Valorant: 7 Best Agents [For Beginners In 2024]

Find the best agent that matches your vibe and wipe out the enemy team!

For beginners, the wide variety of agents available in Valorant can be overwhelming, and choosing the best one can be a tad bit challenging. When starting out in Valorant, it’s crucial to choose an agent that suits your playstyle and choose the one that matches your distinct vibe.

Key Takeaways

Valorant is a first-person shooter game by Riot Games which offers a total of 24 agents from different roles.

The Following are the Best Valorant Agents For Beginners In 2024:

  1. Yoru (Duelist): Dimensional traveler with Fakeout, Blindside, Gatecrash, and Dimensional Drift.
  2. Omen (Controller): Shadowy entity with Paranoia, Shrouded Step, Dark Cover, and From the Shadows.
  3. Killjoy (Sentinel): Genius inventor with Alarm Bot, Turret, Nanoswarm, and Lockdown.
  4. Brimstone (Controller): Team booster with Incendiary, Stim Beacon, Sky Smoke, and Orbital Strike.
  5. Harbor (Controller): Aquatic powers with Cascade, Cove, High Tide, and Reckoning.
  6. Fade (Initiator): Haunts enemies with Prowler, Seize, Haunt, and Nightfall.
  7. Gekko (Initiator): Leads catastrophic creatures with Mosh Pit, Wingman, Dizzy, and Thrash.

Best Valorant Agents For Beginners

Before we begin, here is a comparison table that consists of the best Valorant Agents:

RankAgentRoleAbilitiesUltimate Ability
7YoruDuelistFakeout, Blindside, GatecrashDimensional Drift
6OmenControllerParanoia, Shrouded Step, Dark CoverFrom the Shadows
5KilljoySentinelAlarmbot, Turret, NanoswarmLockdown
4BrimstoneControllerIncendiary, Stim Beacon, Sky SmokeOrbital Strike
3HarborControllerCascade, Cove, High TideReckoning
2FadeInitiatorProwler, Seize, HauntNightfall
1GekkoInitiatorMosh Pit, Wingman, DizzyThrash

7. Yoru

Best Flanker
Valorant agent Yoru
Yoru [Image Credit: eXputer]
The last agent in the list of the best Valorant agents for beginners is Yoru. Yoru is a stealthy and unpredictable Duelist agent in Valorant who can create confusion and chaos for the enemy team. His unique abilities allow him to teleport across the map, create fake footsteps, and even become invisible.

Ability Name Key Bind Description
Fakeout C Equip an echo that mimics footsteps when activated. Fire to activate and send the echo forward. Use the secondary fire to place an echo in place. Alternate fire to send all active echoes to the same spot.
Gatecrash E Equip a tethered dimensional fragment. Fire to send the fragment forward. Activate to teleport to its location. If the fragment is inactive, it can be reactivated to teleport to its location and destroy it.
Blindside Q Equip a flash grenade. Fire to throw the grenade, which detonates after a short delay, blinding any players looking at it.
Dimensional Drift X Equip a mask that lets you see between dimensions. Press fire to drift into Yoru’s dimension, becoming invisible and invulnerable.
  • Creates fake footsteps and audio cues
  • Teleports through walls and obstacles
  • Blinds enemies
  • Becomes invisible and invulnerable briefly
  • Difficult-to-learn abilities
  • Requires teamwork
  • Ultimate ability can be easily countered
  • Less team utility

6. Omen

The Best Controller
Valorant agent Omen
Omen [Image Credit: eXputer]
Omen is a versatile controller agent in Valorant who can easily disrupt and confuse the enemy team. With his kit, Omen can teleport, blind opponents, and obscure vision, making him among the best agents for those beginners who like to keep their opponents on their toes in Valorant.

Ability Name Keybind Description
Paranoia C Fires an ethereal shadow projectile that blinds enemies along its path.
Shrouded Step E Omen teleports a short distance to a targeted location, leaving behind a smokescreen that briefly obstructs vision.
Dark Cover Q Omen deploys a smokescreen that can be manually positioned, obstructing vision and minimap information.
From the Shadows (Ultimate) X Omen teleports to a targeted location, becoming invulnerable and hidden from minimaps for a brief duration. During this time, he can select a new location to teleport to, or cancel the ability to return to his original location.
  • Versatile ability kit
  • Quick Flank
  • Smoke blocks enemy rushes
  • Best Controller
  • Requires precise timing and placement
  • Abilities can backfire and harm the team if used incorrectly
  • Long cooldown on abilities
  • Requires practice

5. Killjoy

The Best Sentinel
Valorant agent Killjoy
Killjoy [Image Credit: eXputer]
Equipped with various gadgets to defend a site and disrupt enemy movements, Killjoy is a Sentinel agent in Valorant. She is an expert in robotics and can control machines to create a tactical advantage for her team. Her kit includes the following abilities:

Ability Name Keybind Description
Alarmbot C Deploy a bot that hunts down enemies and explodes, dealing damage and applying Vulnerable status. Can be recalled by Killjoy.
Turret E Deploy a turret that automatically fires at enemies in range. Can be recalled and redeployed by Killjoy.
Nanoswarm Q Deploy a grenade that creates a damaging swarm of nanobots when activated. Can be remotely detonated by Killjoy.
Lockdown (Ultimate) X Deploy a device that disrupts and damages enemies in a large area, slowing them down and preventing them from shooting for a short time. Can be destroyed by enemies, but takes a few seconds to arm.
  • Excellent defensive agent
  • Lockdown can immobilize enemies within a large area
  • Easy to gather intel
  • Nanos can deal significant damage
  • Limited offensive capabilities
  • Long cooldown on abilities
  • Requires teamwork

4. Brimstone

Most Easy-to-use Controller
Valorant agent Brimstone
Brimstone [Screenshot by eXputer]
One of the most versatile agents in Valorant, Brimstone offers excellent utility and support to his team. He’s also a great option for beginners who want to play a supportive role in the game.

Ability Name Keybind Short Description
Incendiary C Brimstone throws a grenade that explodes and creates a damaging area of fire.
Stim Beacon Q Brimstone deploys a beacon that gives nearby players a temporary speed and firing rate boost.
Sky Smoke E Brimstone targets a location and calls in a smoke cloud that lasts for a duration. He can choose to call in up to three smoke clouds at a time.
Orbital Strike X Brimstone targets a location and calls in an orbital strike, dealing high damage to enemies in the area. He can adjust the location and radius of the strike before activating it.
  • Strong area denial abilities
  • Orbital Strike deals massive damage
  • Sky Smoke makes it easy to hold sites
  • Delay enemy pushes
  • Lacks mobility
  • Team damaging abilities
  • Map dependent

3. Harbor

Most Complex Controller
Valorant agent Harbor
Harbor [Screenshot by eXputer]
Harbor is a controller agent who is able to create multiple opportunities to take over the site and defend it from enemies, blocking their view, slowing them down, concussing them, and guarding it using walls and shields.

Cascade C Send a water wave pushing itself forward and through walls. Stop the wave early by reusing it and slow down the enemies which are hit by it.
Cove Q Throw a water sphere which works as a smoke and shield at the same time. When it hits the ground it deploys a destructible water shield capable of blocking bullets and enemy vision.
High Tide E Send water along the ground and guide it in the direction of your crosshair. It is able to go through every obstacle, spawning a water wall along the path. The water wave can be stopped early through Alt Fire and the enemies hit are slowed down.
Reckoning X Unleash the maximum power of your Artifact to summon a geyser pool on the ground which targets the enemy players in its radius through successive geyser strikes, concussing everyone caught in their radius.

Being a controller, Harbor does a very good job of securing sights and keeping the enemies off from it, securing him a high place on this list.

  • Able to place walls
  • Blocks enemy line of sight
  • Slows down enemy movements
  • Can deny site entry
  • Cove provides cover to planter
  • Low mobility
  • Hard to learn
  • Lacks healing abilities
  • Not-so-offensive abilities

2. Fade

The Best Initiator
Valorant agent Fade
Fade [Screenshot by eXputer]
Fade is a Fearful agent who was introduced as an initiator who hunts out its targets revealing their biggest fears and terrorizing them. Her kit, designed with a dark and terror theme, scares the enemies and makes her an excellent initiator putting her above the rest of the agents in this category.

Prowler C Send a Prowler forward traveling in a straight line that locks onto any enemy in its line of sight, trailing in their vision to chase them, finally near sighting them when it succeeds to reach them.
Seize Q Throw a dark inky orb that drops to the ground after a while and explodes to create a zone in which enemies caught are pulled in the middle and are unable to escape by normal means.
Haunt E Throw a dark energy orb that drops down to the ground after a short time and turns into a nightmarish creature that will reveal all of the enemies’ locations caught in its line of sight.
Nightfall X Send out a wave of some dark nightmare energy that can travel through walls, which creates a trail to the opponent in addition to deafening and decaying them.

Fade deserves this high place on the list due to her aggressive and threatening kit in spite of being an initiator.

  • Terrorizes the enemy
  • Takes enemies’ ability to hear
  • Reveals enemy positions
  • Great at gathering intel
  • Aggressive abilities
  • Destroyable abilities
  • Require lineups
  • Hard to place abilities

1. Gekko

Best Spike Planter
Valorant agent Gekko
Gekko [Screenshot by eXputer]
Gekko is the twenty-second agent and the sixth initiator in Valorant, who has four creatures under his control that are able to transform between a globule state and an animal form. His kit is unique and offers great versatility, making him a great initiator as well as a solo carry agent.

Mosh Pit C Toss Mosh like a grenade that duplicates across a large area on landing and then after a short delay explodes.
Wingman  Q Send Wingman forward to seek enemies, unleashing a concussive blast toward the first enemy he sees. Alt-Fire when targeting a Spike site or a planted Spike to make him defuse or plant the Spike. The spike must be in your inventory in order to get it planted by Wingman
Dizzy  E Send Dizzy forward flying through the air. It then shoots plasma blasts at the enemies in its line of sight, blinding the enemies it hits.
Thrash X Equip Thrash, link with its mind, control its movement in the enemy territory, and make it lunge forward and explode to detain all enemies in its radius.

This incredibly strong initiator is at the top of our list due to its effectiveness and versatility, but its full potential can be known only if it’s in the right hands.

  • Stuns enemies
  • Wingman (Lil bro) can plant and defuse spike
  • Reclaimable abilities
  • Able to blind an enemy
  • Less ability cooldown
  • Lacks healing abilities
  • Destroyable abilities
  • Requires team coordination

Similar Agents

Here are additional noteworthy Agents that are worth checking out. Depending on your playstyle, I think these could also suit you well. However, they aren’t included in my list because of various reasons.

  • Sage: Her excellent abilities completely focus on healing and support, however, she lacks when it comes to her offensive impact.
  • Sova: His abilities are slower than the rest of the above, especially when facing an enemy team that moves quickly.
  • Reyna: Her aggressive playstyle can be difficult for you to manage. She also lacks support and initiation.
  • Phoenix: Usually hinders the team by prioritizing personal survival over offering support to teammates.

My Take On Which Agent To Learn

As a controller player, who has spent years just grinding Valorant, I would recommend new players to either go towards learning Omen or Brimstone. These agents are not so hard to learn, and a very small number of players prefer playing controllers. So, no one will be instalocking them.

Controllers are also very essential to pick if you want to win a game. As with controllers, one can smoke angles from where enemies can easily peak. They can also be used to fake smoke sites while forcing the enemies to rotate to other sites. Furthermore, a good controller player can control the outcome of the game. 

With this, my guide on the Best Valorant Agents for Beginners comes to an end. If you want a tier list of all Valorant agents, be sure to read our guide: Valorant Tier List: All Characters Ranking. Don’t forget to check your sensitivity setting before heading into the arena. Lastly, make sure to check out the review on Valorant by Moiz Banoori.

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