Valorant Patch 6.06 Released; Gekko’s Mosh Pit Damage Reduced

The patch also fixed major bugs that were affecting the gameplay.

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  • Valorant’s Patch 6.06 has brought some new changes to the game. Those include changes to Gekko’s nerfs and several bug fixes.
  • Damage of Gekko’s Mosh Pit ability has been reduced to 1x from 2.5x. It has been brought down to the level of other Mollys.
  • Gekko’s Wingman has seen some major changes as well. After a bug fix, it will no longer be able to strike “intangible” players, and it will also die if it’s the last one standing.
  • The patch also fixed bugs in other aspects of the game.
  • The player will now be able to hide the color outline of their agents.

Valorant has received a minor patch from Riot Games. This comes after the recent addition of a new American Agent, Gekko. The new Agent has been very popular with players of the game. Patch 6.06 brings multiple changes to different aspects of the shooter, including changes to Gekko in various ways.

According to the patch notes, the damage of Gekko’s Mosh Pit to objects has been lowered from 2.5x to 1x. It has been brought down to the level of other Mollys. That’s not all; the abilities of Gekko’s Wingman have been nerfed as well. Its ability to strike invisible players has been taken away after a bug fix.

Gekko throwing Mosh.
Gekko throwing Mosh.

Moreover, Wingman will automatically die if it’s the last one standing. This might affect the efficiency of Gekko, who, along with his 4 abilities, Mosh, Thrash, Wingman, and the signature ability Dizzy, has been the favorite initiator in Valorant lobbies. But with all said and done, this is probably better to maintain fairness in Valorant lobbies.


The patch has also brought a minor change in the Lotus map. According to patch notes, the VFX for the destructible door has been updated “to make it easier to see through as it falls away.” Some aspects of the Valorants gameplay system were updated as well, including the “ability to hide color outlines on Agents,” which can be enabled by going to “Settings >> General >> Under Other.”

The new Valorant patch brings some changes to the social side of the game as well. A few of them are listed down below:

  • Fixed a bug where the friend list was obscured when auto-reject friend requests were enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the voice chat UI was obscured when your Agent was blinded. You can now see, even when your Agent can’t.
  • Fixed a bug where the join party button would still be active even though the party invite was no longer valid.

Patch 6.06 has fixed some of the most demanding bugs in Valorant. But the most important change was in the nerfs Gekko. And the changes to the new American Agent have some players worried. They fear that the new patch might have reduced the efficacy of Gekko in the lobbies after it just became popular among the Valorant community.

Valorant is available as a free-to-play first-person shooter only on PC with mobile and console ports on the way. 

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