, this fruit is a respectable choice for newbies.


The “Spin” fruit is perhaps the worst in this King Legacy Tier List because it offers the little possibility for dealing with damage. The flight is also pretty bad.


This fruit, which is the worst of the Zoan fruits, has a short range and deals little to no chip damage. It ranks among the poorest fruits in the game overall.

King Legacy Fruit Tier List Criteria

Tier lists are always arbitrary and change based on the players’ experiences. However, we make every effort to offer you tier lists that are both dependable and updated.

Devil Fruits are crucial in the fight against your enemies, but it might be difficult to choose which one is ideal. To assist you in making this decision, we have prepared the King Legacy Fruit Tier List.

These tier lists have been created by our staff at eXputer for a very long time to help gamers. Additionally, the Tier List was created with the use of third-party analysis and player feedback.

By evaluating every fruit in King Legacy, we did our best to create a tier list free of biases. Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below if you wish to help us make this tier list better.

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