6 Fastest Ways to Get XP In Valorant [Tried & Tested]

This guide contains the fastest ways through which you can get XP in Valorant along with the XP mechanics and its use.

Valorant contains a lot of mechanics, and XP is one of them; moreover, these are the fastest ways to get XP in the game, which you will find out in this guide after thoroughly investigating every source of XP in my first-hand experience.

Key Takeaways
  • The Battle Pass gives an XP boost.
  • Daily missions offer lower XP.
  • Weekly missions offer larger XP.
  • Deathmatch and Spike Rush modes offer higher XP.
  • Playing with a squad provides an XP boost.
  • Playing daily gives a daily XP bonus.
  • Cheating in Spike Rush mode increases XP gain.
  • XP is used to unlock Valorant’s agents, level up, and acquire Radiant Points.
  • XP can also be earned in various modes like Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, Deathmatch, and Escalation.
  • Some modes, like Unrated and Competitive, offer more XP but take longer.
  • Spike Rush and Deathmatch are faster options.
  • Escalation mode offers 800 XP per match and an additional 200 XP for winning.
  • Keep the end goal in mind for motivation during the XP farming process.

1. Battle Pass

Fastest Way to Get XP in Valorant: Battle Pass
Battle Pass XP Boost

The first way you can get XP faster in Valorant is by buying the Battle Pass. When you buy the battle pass, you get an XP boost at the end of the game. The XP boost is 3%, and altogether, the sum of extra XP received till the end of the battle pass is worth it. So, if you got 4,700 XP in an unrated, it will increase to 6,110 XP, which is 1,410 experience points more.

2. Missions

Missions in Valorant
Daily and Weekly Missions
  • Two mission types exist: daily and weekly.
  • Daily missions, though easier, offer lower XP, maxing out at 2,000 XP per completion.
  • Conversely, weekly missions, requiring more time, provide a substantial 19,200 XP each, with three available weekly.
  • Completion of daily missions typically occurs in a single unrated or competitive game.
  • Weekly missions, however, demand more time investment.
  • With the battle pass, you can earn up to 24,960 XP per weekly mission.

Notably, weekly missions allow flexibility; if one week elapses, they can be tackled in the second week. After completing the missions, the second week’s missions unlock, but an extension to the third week is not possible.

Crucially, tasks only count in unrated, spike rush, or competitive modes. For instance, achieving 15 headshots in Escalation or Deathmatch would yield zero progress. Headshots must be obtained exclusively in unrated, spike rush, or competitive modes.

3. Spike Rush And Deathmatch

If you’re left wondering what to do next after completing your daily and weekly missions, then queue up for Deathmatch or Spike Rush. There’s nothing wrong with running unrated or competitive matches, but Deathmatch and Spike Rush will give you the most bang for your XP buck.

Each round of unrated or competitive will grant you 100 XP for playing and 200 XP for winning. This means if you end up dominating and 13-0 the opposition, you’ll earn just 2,600 XP. A game of Deathmatch, on the other hand, will grant you 900 XP, while Spike Rush will give you 1,000 XP. These matches take around four or five minutes.

4. Squad Boost

You can also get more XP by teaming up with your friends and playing, and the boost will be as follows:

  • 2 Friends in a Party: 8% XP Boost
  • 3 Friends in a Party: 12% XP Boost
  • 4 Friends in a Party: 16% XP Boost
  • 5 Friends in a Party: 20% XP Boost

Even if your friends are not online, you can try out different discord servers or even Facebook groups for Valorant. The majority of the players prefer playing with others of the same rank rather than playing solo. So, don’t forget to mention your rank.

5. Playing Valorant Daily

While this sounds like odd advice, playing every day does have its perks in the larger context of Valorant. Aside from being able to encounter various Daily Missions, Valorant also rewards players who simply play through their first match.

Players get a bonus of 1,000 XP whenever they win their first match in a day, which can result in 30,000 XP per month. Considering how each Act (and therefore Battle Pass) lasts for about two months, players who win at least one match every day are guaranteed around 60,000 XP.

6. Hacking The System

Well, not hacking in the literal sense if you ask me, but there is an option of cheating the system. Many players do it when the season is ending, and they need loads of XP to complete their Battle Pass. Some do it when a new agent is released, and they want to try it as soon as possible.

  • All you need to do is play spike rush in the full lobby, meaning five men queue.
  • When it comes to agent selection, pick agents that can deal friendly damage.
  • Viper, Raze, Phoenix, Killjoy, and Brimstone are ideal.
  • The game does not need to end while fighting against the opponents when you can instead kill each other.
  • What you have to do is stand together and first use Viper’s Snake Bite on each other, which will make you all vulnerable.
  • Then, use the mollies of other agents so you all can instantly die and start a new round.

The method is simple and efficient, and it will only take two or two and a half minutes to complete Spike Rush and get 1,000 XP. However, keep in mind that doing it repeatedly might cause Riot Games to put a penalty on you for dealing friendly damage. So, make sure you bring changes in the game modes.

These are the fastest ways in Valorant through which you can get XP. Make sure that you keep switching between the methods mentioned above because sometimes using only one method will get boring. It will result in demotivation, and then you might delay it. That is all from our side, and we hope you complete your Battle Pass, unlock an agent, or upgrade your weapon easily.

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