King Legacy Fruit Tier List [All Devil Fruits Ranked]

The tier List is presented here to assist you in selecting the Devil Fruits that work best in this game, from best to worst.

In the Roblox game King Legacy, originally known as King Piece, you battle foes, level up your character, as well as discover and use devil fruits. Therefore, if you want to have a chance against the top players and fiercest foes, you must locate and use one of the best devil fruits in the game using our King Legacy Fruit Tier List.

Key Takeaways
  • King Legacy offers 37 Devil Fruits, categorized into Logia, Paramecia, and Zoan types, with five rarities: Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common, and Uncommon.
  • We’ve ranked these Devil Fruits based on their benefits for the player and their play style preferences.

King Legacy Comparison Table

Before moving on, make sure to check out the comparison between every Fruit from King Legacy:

SDough – Mochi Mochi no MiLegendarySpecial ParameciaMoney: $5,700,000
Gems: 10
SDragon – Uo Uo no MiLegendaryZoanMoney: $6,500,000
Gems: 10
SMagma – Magu Magu no MiEpicLogiaMoney: $1,950,000
Gems: 2
SGravity – Zushi Zushi no MiRareParameciaMoney: $2,800,000
Gems: 3
SVenom – Doku Doku no MiRareParameciaMoney: $1 950 000
Gems: 2
SLight – Pika Pika no MiEpicLogiaMoney: 2,400,00 Beli
Gems: 3
SQuake – Gura Gura no MiEpicParameciaMoney: $3,600,000
Gems: 3
SDark or Darkness – Yami Yami no MiRareLogiaMoney: $1,950,000
Gems: 3
SSnow – Yuki Yuki no MiEpicLogiaMoney: $2,700,000
Gems: 5
SLove – Mero Mero no MiUncommonParameciaMoney: $1,650,000
Gems: 1
SSoul - Soru Soru no MiEpicParameciaMoney: $4,500,000
Gems: 15
APhoenix – Tori Tori no MiLegendaryZoanMoney: $4,500,000
Gems: 10
ASpirit – Soru Soru no MiEpicParameciaMoney: $4,500,000
Gems: 15
AIce – Hie Hie no MiEpicLogiaMoney: $1,200,000
Gems: 1
AFlame – Mera Mera no MiEpicLogiaMoney: $2,300,000
Gems: 3
AGas – Gasu Gasu no MiEpicLogia1,250 Robux OR
Money: $2,500,000
Gems: 3
ASpike – Toge Toge No MiCommonParameciaMoney: $1.3 Million
Gems: 5
AMammoth – Zou Zou no MiRareZoanMoney: $3,700,000
Gems: 7
APaw – Nikyu Nikyu no MiUncommonParameciaMoney: $600,000
Gems: 1
ASpino or Spinosaurus – Ryu Ryu no MiRareAncient ZoanMoney: $5,000,000
Gems: 5
AHuman – Hito Hito No MiCommonZoanMoney: $850,000
Gems: 1
AMagnet – Jiki Jiki no miEpicParameciaMoney: $5,300,000
Gems: 15
ALeopard – Neko Neko No MiCommonZoanMoney: $700,000
Gems: 1
ABarrier- Bari Bari No MiUncommonParameciaMoney: $1,350,000
Gems: 1
BOpe – Ope Ope no MiRareParameciaMoney: $3,500,000
Gems: 5
BBrachio or Brachiosaurus – Ryu Ryu no MiRareZoanMoney: $3,000,000
Gems: 5
BString – Ito Ito no MiUncommonParamecia2,400,000 Beli
Gems: 3
BRumble – Goro Goro no MiEpicLogiaMoney: $2,250,000
Gems: 3
BGum – Gomu Gomu no MiRareParameciaMoney: $1,450,000
Gems: 1
BSand – Suna Suna no MiRareLogiaMoney: $1,500,000
BShadow – Kage Kage no MiUncommonParameciaMoney: $2,000,000
Gems: 3
BBomb – Bomu Bomu no miBombParameciaMoney: $250,000
Gems: 1
BGiraffe – Ushi Ushi No MiCommonZoanMoney: $700,000
Gems: 1
BSmoke – Moku Moku no MiUncommonLogiaMoney: $2.4M
Gems: 5
CBuddha – Hito Hito No MiRareZoanMoney: $1,950,000
Gems: 1
CSpin – Guru Guru no MiCommonParameciaMoney: $150,000
Gems: 1
CAllosaurus or Allo – Ryu Ryu no MiRareZoanMoney: $2,800,000
Gems: 3
CWolf – Inu Inu No MiCommonZoanMoney: $700,000
Gems: 1


King Legacy Fruit Tier List S-Tier

The S Tier’s devil fruits are the most unique of all, and they may aid you in overcoming any obstacles in your path. S Tier Devil Fruits are always a good choice. Have a look at the highest-rated entries in our King Legacy Fruit Tier List.

Character WHY S TIER
Dough-Dough A fabled, special variety of Paramecia that transforms the user into mochi, a gooey material like dough. Found on the map through Gacha, the black market.
Dragon One of the game’s fruits that delivers the greatest damage and has the second-fastest flight after the light fruit. Players transformed into dragons have enhanced Dragon attacks and an 80% boost in basic health but cannot use swords or perform combat techniques.
Magma An Epic Logia Devil Fruit that allows the player to become a magma human by turning their body into molten lava. Used by Akainu, the Fleet Admiral of the Marines in One Piece. Available from Gacha or the Black Market.
Gravity A fruit with a wide area of impact, high damage, and short cooldowns. Although it costs three gems and yields a low number of Beli, it’s still affordable for most players. Offers decent flight capabilities with damage that compensates for it.
Venom The Doku-Doku no Mi, or Venom Fruit, is a rare Paramecia-type devil fruit that enables its owner to produce various types of deadly venom. Used by Magellan, the vice warden of Impel Down in the anime. Available through the Black Market or Gacha.
Light A Logia type fruit that transforms the user’s body into light, enabling them to control and manipulate light at will. Can be found in the game, purchased from the Black Market, or obtained through Gacha.
Quake The Gura-Gura No Mi, a Paramecia type fruit that enables its user to create tremors. Formerly wielded by Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, the captain of the Whitebeard pirates in the anime/manga.
Dark A Rare Logia type fruit that transforms the user’s body into darkness, granting them powerful abilities. A very effective devil fruit for various uses.
Snow Effective for PvP and grinding, the Snow Fruit has a wide area of impact and deals a ton of damage. Its teleporting ability and X move are particularly useful for PvP, making it an excellent overall choice.
Love The Mero-Mero no Mi, also known as the Love Fruit, is a Paramecia type fruit that allows its user to create missiles capable of turning humans into stone. Wielded by the pirate empress and former sea warlord Boa Hancock in the anime.
Soul The Soru Soru no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants the ability to interact with and manipulate human souls, allowing the user to perform a range of powerful abilities, such as extracting souls and giving life to inanimate objects by creating Homies.


King Legacy Fruit Tier List A-Tier

All of the powerful fruits that will provide you with a lot of power when battling opponents are found in the King Legacy Fruit A-Tier List. These fruits are, in essence, the second-best after those in the S Tier. If you’re running low on money and need to cover the Fruit cost, then check out our King Legacy Codes.

Phoenix A Mythical Zoan-type Legendary fruit that transforms the eater into a phoenix, providing powerful abilities.
Spirit The Soru Soru no Mi, a Paramecia-type fruit, grants users control over human souls, allowing them to manipulate and create souls.
Ice This fruit offers decent damage, low cooldowns, and the ability to freeze enemies, making it valuable for sword users.
Flame The Flame-Flame Fruit offers powerful abilities, although it may be slow to hit players. It’s recommended for battling NPCs rather than players.
Gas The Gas-Gas Fruit enables flight and attacks while flying, making the user difficult to target, especially useful for sea king farming.
Spike The Toge-Toge No Mi, or Spike Fruit, is a rare Paramecia fruit known for its close-range impact, making it great for farming monsters and unexpectedly potent in PVP.
Mammoth The Zou Zou no Mi, Mammoth, is one of the four ancient Zoan fruits, offering the ability to transform into a mammoth hybrid or complete mammoth, as seen with Jack the Drought.
Paw A decent uncommon fruit with ranged attacks that are easy to hit and offer good damage, making it suitable for beginners.
Spino The Ryu Ryu no Mi (Spinosaurus) is a Rare Ancient Zoan fruit allowing the user to transform into a Spinosaurus hybrid or complete Spinosaurus, as seen with Page One in the anime.
Human Easily obtainable from the shop and useful for grinding, although it hinders PVP.
Magnet This valuable Devil Fruit allows users to employ magnetic properties for offense and defense, offering various abilities to pull out high-damage weapons or summon magnetic arms.
Leopard Despite having limited range and damage, the Leopard fruit is a respectable choice for newbies, offering both ranged and melee moves.
Barrier A fruit suitable for grinding but not recommended for PVP, providing defensive capabilities.



Moving on with the tier list, the B Tier fruits have an average performance grade but aren’t as strong as S Tier and A Tier fruits. They are capable of doing enough harm, but some of them do well.

Op A Rare Paramecia fruit that grants the user complete control over space. Trafalgar D. Water Law, a member of the “Worst Generation,” uses this fruit in the anime/manga.
Brachio This fruit allows the user to be targeted only by snipers during raids, making them powerful in certain situations such as the Golden Arena.
String The String Fruit is a Paramecia fruit that transforms the eater into a string person, enabling them to produce and manipulate strings.
Rumble The Goro-Goro no Mi, or Rumble-Rumble Fruit, is an Epic Logia fruit that transforms the user into a lightning human. Enel uses this fruit in the anime/manga.
Gum The Gomu-Gomu no Mi, or Gum-Gum Fruit, gives the possessor the ability to stretch like elastic. Monkey D. Luffy, the main character of the anime, uses this fruit.
Sand The Suna-Suna no Mi, or Sand-Sand Fruit, transforms the user’s body into sand. Crocodile uses this fruit in the anime.
Shadow The “Shadow fruit” is a Paramecia fruit that grants the user control over shadows, turning them into a shadow person. Gecko Moria uses this fruit in the anime.
Bomb The Bomb-Bomb Fruit is a Paramecia fruit that allows users to set off explosions from any part of their bodies. Mr. 5 from Baroque Works uses this fruit in the anime.
Giraffe This fruit, similar to the Wolf-Wolf Fruit but slightly better, performs well in PVP scenarios.
Smoke The Kage Kage no Mi, or Shadow-Shadow Fruit, despite losing its clone move, still has high farming potential and performs adequately in PVP battles due to its evasive moves.



In comparison to other fruits in the game, the fruits in the C-tier are the worst. You shouldn’t choose these fruits frequently.


A poor, scarce fruit that is manageable for growing. You may change into a huge, yellow Buddha, which makes strikes simple to hit.


The “Spin” fruit is perhaps the worst in this King Legacy Tier List because it offers little possibility for dealing with damage. The flight is also pretty bad.


A Devil Fruit similar to a Zoan, the Allo-Allo Fruit transforms its eater into an Allosaurus. The player’s hp and damage are increased at the expense of their abilities to employ Geppo, Dash, and Soru. Although its LMBs are slower than other LMBs, the advantages outweigh this.


This fruit, which is the worst of the Zoan fruits, has a short range and deals little to no chip damage. It ranks among the poorest fruits in the game overall.

Tier List Criteria

Tier lists are always arbitrary and change based on the players’ experiences. However, we make every effort to offer you tier lists that are both dependable and updated.

Devil Fruits are crucial in the fight against your enemies, but it might be difficult to choose which one is ideal. To assist you in making this decision, we have prepared the King Legacy Fruit Tier List.

These tier lists have been created by our staff at eXputer for a very long time to help gamers. Additionally, the Tier List was created with the use of third-party analysis and player feedback.

By evaluating every fruit in King Legacy, we did our best to create a tier list free of biases. Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below if you wish to help us make this tier list better.

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