King God Castle Tier List: All Characters Ranked

This Tier List Ranks all the characters in Tiers to make it easier for new-comers to select a good character.

Looking for the greatest King God Castle characters? If so, we’ll give you a full breakdown of the game’s top PvE and PvP characters in our King God Castle Tier List. In the strategy game King God Castle, you must use heroes and your tactics to stave off invaders.

Key Highlights
  • King God Castle game has 41 characters, each with matching hero skills.
  • Character rankings based on spell power, attack speed, health, and passive skills.
  • Top heroes: Leonhardt, Hansi, Behemus, Asiaq, Bombie, Lyca, Mel, Luniare, Zuo Yun, Hela, Zupitere.
  • Avoid using Rossette, Lily, Evan, Ren, Neria, Rahawk for endgame success.
  • Choose high-ranked units or those fitting your playing style for easy King God Castle wins.
King God Castle Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Leonhardt, Hansi, Behemus, Asiaq, Bombie, Lyca, Mel, Luniare, Zuo Yun, Hela, and Zupitere
A-Tier Draco, Daniel, Aramis, Mirsyl, Tia, Zuo Bai, Cathy, Taebaek, Nibella, Rie, and Shelda
B-Tier Mara, Bardrey, Chung Ah, Priya, Haerang, Kanak, and Yeon
C-Tier Jol, Cain, Agathe, Taesan, Gidnil, and Alberon
D-Tier Rossette, Lily, Evan, Ren, Neria, and Rahawk

Tier List Breakdown

The King God Castle Tier List is based on the following Tiers

  • S: Incredible Characters
  • A: Good Characters
  • B: Moderate/Negligibly Underpowered
  • C: Characters Who aren’t strong enough
  • D: Weakest Characters

All Characters Comparison

Stat table for all the characters: 

CharacterTierMain/Awakened AbilityClass
BombieSRain of Bombs MP 40/80 Ranged
AsiaqSSoul Link MP 45/90Supporter
BehemusSReckless Protection MP 50/100 Tank
HansiSRapid Arrows MP 0/75Ranged
LycaSNatural Instinct MP 0/120 Fighter
MelSIron Will MP 100/10Fighter
LuniareSBlessing of the blue moon MP 0/75, Swift BlessingSupporter
Zuo YunSEnrage MP 0/80, FuryFighter
ZupitereSCrackle MP 0/15Ranged
HelaSSummon Meteor MP 0/0Ranged
SheldaAIron Will MP 100/100Tank
AramisAHeadshot MP 0/90Ranged
DanielAJudgement of Light MP 0/75Fighter
DracoAFlamebreath MP 0/75Ranged
MirsylAVerdant Garden MP 35/70 Supporter
NibellaAMoves sideways with sand tornado, damaging enemiesFighter
TaebaekAProvokes and deals damage in area of effectFighter
CathyAShoots a target 15 times in 1 secondRanged
TiaAGust MP 0/45Ranged
Zuo BaiACrimson Slash MP 0/75Fighter
YeonBCalm and StormySupporter
PriyaBBlizzard MP 0/120Ranged
Chung AhBHorizontal Dragon Edge MP 0/15Fighter
BardreyBLilting Melody MP 0/30Supporter
MaraBPhantom IllusionAssassin
HaerangBHigh TideSupport
KanakBDirects waves towards the closest enemy, stunning them.Ranged
AlberonCRadiance of life MP 0/70, HymnSupporter
CainCCircus of Death MP 0/75, ExtortAssassin
JolCAvatar MP 0/100Fighter
GidnilCHoly ExpansionTank
TaesanCPower of Great Tiger MP 45/90Fighter
AgatheCProtection of Radiance MP 0/80Tank
RahawkDHunt Command MP 0/45, Double HuntRanged
RenDFull Bloom MP 0/30Fighter
EvanDCrescent Slash MP 0/60Fighter
LilyDSummon Golem MP 130/130Tank
RossetteDGiant Smite MP 30/60, WeaknessTank
NeriaDAnnihilation Time MP 0/60Ranged


King God Castle Tier List S-Tier

The characters of the King God Castle S-Tier list are the best of the best and are incredibly powerful. They do better than everyone on our tier list.

Name  Main Ability  Class 
Bombie  Throw the bomb to the random enemy (ATK damage). The bomb explodes and deals 3×3 spell damage. Ranged
Asiaq Creates a chain between three enemies. Damage, stun, and deceleration are distributed among the three connected enemies. Supporter
Behemus  It goes up and down. When it comes down, it damages the enemies with a wave of blows throws them back to 2 fields, and stuns them a bit. Tank
Hansi  Rapidly shoots an additional 1 arrow on every attack during the round (max 2 arrows). Ranged 
Leonhardt  Smite – Smite enemies with his shield, dealing 30 + (Current Spell power) damage and stunning enemies within 1 horizontal range in front of him for 1.5 seconds. The range of his smite will increase by tiers 3, 5, and 7. Tank 
Lyca  Transforms into a werewolf, teleports behind a distant enemy, and stuns him. Fighter 
Mel  Increase sword range in 3×2 area and deals ATK damage + ATK depending on X% spell damage for 5 seconds. Once stun target in front of her for 2 sec. Fighter 
Luniare Gives an ally 5 seconds of protection depending on her ATK and spell power. Also gives an ally all of her attack and magic damage. Supporter 
Zuo Yun  While in rage, increase speed attack for 3 sec. Fighter 
Zupitere  Creates a lightning bolt and enemy units standing next to each other in range 5×5. The first target gets the highest damage. Ranged 
Hela Will summon comets three times in a row, followed by throwing them towards the nearest enemy right in the face. Ranged
Character WHY WE RANKED IT IN S-Tier?
Bombie Ranged mage character excelling in safe distance attacks with bombs. Benefits from Rain of Bombs for increased attack speed but countered by reduced damage at level 16. Requires careful positioning and timing for optimal damage output.
Asiaq Mage character with significant damage output and supportive abilities like Soul Link for increased survivability among allies. Effectiveness relies on maintaining Soul Link and coordination, potentially less effective against resistant enemies.
Behemus Tank class character with high HP and protective abilities like Reckless Protection for creating space and diverting enemy attention. Primarily focused on ally protection, resulting in weaker offensive capabilities against resistant enemies.
Hansi Ranged character dealing great damage with rapid arrow shots, enhanced with area attacks at level 16. Utilizes Concentrate for ATK bonuses but countered by reduced range at level 16, requiring careful positioning for vulnerability management.
Leonhardt Tank character specializing in stunning enemies with shield smite, with increased reach and disruption abilities at higher levels. Lacks direct healing, relying on damage reduction and reflection for defense, potentially less effective against certain enemy types.
Lyca Fighter class character excelling in close combat with transforming abilities for damage and stunning. Effective for crowd control and mobility but may struggle against highly mobile or fast-closing enemies.
Mel Fighter class character stunning adversaries with shockwave abilities, enhancing damage potential with spell power bonuses. Reliant on Holy Blade Garna for movement speed boost, vulnerable when on cooldown or against mobile enemies.
Luniare Support character providing protection and damage boosts to allies, with prioritized support mechanics based on positioning and level. Limited by mana pool and efficiency in prolonged battles, requiring careful resource management for optimal impact.
Zuo Yun Assassin character excelling in close combat with speed and high damage, boosted by enrage mode for increased attack and HP drain. Vulnerable when enrage is on cooldown and may struggle against heavy damage, especially from bosses.
Zupitere Mage character dealing great damage with lightning abilities, enhanced by increased range and spell power boost at level 16. More effective against multiple enemies with low MP cost abilities, potentially less effective against single powerful foes.
Hela Versatile character with multiple build options for solo or team play, utilizing AoE attacks and summoning meteors for damage. Requires proper positioning and timing for meteor attacks, potentially less effective in enclosed spaces or against certain enemies.


King God Castle Tier List A-Tier

The A-Tier characters are quite well done. These characters do, however, have a few small problems.

Name  Main Ability  Class  
Shelda  Iron Will – Shelda generates a 30 + (Current Spell power) Protection upon herself with her willpower. Tank
Aramis  Headshot – Deals (Current Spell power) damage to a single target; his ATK does not depend on this skill. Ranged 
Daniel  Stuns the enemy around him Fighter 
Draco  Breathe out the flame in a cone shape and heal. Each tier increases the range. Ranged 
Mirsyl Renders damage to all enemies within Mirsyl’s field of grass while the allies continue to receive healing effects.  Supporter
Rie Summons puppets launch colossal attacks toward the target, ultimately dealing a decent amount of magical damage. All puppets summoned together will deal a more significant damage effect by pinning on the target. Ranged
Nibella Will teleport Nibella to the farthest possible location on the field. The character returns to its original site in the form of a Sandstorm, inflicting damage to all enemies along the way. Fighter
Taebaek Targets all opponents within the area of effect. The damage dealt later multiplies with a fraction of the damage taken.  Fighter
Cathy Attacks one target multiple times in one second, followed by a reverse in direction, now leading the attacks towards the opposite side with 70% more power. Ranged
Tia It helps Tia lean back in time whenever the enemy charges forward (come at least 3 fields apart). Ranged
Zuo Bai Inflicts magical damage attacks by teleporting to the three heroes behind.  Fighter
Character WHY WE RANKED IT IN A-Tier?
Shelda A stalwart tank with high HP and protective abilities like Iron Will, though her offensive potential hinges on maintaining protection.
Aramis A skilled Ranged Rifleman dealing substantial damage from afar, excelling in single-target combat but less effective against groups.
Daniel Robust fighter with decent damage output and stunning abilities like Judgment of Light, effective in crowd control but susceptible to sustained damage.
Draco Mage wielding fiery attacks like Flamebreath, enhanced by upgrades but limited by a finite MP pool, particularly in prolonged battles.
Mirsyl Versatile combatant adept in PvP and raids, with abilities like Verdant Garden for offensive assaults and healing support, but choices at level 16 affect adaptability.
Rie Agile warrior navigating raids with swift movement, but vulnerability due to low health makes her susceptible to powerful foes.
Nibella Valuable damage-dealer with versatility shown through Tia’s Gust, but effectiveness diminishes beyond a certain range.
Taebaek Versatile fighter with skills like Consecutive Slashes, adaptable across different battlefronts but choices at level 16 impact versatility.
Cathy Offers solid support with area damage, suitable for larger team compositions but reliant on attack windows for optimal damage output.
Tia Reliable source of sustained damage, blending offense with defense, with the ability to gain stat buffs upon defeating enemies.
Zuo Bai Highly sought-after asset excelling in PvE raid builds and PvP domains, versatile in controlling and dealing damage across different combat scenarios.


King God Castle Tier List B-Tier

The characters in King God Castle B-Tier’s list are ordinary. They fall victim to the stronger characters because they are relatively weak.

Name Main Ability  Class  
Yeon Throw a blue fireball at a target, and it jumps four times, twice to the enemy and twice to the ally. The blue fireball from the target then bounces to the nearest allied hero and heals. After that, this ball jumps back to the first target. If it is dead, then jump to the nearest enemy. If the ball hits it, it jumps back to the other nearest allied hero and heals. Supporter 
Priya  Frozen enemy and around him for a certain time Ranged 
Chung Ah  Swings war scythe around herself and heal Fighter 
Bardrey Fills mana units in range 3×3. Each tier increases the range by +2 Supporter 
Mara  Teleport behind the enemy and stuns him. Assassin
Haerang Directs waves toward the closest enemy to render a stunning effect on them.  Support
Kanak Each damage stack to the enemy will increase the total effect rendered by 20% till six stacks. Ranged
Character WHY WE RANKED IT IN B-Tier?
Yeon Mage with unique healing ability, transferring damage done to foes onto nearby allies, adding significant value to team dynamics.
Priya Mage specializing in freezing enemies, offering crowd control advantages with stun duration upgrades, though reliant on MP management for consistent use.
Chung Ah Balanced fighter dealing damage with spear swings, enhancing survivability with health restoration, reducing reliance on dedicated healers or vampirism altars.
Bardrey Support character providing mana distribution within a radius, gains strategic advantage with upgrades like Discord, but lacks defensive capabilities and mobility for close combat.
Mara Assassin with teleportation ability for surprise attacks, bolstered by stun effects, yet vulnerable to crowd control effects due to limited defensive capabilities.
Haerang Specialized in stunning enemies, particularly effective in PvP scenarios with multi-stun capabilities, providing significant advantages in early battle phases.
Kanak Potent ranged hero excelling in damage dealing, versatile for various team compositions, offering valuable contributions in combat situations.



The characters in this King God Castle Tier List’s C-Tier are mediocre. With these characteristics, winning is difficult to achieve. As soon as you have the chance, switch them out.

Name Main Ability  Class 
Alberon Heals units in range 3×3. Each tier increases the range by +2. Supporter 
Cain Teleport to the enemy with the lowest health and deal magic damage depending on missing health. Assassin
Jol Reduces damage, immune negative effect, damage around yourself, and vampirism for 4 seconds. Fighter
Gidnil Gidnil will be able to block incoming damage of the magic type with a magical shield. In return, the attacker’s enemy will receive a debuff. Tank
Taesan Moves closer to the enemy to deal extra damage. Fighter
Agathe Incoming damage of allies is first reduced and taken by Agathe instead. Tank
Character WHY WE RANKED IT IN C-Tier?
Alberon Support unit specializing in healing nearby allies with “Radiance of Life,” providing crucial support in sustaining team health, albeit with limited offensive capabilities.
Cain Assassin utilizing teleportation to target enemies with the least mana, facilitating quick eliminations with abilities like “Solo Dance,” although primarily focused on offense with minimal support utility.
Jol Fighter capable of transforming into a vampire for temporary damage reduction and area damage, gaining a strategic advantage with upgrades like “Blink of an Eye,” yet requiring close proximity to enemies for maximum effectiveness.
Gidnil Niche character effective for countering specific opposing party compositions, particularly disruptive against Stun Lock and Ashak teams in PvP scenarios, but lacks versatility and performs poorly in other contexts such as Invasion.
Taesan PvP-focused character often utilized in stun-lock groups, with reliance on Protection for damage output, making him vulnerable to opponents who can bypass or remove it, limiting his effectiveness and reliability, especially in varied combat situations.
Agathe PvP-oriented unit with high health and damage absorption capabilities, excelling in sustaining team survivability with abilities like “Protection of Radiance,” but limited effectiveness in prolonged battles or against sustained damage output from enemies.



The D-Tier characters in King God Castle are the worst. They were thus placed on this King God Castle Tier List’s D-Tier.

Name Main Ability  Class 
Rahawk The farthest enemy gets damaged and reduces attack speed for 5 sec. Ranged
Ren Deals damage in a 3×3 area from the enemy and creates a shield that blocks one attack. During the death of the enemy, the movement increases. Fighter
Evan  Crescent Slash – Unleash a piercing aura with his sword, dealing 20+ (Current Spell power) damage to enemies within 1 horizontal range in front of him. This skill’s range and damage further increase as his tier increases in-game. Fighter 
Lily Create golem. If a golem is destroyed, she teleports back 3 squares and restores mana for the next golem creation. Tank
Rossette Deal damage to one unit “Damage” + % of the target max HP (damage limited). Tank
Neria It makes Neria shoot four consecutive arrow ATK to deal spell damage. Closer enemies receive more significant damage. Ranged
Character WHY WE RANKED IT IN D-Tier?
Rahawk Ranged character specializing in dealing damage to the farthest enemy and reducing their attack speed with “Hunt Command,” allowing for strategic targeting, although limited effectiveness against bosses or high-health enemies with level 8 upgrade drawbacks.
Ren Fighter focusing on dealing damage to nearby enemies, with the potential for high burst damage against multiple foes through abilities like “Full Bloom,” supplemented by short-lived movement speed bonuses, but minimal impact on overall mobility in longer battles.
Evan Utilizes Crescent Slash to unleash a piercing aura, dealing damage to enemies in a horizontal arc, with improved range and damage as in-game rank rises, ensuring consistent ability availability with level 4 upgrade providing full Mana Point recovery at the start of battles.
Lily Tank character with high HP and low damage output, specializing in creating a golem for additional tanking capabilities, although limited by Sha-Sha’s MP cost and potential difficulty in maintaining continuous usage, especially in prolonged battles.
Rossette Deals damage to a single character and reduces target’s maximum health by 20%, enhancing tanking resilience with level 8 upgrade’s damage reduction, strong in 1v1 matches but less valuable in other metagame scenarios due to limited versatility and reliance on specific situations.
Neria Ranged damage dealer with enhanced arrow shots through abilities like “Annihilation Time,” capable of dealing significant ATK-based damage, although vulnerable to melee-focused enemies and lacking defense against close-range threats, performing better in PvE than PvP scenarios.

My King God Castle Tier List’s primary objective is highlighting the game’s top heroes. Remember that the meta and each hero’s level may change with each update. Please let us know which characters you enjoy the most in the comments section below.

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