Valorant Tier List: All Characters Ranking [Feb. 2023]

With expanding character roster in Valorant, we have ranked the 18 agents in our Valorant tier list, detailing from the best to worst ones.

Valorant is Riot Games’ first take on the first-person-shooter genre with an inclusion of character abilities that stands out the game from generic shooters. The gameplay elements are taken from the likes of CS: GO, and further polished to deliver a unique take. The Valorant character roster has been growing since the game’s launch, and currently, Valorant features 18 agents. Besides the gunplay, each agent differs based on their abilities. That is why we have curated the Valorant tier list 2023 and ranked each agent and character based on how good, or bad they are in the current meta.

Valorant Tier List Agents Table 2023
RoleS-TierA-TierB-Tier C-Tier 
ControllerAstra, ViperOmen, Brimstone, Harbor
DuelistJettRaze, ReynaPhoenix, Yoru
InitiatorSova, Skye, FadeBreachKAY/O, Neon
SentinelCypher Chamber, Killjoy, Sage

Valorant Tier List Ranking Criteria

The agents in our Valorant tier list take the fight by using weapons and abilities. However, for the sake of this tier list, we have ranked each character in Valorant based on their abilities and the game’s current meta. Some agents currently enjoy the top-tier ranking, which previously had a downside due to nerfs.

That is why we are not considering the impact of weapons and how good an aim a player is in Valorant. Our tier list puts heavy emphasis on how each agent in the game has more uses in the field because of their abilities.

Other than the baseline criteria we mentioned above, the ranking of each agent across the four tiers we have done below is derived from our experience with the game, plus what pro players have been picking.

We have sorted the placement of each agent across four-tier based on how we think they belong to a particular tier and the overall preference of Valorant pro players such as ShahZaM, Shroud, Sinatraa, and FREAKAZOiD.

Why Trust Us

We have been playing Valorant since the launch day and have more or less been through all meta. Creating tier lists is a subjective matter, and we understand that our ranking hierarchy may or may not come close to what you have in mind. That being said, this tier list and the overall ranking of agents are open for discussion but closed for criticism.

Valorant Tier List

We have divided all 18 agents in Valorant across four tiers in our list; S, A, B, and C tiers. With that said, let’s proceed towards our updated tier list and go through the best and worst characters you can play as in Valorant in 2023!

Below you can find a summary of the our rankings for Valorant tier list 4.10.

S-TierJett, Astra, Sova, Skye, Viper, Cypher, Fade
A-TierBreach, Raze, Chamber, Killjoy, Reyna, Sage
B-TierOmen, Brimstone, KAY/O, Harbor, Neon
C-TierYoru, Phoenix

Read on below for detailed analysis and in-depth explanations for our ranking of each character, as well tips on how you can make the best of each character in the current meta!


Valorant Agent Character Tier List 2022
S-Tier Agents

The agents falling under our S-tier are simply the best ones in Valorant. If you want to keep winning and have a better edge while facing opponents in matches, these agents should be your priority. They have a steady learning curve and are also relatively easy to master.


Jett is by far the best agent you can get in Valorant. She has managed to stay on top ever since she was introduced in the game. One of the many reasons Jett has managed to stay on top and is the most preferred agent in Valorant is the dynamic list of abilities. She is the offensive agent who gets to take down enemies quite easily while giving herself enough time to survive in the field.

Jett features incredible mobility thanks to abilities like Drift, Updraft and Tailwind. All these let jet scan her surroundings with ease and move into or out of engagements instantly.

Cloudburst also gives her some defense and lets her plan out her plays. Her Ultimate also stands out as well and lets her dish out heavy damage. With nerfs to other prominent agents, Jett has risen up further to fill in the void.

Jett’s abilities and the capacity to maneuver easily in the field make her one of the best characters in our Valorant tier list 2023. We think she is and will remain the most preferred agent throughout 2023.

  • DRIFT (Passive) – when falling, press the Jump button to glide.
  • CLOUDBURST (Basic) – throw a projectile that creates a smoke cloud on impact.
  • UPDRAFT (Basic) – propel Jett into the air.
  • TAILWIND (Signature) – propel Jett in the direction she is moving in.
  • BLADE STORM (Ultimate) – equip throwing knives that deal moderate damage and kill on headshots.

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Astra was not part of the early game roster; instead, she was introduced to the expanding list of agents in Valorant in 2021. So far, so good; she has managed to stay on top since her debut in the game.

As an offensive agent in Valorant, Astra’s abilities are the primary reason she is one of the most challenging opponents to fight in the game. Her diverse list of abilities makes her stand out from the rest of the agents in the game.

Astra can set up Astral Stars that can be activated into a wide range of abilities later on. These abilities let her pull in players with her Gravity Well and even render them concussed with Nova Pulse. She is also useful for area control because of her smokes and her Ultimate that can cordon off areas with a Cosmic Divide.

Recent patches have reduced Astra’s star count and increased the cooldown on her abilities. Conversely, she has seen an improvement in her smoke size which will help her control larger maps. All in all, she is a solid agent in Valorant, one whose abilities are not easy to master but are rewarding enough not to miss.

  • GRAVITY WELL (Basic) – activate a star to form a Gravity Well that pulls players in its vicinity before exploding.
  • NOVA PULSE (Basic) – activate a star to detonate a Nova Pulse to concuss all players in its area of effect.
  • NEBULA (Basic) – activate a star to form a smoke cloud.
  • ASTRAL FORM (Signature) – enter Astral Form to place Astral Stars that can be later activated.
  • COSMIC DIVIDE (Ultimate) – set up a Cosmic Divide between two points to block bullets and dampen sound.


Since the launch of Valorant, Sova has seen a progressive growth in how he is played. His abilities have received significant buff from day one, and currently, he sits on the list of one of the best agents in the game. Sova is the eyes and ears of a team, and he is the kind of agent who can recon a situation and allow the team for a better approach while penetrating the enemy line of defense. That is why we have ranked him as an S-tier character in our Valorant tier list 2023.

Through his abilities such as the Owl Drone and Recon Bolt, Sova can effectively seek out enemies and highlight them for his teammates. What’s more, abilities like Shock Bolt and Hunter’s Fury also give him a lot in terms of offense. Despite being among the strongest agents in the game, though, Sova can be a bit challenging to use on some maps such as Split and Fracture.

All in all, Sova is the perfect support agent in a team who is good at offense and great at revealing enemies’ locations. He allows the teammates to coordinate their advance and take the fight head-on easily.

  • OWL DRONE (Basic) – use a drone that can fire marking darts to reveal the location of the player it strikes.
  • SHOCK BOLT (Basic) – equip a Shock Bolt that detonates on impact and damages nearby players.
  • RECON BOLT (Signature) – equip a bolt that reveals the location of enemies within its line of sight after fired.
  • HUNTER’S FURY (Ultimate) – equip energy blasts that can penetrate surfaces, damage enemies and reveal their location.


Skye is another agent on our Valorant tier list who has seen popularity in later ACTs of the game. She received a massive buff in ACT 3, and after that, Skye became one of the most preferred agents in Valorant. Her abilities are now at par with the likes of Jett, Astra, and others. She is easily one of the most picked agents in the game right now, and her abilities have become incredibly reliable compared to her early days in Valorant.

Skye uses various Trinket types to control the battlefield. For example, she can use these trinkets to heal allies while also incapacitating enemies with concussive blasts and flashes. These give her and her teammates a brief window to swoop in and take out the competition. Her Ultimate also lets her track down enemies and applies Nearsight status effect, effectively obscuring their vision for at least three seconds.

Skye generally sees more play over Initiators like KAY/O on maps such as Bind and Haven. Additionally, her ability set makes her much more useful at gathering information. Hence, she can be of immense benefit to hear team.

All in all, Skye is an excellent agent in Valorant, and she deserves the spot to be in the top-tier.

  • REGROWTH (Basic) – equip a trinket that heals players in range and line of sight.
  • TRAILBLAZER (Basic) – equip a trinket to fire out a controllable tiger which explodes in a concussive blast and damages enemies it hits.
  • GUIDING LIGHT (Signature) – equip a trinket that sends out a Hawk which explodes to flash all enemies in its line of sight.
  • SEEKERS (Ultimate) – equip a trinket that sends out three Seekers that can track the three closest enemies.


Viper is the master of manipulating toxin damage onto a single or enemy team. She is an offensive agent in Valorant who gets the job done by employing her dynamic abilities in the field. Keeping the record of playing with Viper under consideration since day one, we strongly feel that this character will remain in our S-rank of Valorant tier list in 2023.

The best part of picking Viper is that she has a plethora of abilities, contributing to weakening the enemy. For starters, she has two passive abilities; Fuel and Toxin, which give toxic damage to enemies. The remainder of her ability set focuses on using toxic gas to block off areas and damage anyone caught in its vicinity.

Recent changes have taken Viper down a notch, and have made her less terrifying in post-plant situations. Her smoke duration has also seen a decrease. Nevertheless, her extensive utility due to her smokes and her stellar Ultimate still manage to keep Viper a major force to be reckoned with.

Overall, Viper is a master of draining enemy health and applying the various status effects on enemies. She can be a great support and offensive agent in a team, provided how you use her.

  • SNAKE BITE (Basic) – fire a canister which explodes to create a chemical zone that damages enemies and applies Vulnerable effect.
  • POISON CLOUD (Basic) – throw a gas emitter that can create a toxic gas cloud.
  • TOXIC SCREEN (Signature) – deploy a series of gas emitters that can create a wall of toxic gas.
  • VIPER’S PIT (Ultimate) – create a large chemical cloud in all directions to damage enemies and reduce visibility.


Cypher is the final Valorant agent we think deserves a spot in the S-tier on our list. He is the master of using gadgets to his advantage in the field. His abilities are better suited for offensive, defensive, and revealing enemies in an area. Cypher arguably offers the best of both worlds, meaning he is an excellent solo and team player.

Cypher uses a variety of gadgets to manipulate the battlefield. Using his “Trapwire” ability, he places a tripwire that gets tethers to an enemy whenever crossed. The enemy gets revealed and later is affected by the concussing status effect. The “Cyber Cage” ability of Cypher allows the agent to throw a cage in front of him, which creates a zone-blocking vision and audio of enemies who pass through it. The ultimate ability of Cypher allows the agent to reveal the location of living enemy players.

As such, Cypher is a generally strong Sentinel pick who can disrupt any opposing team if they are unprepared. His defensive prowess shines through, since his tripwire and camera let him keep tabs on parts of the map without being physically present. This makes him great at gathering intel, and should be preferred especially on maps such as Haven and Ascent.

  • TRAPWIRE (Basic) – deploy a tripwire against a wall to tether, reveal and daze caught enemies unless destroyed timely.
  • CYBER CAGE (Basic) – create a zone that blocks sight and plays an audio cue if a player passes through it.
  • SPYCAM (Signature) – place a spycam that can fire marking darts to reveal the location of an enemy in strikes.
  • NEURAL THEFT (Ultimate) – use on a dead enemy to reveal the location of all remaining enemies.


Ever since she got released, Fade has been a game-changing unit from the get-go. She is an Initiator in Valorant. She comes from Turkey and is a bounty hunter. Her kit outshines the kits of other agents so well that it is expected that she might get a nerf sooner or later, but as it stands she’s one of the best and most powerful units in Valorant.

Fade is a perfect agent to be played in ranked matches as she has a very unique and very diverse kit. It does not take a lot of time to get used to her and you need barely any practice to main her.

As a bounty hunter, Fade’s abilities are built to match her character. She can locate enemy locations on the map with ease and bind them to that location for you to hunt down. This makes her a deadly scout-like agent who can make winning quite easy for you.

Fade can be used in ranked as well as competitive matches and could become the choice of pro players as well as players who are just starting or getting used to the game. She even replaces the need of other agents as her abilities overtake theirs while being similar to theirs.

A breakdown of this deadly Turkish bounty hunter is given below:

Prowler (basic): This ability sends a creature out which can scout the area and look for enemy players. It can even help you detect trails.

Seize (basic): Players using Fade can use this ability for crowd control. The function of this ability is to cast decay upon enemies but players must equip it before they can cast it, unlike other projectiles.

Terror trail (passive): This is a passive ability for Fade. It applies when she uses prowler or her ultimate ability. This passive creates a black trail that starts from the point of origin where Fade herself is and extends to where the marked enemy is. Both fade and any or every ally of hers can use this trail to find the enemy player that has been affected.

Nightfall (ultimate): This deadly and ruthless ability of Fade will send out a wave of the dark mist of sorts onto the field. As soon as this mist comes in contact with an enemy player, that enemy player will get trailed and deaf and decayed for a whopping 12 seconds. During this time Fade can easily outmaneuver the enemy and decide the match for herself.


A-Tier Agents

All the agents coming under our A-Tier ranking of Valorant tier list 2023 are more or less equal to their S-tier counterparts. However, they have a few imperfections attached to them, making A-tier agents less preferable than S-tier ones. Still, all the agents we have mentioned in our A-tier are among the best in the game. You can never go wrong picking them, and are more likely to win matches. So, pick these agents if you want to have a better edge while facing off against your opponents in matches.


Breach is another excellent offensive agent and my personal favorite from this Valorant character tier list. He has received buffs recently, which makes his flashes and stuns much stronger. Other than that, Breach is great for holding down zones on his own. If you want a good offensive and above-average defensive kind of an agent, then Breach is a perfect fit for it.

Players have taken more interest in picking Breach in late 2022 and in 2023 because of the dynamic abilities the agent brings to the table. Not only can he damage enemies directly with abilities such as Aftershock, but he can also blind, daze and knockback his foes if they get caught in range of his other abilities.

Despite his viability on a wide variety of maps, Breach struggles to keep up with other agents in the Initiator class. The exception, however, is on Fracture, where Breach is very powerful and sees incredibly high pick rates among pro players.

All in all, Breach is another great Valorant agent on our tier list who has a lot to offer while fighting enemies in the field. His arsenal of charges makes him one of the best agents to apply various status effects on enemies.

  • AFTERSHOCK (Basic) – fire a charge through a wall to deal heavy damage.
  • FLASHPOINT (Basic) – fire a charge through a wall to blind all players looking at it.
  • FAULT LINE (Signature) – trigger a seismic quake to daze all players in its zone.
  • ROLLING THUNDER (Ultimate) – send a series of quakes in a line to daze and knock up players in its area.

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Raze is a tad bit difficult to master in Valorant, but once you learn how to utilize her abilities properly, she can be a devastating agent in competitive matches. Her abilities may seem a little underwhelming at times but make no mistake, Raze’s Ultimate is the real deal as it can deal a massive amount of damage on a direct hit, while also having strong area-of-effect damage and offering great versatility in its use.

The rest of Raze’s ability set also focuses heavily on explosives. The Boom Bot lets you hunt down enemies with an explosive-charged bot, giving you a lot of entry space when pushing. She also has the Blast Pack which essentially acts as a proximity-detonated sticky bomb. Her signature ability also grants her a cluster grenade that can be useful for crowd control.

Raze acts as an excellent Duelist, and has great synergy with Chamber. She can provide her team with sufficient utility to stall out the enemy while also bringing great Duelist capabilities to the table.

Therefore, overall, Raze is an excellent aggressive agent in who is never short of leading the frontal assault of your team into the enemy territory.

  • BOOM BOT (Basic) – deploy a bot that chases a targeted enemy and explodes to deal heavy damage unless destroyed.
  • BLAST PACK (Basic) – use a Blast Pack that sticks to surfaces and detonates when triggered.
  • PAINT SHELLS (Signature) – fire a cluster grenade to damage anyone in range.
  • SHOWSTOPPER (Ultimate) – use a Rocket Launcher that deals heavy area damage.


Like Raze, Chamber is another excellent agent in our Valorant tier list 2023 who is great at leading offensive and providing backup for the team. Although a bit different, this agent works great at mid-to-long range because he works more or less like an aggressive recon character in Valorant.

Chamber’s abilities involve area control in the form of traps that slow down enemies. His movement is aided by the Rendezvous ability that lets him teleport between two pre-set anchors when in range. Aside from this, he can summon powerful weapons including a heavy pistol and a sniper rifle to take out his foes. This not only makes Chamber useful in damage output, but also lets him incapacitate nearby players who can be taken out subsequently by his teammates.

Currently, Chamber enjoys a healthy pick rate on most maps, especially on Breeze. This is due to the incredible flexibility of his kit, and his ability to occupy multiple roles in a match. Chamber can effectively hold down a site, push aggressively for picks, or provide sniper support from afar.

  • TRADEMARK (Basic)- place a trap that slows enemies caught within it after a countdown.
  • HEADHUNTER (Basic) – equip a heavy pistol that can aim down sights as well.
  • RENDEZVOUS (Signature) – place two anchors between which the player can teleport.
  • TOUR DE FORCE (Ultimate) – equip a powerful sniper rifle that can kill with one hit and slow nearby players.


Killjoy is considered one of the most picked agents of 2021 in competitive matches. The main reason for her to be a fan favorite during the last year was that her abilities allowed the agent to carry out offense and defense effectively.

As such, we expect her to continue this trend in 2022, making her a B-tier character in our Valorant tier list. Killjoy can hold a point on her own, and if an agent got into one-versus-one conflict with her, chances her they’d get destroyed or flanked by Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenades.

Speaking of Nanoswarm, it is one of Killjoy’s star abilities, letting her swarm enemies to dish out damage. The rest of her ability lends her good crowd control capabilities with her Turret and Lockdown. The former is useful for watching your back, while the latter has excellent potential as it can trap enemies, giving you an easy shot at them. Moreover, her Alarmbot lets her go on the offense while also being an effective distraction.

Killjoy acts as the standard for defensive utility, and has remained a meta agent since release. However, in recent times she has seen a slight decrease in popularity with the rise of other Sentinels. Regardless, her strong defensive setup and her flank-watching capabilities make her a useful addition to any team.

Overall, although Killjoy may no longer be the best Sentinel, she is still among the best defensive agents in the game.

  • NANOSWARM (Basic) – fire a grenade that can release nanobots that swarm and damage enemies.
  • ALARMBOT (Basic) – deploy a bot that tracks down in-range enemies and explodes to apply a Vulnerable effect to players in range.
  • TURRET (Signature) – deploy an automatic turret to fire at enemies in sight.
  • LOCKDOWN (Ultimate) – deploy a device that detains enemies in its range until destroyed.


Reyna is yet another excellent agent in our A-rank Valorant tier list 2023, but sadly, she does not get much attention in the ranked plays as compared to the casual ones.

We find her abilities to be among the best in Valorant and very practical. However, due to her reliance on Soul Orbs which are only dropped upon an enemy’s death at Reyna’s hands, Reyna’s abilities have limited usage.

Reyna can affect enemies with Nearsight using her Leer ability. Furthermore, her Dismiss and Empress ability let her go on the offensive as well. She also has the capability for self-heals.

This makes her a fairly well-rounded character. However, she lacks the entry potential that some other Duelists have, such as Raze or Jett. As such, she is not very well-suited to take on enemies on her own.

  • LEER (Basic) – use an ethereal and destructible eye that affects all enemies who look at it with Nearsight.
  • DEVOUR (Signature) – induce healing at the expense of a Soul Orb.
  • DISMISS (Signature) – become intangible for a period at the expense of a Soul Orb.
  • EMPRESS (Ultimate) – increase firing, equip and reload speed. Also get infinite soul harvest-based ability charges, and three-second duration of soul orb is increased if Reyna gets a kill.


Sage is one of our favorite picks in 2023, mainly because of how good her abilities are in the field. Despite this, though, she sees less play in the ranked scene as compared to casual. The best part of playing as a Sage main in Valorant is that she can resurrect a dead ally, which is a rare ultimate ability.

Sage’s abilities rely on different orbs for defensive and sometimes attacking plays. For example, she can use them to heal herself or her teammates. Moreover, she can create a defensive barrier that can be vital for executing certain plays. Additionally, she can also create a lingering field to slow down foes. And of course, the Ultimate is second to none in situations where you really need an extra man.

Therefore, Sage has plenty of defensive utility for her team, although someone like Killjoy could offer more in certain situations.

A major drawback of Sage is in the fact that she needs to remain close to her teammates for her to be fully useful, which is a restriction other Sentinels do not face. Also, one of her most meta maps, Icebox, has seen some drastic changes recently, which may affect Sage’s usefulness moving forward.

Overall, Sage is a perfect example of team-medic player. She may not be incredibly special, but she is a great asset when it comes to charging into enemy lines with the team as well as acting as an excellent support character.

  • BARRIER ORB (Basic) – place a wall that fortifies after a few seconds. 
  • SLOW ORB (Basic) – create a lingering field that slows down players.
  • HEALING ORB (Signature) – heal an ally over time.
  • RESURRECTION (Ultimate) – resurrect a dead ally with full health.


Valorant Agent Character Tier List 2022
B-Tier Agents

The agents we have listed in our B-tier Valorant tier list 2023 have a slightly more difficult learning curve. Mastering these Valorant characters is not as easy as their A and S-tier counterparts in our list. Still, if you learn how to play with these, you can pretty much control the chaos in the field. These agents are least preferred by players based on how they handle and their abilities. Still, if you exhibit great control over these agents, you can do well with them.


Omen is a below-average agent in Valorant who has a difficult learning curve. His abilities are great, but they require precision and proper execution. Otherwise, the impact of Omen’s abilities is pretty underwhelming. Preference-wise, we preferred other agents over Omen during the last year, and the same can be seen during the online matches and competitive tournaments.

Omen’s abilities let him teleport in limited capacities. Additionally, they also help incapacitate enemies by affecting their hearing and vision, and also by blocking sight entirely in certain areas using his Dark Cover ability.

With recent updates, Omen has seen an increase in his teleportation speed. However, the major issue still holding him back is his lack of utility when compared to other Controllers in the game. As such, Omen remains an average character in our Valorant tier list and is not likely to see much increased play.

  • SHROUDED STEP (Basic) – teleport a short distance to a marked location.
  • PARANOIA (Basic) – fire a surface-penetrating orb that deafens and reduces vision range of players in its area.
  • DARK COVER (Signature) – lets you create a shadow sphere to block sight for an extended period.
  • FROM THE SHADOWS (Ultimate) – teleport to any location selected on the map.


Brimstone is one of the least picked Controller type agents in our Valorant tier list. It is because other Controllers such as Viper and Astra are a better pick in the game. This is why we did not pick Brimstone enough during the last year, nor did the pro-players. He can be seen in casual online matches but rarely gets picked in competitive matches.

Brimstone’s can heal with his Stim Beacon while also dealing area-of-effect damage with her Incendiary ability. His smokes are also a useful piece of utility, especially since they can be executed without any exposure. His Ultimate is a high-risk, high-reward ability that can be deadly to enemies caught in its blast.

Recent changes have seen increased smoke size for Brimstone. This should make him more useful on larger maps such as Breeze and Icebox, and no longer leave those annoying gaps in his smokes. Moreover, the smokes can be placed farther away, and take less time to deploy. Also, the Stim Beacon now gives his allies a speed boost as well.

  • STIM BEACON (Basic) – throw a Stim Beacon that grants nearby players RapidFire and a speed boost.
  • INCENDIARY (Basic) – launch an incendiary grenade that creates a field to slow down and damages players.
  • SKY SMOKE (Signature) – fire smoke clouds at locations selected from a map.
  • ORBITAL STRIKE (Ultimate) – launch an orbital strike from a map to deal high damage.

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KAY/O is another least favorite agent of ours in Valorant. He is also a rare sight in online matches as well as in competitive tournaments. The problem is that he has a steep learning curve. KAY/O’s abilities are unique from what other agents offer to the table. They are not underwhelming but have limited application in the field.

Nevertheless, KAY/O can be preferable over an Initiator like Skye in certain situations, depending on the map and your team’s playstyle. For example, Ascent sees KAY/O being picked more recently over Skye. He also makes site pushes easier with his knife that can turn off enemy abilities and disrupt defensives holds.

Overall, we think KAY/O can become one of the best agents in the game, provided he receives a significant overhaul in his abilities. Otherwise, we don’t see a point in maining this agent in 2023, nor will a pro-player do the same.

  • FRAG/MENT (Basic) – throw a sticky fragment that explodes repeatedly to deal heavy damage.
  • FLASH/DRIVE (Basic) – throw a flash grenade that blinds anyone in its line of sight.
  • ZERO/POINT (Signature) – throw a sticky blade that explodes after a short time to suppress anyone within range.
  • NULL/CMD (Ultimate) – fire pulses of energy to suppress enemies.


Neon is an addition to the ever-increasing roster of agents in valorant. She can become a  complete and absolutely disastrous sort of agent if she’s in the hands of a player who is adept enough in her usage.

She races through the entire map of Valorant as she goes zapping here and there, she is capable of sliding backward as well as sideways which makes her quite the formidable foe or your own agent. She redefined the meta of Valorant with her presence and has grown to become the favorite and a good choice by pro players.

Neon is a Filipino duelist, in total, she is the sixth duelist to have been released in valorant. She can outshine in matches where she has the support of other agents as she does not do well on her lonesome.

Neon can also shred the defenses of enemies quite well on certain maps. Her playstyle is extremely fun even if she is not as strong as other agents or diverse. She relies heavily on her spikes as well as her lightning-type attacks. Her quick adaptability towards the map using her fast pace can have you use her for either attack or defense and both would work quite well.

She made a debut in 2022 and unlike other agents who climb the ranks and become S-tier agents or highly used ones, she did not meet that luck as she simply was not on par with other agents. That being said, the choice of usage of agents is highly subjective and if her playstyle matches you, go for her.

Neon’s abilities are fit to be with reference to her playstyle and thus they are listed below

High gear(signature): This ability of Neon instantly gives her enhanced movement speed. If you hold ALT FIRE, she can trigger an electric slide which recharges after every two kills.

Fast lane(basic): This ability summons two walls of static electricity that are capable of blocking the vision as well as damaging any enemy that passes through them. It is very easy to fall into the trap of this ability.

Relay Bolt(basic): A crowd control efficient ability that can cause a concussion to the enemies. It has a wide area of effect and the feature of this ability is that it can electrify the ground after Neon unleashes an energy bolt into the ground.

Energy(passive): Using the abilities of neon requires her 1 energy per 0.1 second, meaning 10 energy per second. Energy is a specific resource of neon, and she has a total of 100 energy.

Overdrive(ultimate): This ability grants neon to access her true latent form. Neon can run around at a very increased speed and throw around lightning beams which have a very increased accuracy.


Harbor was released in October of 2022 as an agent. He’s a controller-type agent who has water-bending-like abilities. His kit seems quite interesting and intriguing on paper, but he falls flat when it comes to playstyle and is not that impressive at all.

As a controller-type agent, the harbor is expected to be good at defense, but this is not the case with him at all, and this is also the reason he is not a strong agent. He could be deemed as a meta-defining agent in one or two maps at best, but that’s where it ends.

His kit is well suited for attacks as it has capabilities of fluidity. His bendable wall is very good for pathing and scaling onto sites. Another perk that makes him not on par with other controllers is the fact that he cannot delay enemy pushes like other controllers do which makes us rank him as low as he is ranked.

His ability can get destroyed in seconds as well which leaves him completely exposed to enemy attacks since he does not have a protective layer. This is extremely underwhelming as the ability costs a whopping 350 credits which is a cost far too high for such a disappointing ability.

The abilities of this agent who hails from India and has a mastery over water because of having ancient technologies are given below:-

Cascade(basic): This ability can be used to equip a wave of water. This wave can be pushed forward and it slows down enemies which are hit with it.

Cove(basic): Harbor can use this ability to equip a water shield that blocks bullets shot by enemies.

High Tide(signature): This ability of Harbor can get him equipped with a wall of water. Holding down fire can give direction to this water wall. Enemies hit by this water wall are slowed upon impact. It can also be used to pass through the world.

Reckoning(ultimate): This can equip harbor with the full potential of the artifact that he owns. Upon hitting fire it can create a pool of water that hits enemies by hitting them with geyser strikes. Enemies that are successfully hit are thereby concussed.


Valorant Agent Character Tier List 2022
C-Tier Agents

The agents we have listed in our C-rank Valorant tier list have a hard learning curve. They are not easy to learn, and many players will find it challenging to play with them while facing other opponents in matches. Their abilities have limited application, and at times, these agents may seem powerless. They have a difficult time competing with our characters in our Valorant tier list when it comes to offensive or defensive capabilities or utility. As such, we recommend steering clear of them unless you know what you’re doing.


Yoru is among the least preferred agents by us and the pro-players who have been playing Valorant since the launch day. He is not even picked much in competitive game tournaments as well as is a rare sight in casual online matches. Yoru has potential, but unless Riot Games do not overhaul his abilities significantly, he will not go places even in 2023.

In general, Yoru aims to trick and outsmart players with his ability set. He can flash, teleport and trick players when used right. However, his abilities can be unreliable in their usage, making him undesirable for competitive play.

Yoru has seen some love with the latest patch, though. He now no longer has impaired vision and can use his flash during his Ultimate. As a result, Dimensional Drift is now a much more effective Ultimate. Moreover, the rework to his footsteps effectively gives him an extra flash to play with.

Overall, Yoru remains underwhelming because of the limited application of his abilities. If he gets some more changes in its abilities, he may get more love from the Valorant community in 2022.

  • FAKEOUT (Basic) – deploy an echo that gives off footsteps sounds and blinds enemies if destroyed.
  • BLINDSIDE (Basic) – throw a dimensional fragment that flashes players upon surface impact.
  • GATECRASH (Signature) – teleport to a pre-placed tether, or trigger a fake teleport.
  • DIMENSIONAL DRIFT (Ultimate) – drift into Yoru’s dimension where he cannot be seen or affected from outsiders.


Phoenix is another agent on our Valorant tier list who was least picked by us during the last and is likely to continue the trend in 2023. The same was the case when it comes to pro-players picking up Phoenix in competitive tournaments. He is also a rare sight while playing casual online matches in Valorant.

The only good thing about Phoenix is that his ultimate is very useful in the field. It allows the agent to place a marker that remains active for at least ten seconds. During this time, Phoenix has the full liberty to become reckless and give it all to take down as many enemies as possible. When the time expires, Phoenix is brought back to marker’s location at full health.

Overall, Phoenix’s abilities need a major overhauling; otherwise, he’d still be the least preferable choice as an agent in Valorant in 2023 as well.

  • BLAZE (Basic) – create a fire wall that moves forward while blocking sight and damaging players that pass through.
  • CURVEBALL (Basic) – fire a curving orb that detonates to flash players looking at it.
  • HOT HANDS (Signature) – use a fireball that creates a lingering fire zone and damages enemies.
  • RUN IT BACK (Ultimate) – place a marker where Phoenix will return with full health upon dying or the timer running out.

Best Characters In Valorant 2023 

The agents in our tier list are mostly ranked by their abilities and power. While the agents in the S rank might be the best ones in the game, not all of them are easy to master and many players find them to have difficult mechanics. Thus, we have mentioned below some of the best Valorant agents from our tier list, for beginners that are looking for easy-to-play agents in Valorant 2023. 


He is one of the healers in Valorant and is considered one of the best Sentinels in our 2023 tier list. Being a healer, Sage plays an important role in the team. Moreover, he has one of the easiest kits to learn as compared to other Sentinels in our Valorant tier list.

Many new players prefer using Sage if they’re just starting out in the game. He can create a wall or launch a slow orb. Additionally, he has great healing power and if you are playing matches with a higher rank Sage is a must-have in your team. 


If you’re a fan of Controllers in Valorant, then Brimstone is the best agent to go for in our 2023 tier list. Most of the controllers in the game come with a heavy learning curve and difficult play style mechanics. However, Brimstone does all of his attacks by hitting just a few basic buttons at once. Additionally, he can block the enemy’s line of sight, making him one of the best agents in our tier list for beginners in Valorant for 2023.  


Many players prefer using Reyna as an early game Duelist in Valorant, as she has a very beginner-friendly kit to master as compared to the other Duelists in our 2023 tier list. She has blinding abilities as she uses flashes and she’s also a great healer to have on your team.

Furthermore, she reload speed is exceptional. Her firing and the equipping rate are also ideal for beginners as she does not have hard-to-master kits as compared to other agents in our 2023 Valorant tier list. 


That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Valorant tier list 2023. Are you starting Valorant for the first time in 2023? Do you find our tier list helpful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. And if you enjoyed this tier list, also be sure to check out our Apex Legends Tier List!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best agent in Valorant in 2023?

Jet remains the top-tier character in Valorant on our list for 2023.

Who is the worst agent in Valorant in 2023?

Phoenix is the worst character you can pick right now in Valorant.

Who is the best defensive agent in Valorant in 2023?

Killjoy offers the best defensive utility in our Valorant tier list 2023.

Who is the best attacking agent in Valorant in 2023?

Raze has a plethora of aggressive abilities useful for creating an entryway and dealing out heavy damage, which makes her the best attacking character in our Valorant tier list 2023.

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