Valorant Guns Tier List [Patch 6.02]

Our valorant guns or weapons tier list ranks all the armaments in the game ranging from ARs, SMGs, shotguns to sidearms as well.

Valorant operates on an economy-round, objective-based, first-to-13 competitive format where you select a unique agent to play for the entirety of the match. Not only the agents but guns and the playstyle they offer also are a vital element in dominating fights. That is why our Valorant guns or weapons tier list ranks all of the armaments in the game for the players to get ahead of the curve.

Key Highlights
  • Valorant has many weapon choices to choose from but as of now, it has a total of 15 different kinds of weapons to choose from.
  • Phantom, Vandal, The Classic, Sheriff, and Operator are the best weapons to pick out of all the other weapons due to their high DPS potential.
  • Other decent weapons that you can pick are Bulldog, GHOST, Marshal, Spectre, and Ares. These weapons are quite reliable at a decent cost.
  • Shorty, Guardian, Judge, and Frenzy are good choices in eco rounds but they are not recommended to wield in further stages of the match.
  • The most powerful weapon damage-wise is the operator which is also the most expensive coming at the price tag of 4700 creds.

Here is a summarized look at our Valorant Guns Tier List:

Valorant Guns Tier List Weapons Ranking Table 
Weapon ClassS-TierA-TierB-TierC-Tier
RiflePhantom and VandalBulldog
SidearmThe Classic and SheriffGHOSTShorty and Guardian
Sniper RifleOperatorMarshal
Machine GunAresOdin
Sidearm PistolFrenzy
MeleeTactical Knife

Comparison of All Valorant Weapons

VandalS2,900 Creds160/409.7525.0
PhantomS2,900 Creds156/3911.030.0
SheriffS800 Creds159/554.06.0
The ClassicSFree78/266.7512.0
OperatorS4700 Creds255/1500.65.0
SpectreA1,600 Creds78/2613.3330.0
MarshalA950 Creds202/1011.55.0
GHOSTA500 Creds105/306.7515.0
BulldogA2,050 Creds115/359.1424.0
AresA1600 Creds72/3010-1350.0
GuardianB2,250 Creds295/655.2512.0
FrenzyB450 Creds78/2610.013.0
JudgeB1850 Creds34/173.57.0
ShortyB150 Creds24/123.332.0
STINGERC950 Creds67/2716.020.0
OdinC3200 Creds95/3812-15.6100.0
BuckyC850 Creds40/201.15.0
Tactical KnifeCFree---


valorant guns tier list

The Valorant guns you will find in our S-rank of the tier list are some of the best guns in Valorant you should play with and make the most of one versus one encounter in the game. If you are playing with friends then you can make teams consisting of these weapon choices and it will impact the outcomes dynamically instead of repeatedly picking one single weapon for the whole team Also, it includes the most utilized, the most powerful, and generally the “meta” weapons.


vandal rifle valorant
Vandal [Screenshot by eXputer]
Vandal is an expensive automatic rifle, one of VALORANT’S best weapons. This weapon is going to thrive on longer sidelines and it’s going to be a better option at punishing other weapons like operators with a guaranteed kill with a headshot. Although it is a slightly less consistent weapon with a high power level with one tap from range.

Fire Rate9.75rds/sec
Run Speed5.4m/sec


phantom rifle valorant
Phantom [Screenshot by eXputer]
Phantom is also an expensive rifle, also one of the best weapons in Valorant. It is going to be a much more flexible weapon it has a bigger magazine and a silencer plus it is easier to control. It brings the idea of ghost inspector completely back around because the phantom is going to be a consistent weapon with a slightly less power level than the vandal one taps from range.

Fire Rate11 rounds/sec
Run Speed5.4m/sec
Damage0-15m, 15-30m


sheriff sidearm valorant
Sheriff [Screenshot by eXputer]
The sheriff is the most expensive sidearm weapon in the game, it is a semi-automatic revolver. It is on the top of the S-tier because it is one of the most reliable weapons in so many situations. Players buy this in the first pistol round, because it provides one-shot capability in the head. It is a better weapon for a cheap price tag. With proper adjustment and mechanical skills, the Sheriff can annihilate an entire team of rifles. This can be an x-factor weapon that you can use in the entire game in different rounds.

Fire Rate4 rounds/sec
Run Speed5.4m/sec
Damage0-30m, 30-50m

The Classic

the classic weapon valorant
Classic [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Classic is a pistol that all players are given during spawning. It is a semi-automatic sidearm, which fires 3 bullets simultaneously. It can be efficiently used in low hp targets and often if you know the enemy is low because you’ve been tracking them, the classic pistol can be a better pistol to have to finish them off while jumping and being mobile.

Fire Rate6.75 rounds/sec
Run Speed5.73m/sec
Damage0-30m, 30-50m


operator sniper valorant
Operator [Image Credit: eXputer]
Operator is an expensive sniper rifle and the most expensive weapon in the game. It is an amazing weapon that can give you a ton of rounds especially when you are in lower ranks. Used efficiently during jiggle peeking, properly baiting out an off shot, or punishing the opera for missing the shot. Operator is a weapon to which you should put a little bit of time into using and perfecting and it is going to get you a lot of free wins regardless of how many people get tilted.

ClassSniper Rifle
Fire Rate0.6 rounds/sec
Run Speed5.13m/sec


ranking all armaments

The valorant guns that we have put in our A-ranking of the tier list are second to best and will still get the work done and not disappoint you. If you are looking for reliable guns in the valorant weapon tier list then you should not sleep on these guns in the game.


spectre smg
Spectre [Screenshot by eXputer]
Spectre is a moderately priced SMG. It ranks at the top of the A-Tier because it’s incredibly consistent and incredibly powerful, having a decent high power level. The higher consistency rate outclasses weaker guns in s fight, the Spectre is going to win the matchup consistently because of the volume and reliability of bullets that you are spraying out.

Fire Rate13.33rounds/sec
Run Speed5.74m/sec
Damage0-30, 30-50m


marshal sniper valorant
Marshal [Image Credit: eXputer]
Marshal is a low-cost, very cheap sniper rifle. The only reason the Marshal is not included in S-Tier is that it is a pretty niche in its utilization nevertheless it can be very strong on attack or defense. The Marshal’s reload time is short compared to its fire rate, which means that the player can reload a bullet effectively, especially in between shots and hence increasing the magazine’s capacity.

ClassSniper Rifle
Fire Rate1.5 rounds/sec
Run Speed5.4m/sec


ghost sidearm valorant
Ghost [Image Credit: eXputer]
Ghost is a  moderately priced semi-automatic sidearm weapon. It is a weapon that is commonly bought in the first round and the reason it is stuck in  A-Tier is that it is not really bought outside of the first round. It is a powerful weapon though, you can out-space everyone using the Ghost plus it has a very large magazine and high fire rate.

Fire Rate6.75rounds/sec
Run Speed5.74m/sec
Damage0-30, 30-50


bulldog rifle valorant
Bulldog [Image Credit: eXputer]
Bulldog is a moderately priced rifle, kind of close to Guardian, but the versatility of this weapon shines through when its lower recovery time improves its burst fire efficiency. Bulldog has a pretty fast time to kill, it kills incredibly quickly with proper shot grouping, also the fact that it scales a lot better than some of the cheaper options means that it’s really worthy of an increased price tag.

Fire Rate10 rounds/sec
Run Speed5.4m/sec


ares machine gun valorant
Ares [Image Credit: eXputer]
Ares is a moderately priced machine gun, having a high penetration rate and magazine capacity. It has the capability of being an amazing eco choice weapon, capable of fighting weapons underneath it in price tag very easily, and having a huge ammo capacity in general, this gun really shines through.

ClassMachine Gun
Fire Rate13 rounds/sec
Run Speed5.13m/sec
Damage0-30m, 30-50m

B- Tier 

valorant guns tier list

B-Tier Valorant weapons or guns tier list includes powerful armaments which can be utilized throughout the course of a game, being incredibly consistent but some of them have a little bit niche scenarios than A-Tier. Another flaw of weapons included in B-Tier is that there’s no guarantee of value depending on the situation and skill set required. Also, the guns featured in this ranking have the coolest valorant gun skins as well.


guardian rifle valorant
Guardian [Image Credit: eXputer]
At the top of the B-Tier is Guardian, which is a moderately priced and semi-automatic rifle. Guardian is phenomenal in areas where you could be most effective if you are peeking a long angle then the guardian thrives. With the addition of maps like a breeze the Guardian thrives, it is God-tier. It gives you one-shot capability and better first-shot accuracy. The Guardian falls short in mid-close ranges. But in general, it is a versatile piece to have.

Fire Rate5.25 rounds/sec, 324 RPM
Run Speed5.4m/sec


frenzy sidearm valorant
Frenzy [Image Credit: eXputer]
Frenzy is a cheap automatic pistol, that has a high rate of fire indicating that it runs out quickly. And unless controlled very well, it isn’t that great at multiple combats. Frenzy can prove to be the highest potential impact weapon that too at a low price but in certain conditions.

ClassSidearm Pistol
Fire Rate10 rounds/sec
Run Speed5.73m/sec
Damage0-30, 30-50


judge shotgun valorant
Judge [Image Credit: eXputer]
Judge is an affordable, moderately-priced automatic shotgun. It is efficient when used in short-range with multiple enemies. Judge isn’t that great and id included it in B-Tier because it has low magazine capacity and it has a low damage ratio.

Fire Rate3.5 rounds/sec
Run Speed5.06m/sec
Damage0-10m, 10-15m 15-50m


shorty sidearm valorant
Shorty [Screenshot by eXputer]
The Shorty is the cheapest buyable weapon in the game. For a sidearm it is equivalent to a shotgun, being most effective at short range. Shorty is an amazing weapon that heavily punishes enemies especially when you are on defense and the enemies don’t properly clear you, here you can use a shorty to kill. The reason shorty is included in B-Tier is that whenever you end up in a retake situation it is severely lacking. But at only 200 credits the reward far outweighs the risk.

Fire Rate3.33 rounds/sec
Run Speed5.4m/sec
Damage0-7m, 7-15m, 15-50m


valorant guns tier list

The weapons included in this tier below perform closely to the B-tier ones. However, they have more than merely one flaw that weighs them down. Still, they can perform exceptionally well in some situations.


stinger smg
Stinger [Screenshot by eXputer]
Stinger is a low-budget SMG that is a primary weapon in the Valorant. Being an SMG it is highly efficient when used in short-range during the move. The reason it is included in C-tier is that you’re still paying a pretty hefty price tag for what you’re getting when there are other options that are even cheaper and have potential value.

Fire Rate16 rounds/sec
Run speed5.73m/sec
Damage0-20, 20-50


odin lmg valorant
Odin [Image Credit: eXputer]
Odin is a costly machine gun in our valorant weapon tier list, most efficiently used as a defensive machine gun or in order to get wallbang kills which are due to Odin having high penetration. Odin does provide substantial damage and high rates of fire but these attributes come at a very high cost since Odin is the second most expensive weapon in the game.

ClassMachine Gun
Fire rate12-15.6 rounds/sec
Run speed5.13m/sec
Damage0-30m, 30-50m


bucky shotgun valorant
Bucky [Image Credit: eXputer]
Bucky is a low-priced shotgun, and it is the cheapest weapon in the game. The reason it is included in C-tier is that it is effectively used for short-range, and futile for long ranges. Also, it can’t be used for multiple combats at once.

Fire rate1.1 rounds/sec
Run speed5.06m/sec
Damage0-8m, 8-12m, 12-50m

Tactical Knife

valorant melee weapon
Tactical knife [Screenshot by eXputer]
The knife is a melee weapon in the Valorant. It is the sole weapon in Valorant which can’t be dropped. It is considered to be unreliable, never something you can utilize in combat also it doesn’t give you any extra benefits like extra money or alt point.

Run speed6.5m/s
Attack typephysical

Changes Due To Recent Updates

Last Updated: Version 6.02

  • Stinger has been nerfed due to it dealing lots of damage in the mid and long-range. The following changes have been made:
    • The cost of the weapon has been increased to 1100.
    • Damage per bullet has decreased from 27 DMG per bullet to 25 (20m+).
    • Damage per bullet for (15m+) has been reduced to 23 DMG per bullet.

Valorant Weapons Tier List Criteria

Our tier list is curated after clocking in so many hours in the game, trying and testing every single weapon. We also researched the web and took into consideration what most players have been using the most in Valorant. That said, our tier list ranking reflects our experience in the game and a little bit of common players’ preferences as well.

Why Trust Us

We at eXputer have been curating tier lists ranging from first-person shooters to brawler and mobile games. Our tier lists have helped so many players in the past and their valuable feedback has helped us keep going and make more tier lists that may help new and returning players to their favorite games. That is why the ranking we devise in our tier lists is good enough for the readers to get a head start in the game.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Valorant gun or weapon tier list. Did you find this list helpful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.


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