Valorant: The BEST Knife Skins [Top 14]

Listing the best knife skins in Valorant and the details about the best economical knife along with the best aesthetic knife.

Choosing the best knife skins in Valorant is of utmost necessity as it aids you to move faster as compared to carrying a weapon. A complete Valorant knife tier list will surely help players choose from a variety of options due to its fashion appeal. Knives in Valorant are just for aesthetics only, and they do not offer a technical gameplay advantage by any means.

Key Takeaways
  • Best Knife skins in Valorant are cosmetic add-ons for knives that do not affect gameplay at all.
  • Currently, there are 93 knife skins, and most of these knife skins are unique and hold special effects and animations.
  • The main benefits of having a knife skin include having amazing animations, cool details, being distinct from the bland default knife, and showcasing different styles.
  • However, knife skins have a high purchase cost, rely on real-world currency, can be boring after a while, and cannot be accessed by any free-to-play method.

Best Valorant Knife Skins Compared

The following list consists of the best knife skins In Valorant, which can be chosen from a variety of ranges:

Skin NameReleased OnSourceCost
Araxys Bio HarvesterEpisode 6 Act 1Store4350 VP
Glitchpop AxeEpisode 2 Act 1Store4350 VP
RGX 11z Pro FireflyEpisode 4 Act 3Store4350 VP
Celestial FanEpisode 2 Act 1Store3550 VP
Origin Crescent BladeEpisode 2 Act 3Store3550 VP
Elderflame DaggerEpisode 1 Act 1Store4950 VP
Prime 2.0 KarambitEpisode 2 Act 2Store3550 VP
Relic of the SentinelEpisode 3 Act 1Store4350 VP
Sovereign SwordEpisode 1 Act 1Store3550 VP
Reaver KnifeEpisode 1 Act 3Store3550 VP
KTAC BladeEpisode 2 Act 3Battle PassTier 50
Reaver KarambitEpisode 5 Act 1Store4350 VP
OnI ClawEpisode 1 Act 1Store3550 VP
Blade of ChaosEpisode 5 Act 1Store4350 VP

1. Araxys Bio Harvester

Best Sci-Fi Skin

Araxys Bio Harvester is an insane knife to carry as it is one-handed and comes in golden and light blue colors. When you use this to defend yourself, a kill will lead you to witness a slight glow at the point where you register a kill.

  • The total cost of obtaining the Araxys knife is 4,350 Valorant Points (VP).
araaxys knife
The Araxys Bio Harvester (Image by eXputer)

2. Glitchpop Axe

Best Colorful Knife

Glitchpop Axe is considered one of the coolest knives in Valorant. It is basically a hatchet and became quite popular when it was released in the early stages, leading to many people buying it. You can also have an additional holographic outline, and the knife produces a sound like a slash.

  • The total cost of buying the Glitchpop Axe is 4350 Valorant Points.
knife glitchpop
The Glitchpop Axe (Screenshot Graab: eXputer)

3. RGX 11z Pro Firefly

Best Butterfly Knife Skin

RGX 11z Pro Firefly is a knife that looks really pleasing as it opens at a 360-degree angle. It can be truly deemed as the best knife in Valorant. The basic color of the knife is green, but variations can be found in red, yellow, and blue colors.

Professional players quite often use this while they stream, and the edges of it give off a green color that looks insane. The knife goes in a 360-degree turn while being in a loop when you move on any map.

  • The cost for the Pro Firefly is 4350 Valorant Points as well.
butterfly knife
The RGX 11Z Pro Firefly (Image by eXputer)

4. Celestial Fan

Most Elegant Knife

One of the most popular knives is the Celestial Fan, which was quite in form when it first came out. The shape is basically a fan, and some words are encrypted in Chinese on this knife.

  • The overall cost of a celestial fan knife is 3550 Valorant Points.
celestial knife
The Celestial Fan (Image by eXputer)

5. Origin Crescent Blade

Best Innovative Knife

Origin Crescent Blade is similar to the celestial fan, but it is designed on an ancient concept. The blade is shaped like a moon. It is basically made with black metal containing a golden and green color. When you check out the weapon, the blade slightly lifts upwards so you can glance at it rotating in front of you.

  • The total cost of the Origin Crescent Blade knife is 3550 Valorant Points.
origin knife
The Origin Crescent Blade (Image Source: eXputer)

6. Elderflame Dagger

Most Expensive Knife

Elderflame Dagger is a knife inspired by the dragon and designed in the shape of a dragon’s claw. The sharp part of the blade glows in a yellowish color when you draw it. However, this knife is definitely a sight-pleaser. The cost of the knife doesn’t do justice to the item.

  • You can buy the weapon at a price of 4950 Valorant Points.
elderfllame knife
The Elderflame Dagger (Screenshot Graab: eXputer)

7. Prime 2.0 Karambit

Most Popular Knife

Primo 2.0 Karambit is a simple knife that can be modified in terms of its lightning and the movements to open it. The Prime 2.0 Karambit is based on a Gold theme, giving it a nice golden touch.

  • The cost of the knife is 3550 Valorant Points, and seeing the price, it is definitely worth a try.
prime knife
The Prime 2.0 Karambit (Image Source: eXputer)

8. Relic Of Sentinel Knife

Best Crossover Knife Skin

The Relic of Sentinel Knife is made out of a large piece of crystal, and some people might mistake it for an axe, but it isn’t. The combination of a variety of colors, including gold, pink, white, and red, makes it stand out.

  • The best feature of the Sentinel knife is the swirling crystal part near the handle. The total cost of this knife comes out to be 4350 Valorant Points.
knife sentinel
The Relic of the Sentinel (Screenshot by eXputer)

9. Sovereign Sword

Best Sword Skin

The Sovereign Sword looks more like a sword and less like a knife. It has a curved blade with a golden handle. The blade contains a gap just above the handle to make it stylish.

As the name suggests, it is a sword, and the length of the sword is more than the average length. Once you update the knife, you will obtain a bluish glow on the sword, giving it a more stylish touch.

  • The cost of the Sovereign Sword knife is 3550 Valorant Points.
The Sovereign Sword (Screenshot by eXputer)

10. Reaver Knife

Best Gothic Knife

The Reaver knife comes with a black handle and a purple blade.

  • The knife contains an aggravation on itself and can be updated according to two styles: visual effects (VFX) and special effects (SFX.) The price for the knife is 3550 Valorant Points.
knife valorant
The Reaver Knife (Screenshot by eXputer)

11. K-TAC Blade

Best Battlepass Knife

The K-TAC Blade is a ninja-based knife that comes in pretty handy, and the name is written in bold letters on the knife itself.

  • The thing to note about this knife is that it can’t be bought, but you need to have level 50 in reflection, Act 1 Battle Pass.
ktac knife
The KTAC Blade (Image Source: eXputer)

12. Reaver Karambit

Best Stylish Karambit

Reaver Karambit is a crescent-shaped knife with a black handle along with a touch of purple. It comes in purple, red, black, and white color styles as well. 

  • The price of the Reaver Karambit is 4350 Valorant Points.
karambit knife
The Reaver Karambit (Screenshot Graab: eXputer)

13. Oni Claw

Most Exotic Knife

The Oni Claw is seen in the form of a red mask with two fangs coming out of the knife as blades, ready to attack the enemy.

  • Unfortunately, the Claw only comes out in red color, but the plus point about it is that Oni Claw is relatively cheap, around 3550 Valorant Points.
claw weapon valorant
The Oni Claw (Image Credits: eXputer)

14. Blade Of Chaos

Most Intimidating Knife

This knife contains a black handle with a gem visible, which seems to give off energy in the form of electricity and fire. The sound of this blade seems adorable, and the price isn’t too high as well, around 4,350 Valorant Points.

chaos knife
The Blade of Chaos (Image by eXputer)

My Take On Best Knife Skins In Valorant

Knife Skins have a much bulkier price tag compared to other weapon skins like the Vandal or your secondary guns. That’s why I’ve only kept 5 knife skins in my inventory, which I use alternatively depending on my mood. There’s no doubt that the Araxys knife skin looks the best, courtesy of the entire Araxys bundle looking futuristic and with satisfying audio.

My least recommended knife skin in Valorant is the waveform knife, as it is the most costly knife in the game, and there’s no real benefit from buying it. You should also focus on setting the crosshair that best suits you. This will give you even more control in the game while aiming for the enemies’ heads.

If you’re new to the title, consider reading up on the best Valorant agents to give yourself a headstart. Also, make sure to read our Valorant review by one of our review writers, Moiz Banoori.


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