Valorant Tier List: All Agents Ranked [Patch 8.04]

With expanding character roster in Valorant, we have ranked the 21 agents in our Valorant tier list, detailing from the best to worst ones.

The Valorant character roster has been growing since the game’s launch, and currently, Valorant features 21 agents. Besides the gunplay, each agent differs based on their abilities. That is why I have curated the Valorant tier list 2024 and ranked each agent and character based on how good or bad they are in the current meta.

Update: We’ve carefully reviewed our Tier List rankings to ensure they match all the agent changes in the newest Update 8.04.
Key Highlights
  • There are a total of 21 different agents that we have listed down in one of these 4 tier categories: S tier, A TIer, B Tier, and C Tier.
  • Each Agent excels in different parts of the game, and we have come across those who are better than others regarding the Perks, Benefits, and Abilities they provide.
  • S Tiers are the Strongest Characters in the game, having a significant advantage over other characters. C Tiers are the weakest characters compared to the other agents.
  • From The Author: I created this list after investing more than 2,500 hours in Valorant, which is why you can totally trust my expertise!

All Valorant Agents & Their Comparison

In addition to my rankings, here is a quick comparison between the Valorant Agents for your convenience:

TIERAgentsRolePassivesBasic AbilitiesSignature AbilitiesUltimate AbilityUltimate PointsScoreDamageKDAPick rateWin Rate
SJettDuliestDriftCloudburst, UpdraftTailwindBlade Storm7.097.48154.101.3612.28%50.19%
SAstraControllerAstral FormGravity Well, Nova PulseStarsCosmic Divide7.034.56138.461.472.14%50.29%
SSovaInitiator-Owl Drone, Shock BoltRecon BoltHunter's Fury8.052.06138.751.365.44%50.04%
SSkyeInitiator-Regrowth, TrailblazerGuiding LightSeekers7.041.49129.711.443.33%51.26%
SViperControllerFuel ToxinSnake Bite, Poison CloudToin ScreenViper's Pit8.043.43135.061.363.5%51.05%
SCypherSentinel-Trapwire, Cyber CageSpycamNeutral Theft6.040.58133.641.353.84%49.95%
SFadeInitiatorTerror TrailProwler, SeizeHauntNightfall8.043.05131.751.364.12%50.17%
ABreachInitiator-Aftershock, FlashpointFault LineRolling Thunder8.036.94132.691.383.20%49.91%
ARazeDuliest-Boom Bot, Blast PackPaint ShellsShowstopper8.069.04158.331.387.38%50.36%
AChamberSentinel-Trademark, HeadhunterRendezvousTour De Force8.040.13146.441.333.47%49.89%
AKilljoySentinel-Alarmbot, NanoswarmTurretLockdown8.057.68139.581.296.28%50.56%
AReynaDuliestSoul HarvestLeerDevour, DismissEmpress6.098.43161.441.4711.63%50.57%
ASageSentinel-Barrier Orb, Slow OrbHealing OrbResurrection8.073.10126.381.349.00%50.60%
AGekkoInitiatorGobulesMosh Pit, WingmanDizzyThrash7.077.97129.781.319.80%51.57%
BOmenController-Shrouded Step, ParanoiaDark CoverFrom the Shadows7.057.04134.611.436.31%49.78%
BBrimstoneController-Incndiary, Stim BeaconSky SmokeOrbital Strike7.046.33134.841.504.04%50.32%
BKAY/OInitiator-FRAG/ment, FLASH/driveZERO/pointNULL/cmd8.036.38134.121.463.29%48.99%
BHarborController-Cascade, CoveHigh TideReckoning7.033.95143.721.292.73%49.78%
BNeonDuliestEnergyFast Lane, Relay BoltHigh GearOverdrive7.020.46130.641.331.13%49.19%
CYoruDuliest-Fakeout, BlindsideGatecrashDimensional Drift7.030.24141.861.322.36%49.25%
CPhoenixDuliestHeating UpBlaze, CurveballHot HandsRun it Back6.051.08156.951.444.17%50.64%


Valorant Agent Character Tier List 2022
S-Tier Agents

The agents falling under my S-tier are simply the best ones in Valorant. If you want to keep winning and have a better edge while facing opponents in matches, these agents should be your priority. They have a steady learning curve and are also relatively easy to master.


agent jett
Jett [Screenshot by Us]
Jett is by far the best agent you can get in Valorant. She has managed to stay on top ever since she was introduced in the game. One of the many reasons Jett has managed to stay on top and is the most preferred agent in Valorant is the dynamic list of abilities.

She is the offensive agent who gets to take down enemies quite easily while giving herself enough time to survive in the field.

  • Best duelist
  • High mobility
  • Good for entry frags
  • Perfect operator agent
  • High pick rate
  • Requires good mechanical skills
  • Requires good operator skills
  • Requires impressive entry skills


astra agent
Astra [Image Credit: eXputer]
Astra was not part of the early game roster; instead, she was introduced to the expanding list of agents in Valorant in 2021. So far, so good; she has managed to stay on top since her debut in the game.

As an offensive agent in Valorant, Astra’s abilities are the primary reason she is one of the most challenging opponents to fight in the game. Her diverse list of abilities makes her stand out from the rest of the agents in the game.

  • Stun enemies
  • Provide site control
  • Cosmic Divide provides good cover
  • Requires map awareness
  • Good team communication is needed
  • Not beginner-friendly


agent sova
Sova [Image Credit: eXputer]
Since the launch of Valorant, Sova has seen progressive growth in how he is played. His abilities have received significant buff from day one, and currently, he sits on the list of one of the best agents in the game.

Sova is the eyes and ears of a team, and he is the kind of agent who can recon a situation and allow the team to a better approach while penetrating the enemy line of defense. That is why I have ranked him as an S-tier character in our tier list.

  • Important pick for almost every map
  • Provides information
  • Owl drone can be used to help duelists for entries
  • Requires a good understanding of abilities
  • Abilities are expensive


agent skye
Skye [Image Credit: eXputer]
Skye is another agent on my tier list who has seen popularity in later ACTs of the game. She received a massive buff in ACT 3, and after that, Skye became one of Valorant’s most preferred agents. Her abilities are now at par with the likes of Jett, Astra, and others. She is easily one of the most picked agents in the game right now, and her abilities have become incredibly reliable compared to her early days in Valorant.

  • Stun and Flash enemies
  • Good agent for info-gathering
  • Trailblazer can be used to clear sites
  • Can be played on almost every map
  • Heal teammamtes
  • Hard to master
  • Abilities require good timing
  • No self-healing


agent viper
Viper [Image Credit: eXputer]
Viper is the master of manipulating toxin damage onto a single or enemy team. She is an offensive agent in Valorant who does the job by employing her dynamic abilities in the field. The best part of picking Viper is that she has many abilities, contributing to weakening the enemy.

For starters, she has two passive abilities; Fuel and Toxin, which give toxic damage to enemies. The remainder of her ability set focuses on using toxic gas to block off areas and damage anyone nearby.

  • Make enemies vulnerable
  • High poison damage
  • Has a lot of lineups
  • Good pick for post-plants
  • Viper’s pit can deny entries
  • Highly map dependent
  • Toxic screen can be placed once per round
  • Limited Toxin
  • Requires experience


agent cypher
Cypher [Image Credit: eXputer]
Cypher is the final Valorant agent that I think deserves a spot in the S-tier on my list. He is the master of using gadgets to his advantage in the field. His abilities are better suited for offensive, defensive, and revealing enemies in an area. Cypher arguably offers the best of both worlds, meaning he is an excellent solo and team player.

  • Ultimate can reveal enemy positions
  • Trapwire can deny duelist entries
  • Good pick for defensive maps
  • Hard to play on the attack side
  • Requires flanking skills
  • Requires map awareness and understanding
  • Requires good timing and positioning


agent fade
Fade [Image Credit: eXputer]
Ever since she got released, Fade has been a game-changing unit from the get-go. She is an Initiator in Valorant. She comes from Turkey and is a bounty hunter. Her kit outshines the kits of other agents so well that it is expected that she might get a Nerf sooner or later, but as it stands, she’s one of the best and most powerful units in Valorant.

  • Versatile
  • Provides a lot of information
  • One of the best initiators
  • Cuts off enemies’ hearing ability
  • Can be played on almost every map
  • Require lineups
  • Map understanding is important while playing Fade
  • Requires projectile prediction 


A-Tier Agents

All the agents that I have mentioned in my A-Tier ranking of Valorant tier list 2024 are more or less equal to their S-tier counterparts. However, they have a few imperfections attached to them, making A-tier agents less preferable than S-tier ones.


agent breach
Breach [Image Credit: eXputer]
Breach is another excellent offensive agent and my personal favorite from this Valorant character tier list. He has received buffs recently, which makes his flashes and stuns much stronger. Other than that, Breach is great for holding down zones on his own. If you want a good offensive and above-average defensive kind of agent, then Breach is a perfect fit for it.

  • Stun enemies
  • Can flash enemies
  • Ultimate can cover a vast area
  • High map dependability
  • Low pick rate
  • Requires agent knowledge


agent raze
Raze [Image Credit: eXputer]
Raze is a tad bit difficult to master in Valorant, but once you learn how to utilize her abilities properly, she can be a devastating agent in competitive matches. Her abilities may seem a little underwhelming at times but make no mistake, Raze’s Ultimate is the real deal as it can deal a massive amount of damage on a direct hit, while also having strong area-of-effect damage and offering great versatility in its use.

UPDATE: For Raze, the duration of the Boom bot has been decreased from 10 seconds to 5 seconds in a recent patch, which has significantly nerfed the ability in Valorant.

  • Mobile agent
  • Damage dealing abilities
  • Room bot can be used to clear closed corners
  • Blast packs require good mechanical skills
  • Requires good maneuverability
  • constantly nerfed


agent chamber
Chamber [Image Credit: eXputer]
Like Raze, Chamber is another excellent agent on the tier list who is great at leading the offensive and providing backup for the team. Although a bit different, this agent works great at mid-to-long range because he works more or less like an aggressive recon character in Valorant.

  • Good sniper agent
  • Use rendezvous to teleport to safety
  • Trademark can slow down enemies
  • Self-centered abilities
  • Requires precise aim to use some abilities
  • Limited ability range


agent killjoy
Killjoy [Screenshot by Us]
Killjoy is considered one of the most picked agents of 2021 in competitive matches. The main reason for her to be a fan favorite during the last year was that her abilities allowed the agent to carry out offense and defense effectively.

Killjoy acts as the standard for defensive utility and has remained a meta agent since release. However, in recent times she has seen a slight decrease in popularity with the rise of other Sentinels. Regardless, her strong defensive setup and her flank-watching capabilities make her a useful addition to any team.

UPDATE: Killjoy uses Turret’s ability to attack enemies in sight with fire. After the recent patch in the game, there’s been a nerf, which reduced the Turret health points of Killjoy from 125 to 100, which will basically allow the opponent to take her down easily with even any weaker weapon. But at the same time, the Lockdown point of Killjoy has been increased. Now, this agent has even more power to detain enemies until they are defeated.

  • One of the best sentinels
  • Denies entry
  • Lockdown can disable enemies
  • Map dependent
  • Limited ability range
  • Ultimate requires more ult points


agent reyna
Reyna [Image Credit: eXputer]
Another A-rank agent on my list is Reyna, but sadly, she does not get much attention in the ranked plays as compared to the casual ones. I find her abilities to be among the best in Valorant and very practical. However, due to her reliance on Soul Orbs, which are only dropped upon an enemy’s death at Reyna’s hands, Reyna’s abilities have limited usage.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Can overheal herself on a kill
  • High pick rate
  • Use dismiss to reposition on a kill
  • Leer is easily breakable
  • Devour requires line of sight with a dead body
  • Overheal fades after a limited time
  • High rely on soul orbs


agent sage
Sage [Image Credit: eXputer]
Sage is indeed one of my favorite picks in 2024, mainly because of how good her abilities are in the field. Despite this, though, she sees less play in the ranked scene as compared to casual. The best part of playing as a Sage main in Valorant is that she can resurrect a dead ally, which is a rare ultimate ability.

  • Deny entry using Barrier Orb
  • Revive teammates
  • Heal allies
  • Self-Healing
  • Easy to play
  • Can slow down enemies
  • Map dependent
  • No self-revive
  • Requires ally to be in line of sight to heal


agent gekko
Gekko [Screenshot by Us]
Gekko is a newly introduced agent in Valorant. He is the master of summoning and un-summoning his pets which gives him the power of doing more damage to the enemies. Keeping the track of playing with Gekko since day one, we really think that this agent has a permanent seat in the S-Tier rank.

  • Wingman can plant spike
  • Easily win 1v1s
  • Thrash can disable enemies
  • Flash enemies
  • Flash is easily breakable
  • Requires experience 
  • Hard to play


Valorant Agent Character Tier List 2022
B-Tier Agents

The agents that I have listed in the B-tier have a slightly more difficult learning curve. Mastering these Valorant characters is not as easy as their A and S-tier counterparts in our list.

Still, if you learn how to play with these, you can pretty much control the chaos in the field. These agents are least preferred by players based on how they handle and their abilities. Still, if you exhibit great control over these agents, you can do well with them.


agent omen
Omen [Screenshot by Us]
Omen is a below-average agent in Valorant who has a difficult learning curve. His abilities are great, but they require precision and proper execution. Otherwise, the impact of Omen’s abilities is pretty underwhelming. Preference-wise, we preferred other agents over Omen during the last year, and the same can be seen during the online matches and competitive tournaments.

  • Can teleport
  • Plant the spike easily
  • Provides map control
  • High mobility
  • Can provide entry as a controller
  • High pick rate in pro plays
  • Requires good map awareness
  • Dark Cover requires precise placement


agent brimstone
Brimstone [Image Credit: eXputer]
Brimstone is one of the least picked Controller-type agents in my tier list. It is because other controllers, such as Viper and Astra, are better picks in the game. This is why players did not pick Brimstone enough during the last year, nor did the pro players. He can be seen in casual online matches but rarely gets picked in competitive matches.

  • Deny entries
  • Provides good site control
  • damage dealing abilities
  • Ultimate can deal high damage
  • Map dependent
  • Low pick rate
  • Limited range of Sky Smoke


agent kay o
Kay/o [Screenshot by Us]
KAY/O is another least favorite agent of ours in Valorant. He is also a rare sight in online matches as well as in competitive tournaments. The problem is that he has a steep learning curve. KAY/O’s abilities are unique from what other agents offer to the table. They are not underwhelming but have limited application in the field.

  • Can disable enemy abilities
  • Flash enemies
  • Damage dealing abilities
  • Can be revived if killed during ultimate
  • Map dependent
  • Requires experience
  • Abilities require good timing


agent neon
Neon [Screenshot by Us]
Neon is an addition to the ever-increasing roster of agents in Valorant. She can become a  complete and absolutely disastrous sort of agent if she’s in the hands of a player who is adept enough in her usage.

Neon can also shred the defenses of enemies quite well on certain maps. Her playstyle is extremely fun even if she is not as strong as other agents or diverse.

She relies heavily on her spikes as well as her lightning-type attacks. Her quick adaptability towards the map using her fast pace can have you use her for either attack or defense, and both would work quite well.

  • Very high mobility
  • Run faster than other duelists
  • Hard to kill during ultimate
  • Very low pick rate
  • Requires practice
  • Energy needs to be recharged


agent harbor
Harbor [Image Credit: eXputer]
Harbor was released in October of 2022 as an agent. He’s a controller-type agent who has water-bending-like abilities. His kit seems quite interesting and intriguing on paper, but he falls flat when it comes to playstyle and is not that impressive at all.

His kit is well suited for attacks as it has capabilities of fluidity. His bendable wall is very good for pathing and scaling onto sites. Another perk that makes him not on par with other controllers is the fact that he cannot delay enemy pushes like other controllers do which makes us rank him as low as he is ranked.

  • Cove can be used to plant safely
  • Large area ultimate
  • Provide area control
  • Can bend Hide Tide
  • Highly low pick rate
  • Very hard to play
  • Highly map dependent
  • Rarely used in pro plays


Valorant Agent Character Tier List 2022
C-Tier Agents

My picks for the C-Tier in the Valorant tier list have a hard learning curve. They are not easy to learn, and many players will find it challenging to play with them while facing other opponents in matches. Their abilities have limited application, and at times, these agents may seem powerless.


Yoru [Image Credit: eXputer]
Yoru is among the least preferred agents by us and the pro players who have been playing Valorant since the launch day. He is not even picked much in competitive game tournaments and well as is a rare sight in casual online matches. Yoru has potential, but unless Riot Games does not overhaul his abilities significantly, he will not go places even in 2024.

  • Can teleport anywhere using Gatecrash
  • Provide enemy locations using Dimensional Drift
  • Use fakeout to confuse enemies
  • Mostly used on Bind only
  • Rarely used in pro plays
  • Not-so-good ability kit
  • Gatecrash requires good timing
  • Hard-to-play agent


agent phoenix
Phoenix [Screenshot by Us]
Phoenix is the last agent and has been least picked by players and is likely to continue the trend in 2024. The same is the case when it comes to pro players picking up Phoenix in competitive tournaments. He is also a rare sight while playing casual online matches in Valorant.

The only good thing about Phoenix is that his ultimate is very useful in the field. It allows the agent to place a marker that remains active for at least ten seconds.

  • Flash enemies
  • Run it Back provides a free life
  • Self-heal
  • Can block enemy visions
  • Bad ability kit for a duelist
  • Cannot entry on sites alone
  • Rarely used 
  • Used on a low number of maps
  • Mostly preferred on Haven

Valorant Tier List Ranking Criteria

The agents in my tier list take the fight by using weapons and abilities. However, for the sake of this tier list, I have ranked each character in Valorant based on their abilities and the game’s current meta. Some agents currently enjoy the top-tier ranking, which previously had a downside due to Nerfs.

That is why I am not considering the impact of weapons and how good a player’s aim is in Valorant. My tier list puts heavy emphasis on how each agent in the game has more uses in the field because of their abilities.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Valorant tier list 2024. Are you starting Valorant for the first time in 2024? Do you find our tier list helpful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. And if you enjoyed this tier list, also be sure to check out our Valorant Review by Moiz Banoori!

  • Updated: 20th March 2023.
  • Added: Gekko
  • Updated: 26th May 2023.
  • Added: Latest Patch Notes and character changes
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