Valorant Knife Tier List: All Knife Skins Ranked [2023]

There are various knife skins in Valorant & we have ranked them all in our Valorant Knife Tier list, so read the list & learn more.

Valorant allows the players to customize various gear to their liking. Players can get multiple skins for their knives to make their weapon look more appealing, in addition to experiencing animations exclusive to specific knives. So, we have curated this Valorant Knife Tier list ranking all Knife skins in the game.

Valorant Knife Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Knife Skins 
S-Tier Nebula, Oni, Glitchpop, Reaver, Elderflame Knife, Tethered Realms , RGX 11z Pro Blade, Broken Blade of the Ruined King, Sovereign Sword, Catrina, Lunar Knife, and Gaia’s Wrath
A-Tier Waveform, Imperium, Celestial Fan, Radiant Crisis 001, Prime 2.0 Karambit, Glitchpop Axe, Ion energy, Spline Dagger, Ruin Knife, Valorant Go Volume 1, Hack, Titanmail Mace, Magepunk, Personal Administrative Melee Unit, and Relic of the Sentinel
B-Tier  Magepunk Electroblade, Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster, Outpost, Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb, Butterfly Knife, Blastx polymer knifetech, Ego, K-TAC, Artisan Foil, Singularity, Xenohunter, Neptune Anchor, Velocity Karambit, and Snowfall Wand
C-Tier Kingdom, Prime, Prism, Hivemind, Forsaken Ritual Blade, Songsteel, Prism III, Winterland Candy Cane, Strike, Smite, SYS Melee, and Hu Else
D-Tier  Luxe Knife

The Knife skins are expensive, and some would cost a lot of VP. Getting these skins might be worth it if you are an avid collector and wish to experience the combat style of various knives. Those beautiful designs would tempt any player to obtain a few of them. Besides knives, Valorant also offers a variety of great agents and guns so consider reading our Valorant agents tier list and Guns tier list to know more about the game.

S-Tier Knives

Valorant Knife skins

These are the best Knife skins available in Valorant. They are sure to catch your eye with their alluring textures. Though some are very expensive, players would want a few of them in their inventory.

2023 Update – Lunar Knife

  • Cost: 2550 VP
  • Description: If you are a fan of dark colors then the lunar knife would be a cool addition to your collection of knives as it comes with a dark purplish blue blade with a bright golden handle. The knife is currently one of the most expensive knife in the game and can be bought with the Luna skin bundle or individually.
Name Cost Description
Elderflame Knife 4950 VP The ElderFlame knife can be an excellent addition, especially if you prefer various elder skin weapon skins in the game. The knife looks intimidating and is currently the most expensive knife on the Valorant Knife Tier list.
Reaver 3550 VP The Reaver is a great knife skin, especially if you prefer dark aesthetics. The purple and black color combination make the Reaver quite alluring.
Glitchpop 4350 VP The design of the Glitchpop knife is undoubtedly attractive. Various bright colors, including pink, yellow, blue, and purple, are used with a black texture to give it a cute pop look.
Oni 3550 VP If you are a fan of Japanese Aesthetics, the Oni knife is a perfect choice. Two pointy blades are attached to the Oni’s mouth that can rip your opponent apart
Nebula 3550 VP If you want a knife with an astronomical touch to its design; the Nebula is a great choice. The skin looks beautiful with its purple, black, and red color scheme
Catrina 2550 VP Catrina is a floral knife with a purple and green color combination. The edge and the hilt are curved, making the design attractive.
Sovereign Sword 3550 VP The Sovereign sword is one of the most popular knife skins in Valorant. The blade looks clean and sleek, along with a subtly designed hilt.
Broken Blade of the Ruined King 4350 VP The Ruined King knife is excellent fanservice for the league fans who play Valorant. The skin is remarkably designed that would catch the attention of any player.
RGX 11z Pro Blade 4350 VP RGX 11z is a unique blade that players can use in its compact knife form or katana form. The weapon is an excellent choice and is available in various colors.
Tethered Realms       3550 VP The Tethered Realms knife skin would allow players to equip two blades. The Tethered Realms knife skin is right up your ally if you prefer dual-wielding.
Gaia’s Wrath 3550 VP The Gaia’s wrath is one of a kind unique knife skin in Valorant. The axe’s blade appears made from a crystal, while the hilt looks like a white tree trunk.

A-Tier Knives

Celestial Fan

While not as creative as the knives in S-Tier, These knife skins are aesthetically pleasing to look at during combat, and it’s worth spending your Valorant points on a few of them.

Prime 2.0 Karambit 3550 VP The Prime 2.0 Karambit knife is one of the most popular knives in Valorant. Its unique design and spinning animation are pleasing to look at during combat.
Radiant Crisis 001


2550 VP The Radiant Crisis looks like a baseball bat that can hit your opponent’s head hard. The toughness of the knife skin might be perfect for fans who have the tendency to get a little violent.
Celestial Fan 3550 VP This unique knife skin opens like a fan and hits the opponent hard on their face. Pick up the Celestial fan if you are a fan of Chinese aesthetics.
Imperium 2550 VP The Imperium knife is one of the most intimidating-looking knives with a fierce blade enclosed within a dragon. The knife’s hilt is green and gives the game an excellent kung fu feel.
Waveform 5350 The Waveform is a one-of-a-kind knife and worth getting despite its high price. If you like cyber aesthetics waveform is a superb knife skin available in various colors. Upon inspection, you can also listen to a great theme.
Valorant Go Volume 1                  3550 VP An iconic knife skin with a decent design. The Valorant Go Knife has a sharp triangular edge and appears like a ninja kunai knife.
Ruin Knife Act Three, Episode 1 Battlepass The Ruin Knife in Valorant is one of the most classy and luxurious-looking knives. The Knife has a black texture outlined with Gold to give it an alluring look. The Ruin Knife has a unique curved hilt and blade to rip your opponent apart.
Spline Dagger 3550 VP The Spline dagger skin is a unique and strange-looking knife alien to the world. The knife has a pointy blade and the hilt seems to wrap around it.
Ion energy 3550 VP The Ion energy is a unique knife with a long, slim, pointed blade and a thick hilt. The knife skin has a cyber and robotic feel to it.
Glitchpop Axe 4350 VP The Glitchpop Axe is an interesting skin that combines various colors to give it an alluring look. The skin is almost similar in looks to the Glitchpop knife.
Relic of the Sentinel 4350 VP As the name suggests, this knife skin has a fascinating ancient look. The blade is pointy ad triangular enclosed by a brown classical hilt.
Magepunk 3550 VP The Magepunk knife is sure to grab the attention of many players. The knife has a cyber design with a triangular blade.
Personal Administrative Melee Unit 4950 VP The Personal Administrative Melee unit is a classical-looking knife. The blade and hilt are thick and black and the jagged texture of the blade makes it look appealing.
Titanmail Mace 2550 VP The Titanmail Mace looks intimidating with its two ragged green blades over a black built. Certainly an excellent choice in our Valorant knife tier list.
Hack 3550 VP The Hack is a unique knife skin with both the knife and an axe provided in the same skin. The color scheme is black and purple making it look eye-catching.

B-Tier Knives

Valorant Knife tier list

These Knives are not to be underestimated; Their beautiful and appealing textures are sure to improve your gaming experience along with their cool animations. 

Butterfly Knife 3550 VP The Butterfly Knife is an excellent knife if players want to add a subtle-looking weapon to their gear. The weapon has an aesthetic brown hilt, and the intimidating blade can rip apart your opponents.
Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb 3550 VP The Your Butterfly comb is a stylish knife with its colorful hilt and uniquely designed blade. The blade looks like a comb but packs a great punch.
Outpost Act one, Episode 2


The Outpost is a unique-looking knife with a triangular point blade. The blade has a vial of liquid attached in between. A good choice for players who love unique and creative designs.
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster 3550 VP If you are a fan of weapons with a touch of technology added to it, you might find Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster very alluring. It certainly has a unique design using a rod as a hilt and blade.
Magepunk Electroblade 4350 VP Magepunk Electroblade is a mechanical-looking knife skin. It has a unique design with ragged edges and a brown and golden hilt.
Singularity 4950 VP The Singularity Knife is a strange but exciting-looking knife. The knife blade and hilt appear to be crystalized and the contrasting color on the black hilt crystal looks alluring.
K-TAC Act one, Episode 3


K-TAC is a straight and slim-looking knife. The blade would allow for a cleaner and smoother combat animation. The slanted edge of the blade can rip apart your opponent.
Artisan Foil Act two, Episode 3


If you are a fan of medieval weapons that would make you feel like a knight, The Artisan Foil is a great knife skin for you. The weapon has a golden hilt and a remarkably designed blade.
Ego 3550 VP A subtle-looking knife with a well-designed hilt. The blade is jagged at one side with a pointy tip that can make your opponent bleed.
Blastx polymer knifetech 4350 VP This knife skin appears to be a child’s toy. The Hilt is colorful and the blade tip is round. It may seem harmless but works like all other knife skins in Valorant.
Snowfall Wand 2550 VP The Snowfall Wand is a cute and alluring knife skin. The round blade along with a striped rod can slam your opponents.
Velocity Karambit Act one, Episode 4


The velocity Karambit is a simple yet alluring Karambit. While the blade isn’t fancy, the hilt design appeals to many players.
Neptune Anchor 3550 VP If you prefer a weapon with a touch of the ocean, The Neptune Anchor is a perfect choice. The blade is curved like an anchor over a hilt covered with ropes at the end.
Xenohunter 3550 VP The Xenohunter is a subtle yet classy-looking knife with its black blade and handle. While the weapon design is simple, it looks alluring to a lot of players due to it’s dark design.

C-Tier Knives

Valorant Knife skins tier list

These Valorant Knife skins in our Tier list do not stand out compared to the ones we listed above and some players may like them depending on their design and aesthetics. 

Forsaken Ritual Blade 3550 VP The Forsaken Ritual Blade doesn’t stand out compared to many other knife skins. The color scheme of the blade seems dull though the design may seem attractive to some players depending on their taste.
Hivemind Act 2, Episode 1 Battlepass The Hivemind is a decent-looking knife if you prefer something with a dark touch. The blade looks Intimidating but the overall design pales in comparison to other knives.
Prism 2550 VP While the Prism Knife has an excellent blade design with great color combinations. The knife hilt is plain and lacks creativity. The cyber look of the Prism knife might be appealing to some players.
Prime 3550 VP The Prime Knife skin appears to be a subtle axe with a colorful look. It consists of a yellow blade along with a purple hilt.
Kingdom Act one, episode 1 battlepass The Kingdome Knife is a simple but decently designed knife. The knife’s hilt has a plain black texture with a jagged blade and a pointy triangular edge.
Smite 1750 VP The Smite is a thunderous-looking knife that can be intimidating for your opponent. The blade and the hilt have the same color and a shocking design.
Strike Act two, Episode 4


The strike knife is an alluring knife with a mixed color scheme in both the blade and the hilt. Pick this blade if you are a fan of cyber and unique designs.
Winterland Candy Cane 2550 VP Using, a Candy cane as a weapon, is remarkable. The weapon may look harmless but can harm your opponents.
Prism III Act two, episode 2


The Prism III is similar in design to the Prism Knife skin. The color scheme is subtle and classic with a black hilt and brown blade.
Songsteel Act three, Episode 2 battlepass The Songsteel knife seems lacking compared to many other knife skins. The knife consists of a curved blade that is cut down in half from between.
Hu Else 3550 VP The Hu Else knife gives a Chinese feel to the players but it pales in comparison compared to many other Chinese knife skins in this tier list.
SYS Melee Act three, Episode 4 Battlepass The SYS Melee is a cyber axe that gives an alluring feel. While the design is simple compared to many other weapons. The black blade around the hilt’s color looks appealing.


Luxe Knife  1750 VP  The Luxe knife is good for cosmetic purposes but it definitely doesn’t help much in battles. The blade has a minimal profile with a medieval feel. With the Cadillac red highlights, you can get the Luxe knife in different variations like Vandal, Ghost, Judge, etc. 

Valorant Knife Tier List Criteria

We invested a lot of time in composing this Valorant Knife Tier list. Thorough research was done to check out the animations and designs of various knife skins. The Player’s preference for various Knife designs was also taken into consideration for the tier list.

Though these knife skins design preference is mostly subjective, we ranked various knives according to their aesthetic quality and how appealing their animation looks. 

Why Trust Us?

Our Team at Exputer strives to create the most unbiased and up-to-date tier lists for various games. Our tier lists are created after thorough research and experience. Players’ preference along multiple forums is also taken into consideration to provide you with quality tier lists.

Update October 14: Luxe has now been added to D-Tier.

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