20 Best Skins In Valorant [Expert’s Opinion + Experience]

This guide consists of best 20 skins in Valorant along with their price, weapons, and features such as finisher, equipment, and kill animation.

Like a lot of games, the Skins in Valorant are starting to become a statement rather than just a cosmetic. Therefore, players have begun investing loads of money to purchase some of these skins to stand out in competitive lobbies. To help out new Valorant players in the block, here are some of the Best Skins in Valorant.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 746 skins featured in Valorant so far.
  • However, the 20 best Valorant skins are made a part of this guide.
  • The advantage of using these skins is that they add a layer of refinement and beauty to Valorant guns, along with a better feel and different bullet tracers.
  • The only disadvantage of these skins is that they are always going to be heavy on your pocket, as they never sell for cheap.
  • It may not look like it, but skins in Valorant can play a big role in winning games; for example, using the Prime Vandal will make it easy to control it.

Best Skins In Valorant Compared

Here are all the Best Valorant Skins in 2023, with their desired Weapons & Cost:

Best SkinsWeapons Cost
ReaverSherriff, Guardian, Vandal, and Operator7,100 VP
PrimeVandal, Spectre, Guardian, and Classic,7,100 VP
OniGuardian, Bucky, Shorty, and Phantom,7,100 VP
Sentinels Of LightOperator, Vandal, Sheriff, and Ares8,700 VP
Magepunk 2.0Guardian, Sheriff, Operator, and Ares7,100 VP
ForsakenClassic, Spectre, Vandal, and Operator7,100 VP
Ion BundleClassic, Spectre, Vandal, and Operator7,100 VP
Spectrum (zedd bundle)Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, and Phantom 10,700 VP.
NebulaSheriff, Guardian, Phantom, and Ares7,100 VP
ElderflameFrenzy, Judge, Vandal, and Operator9,900 VP
SingularitySheriff, Spectre, Phantom, and Ares8,700 VP
Glitchpop 2.0Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, and Odin8,700 VP
BlastXFrenzy, Spectre, Phantom, and Odin8,700 VP
RuinationGhost, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom8,700 VP
ReconGhost, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom7,100 VP
Valorant GoGhost, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom8,855 VP
RGX 11Z Pro 2.0Classic, Phantom, Operator, and Spectre8,700 VP
Gravitational Uranium NeuroblasteClassic, Bucky, Spectre, and Operator7,100 VP
SakuraClassic, Sheriff, Stinger, Vandal, and Ares4,270 VP
InfantryGhost, Guardian, Spectre, Operator, and Ares2,930 VP

1. Reaver

Most Popular Valorant Bundle
Best 20 Valorant Skins: Reaver Bundle
Reaver Skin Pack
Skin Price (VP) Popularity
Reaver 7,100 Very popular

The Reaver skin pack brings an aggressive-looking design to your gameplay. Its finisher affects when you kill an enemy and brings a bell noise that makes you feel as cool as your aim. The bundle contains four weapons and one melee. The weapons are Sherriff, Guardian, Vandal, and Operator.

The Reaver skin was first introduced in the initial closed beta release of the Valorant game. The animations and VFX of the Reaver skin bring horror and a haunting presence. If you want to play with a weapon with a devilish and dark charm, you must try the Reaver skin pack.

The Reaver bundle will cost you 7,100 VP. Within it, all weapon skins cost 1,775 VP if bought individually. However, if you want to buy the melee skin individually, it will cost you 3,550 VP.

2. Prime

Most Used Bundle
Valorant Best 20 Skins: Prime Bundle
Prime Skin Pack

The Prime Bundle, Valorant’s inaugural skin release, stands out for its futuristic aesthetics, reload animation, and distinct sound, making it a top choice for one-tap enthusiasts. This bundle comprises four weapons (Vandal, Spectre, Guardian, and Classic) and introduces the game’s first axe melee. The Prime Spectre noted for its light feels during spraying, is considered superior to other Spectre skins.

Featuring four variants for each weapon in black & yellow, blue & black, orange & blue, purple, and black & white, the Prime bundle’s sleek design and futuristic animations enhance the gaming experience.

For 7,100 VP, the Prime bundle includes a unique finisher featuring a bright light ray and a dragon devouring your defeated enemy. Alternatively, individual weapon skins are available for 1,775 VP, while the melee skin can be purchased separately for 3,550 VP.

3. Oni

Best Japanese Bundle
Oni Collection
Oni Skin Pack
Skin Price (VP) Popularity
Oni 7,100 Very popular

The Oni bundle, ideal for those fond of ancient Japanese culture, features 19th-century-inspired weapons with a modern touch in appearance and sound. A distinct glowing aura surrounds the weapons, each adorned with a mask at the center. The bundle comprises the Guardian, Bucky, Shorty, Phantom, and the uniquely crafted Oni Claw melee, a departure from conventional knife skins.

Priced at 7,100 VP for the complete bundle, individual skins can be purchased separately for 1,775 VP. The exclusive Oni Claw melee is available for 3,550 VP.

4. Sentinels Of Light

Best LoL Like Bundle
Sentinels of Light Collection
Sentinels of Light Skin Pack
Skin Price (VP) Popularity
Sentinels Of Light 7,100 Very popular

The Sentinels of Light bundle has a premium and royal look and premium VFX. If you have played League of Legends, this bundle might look familiar. It is one of the two League of Legends collections, and therefore, it has the aesthetic vibe of LoL.

The equipment animation is outclassing as the muzzle of these weapons is made of crystals, and they expand while revolving around to stick back. In the finisher, you get to see a circle within which are squares and circles, and a creature comes out of it and takes your enemy’s soul back.

The overall cost of the Sentinels of Light skin pack in Valorant is 8,700 VP, from which each weapon on its own costs 2,175 VP, and the melee costs 4,350 VP.

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5. Magepunk 2.0

Best Steampunk Bundle
Best 20 Valorant Skins: Magepunk Bundle
Magepunk Skin Pack
Skin Price (VP) Popularity
Magepunk 2.0 7,100 Popular

The Magepunk bundle is electrical and inspired by the steampunk science fiction genre. The weapons have transparent elements where you can see the electricity running. Whenever you use the Magepunk weapon for reloading, shooting, or killing, you hear an electric buzz, which is music to your ears.

However, due to Magepunk’s sound and animation, these heavy guns feel as light and deadly as electricity. When you kill the last opponent in a glass dome, they get pulverized by the energy powering your gun. The complete Magepunk bundle costs 7,100 VP. However, an individual weapon will cost you 1,775 VP, and the melee will cost you 3,550 VP.

6. Forsaken

Best Dark-Themed Bundle
Forsaken Collection
Forsaken Skin Pack
Skin Price (VP) Popularity
Forsaken 7,100 Popular

Forsaken bundle: 2 unique finishers, succeeding Sovereign. Features premium skins with pleasant kill sound, mirroring Sovereign’s white-gold look with blue crystals.

One variant drops a giant sword on the last opponent; the other, dark green with crows, transforms foes into winged figures. The bundle includes dagger melee and weapons: Classic, Spectre, Vandal, and Operator—total cost: 7,100 VP, melee alone: 3,550 VP, individual weapons: 1,775 VP each.

7. Ion Bundle

Best Sci-Fi Bundle
Best 20 Valorant Skins: Ion Bundle
Ion Skin Pack
Skin Price (VP) Popularity
Ion Bundle 7,100 Popular

The Ion bundle is the most simplistic yet futuristic and one of the most demanded bundles. There is only one variant in Ion skins: a white color and an energy core in the middle that radiates blue-colored energy. The Ion bundle contains Sheriff, Bucky, Phantom, an Operator, and Ion Blade as a melee. Many Valorant players consider the Ion Operator skin the best of its kind, and it is hard to disagree.

The skin pack of Ion costs 7,100 VP; however, compared to its premium look, it is considered one of the cheapest skins in Valorant. If you want a single weapon from the bundle, it will cost you 1,775 VP, and the melee will cost 3,550 VP.

8. Spectrum

The Best Music Skin Bundle
Spectrum - Zed Collection
Spectrum Skin Pack
Skin Price (VP) Popularity
Spectrum 7,100 Popular

The Spectrum skin bundle is all about music; when you kill enemies, you hear a piece of brief music. Even in the finisher, the whole map turns into a disco, and once you inspect the gun during the finisher, there is an additional version to it, too. The bundle contains a melee and weapons: Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, and Phantom.

One habit that most players have while carrying the Spectrum weapon is to press inspect so they can keep listening to the music and calm down for a few seconds. The Zedd skin bundle in Valorant is the most expensive skin pack, which costs 10,700 VP. A weapon costs 2,675 individually, and the melee costs 5,350 VP.

9. Nebula

Best Cosmic Bundle
Nebula Collection
Nebula Skin Pack
Skin Price (VP) Popularity
Nebula 7,100 Popular

The Neptune bundle is the simplistic yet amazing skin pack in Valorant. Sometimes, the game becomes too overwhelming, and you prefer not to use weapons that have heavy animations. The Neptune skin pack has no animation, and only one variant exists.

You get a melee skin, and weapons contain Sheriff, Guardian, Phantom, and Ares. In the bundle, you will find the cosmos trapped in your gun with classic and quirky colors. The bundle costs 7,100 VP as a whole, the melee is 3,550 VP, and a single weapon is 1,775 VP.

10. Elderflame

The Only Dragon Like Bundle
Best 20 Valorant Skins: Elderflame Bundle
Elderflame Skin Pack
Skin Price (VP) Popularity
Elder Flame 9,900 Very popular

The Elderflame bundle came in the early stages of Valorant and is quite possibly the most distinct skin bundle of the game. Instead of a better-looking gun, you get a dragon. The bundle has different animations. Rather than putting a magazine in a gun, you simply feed the dragon the bullets.

The Elderflame skin pack includes Frenzy, Judge, Vandal, Operator, and a melee. There are a total of four variants: red, dark blue, brown, and light blue colors. When you kill the last opponent, a dragon spawns above your enemy and burns them into small dust particles.

The premium Elderflame skin pack in Valorant costs 9,900 VP, but it is worth it. The melee of the bundle on its own will cost you 4,950 VP, and each weapon will cost you 2,475 VP.

11. Singularity

Best Black Hole-Themed Bundle
Best 20 Valorant Skins: Singularity Bundle
Singularity Skin Collection
Skin Price (VP) Popularity
Singularity 9,900 Very popular

The Singularity skin pack in Valorant focuses on constellations, space-time, and black holes. If you’re a fan of these themes, you’ll appreciate the Singularity bundle.

The Singularity bundle includes a melee weapon and four firearms: Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, and Ares, each available in blue, black, red, and sea green variants. The finisher is noteworthy, creating a wormhole that engulfs enemies with spacetime and constellations.

This skin pack is priced at 8,700 VP, positioned between the Ultra and Premium tiers. The individual weapons cost 2,175 VP, while the melee is priced at 4,350 VP.

12. Glitchpop 2.0

Best Cyberpunk-Themed Bundle
Glitchpop 2.0 Collection
Glitchpop 2.0 Skin Pack
Glitch Hop 2.0 9,900 Very popular

The Glitchpop 2.0 skin pack is super famous among Valorant players. The reason is that most bundles either offer a Phantom skin or a Vandal Skin. However, the Glitchpop 2.0 bundle offers them both along with a melee, classic, and Operator.

The skins are bright and rich in colors with heavy animation and sounds. There are a number of moving parts in the gun that make it even cooler. The finisher of the Glitchpop 2.0 skin pack leaves some emojis and some typing in a fancy way.

The previous version of the bundle had a melee with Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, and Odin. However, both the bundles have the same price of 8,700 VP. Melee, on its own, costs 4,350 VP, and a single weapon costs 2,175 VP.

13. BlastX

Best Toy-Themed Bundle
Best 20 Skins in Valorant: BlastX
BlastX Skin Pack

The kill sound, animation, and equipment sound like something from a toy. The bundle consists of a toy knife as a melee, and weapons are Frenzy, Spectre, Phantom, and Odin. When you kill the last opponent from a BlastX weapon, the enemy gets wrapped in a gift box and flies away.

The price of the unique BlastX bundle is between the Ultra and the Premium tier weapons. The whole bundle will cost you 8,700 VP, while the melee will cost you 3,350 VP. If you want only one weapon from the bundle, it will cost you 2,175 VP.

14. Ruination

Best Crossover Bundle
Ruination Collection
Ruination Skin Pack

Ruination, the second League of Legends skin pack post-Sentinels of Light, offers a devilish aesthetic with monstrous faces on each weapon. The edgy bundle, lighter than Reaver, features a unique long knife melee, causing minimal attention.

It includes Ghost, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom in purple, fiery orange, glowing green, and light blue variants. The finisher has the last enemy levitate with a crown of thorns amid spiraling light and a dark cyclone. The full Ruination bundle costs 8,700 VP, the melee alone is 4,350 VP, and a single weapon is 2,175 VP.

15. Recon

Best Military Bundle
Best 20 Valorant Skins: Recon Bundle
Recon Skin Pack

Prior to Valorant’s launch, many players used to play CS GO, so Valorant brought the Recon skin pack that would suit them. They look like modern military weapons with a simple look. The guns have a camo pattern over them in all variants. The variants are brown and black, red camo, blue camo, and green and brown camo.

Besides the butterfly knife, the Recon skin pack contains Ghost, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom. The bundle price is not that high and will cost you 7,100 VP as a whole. The butterfly knife will cost you 3,550 VP, and every weapon will cost you 1,775 VP.

16. Valorant Go

The Best Artistic Bundle
Valorant Go! Collection
Valorant Go! Skin Pack

The Valorant Go skin pack is an anime-inspired skin line. There are two different versions of the Valorant Go! Skin, it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer. The texture work is done well, and it’s not an easy choice because they look amazing, especially if you are a comic, anime, or superhero fan.

You get to see cute images of some Valorant agents in the weapons. The Valorant Go skin pack has four weapons: Ghost, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom. You see Reyna, Killjoy, Sage, and Cypher on these skins. The bundle has no special equipping, reloading, or killing effect. The Valorant Go bundle will cost you 8,855 VP, a single weapon will cost you 1,775 VP, and the melee will cost you 3,550 VP.

17. RGX 11Z Pro 2.0

The Racing Themed Bundle
Best 20 Valorant Skins: RGX 11Z Pro 2.0 Bundle
RGX 11Z Pro 2.0 Skin Pack

The RGX 11Z Pro 2.0 bundle is a part of the latest collection of skins that was recently released. It comes with four weapons and one melee. The weapons are Classic, Phantom, Operator, and Spectre. Each weapon has four variants: Light green and black, Red, White and black, Light Black, blue and black, and Grey, Yellow and black.

When you use RGX 11Z Pro 2.0 skin in the game with any variant, light layers are on the skin, and it glows in different colors while playing. If you inspect the gun, it changes the color of the light like white, orange, blue, purple, red, and yellow.

The RGX 11Z Pro 2.0 Bundle will cost you 8,700 VP. Each weapon skin will cost you 2,175 VP, and the melee will cost you 4,350 VP.

18. Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

Best Alien-Themed Bundle
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Collection
Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Skin Pack

The Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster skin pack has effects on point. When you use Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic skin, you feel like using a RAY Gun that even shoots rays instead of bullets. It has a powerful firing sound, great equipment animation, and an amazing kill sound.

The Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster skin pack comes with four weapons, which are Classic, Bucky, Spectre, and Operator, along with a melee. The skin pack will cost you 7,100 VP. Its melee will cost you 3,550 VP, and a single weapon skin will cost you 1,775 VP.

19. Sakura

Best Floral Bundle
Best 20 Valorant Skins: Sakura Bundle
Sakura Skin Collection

Among the game’s oldest bundles, the Sakura skin pack features Japanese artwork without the flashy animations found in other premium bundles. It offers classic beauty, portraying cherry blossoms, mountains with snow, and a setting sun.

This budget-friendly skin pack is ideal for fans of Japanese-themed skins, with a Deluxe Edition rarity. The bundle includes five-gun skins (Classic, Sheriff, Stinger, Vandal, and Ares) at a cost of 4,270 VP, making it the most affordable premium bundle in Valorant, with each weapon priced at 1,275 VP.

20. Infantry

Best Vintage Bundle
Infantry Skin Pack
Infantry Skin Pack

The Infantry Bundle is a simple and good-looking collection. It’s subtle, deadly, and perfect for lovers of vintage weapons or just previous warfare. The Infantry Bundle is designed in an ancient way, which makes the weapons look like they were recovered from World War 1.

The Infantry skin pack comes with five different weapons. They are Ghost, Guardian, Spectre, Operator, and Ares. These weapons do not have any finisher, equipping, or kill animation. The Infantry Bundle will cost you only 2,930 VP, and each weapon will cost you 875 VP.

My Favorite Valorant Skin Bundle

As a Valorant player who has spent most of his past few years only playing Valorant, if I have to choose a bundle for myself, then it will be the Prime Bundle. The reason for liking the Prime bundle is the feel that it adds to the gun, and the Prime Vandal and Axe are just out of this world. Another reason for choosing the Prime bundle is the sound effects of the bundle.

All in all, these are the best 20 Best Valorant Skins. Luckily, the Night Market is currently live in the game, and we hope you got the skins you were looking for. If you haven’t checked the Night Market, do it before it ends.

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